A Simple Offering, Part 1

This is my first story, ever. So apologies first if it is poorly written, I am not a writer.  I hope to continue on with this story line though- I see it in my head if that makes. Sorry if it seems lengthy before it gets to any of the oomph. I like stories where I feel I can picture myself or relate, where there is some back story... I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think. 


     I am home visiting my grandmother for the weekend, we have family dinner tonight. We had always done family dinner at their home every other Sunday growing up. Since my grandfather's passing, it seems as if it has been so hard for everyone to find time. Granted we are all busy; I’m in college, my brother has moved out of state and is dating some girl and really only comes home on the holidays or for something he deems important. My parents have taken over the family business but are looking to sell it in a few years and hope to retire and get some traveling in. My grandfather had opened a jewelry store back in the early 70’s. It was a long shot because he knew nothing about jewelry. However, he ended up opening up a few more stores each year becoming quite successful. My grandfather had done very well for himself and was a wonderful husband and father. Even in his death he has been a wonderful provider.

     It is a lot for my parents to manage though, they are always busy but this is the best set up because it will offer them an early retirement when they choose to sell it. I am really looking forward to seeing my grandmother,  plus I brought some things to decorate the she shed. My grandfather had built it for her a few years before he passed away but she does not use it anymore. It sits back on her property a little and she said I could make it my own space. I have magazines for design inspiration and she has given me a pretty decent budget for decorating.

    My grandfather bought my grandmother the family house in the late 70’s. She always had her eye on it and when it had come up for sale, my grandfather made sure she got it. He just adored her. The house is on a ridge. All large acre lots, homes are a little higher than the next going up the hill. Most of the families have pools, beautiful sprawling backyards, and money.


    I love people watching. I am sitting here on the stool at my favorite coffee shop in the little downtown area. It has a bay window with a counter that follows the shape of the window. There are two bay windows that frame the glass door. This coffee shop has the best mexican mocha. I get it every time I get a chance to pop in, although it is worth a special trip regardless when I am in town. They play an array of music in the background; today it is drowned out by the chatter of the customers and the bell that rings as the door opens. Downtown is busy today… People strolling in and out of shops, bars and restaurants are decently full, couples walking their dogs over to the town square where a local fall farmers market is happening. The weather is about 65 degrees, leaves of all colors are falling slowly when the wind hits just right. I wish I was sitting outside at one of the tables but they were all taken.

     It is weird to think how fast my first year of college has come up. As I glance up from my watch realizing I have a little bit longer before I need to head back for dinner, I see a familiar face, Mason McArthur. I have had a crush on him since I was little. He is my grandmothers, neighbors nephew and he was always over there during holidays and their family parties. There he is with some blonde, she looks to have expensive taste. I can not help but to follow him with my eyes, seeing her arm wrapped around his arm. He looks great. We had only short conversations, usually just a bunch of kids in the backyard playing games during holidays. Combining groups to make for a larger group and make for more interesting games- not much getting to know someone in situations like that. I looked down to sip my mexican mocha and when I looked up we made eye contact. I flash a shy smile and tuck my hair behind my left ear and he smiled and gave me a wave. Before I knew it though she was pulling into a jewelry store. You guessed it, our family business. 


     My Junior year of college had come to an end a few weeks ago and I’m back at my grandmother's ranch for the summer. It’s not really a ranch but that is what our family calls it. She sits on about 7 acres but it’s a setup where we are still close to her neighbors. Her yard is more long than it is wide, it is beautifully landscaped with a backdrop of woods past the pool and green space. I have been spending my summers here since my parents retired a few years ago. 

      I have been slowly organizing my things since I’ve been back and unpacking into my space, the she shed. It isn’t too far away from her pool so when I am done swimming laps at night, I usually make my way there to spend most evenings. I have set up bocce lights off the back and placed a few lounge chairs facing the wooded lot. The inside has a small sectional, chair, dim lighting, half bathroom, queen platform bed, dresser, night stand, small closet and some of my watercolor paintings I had hung up. I have succulents on the shelves over my high desk, along with book ends that hold up my favorite reads, mason jars; that I used to separate my art supplies and candles that are more along the androgynous scents. This summer I had added sheer white curtains over the windows to brighten it up even more, since the walls are a warm grayish blue. 

