At the beginning Pt2

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16 Nov. '22

After my adventures with a new girlfriend two weeks previous I'd been told to meet her at her home. I was hoping for at least as much fun as before

A few minutes past 7 I knocked on the door. Surprise surprise Karen opened the door. She gave me a sort of smile which was more than I had come to expect from her. In I went, down the corridor and into the back room. The coal fire was burning again, the room was hot. As soon as Julie saw me she was up and threw her arms around my neck and started kissing me. What a welcome.

My hands started roving over her bottom, mmmm, she did have a nice ass. She was wearing a short skirt again so my hands easily went up her skirt, no knickers, awesome, I liked this girl.

By now Karen had come into the room and sat in the same position as two weeks previous, to our right, and close. As I continued to fondle Julie's bare bottom I felt her hand on my very hard cock. She gave it a good squeeze, then a rub

" Mmmm, he's all hard for me Karen, can you see"  I wasn't surprised this time, I enjoyed this power play. It all added to the excitement. With that she undid my belt, my jeans top button and pulled down the zip. She shoved a hand inside my pants  and grabbed my raging hard cock. She wasn't wasting any time tonight and I was more than happy with the speed of events.

"Mmmm, nice and hard" with that she dropped to her knees and pulled my jeans and pants straight down. My cock sprang out and it felt great. I looked down at Julie then across to Karen. Karen was watching more intently than the last time and she had what I can only describe as a hungry look on her face. It looked like she was enjoying the show this week

Julie made it clear she wanted my jeans off so I willing helped her, socks as well.... My cock was hard and upright, wish I could acheive that state these days, anyway, Julie took a hold and pulled it down to her mouth and straight in, nearly all of it. I'm of an average size but she took a good amount in. She just began sucking me off. I'd been in the house less than 5 minutes, amazing.

Then it was back to show time, she slowed her speed down, out of her mouth, licking the head, using her tongue to its full extent, back into her mouth. I kept looking down at her, then across to Karen. Karen's face still had that hungry look about it. "Are you watching, do you like what you see, you want his cock don't you, I can see it on your face" then back to sucking me. No reply from Karen, she just carried on watching.

I had my wanks at home before I came out so no chance of cumming to soon. I just stood there, hands on my hips and leaning back a bit, squeezing my balls in time with Julie's sucking. This was so good. All too soon Julie stood up and took off my shirt and jumper. I was naked, in front of these two girls, how luck was I....

Julie grabbed my hard cock "come on" and led me to the kitchen, my cock in her hand. God it was cold in there. As Julie let go of my cock and turned to make a pot of tea I moved behind her. Straight away I lifted her short shirt and grabbed my cock and slid it between her thighs, she spread her legs a little and as I pushed further I could feel her hot damp pussy on my cock. I wasn't in, wrong angle, but it felt good. Gsntle thrusts, mmmm. My hands went to her front and undid the buttons on her blouse. Both hands on her breasts, tweaking her nipples. She groaned and tilted her head back so I nuzzled her neck and ear

Click, the kettle had boiled so grope over, for now. All the while Karen was sat watching us, with that look

Back into the room, me naked and hard, Julie with her tits out. We sat opposite Karen who continued to stare. As we drunk our tea Julie kept touching me, making sure I stayed hard. As you can imagine it didn't take much effort to keep me hard but I enjoyed the touching regardless and I guess Karen enjoyed watching

Tea finished and cups away, back to the show I hoped, and I was right. Julie came back into the room and laid on the sofa on her back, one knee bent, the other leg on the floor. I took that as my cue to dine, I moved my head straight in and began running my tounge up her thighs until I arrived at that warm wet open pussy

" You watching Karen, if you had a boyfriend you could make him do this to you, would you like that you dirty cow"

"yes" was the reply. I was shocked, her first response. I turned to look at her and smiled getting a smile in return " oih, don't stop" Julie complained. No problem so I went straight back to my work

I worked my tounge in, out, up, down, left thigh, right thigh, little circles on her clitoris and Julie wriggled, writhed and groaned just the same as last time, enjoying it or all for show, I didn't care. She didn't stop me this time so I carried on until my tounge ached. At that point I headed upwards, a few nibbles on those nipples then in for a kiss

"Did you like watching that Karen, I bet you did, your a dirty cow watching us" then she stood up and removed what clothes she had on. "Fuck me, but no cumming yet, I want this to last" I had to laugh, I was more than happy to oblige, as long as she allowed me to take a break when I was close to cumming I was confident I could last.

