My Love Doctor

Info hondolane1949
21 Nov. '22

Hello, I'm Craig and what I am going to share with you is a true story of an amazing summer I had between my first and second years of college.  I was nineteen and home for the summer and was looking for work and so far the only thing I was able to find were some odd jobs.  I had a doctor's appointment which I needed if I was going to play sports when I got back to college for my second year.

I had been seeing Dr. Smith since I was eight years old.  He was now in his mid-fifties, greying hair, mustache, five ft 6 about 175 lbs.  I was his last appointment for the day.  I went into the exam room and his nurse, Kay took my vitals and told me to undress down to my shorts as I had been doing since I first saw him when I was eight.  

I sat for a while thumbing through some magazines when Dr. Smith came in.  He called out and said, "Go, home Kay, I'll make sure the lights are out.  Just lock the door when you leave.  We chatted for a while about school and what my major was going to be.

He then started the full physical routine.  Finally got me up on the exam table and told me to lie down.  As he pushed and prodded he asked me if I was dating, if I was sexually active at all, etc.  I was not seeing anyone seriously and "no" I was not sexually active.  

As I was lying there I noted that his touch had changed.  Instead of pushing and prodding he was lightly caressing my body with his finger tips.  It felt good and suddenly he circled my nipples.  I made a mental note to add caressing my nipples the next time I masturbated.  It was awesome and I sprung an erection.  I was hoping he hadn't noticed.  Finally he asked if my parents had explained the "birds and the bees" to me.  This was a time when parents didn't talk to their kids and I replied, "No, they hadn't."  

He said, "There are several different kinds of intimate relationships you know.  A man and a woman.  Two women or two men.  All of those relationships are good and healthy."  While one hand was caressing my nipples his other hand was caressing my thighs.  I was embarrassed by his talk and by what was happening to me physically.  And while I should have gotten up and left I was still living under the old premise of respect your elders and do what they say.

He continued, "A man on man relationship is very nice for several reasons.  First, you learn about your body and how it responds to sexual stimulation.  Second, in the Greek and Roman Empires it was common for mature males to have sex, to teach sex to young men so they knew what to do when they married.  Third, you don't have to worry about pregnancy."  He laughed and then put his hands in he waist band of my shorts and told me to lift my hips.  I just followed orders and soon I was totally naked on the table.  

He smiled and said it was normal and natural for two men to make love.  In fact it was healthy and with that he began to lightly stroke my cock with his hand.  With his other hand be went back to caressing my nipples.  I was a bit embarrassed but that soon went away and I was feeling nothing but pleasure.  "You can learn a lot sexually from another man.  And also it's nice to have a friend around if you're not with any woman." 

He told me he was married and his relations with other men only served to make his marriage better.  I was now moaning.  It felt so good but I was listening.  "Are you enjoying yourself, Craig."  

"Oh my yes," I replied.  He smiled, stepped back, unzipped his pants and pulled out his erection.  It was longer than mine but about the same circumference.  "Feel free to stroke me if you'd like to."  He went back to stroking my cock and my nipples.

I blushed and said, "I'm not sure what to do."

He smiled and said, "Do to me what you do to yourself when you masturbate."

I gently held his erect cock in my hand.  It was firm and warm.  I gently began moving my hand up and down his cock as he did the same to me.  

It actually felt nice, both giving and receiving.  Then he gave my cock a squeeze.  "Look" he said.  I looked down and there was a clear drop of liquid at the opening of my cock.  "That's precum."  He took his fingertip and scooped it up.  He brought up to my lips.  "Have you ever tasted yourself?" he asked.  

I shook my head and he smiled and told me to open wide.  I did as he told me.  He ran his finger over my tongue leaving the fluid in my mouth.  It had a mild salty taste.  "You need to get to know yourself.  Some day a woman or perhaps even a man will orally please you and it's good to know what you taste like."  He stroked me some more and then he squeezed my cock again.  Another drop appeared and he said, "Precum is a lubricant to make intercourse more pleasurable."   He then dipped his finger in again and rain it all around the head of my cock.  I swooned.  It felt amazing.  Made a mental note to do that the next time I masturbated.  

He then said, "Squeeze my cock."  I did and naturally a drop appeared.  "Take it off with you finger and taste it."  I looked at him but did what I was told.  "A bit salty just like yours.  So if you are ever going down on a man and he cums you'll know what to expect."

We both went on stroking each other and I knew that I was getting close to cuming.   I really wanted it bad but I remembered when I "came" I made quite a spectacle.  I was getting closer and the feeling was definitely about to overtake me.  He reached down with his other hand gently caressed by balls as he kept stroking and that did it.  I shot off.  The first spurt landed mid chest between my nipples. The second spurt landed on my chin.  The remainder landed on my neck, chest and stomach.  It felt amazingly good to have someone else get me off.  Wow.  I kept stroking him as I wanted to return the favor. 

As I did he began to play with my my cum running his fingers though it and spreading across my chest and stomach.  He finally dabbed the splat on my chin and told me to lick it off.  I did.  

Then he stopped all talking and movement.  I looked up and he had his eyes closed.  In a moment he let out a long moan and I felt his warm cum spurting into my hand.  He shot quite a load and it dripped out of my and on to the floor.  We both were lost in the moment of our pleasure.  We looked at each other and smiled.  He leaned down and gave me a sweet little kiss on my the mouth.  

He walked over and wiped his cum of his cock and then took a damp rag to me and cleaned me up.  When he was finished he looked at me and said, "Well, what did you think?"  

"I'm not sure what to think.  All I know is it feels so good."  I lay there naked in front of him not even thinking about putting on my clothes.  No shame or embarrassment.  He stood next to me lightly caressing my thigh and said, "There is a lot more that men can do for pleasure.  And some of it works nicely on women as well."  

We just smiled at each other again and he continued, "Would you like to pursue this with me.  I can be your mentor if you'd like."  

I thought for a moment and said,"I'd like that."  

"Good.  Do you have a job this summer?"

"Nothing regular yet."

"I have a cabin in Wisconsin.  It always needs work after the winter.  Would you be wiling to take a week off and go up there withe me to help clean up the cabin and then to learn more about your sexuality?  I would be willing to pay you."

I said, "That would work."  

He knew my parents quite well and said, "I'll call them with the job proposal and see if they think it's all right for you to go." 

I said I thought it was as good idea.  We chatted bit more and then he said I should get dressed as we both needed to get home.  I got dressed and thanked him on the way out.  I was hoping he would call my parents very soon.