Helen meets Marianne

Helen meets Marianne

Marianne had fulfilled my requirement and only sent me a message on Friday. To be more accurate, on Friday... at 1 a.m., asking to speak to me, "please," "urgently."

I texted her back during my coffee break the following morning:

"I have a super busy day. It'll only be possible by the end of the afternoon, around six. I will walk the dog along the river, near the south jetty of the marina."

"I'll be there," she wrote back.

And there she was, in a beige anorak, her head inside the hood and the face framed by the fur hedge.

My heart jumped. *She's so pretty!*

As soon as she saw me she started walking in my direction and jumped on my neck to kiss me.

"It's too cold and damp to stand still," I said, and I kept walking.

It was already night, and there were few people. We walked silent for a minute, and then Marianne said without a single pause: "Sorry. I didn't know. Believe me, please. Please! It was a perfume my friend gave me on my birthday. Only when you told me that I went to check. In fact, it had pheromones. I already threw it away."

The way she said it, and the body language showed that she was telling the truth.

"I believe you," I replied, putting an arm on her shoulder. She shuddered, which was a sign that she had been in great tension.

"I didn't even know exactly what pheromones are. When you turned off last Saturday, I had to go search on the Internet," she added in a very low voice.

She seemed so fragile at that moment. We went back and I took her near the car. She hugged me very hard and I returned the hug. We kissed long.

"Tomorrow at ten, don't be late and don't forget the math book and notebook," I said.

She went to the car. I stood by a street lamp with the phone in my hand, and sent her my address. She still hadn't start the car when my message got to her phone.

Marianne opened the message, looked at where I was and, smiling, waved goodbye.

Friday night was the "night of home and Helen" - or at least that's how I thought of it.

Helen had been my housekeeper for four years back then. It had been a complicated story, but, as an author I like writes, "everything is worth it if the soul is not small."

Four years earlier, tired of hiring cleaning services to keep the old family home in a decent state, I had put a job ad to hire a housekeeper. It was when I met Helen and her story.

Helen was married to a guy who lived on businesses little (or nothing) legal. The couple had a little daughter. Meanwhile the man had left Helen, to go live with another woman.

Helen had open a divorce case, but she had no money and the man didn't want to divorce, and started threatening her and chasing her. Worse, as Helen had no job or income, she ended up accepting that he could keep their daughter at his and his mistress's house.

When she answered to my ad, Helen was a woman in panic. She told me how much she needed the job, but warned me that if I accepted her the most likely would be that the jealous (still) husband would threaten me too. I hired her.

Turns out I have a good friend who's a police inspector. I contacted him and briefly explained him the situation. Suddenly, he became very interested when he heard Helen's husband's name. He told me that he had been able to frame the man twice, but he had always managed to escape with false alibis.

My friend told me that if I could get some evidence, or at least some good information about the man's activities, he'd be right on his back.

The next day I made my lawyer aware of all this, and hired the services of a private detective's agency he advised me.

One week later I was warned by the private detectives that the man was surrounding my house. I contacted my inspector friend again and he managed, I don't know how and in just two days, that an officer in uniform was placed at my door.

The man disappeared, and about a month later the detective's agency handed me a detailed report, with photographs and other material evidences, which linked the man to various illegal activities.

I asked my lawyer, my friend inspector and the head of the detective's agency to have a meeting with me at my house. I introduced them and explained how I'd like the subject to be dealt with.

Heading mainly to the inspector, I said: "This report, which resulted from the investigation work of the detective's agency here represented by its head, contains several incriminating evidences of Helen's husband's illegal activities. It would probably be easy for the police inspector here present to frame the man.

However, this may not be the best way to deal with the matter in order to ensure the long-term security of Helen and my own.

Everything in the report are small crimes. If the man gets arrested and has a good lawyer, the maximum penalty he'll probably get will be a prison sentence of one or two years. Worse, he'll get out of prison with more prestige among his peers, and with new potentially more dangerous contacts.

But if the inspector starts arresting the man's contacts one by one, they will quickly realize that the common link is him. Then they won't want to do more business with him, and they'll even ostracize him.

That's exactly what we need. The inspector will have the report with him, and will only arrest the man in case something happens to Helen or me.

What do you think, gentlemen?"

The detective immediately said: "Sounds pretty logical."

The inspector hesitated a little before saying: "It might work."

Finally, the lawyer said: "So, we agree?"

Now, mainly addressing the detective and the lawyer, I continued: "But, as you surely have already realized, in order to obtain favorable results for Helen I will have to confront the man with some of the evidences on the report. And for that I will need the help of all of you.