Then she was on all fours in front of me, doggy style, I knew about this position but this would be my first time. Onto my knees I went and shuffled forward, taking my cock in hand I rubbed up and down her wet pussy from behind then pushed myself in. Mmm , yes, it felt good, she was tall enough to make it easy (my wife is a bit too tall so it's not always easy for us both to get comfortable going at it doggy style)

" you watching Karen, you'll like being fucked like this, you get more cock in you" (do you? I'm not sure but for the rest of my life that's what I now beleive) I looked at Karen, she was watching my cock slide in and out of Julie, she had moved to get a better view, then she looked me in the eyes and smiled. I felt my balls twitch at that, I must have found it exciting, more exciting. Julie kept up with the groaning, moving her hips, thrusting back into me and I carried on pumping.

Sex is great anyway, but being watched was taking it to that next level. By now Karen was leaning forward to get as good a view as she could. For my part I was leaning back, hands on Julie's hips taking long slow strokes, my own performance for Karen

No idea how long we went at it like this I could feel myself  building up to cum so I withdrew and sat back  "I just need a few minutes" I sort of pleaded, Julie turned around and kissed me "mmmm, no cumming yet" Then she sat on the sofa and began a casual conversation.  It's the break I needed, I actually went limp, well, lump ish. While we sat there Julie had one foot on the sofa, the other on the floor and was ever so slowly rubbing herself. She really was a sexy woman who knew what she wanted

" You should do this Karen, it makes you feel so good" she was looking Karen straight in the eyes. " Do you do this, you haven't got a boyfriend so your not getting fucked, I bet you do, you dirty cow" and she began laughing. "Do you wank Aaron" she asked, "every day" I replied "have you wanked today then" she asked with a grin on her face. "Before I came out" was my reply, it was true, I had.  "See Karen, Aaron wanks, I'm wanking, I bet you do, do you?"

No reply " well, do you" Julie was a bit more forcefully this time, her domineering side coming out it seems

"Yes, sometimes" Karen replied somewhat timedly "I knew you did, you dirty cow, does watching us fuck make you horny, do you want to play with yourself now?"  "Well, answer me" this was getting heavy but I found it exciting, I was now fully erect listening to this power play

"Maybe, a little" spoken timedly again

"I bet you do, she watched us Aaron, do you want to watch her, it's only fair isn't it" I was falling for this, drawn in. I was hard and I think a bit extra hard beside, my cock was hard, full, and shining purple, I was so horny with this it seems. "Look at his cock Karen, you've made him hard again, he wants to see you wank dont you Aaron"

"Yes" I replied

"Get undressed Karen"

Unbelievably Karen stood up and began to undress, much to my amusement and pleasure. She may not have been the prettiest of girls but I was young and horny. As she undressed she kept eye contact with me with that hungry look still on her face. Then I felt Julie's hand on my cock so I looked at her, she looked like the cat who got the cream. Looking back she obviously had a plan and was loving being in control of Karen and me. I was certainly under her control and happy to be so. She just slowly wanked me as Karen undressed

Off came the bra, oh my god, her tits, the size that I still desire even today, an A cup, small, firm, rock hard nipples. I felt my cock twitch, not sure if Julie noticed, she never said. Then the skirt, I think I almost came, she was wearing stockings and a suspenders, a  stunning sight. Julie carried on slowly stroking me

"Just your knickers, I think Aaron likes the sight of you in those, don't you Aaron". Did I, she had the body that I fantasise over, wank over and looked for and still do 40 years later. "Yes, I do" I replied. Off came the knickers to reveal a well trimmed pussy, the pubes were short and trimmed down the side

"Now sit down and put your feet up" she did "now spread your legs, show us your fanny" What a sight to behold. It looked as though she shaved that day, all the pubes were gone except the front and they were trimmed very short, a girl ahead of the times it seems. 

"Now play with yourself" Karen was still looking straight at me as she slipped one hand onto her pussy and began to wank herself. If it wasn't for her looks I'd swap girlfriends I thought, I so wanted to fuck her. Then Julie whispered to me "if I let you cum will you cum again before you go" I kissed her and said yes. With that she went straight down to my cock and took me in her mouth. Now that I had her permission to cum I didn't think it would take long at all. Then she stopped and sat up

"Get over here you dirty bitch and finish him off, I want to see you take all his cum this time" with that Karen was across, kneeling in front of me and took me into her mouth straight away.

