A Simple Offering, Part 2

Part 2:

    I cannot tell you how long I stood there for or how long I was in shock over what had just happened. I had fumbled around, aimlessly organizing, hearing the mower still at work. I don't want to leave and head back up to the main house… at this point seeing him would be awkward right? I turn up the music and lay down on my bed, just thinking of how this morning transpired. I have so many questions. He’s been watching me? I really need to pay better attention to my surroundings, but hearing that was a turn on. How do I swim now knowing he might be watching me, might be playing with himself over the thought of me, over the thought of this morning. He wants to see me again…? As I lay there on my side, cuddling up next to a pillow that is nestled between my arms and legs, I can’t help but to doze off. 

    I wake up an hour or so later to the sound of the song All That We Perceive by the Thievery Corporation. The beginning horns must have snapped me out of my rest. At this point I get a good stretch in and realize that it’s quiet outside, Mason must be done mowing. Now is my chance to get back up to the house to shower without running into him I thought. I grab my phone as I head out, closing the screen doors behind me and head up to the house. Looking down at my phone I see it’s close to 1, after lunch. I haven’t even eaten today and that's when I hear… ‘Hey Anna, wanna come over for a dip?’

    My heart skipped a beat, it wasn’t as smooth of a getaway on my end I had hoped for. I look up and turn looking towards the McArthurs yard. There’s Mason standing there with a sexy smirk on his face, his arms hanging over their pools black rot iron fence, hair wet and wavy. Are you kidding me, I say to myself. How do I respond to this? I smiled and before I could politely decline, Mason spoke up again, ‘you know it’s hot out here Anna, come on over for a swim.’ I give him a nod and once again swipe my hair over to one shoulder as I head across the yards. I hoped he’d get back in the pool or do whatever he was doing prior to seeing me but he just stood there and watched me walk to him. ‘Don’t trip, don’t trip’, I thought to myself. 

    Their home being on the higher part of the hill I had some steps I had to take before getting up to their pool area, I opened the gate and made my way in. Holy crap, their pool house running along the east side of their pool is gorgeous. It’s open and has a fireplace with a large tv above it.  A sectional, white curtains draped to the side, a bar to the left with six stools, a surround sound. I thought my grandmother’s pool and deck was nice. Then there’s Mason, making his way over to me with his swim suit on. Navy blue swim shorts that look like they could pass for athletic shorts, they’re short but look so good on him. Just wet enough like he’s been out of the pool for a little while but so I can see the outline of his cock. I’m trying not to look and I can’t help but to think this is already awkward, his body is amazing- so much fun to look at. Do I go on about this interaction as if this morning didn’t happen? Do I bring up this morning? ‘You can throw your dress over the chair there’ as he points to a near by lounge chair. He opens a chest that is behind the sectional and grabs a white towel and sets it on the lounge chair. ‘Thanks Mason.’ 

    He heads towards the deep end on the west end of their pool area and dives in and swims over to the edge of the pool by me. I slide my sandals off and slide them under the chair. He’s still watching me so I take my straps to my dress and slide them down and let it fall to my feet. Replicate what happened with it this morning. He smiles and dips his head underwater, I take this moment to pick my dress up and lay it over the back of the chair. I make my way to the stairs and dip my toe in. The pool is warm, it feels so nice. I easily walk in and dip my head back to get my hair wet. ‘Do you want a raft to lay out on?’ Mason asks me. I tilt my head back and forth like I’m thinking but all I really want to do is wrap my legs around him and have his hands on me. ‘Sure, relaxing sounds good’ I said. He comes towards me and walks past me as his hand slides across my stomach and then drops it as he exits the pool. He disappears for a moment behind their pool house and re-emerges again with a big raft, ‘want anything to drink?’

    ‘Yeah, bottled water?’ I meet him at the stairs, he drops the raft in the water but before he gets back in he grabs a remote and turns on some chill music. He gets in and holds it for me as I get on, what a gentleman’ I jokingly say. Mason laughs and responds, ‘that I am’. He gives me a push to the center of the pool. I close my eyes and put my arms up over my head as the sun beats down on me, bottled water already sweating in the cup holder to my left. 