The detective's agency will arrange for someone to convince the man that it is in his interest to come to my house and talk to me. And, the day the man will come here, two strong and experienced men will meet him at the door, to disarm him and lead him directly to my office.

The attorney will prepare, please, the documents the man will sign for granting the divorce and for the delivery of the daughter to Helen's family.

In the safekeeping document for the daughter it will be noted that the father can, if he desires, see his daughter one Sunday per month, always in public places and accompanied by the mother. What does not need to be in the document is that on these days Helen will always have close two discreet bodyguards.

The inspector will do me the favor of being by the door that gives direct access from the library to my office, which will be open enough so that he can hear the whole conversation with the man. Alea jacta est."

Fortunately, everything went about as planned.

When Helen realized that she would finally have her divorce and her daughter back, she fell on her knees and wept in gratitude.

Helen was then a twenty-seven-year-old woman. She is almost as tall as me (about 5.8 feet). Slender, muscular, firm body, it has a remarkable physical appearance. She is the daughter of a couple of Azerbaijani immigrants. She has light green eyes, brunette skin and dark hair. She could easily have been a photographic model.

She is extremely competent in her work and has an almost canine adoration for me, but she feels good in her role as housekeeper. In fact, I think she'll never want to get married again.

It is not surprising that a relationship of intimacy and trust was easily established between us.

After what happened she got a big lack of self-esteem. Every time a weekend approached, and she had to pick up her daughter at her parents' house, she got very nervous and insecure. Especially on the weekend she was to meet her ex-husband and his lover. That's why I instituted Friday as "Helen's day."

That Friday in particular, after I quit Marianne in the parking lot, I came home and went to feed the dog. I went back inside to the dining room where the table was already set.

I sat down, and soon after Helen showed up to serve me. As it was Friday, she wore her French maid uniform. She served me with all the requests and I, as usual, pretended that I was not full of desire for her.

After she brought the main dish to the table, I - as usual - invited her to sit with me and eat. We ate quietly, anticipating what would follow.

When we finished eating, I moved the chair a little away from the table and asked, looking at Helen with a smile: "No dessert?"

"A man of your age should not eat too much on the evening meal," she replied trying to disguise the laugh.

"But I want dessert... despite my age," I said blinking my eye.

"There's only milk... Um... evaporated", she replied.

"I accept."

Helen stood up serenely and came to seat on my lap, facing me. She unbuttoned the top buttons on her shirt and released the magnificent breasts right on my face.

I slowly rounded her already hard nipples with my tongue, getting a small moan. Then I licked her tits from the bottom up before I put her nipples in my mouth, one at a time, and sucked. I got a bigger moan.

Helen was able to put her hand in my crotch and realized that my penis, completely erect, was along the leg of my pants.

"Do you want me to suck you now?" she asked.

"It's too early. You'll only have your milk dessert before you go to bed" I replied.

She laughed loud, something she did very rarely.

"Yes, please."

I gave her one last strong suck on the nipples and pushed her out of my lap to get her up. I told her: "Go dress something comfortable while I clean the table.

Next we will see a movie, a romantic classic that someone mentioned today in university and I don't remember having watched before."

I quickly took the dishes to the kitchen. I went to the living room, called the TV on the movie channel and looked for Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Helen came back in a wide pajamas and room slippers. She nested on me while the movie started.

After an hour I had already realized why I had never seen the whole movie. I stopped the image on the screen. I stretched my body, turned to Helen and kissed her slightly on her lips. She hugged me hard.

She got up and picked up a giant smarties tube. It was her way to tell me that she wanted to see the movie to the end.

When the movie ended (finally!) Helen had a tear in the corner of her eye. She sighed and put her hand into my pants. I returned putting my hand into her pants. We caressed each other and quickly hit a great sexual tension.

Helen then got up, took my sweatshirt off, leaned, fondled and kissed my chest. Then she pulled my pants down enough to free my phallus now completely erect, which she also stroke and kissed.

Then she moved away a little from me and slowly stripped her pajamas and her panties, and waited for me to take my black box and pick a condom.

"You're so beautiful", I told her.

She trembled with the compliment as if I had touched her.

She approached me and reached out for the condom. She took it, opened it, and with smooth and precise movements put it on my penis.

Helen got on her knees on the couch, over my erect penis. Her long thighs allowed my phallus to be at the entrance of her vagina. Soon she began to lower her hip and making my penis penetrate her.

"Oh! It's so good. I feel so happy. More than I deserve," she said.

Her lack of self-esteem was showing up again.

"I feel happy too. You think I deserve it?" I asked.

