Pool Party

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18 Nov. '22

Well it’s been few days since I met my new friend Patrick, my filthy older guy , I caught up with my girlfriend Laura and told her all about the new man I fucked over coffee and how he smashed my ass with his nice cock. She called me a filthy whore and said she’d fancy a bit of that too, and we giggled about it , just then my phone pinged and it was Patrick and he asked if i was ok etc and said he had a friend coming over to stay with him for a few days this weekend  and would I be interested in staying over for more fun and bring my girlfriend with me and we could have some fun. I showed the text to Laura and she got excited and asked what he looked like, so I texted back and asked for some pictures of them both to show my girlfriend. Within a few minutes I received a couple of photos showing them both on holiday together with just shorts on, looking somewhere hot by the look of it. I told Laura that Patrick was in good shape and had stamina, and we both looked at his friend and he was the same, lean, bit muscular and not bad looking either.


I texted back and asked for his name and again within seconds got the reply ‘He’s called Charlie, known him a long time and he’s a decent bloke’ . I again showed Laura the text and said ‘What do you think, we can stay over and have fun’, she just grinned which meant yes. So I texted back and said me and Laura will be coming over on Saturday morning and we could stay over if you wanted'', I got a reply which read ‘Fantastic, bring swimwear, see you then XXX’. I said to Laura ‘we’ve to bring swimwear apparently, not sure what he’s got planned’, but we were both intrigued. Josh and Carl appeared then and they said if it was ok with us that they would be going on a mountain biking weekend, just them two, which worked out perfectly, boys off to do their fun and we have ours. We both told our hubbies that this was fine and we were going to meet Patrick again and stay over. There was no objection from our boys.


So the weekend came and me and Laura packed a change of clothes and our swimwear and the usual girly toiletries, we got in my car and I put Patrick’s postcode into the satnav and off we went, it didn’t take long at all and we drove up the driveway and Laura commented on how lovely the house was, which it was, it was a victorian house with lots of character, I pulled up and parked the car and we got out, picked up our bags and Patrick came out to greet us. I introduced him to Laura, they kissed each other on the cheek, and said to Laura ‘my you are lovely’, she smiled and thanked him, he then turned to me and said ‘hey gorgeous, nice to see you again’ and kissed me on each cheek. We went into the lounge and put our bags on a chair and Charlie was sat there and as soon as he saw us, he got up, Patrick introduced him and us to each other, he gave us each a kiss on the cheek and said ‘You two are just stunning, Patrick, you lucky bugger’ , we all giggled.


Patrick asked if we had eaten yet and we both said no, and said he would fix us all some lunch, he said how would we like to like to lounge by the pool and jacuzzi for the day, me and Laura looked at each other and said ‘you have a pool and Jacuzzi?’ Patrick nodded and said go and get changed into your swimwear, we’ll have a spot of lunch and then the day is ours to do what we want’ . So me and Laura went upstairs and I brought my bag into Laura’s room and we got changed, we were both stark bollock naked and I said to Laura ‘you want Patrick or Charlie’ and she thought about it for a second and replied ‘You have Charlie as Patrick’s already had you’ which was good as Patrick wanted Laura, he was eying her up from the minute he met her. We both had on our swimwear with a very lacy gown type top, see through to show our figures and cleavage off.


We went into the lounge and Charlie and Patrick were in their swim shorts, both had a nice body, not over weight by any means as this is a turn off for us both, we like our guys to look after themselves a little at least. Both of them looked at us and smiled, Charlie said ‘Wow, you two are stunning’ we both thanks him and we went into the dining area and sat at the table, Charlie offered us some wine which we gladly accepted while Patrick put together a nice light lunch, nothing heavy as we were going in a pool and jacuzzi soon. It didn’t take long for our dinner to arrive, it looked very nice, a salad with feta cheese and some bread with dipping flavoured oil. We ate our lunch and chatted and drank our wine. Charlie was a pretty funny guy, telling us stories from his days in the Army, which is where he met Patrick, so both of them are ex-military, hence the good bodies, those guys stay in shape. Charlie was divorced going on two years and had a couple of girlfriends here and there but nothing serious. Patrick stood up and ushered us out the back where we saw a building at the bottom of his very large garden, as we got closer we could see this was the swimming pool. As we entered we saw the jacuzzi in the corner , a big one too, must have been a 10 seater at least, with loungers dotted around the pool with towels draped over the top of them.