    My eyes stay closed but after a few minutes I can hear the water moving and I feel Mason come up to me, now being in the deep end he props his arms up on the edge of the raft to help him stay afloat more easily. ‘You’re ok with this morning right?’ He asks. I can’t help but to lift my head up and look towards him smiling because one would assume me cumming all over your hand, shaking and moaning would be a clear indication that I was all for it. I nod and lay back down, ‘I am very much ok with it Mason. It took me totally by surprise but I just don’t want things to be awkward.’ 

    ‘That won't happen, but you approached me with the tea… such a simple offering on a hot day, the breeze in your hair and don’t get me started on your sundress!’ He smiles and at this point his hand is now on my leg, rubbing it slowly to get it wet with the pool water. I start to get goosebumps somehow in 90 degree weather. ‘Do you know how sexy you are?’ as his hand traces up over my hip bone. ‘What girl thinks of themselves as sexy just going about their day in a sundress going to organize their room?!’ I laughed at the thought. ‘Anna, you have to give yourself more credit, you just are. Like I said I have noticed you for a long time’, now his hand is rubbing the top of my bikini bottom. I take a deep breath in. 

    Trying to muster up the courage to figure out answers to some of my questions I had earlier before I dozed off, ‘so you want to see me again, Mason?’ He smugly replied, 'It's been a couple hours and I invited you over, so yeah, I’d say I want to see you again.’ As we waft around in the pool, enjoying the music, we now come closer to the shallow end. He’s able to stand now but he still remains in the same position with his arms up on the raft. His hand slides down to my right hip where my bikini ties are and pulls at them, it comes undone. I lift my head and look at him and look at their house. ‘Don’t worry, my aunt is out at her doctor's appointment.’ That definitely put me at ease but not sure where this encounter is going to go. But he did get my ok from our earlier interaction, so I think I have an idea.

    His hand slides in my bikini and down in between my legs. ‘I love how soft you are’ he whispered in my ear and I leaned my face towards him. At that moment when his fingers glide over my clit, his soft lips touch mine as he kisses me. I open my mouth and take my tongue and gently massage his and take my tongue across his lips. Mason pushes his face into me a bit more, I take that as he enjoys how I kiss. His fingers are so gently playing with my clit, I bend my left leg and open it out more so he has more access to her. He stands up now, not having to rely on the raft to stay afloat and pulls my bikini top to the side, his left hand cups my breast and squeezes it and places his mouth to my nipple. He starts fluttering his tongue and licking and squeezing my breast as his hand plays with my bean a bit harder with faster, circular motions, getting me wet. My hand is holding his arm at this point and my other is pushing down on the raft as I arch my back. ‘Seriously, he is going to make me to cum again?’ I thought to myself. I lean my head back and moan, ‘That feels so good Mason.’ He lifted his head from my breast briefly, ‘Say my name again,’ then he went back to licking my nipple. “Mason…’ I said as I exhaled deeply. 

    He took his hand and slid it inside my wet pussy, I was just about there, literally took no time and that is when we heard their dogs going crazy. ‘They’re home’ I said as I tried to roll off the raft but he grabbed hold of me and pushed me back down. `Give me a minute,’ he said. ‘I don’t think we have that much time Mason!’ He puts four fingers in me and is staring at me as he more forcefully moves his hand in and out of me- he is on a mission to make me cum again. I lay my arm over my mouth and try not to moan, my back arches again. His right hand is moving in and out so quickly now his left hand has my hip pinned down. My legs are hanging over the side of the raft at this point, I am totally open and embracing all four fingers. My legs start to tight over the edges of the raft as my pussy juices start to flow out of me onto his fingers. He barely lets up on his motion but just enough to start to feel my pussy wall clench around his fingers again as they did from my earlier orgasm. 

    He slides his hand out from between my legs, ties my bikini bottom, covers my breast again and brings his fingers to my lips. ‘Taste yourself.’ I notice this isn’t a question but more of a demand. I opened my lips just enough for him to slide two fingers in. I take my tongue and lick my sweet self off of his fingers as my tongue flows between his fingers. ‘How many times have you cum in a day Anna?’ No time for me to answer him and if he can get me feeling this with his hands I can only imagine how he can make me feel with the rest of him.  He takes his fingers out of my mouth and takes a step back, and at that moment his aunt and uncle open the back door, step out onto their upper deck and greet us with their presence…