She continued her slow self penetration and said almost breathless: "You deserve it, yes."

"But how could I feel happy if you weren't here to make me happy?"

Helen made an effort to think about what I just had told her, but after a few seconds she gave up. She lowered her torso and kissed me with passion.

"I want to make you happy, very happy" she said.

I smiled with a naughty smile.

"Okay. Let's play 'feel my tip', I said blinking my eye. "Count up to ten."

She knew what I meant. She pulled the hip up until my penis was at the entrance of her pussy and began to stick and unleash my glans counting up to ten. When she reached ten she pushed down with all her strength, sticking my rod to the testicles.

"OOHAAH!" we shouted both at the same time.

Her vagina and my penis throbbed intensely for a while.

"Are you happy?" she asked a moment later.

"Not yet. You have to do that again."

We laughed and she repeated the movement.

"Now count only up to five."

Our groans increased to the same extent as the intensity of our pleasure.

"I can't hold myself any longer!" - she exclaimed finally, and began to stick and draw at an accelerated pace until she entered an intense and prolonged orgasm.

When she started to relax, I told her smiling: "You are even more beautiful when you come."

"Oh, don't do that" she replied, with her eyes again full of desire. Her vagina contracted again rhythmically and she had another small climax.

Helen dropped her body over mine, drained. I let her relax completely and finally told her: "I need you now."

She rose up slowly, looking at me with sweetness and desire. She took a pillow off the couch, sat on the floor between my legs, took the condom off and began to clean with her tongue the patten of my penis and my testicles.

Then she put my glans in her mouth and, at the same time she stroked my testicles, she sucked hard. It wasn't long until I got to the end. She took my ejaculation in her mouth and swallowed it all.

After a final suction, she took my penis out of her mouth and smiled. I pulled her over me and kissed her long.

"Tomorrow, I'd like you to serve breakfast at 9:00 a.m. Please wear your housekeeper uniform. I'm getting a private student at ten. She doesn't know she's going to be welcomed by you, so you expect an air of great surprise from her," I asked Helen, with a half smile at the end of the sentence."

"The student will leave at eleven, and I'd like you to walk her to the door."

"I will do exactly as you wish, sir," answered Helen in a serene voice, looking at me and soon lowering her gaze in a perfect demonstration of humility, but smiling.

I kissed her again now with tenderness.

The next day at two minutes to ten I heard the door bell and shortly after Helen's head peeked at the door of my office saying, "Your student is here, sir. Can she come in?"

"Yes, thank you, Helen."

Marianne looked like she'd seen an alien. She looked at me and, pointing a finger back to the door said: "I... I didn't know... I mean, why you didn't tell me you had a... a..."

"A housekeeper?" I concluded for her.

"A housekeeper? Oh, right."

I was having much fun, but I didn't want to show.

"Sit down, let's work" I said with authority, to avoid further comments.

After accompanying Marianne to the door, Helen went to my office, that I had just left, and she found me in the hallway.

"Do you need anything else, sir?" she asked.

She had told me that she would leave at twelve thirty, to pick up her daughter and her parents - who were coming to spend the weekend with her - on the bus station.

"Did she please you?" I asked her suddenly.

She looked at me surprised.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"If you wished her?"

Helen blushed and asked in a low voice: "Was I that obvious?"

"I suppose not. But I know you. And I'm gonna have to punish your lust," I told her with a smile.

"Oh!" she said, already with desire in her eyes.

Helen was dressed in her housekeeper's uniform - which is more a female version (skirt and coat) of a butler's suit - and that arouses me. (I don't know why, perhaps something from my childhood?)

"Put your hands on the wall," I told her.

"Now pull your skirt up and open your legs," I continued.

She obeyed without saying a word.

The view of Helen's long legs inside the "stay-up" black stockings with lace band, and the magnificent bum inside very sexy black panties, caused me a tremendous erection.

Without further delay, I took a condom out of my box, put it, and put the tip of my penis inside her panties in contact with her vulva. She sighed very deeply and opened her legs a little more.

For a couple of minutes I rubbed my phallus in her pussy, until I felt it all soaked in her secretions.

I grabbed Helen by her breasts, put my mouth by her ear and whispered her: "I'm sure Marianne wished you too. You know she has a girlfriend she calls 'my bitch'?

She's a dominant, like you. You two will have to do something about that, I suppose."

Without further delay, I pulled the tip of my rod to the entrance of her vagina and penetrated her with a single movement.

"AUCH! Punish me sir! Punish me hard. Please." - she shouted while trying to pull her panties further to the side.