Me and Laura went straight for the jacuzzi, we took off our tops and sat down in the hot steamy jacuzzi, Laura found the button to switch on the bubbles , we sat in a seat and let the jet of bubbles relax us, some of the bubbles hitting my pussy and it was lush. The boys got in and sat next to us, Patrick went straight next to Laura and Charlie sat next to me. Me and Laura we sat up to our necks in the jacuzzi making sure our swimwear was wet as they are see through when wet, mine were black and lacy, they didn’t cover much and Laura’s were white and again they  just about covered our nipples. I sat up and exposed my tits, Charlie gave them a good look over, Laura followed suit and Patrick was eyeing them up. He sat up and turned around and behind him was an ice bucket with some champagne chilling in it with four glasses. He popped the cork and handed us each a glass. I thought ‘this is the life, having fun with friends by the pool and drinking champagne’.


We all chatted a bit and Laura gave me a wink which meant let's get the party started so we met in the middle of the jacuzzi and we kissed with lots of tongue and both the guys said ‘oh yea, go on girls’ . We took each other's tops off and showed the guys our ample tits. I bent down and sucked on Laura’s nipples which were very erect, running my tongue around them, licking them, she was moaning as I was sucking them, she then did the same to me, we then looked at each other and smiled and went back to our fuck buddies and began to kiss them, Charlie played with my tits as we kissed, I rubbed his crotch and found he was very hard and a good size, I put my hand down his trunks and began to wank him off and he began to moan, he found my snatch and inserted two fingers and began to finger fuck me. This was the life, champagne, pool and sex I thought.


I looked over at Laura and Patrick was stood up and was titty fucking Laura’s ample cleveage, she was flicking her tongue on his head as it appeared through her tits, I asked Charlie to stand up and I pulled down his trunks and out popped his erect cock and I tossed them on the side and he sat on the edge of the jacuzzi and I began to suck on his cock, he was clean shaven down there, so I began working my way down his shaft with my tongue and came down to his balls , I kissed the full sacks of nut juice and began to think about draining these heavy balls, which hole they were going to put it in (all of them obviously) . I took one of his nuts in my mouth and gently sucked on it, Charlie was moaning heavily, his body jerking at the slight sucking of his nuts, pain and pleasure. Just then Laura appeared and swallowed Charlie's cock as I was still working on his nuts, Charlie couldn’t believe it, he had two hot sluts working his man stick. Patrick came up behind us both and touched our ass, he pulled Laura’s skimpy briefs to the side and she let out a big moan as he impaled her and began to fuck her pussy, and finger fucked me, Patrick began to switch between us, he was getting both our holes whilst his friend was being sucked by us.


This is how it went for a while, then Charlie asked to sit on the side and he pulled off my briefs , spread my legs, and buried his head in my snatch and began to give me a deep licking and probing, he was savouring my juices , Laura was already getting her pussy smashed by Patrick from behind, both hands on her hips and giving her a hard fast fucking, which she was enjoying. Charlie stopped licking my pussy and stood up and inserted his manhood deep into my fuckhole and proceeded to pound the life out of me, his balls slapping my ass, looks like Charlie and Patrick were very horny judging by the way they were smashing our holes. Charlie grabbed both my tits in his hands and gave them a good squeezing. I looked over at Laura and Patrick was sliding up her ass, he was loving anal, he couldn’t get enough of it and began to fuck Laura slow and hard, she had her eyes closed as her butthole was being impaled, a true dirty bitch. Charlie shouted over to Patrick ‘you fucking her ass you dirty bastard’ Patrick smiled and said ‘yea, fuck your sluts ass, she loves it, i’ve fucked her ass twice and cum in it’ , Charlie immediately pulled out and I pulled my ass cheeks apart and he slid up my wet bum hole.


Charlie groaned as his cock slid up my ass, I did too, he was a nice fit in there, he began to pound me, slow and hard. I played with my tits and clit while being buggered, I was really enjoying myself, I slipped fingers on either side of his cock as it slid in and out of my ass, and he was groaning and grunting, and then he let out a big groan and began to fill my ass with man cream, his  body tensing as he squirted his nut juice in me and I moaned loudly as he did, telling him it was nice and pleasurable. Once he stopped, he put his hands round my back and lifted me up, as he did I put my hands around his neck, he sat down in the jacuzzi with me still impaled on his rod up my ass and we kissed a lot, he began to suck on my tits, he wasn’t quite finished with me yet., he was still rock hard even after cumming in me. So I began to ride his cock which showed no sign of going down, ‘mmm, still horny I see, did you like that’ I said to him and he said ‘fuck yea, Patrick was right about you, you’re a dirty bitch’, which I took as a great compliment as I aim to please.