"She's never had a boyfriend so she's never sucked a cock before" (clearly a lie, I'd had a few girls suck me who'd only just began sucking cock, Karen was a regular cock sucker, and who was I to argue getting treatment like this. I moved my ass nearer the edge of the sofa to give better access for Karen and lay back. Julie began kissing me passionately. Now if you ever get the chance to kiss and have your cock sucked at the same time take it, it's a sensation like no other. I broke the kiss and nodded at Julie, she understood 

"He's gonna cum you dirty bitch, you've made him cum, you'd better not spill any of it" As Karen carried on sucking Julie ran her hand down Karen's back and over her ass. I couldn't see but she must have been rubbing Karen's pussy. "God, she's so wet and she brought her hand out and offered me two wet fingers to suck. Mmm they tasted great, I think she must have had fingers all the way in Karen's pussy to get them that wet

Uhh, uhh, I started to cum, thrusting my hips with each spurt "That's it, swallow it all, you made him cum so make sure to take it all" I must have cum loads despite my wank before I came out. Julie went back to fingerings Karen as I revelled in cumming in her mouth. My whole sweat covered body tingling with pleasure

"Do you like it when my boyfriend cums in your mouth, did it taste good, I bet you did, your a dirty fucking cow aren't you" the sucking slowed but she kept my cock in her mouth "do you like it when I play with your pussy, do you wish it was Aarons fingers" no reply, then she stopped sucking and sat back. I'd have to say she had a satisfied smile on her face. I certainly did for obvious reasons.

"look at you, you happy now you've sucked my boyfriends cock?"  Karen just looked at Julie and smiled. "Fuck off and make a brew you bitch" Julie snapped. As Julie gathered her clothes Julie snapped at her again "No, leave them, fuck off in your stocking and make a brew... now" Karen went. Julie turned to me, "who sucks you better, me or that slut" I could see where this was going "oh you, definitely" and I leaned forward and kissed her

As soon as we'd drunk our tea Julie was up and sat next to Karen "he preferred me sucking his cock to you, you can't do anything good can you, your pathetic" Julie whispered into Karen's ear

"Who's got the best tits" and she began fondling herself, rolling and pulling on her nipples. I sat and watched, my cock started to swell. Then she grabbed one of Karen's tits and began playing, quite gently actually, the way I would have played with them. "Come and feel these" she instructed me, whoa, yes, I thought, I was straight across and took a hold. Julie sat back, her turn to watch

These tits were perfect, just what I wanted, small, pert, perfect, (oh for a time machine)  not the best position to fondle, on my knees in front of her but I wasn't going to let that stop me. I leaned forward and took a nipple into my mouth, my tounge playing with her nipple. They were hard. Karen tensed and sighed, she was enjoying this. I moved to the other and carried on. My mouth on one tit, my hand playing with her other. For me this was fantastic, I didn't want it to stop, don't think Karen did either judging by her reactions. My cock was hard again, very hard

"that's enough, now mine" so reluctantly I let those perfects breasts go and shuffled across and started the same treatment on Julie. Back to show time, Julie began the noises, put one hand on the back of my head pulling me tighter. I had no objections, Julie's boobs were very nice, larger than Karen's but I preferred Karen's. After a few minutes she removed her hand

"who's are best then" I knew there was only one answer I could give, so I lied again, a white lie but if it was only Julie then they would be the perfect breasts. 

" I knew it, see, he prefers mine to your tiny tits, you've hardly got any. No wonder you haven't got a boyfriend, who'd want a girl with no tits" That was harsh, I look for girls to try and date those who have the body Karen has but I knew saying that would ruin what was an incredible night. All Karen could do was smile, she said nothing

"Who's got the best pussy, show him yours" so Karen spread her legs. " No, not like that, he need to get closer to see,  put your feet up and your bum on the edge" as I expected Karen did as she was told. "There you go, make sure you have a good look" I looked at Julie, I don't know, asking permission perhaps, after all I was her boyfriend, sort of. She smiled and put out her tongue and wriggled it around her mouth. I took that as instructions to give Karen head. I felt my cock twitch. I couldn't believe my luck so I was in. As I licked her inner thighs and outer parts of her pussy there was no stubble, just exposed flesh, warm and now wet with my saliva and her juices.

From that day onwards I wanted all girls to shave like this. Mmm, the smell, nothing to rival it, a wet, hot, willing pussy. I took full advantage, my tounge in, out, around pushing in, on and on. I felt hands on my head and could hear Karen gasping quietly, moving her hips in enjoyment

"That's enough, my turn" and with that Julie grabbed my head and pulled me across to her pussy. I went to work, loving it. My tounge started to ache again so I stopped and sat back

"Whose was the best then" "yours and I gave her one last go with my tounge. "See, I knew it, why would yours be better, its so fucking hairy you have to shave them off, who wants to fuck a hairy pussy like yours:" me I silently thought "now fuck me" she asked, her ass was still on the edge of the sofa so it just pushed my self up and slipped straight in. Not the best position but hey, fucking is fucking right

"Are you watching you sad bitch, do you like the view, do you want his hard cock in your pussy eh" I listened and carried on fucking. My hands were able to feel her breasts and I used a thumb to gently tease her clit, much to her apparent delight. Julie for her part kept staring at Karen, giving her that, look what I've got and you haven't look. She continued to groan and wriggle. Definitely a show girl. By now Karen had sat up and moved into the corner of the sofa