      It’s a warm one today, I thought to myself as I felt the warm summer breeze come through the living room windows. I was woken up by the sound of our neighbor cutting their grass. I cannot believe it is 10:30… I slept in, which was a result of binge watching some episodes last night on my grandmother's couch, not something I typically do but hey, it's summer. I woke up and did my morning routine; I showered, brushed my teeth, applied a little product to manage my soft curls, waterproof mascara and threw on a short strappy summer dress over my bikini. In this heat, less fabric is best and this is pushing it. After I poured myself a cup of coffee, I walked out onto the deck to relax and soak up the sun. I am already sweating, today will definitely be a pool day. Summers here at the ranch are pretty relaxed, I pick up the house when needed and help out how I can. Sunning myself by the pool, little walks downtown, grab a table at my favorite coffee shop and read or doodle, swimming laps in the evenings. Coming off such a crazy junior year. My grandmother is quite social so I rarely see her. She always has meet up groups and outings she attends, she definitely keeps busy. 

      I looked over and I saw Mason, the neighbor's nephew mowing. I have already seen him a few times this summer briefly working in the yard. I don't usually see him until July or so for their family picnic and the other events they host. They party so it usually gets pretty loud during those events. I know very little about him and his family except for what my grandmother tells me, but they are a nice family. My grandmother had always encouraged me to go talk with him but initiating isn’t really my thing. I think he’s 23 or 24 now, so not too much older than me. He has an older brother too, Cole, but I barely recall what he looks like. He was more of the bad boy my family would say. But I have not seen him in years. The boys are very handsome though, the whole family is good looking. 

      Mason is tall, dark and handsome, definitely fun to look at. I’m not sure where he had gone to college but I do know he was a football player, I believe wide receiver, built like one too. I am not anything special appearance wise. I don't think I’m his type which has also kept me from going up and talking to him in recent years... I have seen the type of girls from a distance he had brought around in the past years. That is not me, I have more of a soft but athletic build, long legs, olive skin, light brown eyes and long curly hair with highlights. I care just enough but do not obsess over myself in the mirror. I like to keep things pretty simple. 

       I cannot help but notice Mason had taken his shirt off and is all sweaty but he is mowing in jeans, like why? I put my coffee down and head to the kitchen to pour a large glass of sweet tea for him, ‘here you go grandma… this is me initiating’ I said out loud with a chuckle. She is already gone for the day, her and the ladies are out shopping and doing lunch.  I pull my hair to the side as I head off the back deck and over to him. He sees me approach and stops the mower. ‘Hey Mason’ as I approached him, and handing him the tea. Pieces of my hair blow into my face from the much needed breeze and I have to swipe them away. ‘It's a warm one out today but the little bit of breeze we’re getting feels good,’ I say as I give him a little smile. ‘Figured I’d bring you some tea to cool off. Will I be seeing you around this summer?’

     ‘Hey, Anna’ he replied and smiled, taking the glass and taking a long drink. ‘Thanks, this was much needed’. He took his baseball hat off to turn it around, brim backwards. Even sweaty, he looks good. ‘I’ve been out here helping my aunt, I’ll probably be here most of the summer.’ He continued on, ‘she had wrist surgery recently so she has some recovery time ahead of her. My cousins are traveling abroad, and my brother, Cole won’t be out till later this month to visit. So that leaves me’. I nod so he knows I’m listening but I’m distracted a bit by him, eyeing him up and down. He is even more handsome up close. I cross my foot over the other and sway my hips a little.

      I had asked him what he’s been up to now that he’s been out of college awhile. He is working with his dad in the city, and that offers him the flexibility to help his aunt. My grandma told me they have family money, and that the kids don’t even need to work. He’s surprisingly easy to talk to, his voice is deep but smooth. His smile is divine. The breeze comes again and moves my dress a bit this time and I have to pat it down as this makes me blush. I could see he noticed that and the creases of his mouth went up a little. He gestures to my shoulder, I look down and my dress strap has slid down a little at some point. ‘Well, I’ll let you get back to your day before the wind messes with my dress even more!’ I said. ‘I got some stuff I want to get done as well.’ He finished drinking his tea, thanked me again for it and handed me the empty glass. As I walked away, I turned with a little smile, hair kind of in my face again and told him he’s crazy for mowing with jeans on and he laughed back in agreement.

       I open the doors, then the windows to get a cross breeze going in my she shed. I turned on the ceiling fan as well. The doors face east, the side of which Mason’s aunt’s house is on and the windows are on the opposite side. ‘Alexa, turn on the XX radio on Pandora’. I start going through my drawing pads, organizing my pens and markers. I heard someone approach and I realized the mower wasn't running, Mason was standing in the doorway behind me, ‘Mason you startled me!’ He stood there for a minute and then he walked further in, meandering, touching my nick knacks.