I kissed Charlie heavily as I rode his still rock hard cock, his hands running up and down my back and over my bum cheeks. I looked over at Laura and Patrick was hammering her from behind and I said ‘Come on dirty bastard she wants you to come in her ass’ and It didn’t take long and Patrick let out a loud groan and he began to pump Laura’s ass with his manseed, both me and Charlie shouted ‘yea fill that sluts arse up’ and I carried on fucking his rod. Patrick was pumping his load into her for ages and Laura was groaning as she felt each spurt, her eyes closed, licking her lips at what was happening in her ass. Patrick stayed up Laura’s ass even when he’d finished, touching her body, playing with her tits, he loved the feeling of anal a lot now he’d found a couple of whore’s to do it with. Charlie showed no sign of going limp and I said to him ‘come on, lets get another load out of you seeing as you’re still rock hard’. I stood up and asked Charlie to stand and I knelt down and began to suck his cock, I wrapped my hand round his manhood and opened my mouth and began to wank him off fast, my tongue licking his tip. Charlie smiled as we looked at each other and within a few minutes hot spurts splashed my face and into my mouth, thick jets of nut juice sprayed my face, all over my cheeks, nose and chin. Charlie groaned loudly again and Laura shouted over ‘go girl’, Patrick still up her ass. Charlie covered me in man juice, it dripped onto my tits, I was a big sticky mess. Laura turned to Patrick and said ‘can you do another load in her face’, Patrick said yes and pulled out and put his cock in my face and began to wank himself off, Laura knelt at the side of him and sucked his balls, it didn’t take long for thick spurts of more nut juice to hit me in the face and all over my tits.


Laura said ‘mmm, guys , what a lovely site, yummy cream for me to lick’ and proceeded to lick up the cream from my tits, working her way up to my face. She was a greedy bitch when it came to nut juice, she loved it. Once she licked me clean she kissed me and we snowballed, she had quite a lot of cum in her mouth and we shared it. I positioned myself above her and pulled her mouth open and let the cum dribble from my mouth into hers, giving the guys a really filthy show. A huge goblet of spit and cum landed into her mouth and she swallowed it. I kissed her tenderly and hugged her. Charlie said to us both ‘you ladies are fucking filthy’ , we both smiled and winked at him. We sat down in the jacuzzi and relaxed after our fucking, my ass gaped now, which I love the feeling off and had 2 lots on my face. All of us were naked now and that’s how we stayed , it seemed pointless putting what little clothing we had on.


We relaxed by the pool and drank more champagne, me and Laura decided to go for a swim and do a few lengths of the pool, the guys watching us, looking at our naked bodies glistening through the water. We chatted as we swam and Laura was quite happy as she said this is going to be a very fun weekend of sex and drink and we both laughed. I turned onto my back and my tits poked out of the water, my nipples like bullets again. We got out of the pool and the guys were chatting with a huge grin on their face, eyeing up our bodies, wet from the pool. I spread out a towel on a lounger and decided to just chill out next to Charlie and Laura did the same next to Patrick, Charlie leaned over and gave me a kiss, very tender. Both of them naked too, and asked how I was doing, to which I replied ‘fantastic, I'm with good company . nice food and wine and lots of sex, what’s not to be unhappy about’ and Laura heard that and also replied ‘mmm, yea, I’d agree to that’, both the guys smiled and gave each of us a kiss, with the occasional grope too.


It was getting a bit later in the day and Patrick said he would go and make us some food, and told us he’s shout when it’s ready and for us to stay at the pool for now, me and Laura got up and went back in the Jacuzzi and relaxed, the bubbles moving around our bodies, tingling my pussy and ass, I softly said in Laura’s ear ‘lets tease Charlie’, she smiled and began to kiss me and run her hands over my body and tits, Charlie saw this and got in the pool with us both and just watched us from the other side and said ‘wow, I fucking love you two, so filthy’ and we giggled and carried on with the show, Laura was the first to goto Charlie and she began to kiss him hard, pushing her tits into his chest, whilst she did that I grabbed his cock and began to wank it fast, he groaned as two whores were now pleasuring him.