"Do you want some cock you sad bitch, look at you sat there playing with yourself when you could have a cock of your own to suck and fuck"  no reply " do you want my boyfriends cock, do you want him to fuck you, cum in your pussy" Still no reply " I bet you do, what do you reckon Aaron, should I let you fuck her so she knows what fucking is all about" I wanted to scream yes but thought better of that. "I'll do whatever you want" I replied, playing her game

"Shall I get him to fuck that hairy pussy of yours" "fuck knows you'll never get a boyfriend of your own with no tits and a hairy fanny" 

"Get on the floor and if you ask me nicely I might let my boyfriend fuck you" ask, please I thought. Karen looked at me and swiftly moved onto the carpet.  " can Aaron fuck me please " she asked "what do you think Aaron, do you want to fuck that ugly flat chested hairy bitch, nobody else would you know, you'd be the only one who wante to"  " if you want me to do her a favour I will" I replied, hoping she would say yes. I figured in this game Julie called all the shots

"Ok, but I want you to fuck her hard, make her feel what a good hard fucking is like" so I stopped my thrusting into Julie and turned to Karen. I crawled on my knees to Karen,  got between those open thighs and took my cock in one hand and thrust straight in, all the way in. Karen gasped, with delight I hoped. I fucked her hard as instructed, almost out then back in hard. With each thrust Karen gave a grunt, such was the force we were working our way across the carpet 

"Turn her over, I want to see her fucked from behind" I was happy to oblige, so we did, Karen went onto all fours and I resumed my slam fucking but this time holding onto her slim hips. After a few minutes Karen was resting on her elbows so without thinking I grabbed one arm and pulled behind her and and twisted it up her back. Karen then had her face on the carpet so I grabbed her other arm. I could feel the pressure on my cock change as she moved position. With both arms now behind her I pinned them to her back and carried on pounding her.  Julie was now laying on the sofa watching us. 

She moved so her head was near Karen's "you enjoying my boyfriends cock you bitch, do you like it rough, do you want to be tied up next time " "yes" was the only reply,  yes to both questions I never found out "do you want him to cum in that hairy pussy of yours or shall I make him cum on your face "  "face"  "face what "  "face please"

"You heard her, you can cum on her face when your ready, I want to see this" she said to me. With all that hard pounding and having the thrill of her being restrained I was getting close anyway. A few more thrusts and I was almost ready, I withdrew my cock and stood up, began stroking myself slowly. I didn't want to lose that sensation. My cock was very slippery from Karen's juices,mmm great

"Hold her arms"I asked Julie, she jumped at the chance and grabbed both her arms tight behind her back and put her other arm around Karen's neck then put her face next to Karen's. I stepped in front of them both and began wanking, furiously this time.  "He's gonna cum on your face, just like you wanted you dirty slut.  Enjoy it as its the last time anyone is gonna cum for you "  Julie was holding Karen tight, possibly too tight but I was in the throws of an orgasm and as you know,nothing else matters at that precise moment in time 

Then I came, spurt after spurt hitting Karen on her face, in her eye,on her hair, forehead, nose and as the pressure reduced the last few spurts caught her on her chin and then her tits. I was a spent force but had enough energy left to get closer and rub my cock in my cum and all over her face, god that felt good doing that to her.Julie continued to hold her tight around her neck so I reached down and roughly took a breast in my hand. I rubbed my thumb in my cum then rubbed a hard nipple. I gave a hard squeeze and pull on the nipple which judging by Karen's response must have been painful

These days I would have gone further knowing what I do now, but back then it was a new experience for me. I took a step back and watched them. "Did you enjoy that you dirty fucking cow "  Julie asked as she pushed Karen's arms higher up her back "yes" was the only reply. With that Julie gave her a little shove and let her go. Karen went onto her arms head hanging low, panting for air, it must have been a tighter neck hold than I realised

 "I hope you enjoyed fucking my boyfriend, its the only cock your ever gonna get, nobody wants a skinny bitch with a hairy cunt and no tits "  actually I did but again I said nothing

After that it all ended quite quickly, I was told to dress and go, which I did.

I rang on Tuesday night, from a call box back in the day and she told she didn't want to see me ever again. "What, why "  "you cheated on me"  "no I didn't "  "yes you did "  "what, with Karen "  "yes"  "but that was your idea"  "it was a test to see if I could trust you and I can't, so fuck off and leave me alone"  she hung up. It was over

So that was that, dumped, my sorrow lasted until Friday when I met another girl

I never saw Julie again but I saw Karen in a pub several months later. She didn't speak as such but just gave me a I know something about you your new girlfriend doesnt know look, oh well. Those were the best two Fridays for many years and shaped my life forever, made me the voyeur exhibitionism that I think I am.