      ‘I’m organizing some things onto shelves over my work table and for being 5’8, it is ridiculous I have to stand on my tippy toes to reach!’ I giggled, ‘I have to move these shelves down eventually.’ I can feel my dress is up in the back and leaving my lower cheeks exposed. I feel Mason come up behind me. I slide back down to flat feet and I’m just standing there. He gently pushes me forward with his body, his hands on both sides of me on the desk. I could feel how sweaty he was. My hips are against the table and I can feel him pressed up behind me. I can feel his breath down on me. I’m just standing there, staring in front of me at the wall. What is he doing?

      ‘I can’t help but to watch you Anna… over the years you really have grown up…’ I get goosebumps, his breath on the back of my neck- his nose gently brushing through my hair, smelling it, thank God I showered today I thought. ‘I watch you swim laps at night. I never know if I should come over and say hi, ask to join you… or if you’re dating someone.’ Under my breath but loud enough for him to hear I respond, ‘no, no boyfriend for me.’ I try to move some but I can’t and he will not budge. He does not give in, he has me pinned.

      ‘I have to tell you something Anna.’ At this point I can feel his cock through his jeans against my backside, it feels good. I can not tell if he is hard or if he just has a big cock. His right hand is rubbing my shoulder blade now, I’m breathing nervously. ‘I can’t help,’ he pauses and clears his throat. ‘I can’t help but to stroke myself when I see you swim your laps at night. I watch you. I’m not stroking my cock to cum, it just feels good when I’m watching you. I hope that isn’t weird for you.'  I’m officially frozen, still staring back and forth at the wall in front of me, trying to figure out how I respond to this, how I react. This isn’t something you hear ever... He takes a breath and brings his mouth closer to my ear. ‘I’ve wished that you’d come over to me. I wish you would straddle me, take my hands and put them on you, tell me you’ve been wanting me for as long as I’ve been wanting you.’ He pauses again. He’s giving me every opportunity to say something but I have no words. ‘We’ve known each other for so long, there has to be some sort of attraction towards me, Anna?’

      I am completely taken off guard by all of this. Mason is a few years older, has always seemed unattainable and here he is telling me that he has noticed me. Me. I have no words. ‘I think you like me saying this to you. I know you've noticed me Anna. I think touching myself to the thought of you, turns you on’... He is right, it does. At this moment he shifts his stance a little, slowly takes his hand off my shoulder, giving me the chance to stop him but I don’t, I would never. His hand moves south and lifts up my sundress a little in the back and puts his hand between my legs. He smiles and presses his face into the side of mine. ‘I knew you liked hearing that. I can feel you’re turned on.’ As he takes a few moments and plays on the outside of my bikini bottoms, he finally speaks up again, ‘can I’?

     I shuttered a response, my voice now raspy from me not having said anything in these moments, barely able to breathe or swallow from being in shock to his admission… which did turn me on and he now knows it. I quietly clear my throat, ‘can, can you what Mason?’

     ‘Come on Anna, are you listening to anything I’m saying?’ he paused. ‘Can I have you?’ He asked again as he brought his hands up over to my shoulders and around to the front of me so his hands fell on the top of my sundress, caressing the upper parts of my breast and collarbone. I sank into him, his hands on me felt so good. I turn my head back to my shoulder and glance at him. I didn’t say no.

      With my silent confirmation, his hands came up to the straps of my dress, took them and slowly slid them off my shoulder, letting it slide down to the ground. I breathe in deeply, now only in my bikini but I feel totally exposed. His hands slide down to my bikini bottoms and he guides them down my legs to the floor. As he comes to stand again he’s kissing me; the backs of my legs, my lower back. Brings his tongue up my spine. I tremble, it feels incredible. I close my eyes. He places his hands on my hips and pulls me away from my desk a little, still with my back to him. He bends me over and I instinctively place my hands in front of me towards the back of my desk. He takes his foot and softly guides my legs further apart. Mason has his hands on my hips now, and thrusts his cock up against me. It is rock hard. I try to stand upright and turn around to look at him and I can see his cock down his pant leg. He guided me back down over my desk. I’ve only been with one guy, my ex-boyfriend from highschool. We were just kids then, we did not know what we were doing and it was only a few times anyways. Seeing what Mason is hiding, I’m intrigued but nervous. At this point the inside of my thighs are wet. There is no hiding it. 