He stopped kissing Laura and then it was my turn to kiss him hard, Laura took over his cock wanking from me , she knelt down in front of him and wrapped her big tits round his cock and gave him a tit wank licking his head as it poked out from her her boobs. Charlie was loving the attention he was getting, and just as he was getting ready to cum, we stopped touching him and he said ‘oh you filthy teasers, I was almost there’ , ‘That’s why we stopped, you’ve give me a big load when you do’, he smiled and kissed me. So us whores decided we’d put on the towelled robes hung up next to the pool and wander over to the house and see what Patrick was up to as both of us were very hungry, Charlie followed us, we walked into the kitchen and we sat at the table and Patrick said ‘Hey peeps, help yourself to some wine’ as he was almost finished preparing us a nice meal, on the table was a nice bottle of red with 4 glasses, so I poured out us all some wine and me. Charlie came in and sat down with us all and took a glass and we chatted about anything we liked, sex, food politics (I know boring) and our husbands etc. Me and Laura opened our robes a little to let the guys see our tits, sometimes one fell out, which they didn’t mind. 


Patrick served us the meal he prepared and it was juicy steaks with veg and baby potatoes drizzled with butter, the steak looked lovely, very tender and juicy and we ate our food and carried on chatting, tits still exposed for all to see. Once we’d finished we said to the guys we were going to freshen up and hit the showers, so off me and Laura went, we went into the wet room and showered the chlorine off our bodies and washed each other, we loved washing each other when we can, Laura’s boobs were fantastic, a good size with nipples like bullets which I often enjoyed sucking, we washed our hair, left the shower, wrapped ourselves in towels and went into my room and began to dry off. We dried our hair a little and we both slipped on a long shirt as a nighty with no panties and went back downstairs to the lounge. Patrick was there as Charlie had hit the shower now and was waiting his turn. ‘Enjoying your day so far, ladies’ Patrick asked, ‘yes, very much so, the pool and jacuzzi are fab and the extra activities were lovely’ I said ‘Good, I know Charlie loves you too’ he replied.


Just then Charlie arrived in his shorts and shirt, freshly showered and Patrick went up to shower. Charlie sat down on the large L shaped sofa and me and Laura sat on either side of him, he smiled and put a hand on each of our legs and said ‘You two are amazing, can’t believe how filthy you are, you’re like porn stars’ , We smiled and kissed him on each cheek and Laura said ‘Well, you’re only here once and life is too short, Carrie opened my eyes to that and turned me into a slut’ I blew her a kiss ‘Oh is that so, Carrie’ he said ‘Yes, I’ve been a self confessed slut for a long time, Carl loves me being one, and we get up to all sorts, don’t we Laura?’ I said, smiling at her. ‘Put it this way Charlie, we’ll give you porn star treatment, no holes barred as you know’  and I leaned over and kissed him, Laura rubbed his crotch and said ‘mmm, nice and stiff, Carrie’. Charlie put an arm round us both and grabbed a handful of tit. ‘Wow, I wish me and my ex wife had had an open relationship if this is what it’s like, missed out on so much,'' Charlie said to us, ‘Oh it makes life much more fun and pleasurable’ replied Laura.


Patrick came into the room and laughed and said ‘at it already you randy bugger!’ , all of us just smiled. Patrick was also in shorts and shirt, he brought us some more wine , which took a few sips at. He sat to the side of us and watched as the two sluts pleasure his friend, I pulled down Charlie’s shorts and pulled out his erect cock and proceeded to gorge on his manhood, his tip very wet with precum, I loved the sweet salty taste of it and licked it all off, Laura got on all fours and began to suck on Charlie’s balls, Charlie was moaning heavily at this point. Patrick noticed something poking out of Laura’s ass, metallic and shiny ‘What’s up your bum, Laura’ he asked ‘Oh just my butt plug, we both have one in’ she replied and buried her head in Charlie's crotch again and carried on sucking on his balls, I was running my mouth up and down his rod, sucking hard. Just then Patricks cock appeared , he knelt between Charlie's legs and offered his cock for the two whores to suck on, his hands running over our ass cheeks and giving us the occasional smack, which we both groaned at. Me and Laura took turns to suck on the cocks, both Patrick and Charlie had their hands all over us, rubbing our ass, stroking our pussies and slipping in fingers too.


We all stopped and got undressed, me and Laura lay on the sofa and spread our legs and the boys proceeded to eat us out, licking up our juices, tongues going very deep in our manholes, hands all over our tits with the nipples being gently squeezed. Patrick was first in, straight up Laura’s snatch and began to pound her slow and hard, Charlie was still eating me out, I caressed his head as he was tenderly savouring my pussy, all of us moaning with pleasure. He then slid his fat erect cock in my eagerly awaiting cum hole, his hands on both of my tits and began to pound me. I was very full as I had a big butt plug in and Charlie said ‘fuck me you’re tight’ , his face was a picture , full of pleasure as he slid in and out of me, I licked my lips and said ‘does help that you have a BIG cock’ as he does, a good 8 inches and thick girth’ . He smiled and leant over and kissed me and some kisses on my tits too. Just then Patrick said to Charlie ‘Want to swap’ and without answering both pulled out of us and swapped the fuck holes they were using and proceeded to fuck them.


The guys began to pull out our butt plugs as I guessed they were going to use those holes too and sure enough, once they were out, in with their cocks they went, and that’s pretty much how it went for ages, the guys swapping holes they were fucking, sometimes pussy , sometimes ass, me and Laura were loving it. Patrick was now up my ass and Charlie up Laura’s and I sensed that these two were near to blowing their wad and I was right, without warning Patrick groaned and shot hot spurts of thick, creamy nut juice up my ass, his body jerking as he did ‘oh yea, dirty bastard, come on fill me up’ I shouted at him, Charlie still banging Laura’s ass, Patrick still coming in my ass, this was a BIG load he was giving me, his body still twitching. Once he stopped, he pulled out and I tensed my ass muscles to ensure non spill out, Patrick got up and shoved his cock in my face and I greedily licked my ass juices off his cock.


Once finished I stood over Laura’s face and gave her access to my fresh fucked pucker and she opened her mouth and I pushed out the big load I had in there, there was so much of it, it went all down her chin and onto her chest and tits, she managed to swallow a lot of it, but then rest that was on her face and body she just used her hands and rubbed the cream into her skin. I sat next to Laura and Charlie just seeing my ass being eaten out and all the cum going over her body did it for him, and shortly after groaned loudly and pumped her ass full of his man seed, Laura groaning as she felt him deposit that creamy fluid up her back passage. I kissed her as this happened, my ass still wet from the cream and tongue action and most of all gaped, which I love the feeling of. Charlie gave Laura a very big load, us sluts had been used and pumped full of cum all day and we were loving it, but there was still more to come I hoped.


Charlie eventually stopped filling Laura’s ass and pulled out. I immediately stuck my tongue up her gaped back passage and licked out the fresh deposit of warm salty cream and swallowed everything I could get. I was greedy that way. We all sat on the sofa, all of us panting from our session, me and Laura got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up, when we came back the guys were chatting and we chose a movie to watch and just relaxed for the evening, but always lots of groping going on, the guys couldn’t stop touching us which we both enjoyed. Once the movies had finished and we’d drunk our wine, we decided to hit the sack, Laura was staying in Patrick’s room and me with Charlie, Me and Charlie got ready for bed, both of us stark bollock naked in bed, we snuggled in the spoon position with his cock pressing into my bum cheeks and I drifted off to sleep, but let me tell you, I didn’t get much sleep that night.


It was the next morning and I woke up, still tired from all the activities the previous day and night, so I decided to jump in the shower, Charlie got in with me and we washed each other. Both of us were tired, but a hot shower certainly does wonders for waking you up. We got dry and put on our clothes and I packed my bag and went downstairs, I got a waft or hot coffee and bacon, Patrick and Laura were already up, Laura was sat at the bar in the kitchen and drinking her coffee and Patrick was cooking us up a nice fry-up breakfast of eggs, bacon, mushroom, sausage and toast. ‘Morning girlfriend, how did you sleep or not’ Laura said with a huge grin on her face’ ‘I’ll let you take a guess’ I replied and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She handed me a hot mug of coffee and I inhaled the exquisite aroma and took a sip. Charlie came down and greeted everyone and we all ate breakfast , drank our coffee and chatted for a little while.


It was now time for me and Laura to go home, so we got up and thanked the guys for a fantastic weekend and gave them all a kiss and a hug and I said to Patrick that we’ll have to do this again to which he and Charlie agreed on. We got in our car and set off and Laura said 

‘fuck me , Patrick certainly likes to fuck in the ass, my ass is well and truly gaped and fucked, I’ll have to tighten that back up with some exercises’

 ‘Oh yes, his wife never let him do that and he loves it since he fucked me that first time’ I replied

‘Twice he fucked me last night, I’ll need a nap this afternoon’ Replied Laura

‘Yea I didn’t get much sleep either, Charlie did me twice too, cum in my pussy and second time I woke up horny so I blew him and swallowed’ I said

‘Look at us two dirty sluts we are, I wouldn’t have it any other way’ Laura said.

We both giggled and drove home for some well earned rest.