      He drops down on a knee, kissing my lower back and draws his tongue down. His left hand is on my left thigh, holding me in place. His right slides up to my wet pussy. I am breathing heavily. He slides a finger forward and back, lubricating it and then he slides it inside me. In and out, in and out- gently but with intention, my eyes close again. Nibbling on my thigh. He takes his finger out and tastes it and moans in satisfaction; he is pleased with how I taste. He brings his hands back to her and starts playing with my clit softly. I rise on my tippy toes because she is so sensitive but it feels so amazing. ‘My cock is so hard over how wet you are, Anna.’ Mason stands, puts one hand on my left rib cage and takes three of his fingers and puts them inside me. I gasp. ‘You’re so tight… You’re not a virgin are you?’ He asked quietly. My forehead is down on my desk ‘no, but I never came before’ I shard. The only times I have experienced an orgasm is from myself. He can feel him smile through his request, ‘can I go harder?’ I open my legs wide and go back on my tiptoes. Me giving him the go ahead. I want to experience this, I want to see how he can make me feel. I’ve only admired Mason from a distance and here he is now.  

     Understanding my gesture of approval, Mason bites me delicately along my rib cage and starts his hand slowly. He is listening to my breathing, the response of my body as if I am in control. As I moan, he goes faster, harder and deeper. Over and over. You can hear my wetness. My body starts to tremble and shake. ‘I want you to cum all over my hand, I want to watch you cum. I want to taste you on my fingers.’ Little does he know, finger fucking me the way he is I am not too far off. My hands are gripping the edge of my desk now, trying to control any part of my body. My moans grow loader and more consistent with every in and out he does. Harder, faster over and over. My pussy is gushing. I hear him say ‘yes, yes, you’re so fucking hot’. I’m shaking uncontrollably, I give one last outburst as I cum all over his fingers. I can feel my body tighten and loosen as I orgasm. At that moment he’s still going but he slows down. He sits there with his hand inside me, moving his fingers; toying with me. My twat throbbing along with my heartbeat, gripping his fingers then releasing. ‘I like that’, he said. He takes his tongue and licks up my spine and back down. That makes me flutter. He slides his fingers out of me, tastes them and sighs with approval. 

      Mason continues his tongue south on me and down my ass. His hands grab my ass cheeks and spread them apart. I stiffen, I’m confused but still on cloud nine from my orgasm, I can not really focus as to what he might do. ‘Relax, Anna.’ His tongue caresses my asshole softly, I moan again, I’ve never felt pleasure like this. He plays with it, circling his tongue gently around it and then tilts my relaxed hips again and his tongue and lips slide down to clean me. ‘Oh my God’ I moan as I pulse forward and my eyes roll back into my head yet again. I am weak.

      He slowly takes his hands to the ground, sets my bikini bottom up to guide my feet into them so he can slowly slide them back up. He stands behind me as I am still laying there. This was the most amazing morning. He grabs my rib cage and lifts me up off my desk. I can now feel his cock, it feels like a baseball bat against me. He steps deeper into me as he takes his hands under my arms and grabs my tits pulling me into him, fondling them softly. They are not much but they are perky and a little over a handful for him. Mason talks into my ear, he licks and kisses them ‘I am going to replay this in my head, I am going to beat off to this thought’ he pauses. ‘I am going to watch you as you swim your laps tonight, every night. I am going to stroke my cock and nut so hard over the thought of you cumming on my fingers and getting to taste you. Your pussy is perfect.’ He turns me around, I look disheveled now, my hair a mess. He briefly styles it for me, how it was when I had first brought him the sweet tea. He picks my summer dress up, ‘hands up’ he requests, I obey. Sliding my summer dress down and over me, he caresses my breasts and body one last time. ‘Thank you’, as I flash a shy smile and look down. But now what? I thought. ‘No… thank you,’ he said. ‘I have been wanting you for so long. Today with you in this dress, the wind taking it against your body, watching you walk away. I had to. I couldn’t help myself, I had to come to you.’

      He grabs his baseball cap he threw on my sling chair in the corner, put it on backwards again. I am in awe of him. Where did he learn to do any of that? He looks at me as he adjusts his cock and smiles. His jeans are loose on his hips. ‘I want to see you again,’ he said, ‘can we make that happen Anna?’ I nod as I bite my lip and lifted my eyebrow.

      He walks out and within a few minutes or so the mower starts again, Alexa is still playing in the background but I had completely tuned her out. I want to cum again just like I that and I want Mason.