Greedy Girl

Info CarrieKitty
22 Nov. '22

Well my husband Carl decided he wanted me to be severely gangbanged and have cum all over my body from as many men as he could get, now I’ve only had about 4 guys use me at the same time, so this was on another league. He hadn’t told me of his plan and arranged this in secret without me knowing, but he knew I’d go along with it, as you know me readers I love cock, cum and pussy. So here is how the event went.

Carl told me we were going out to a new club on Friday night, so I was not to plan anything with our fuckbuddy neighbours Josh and Laura, I was intrigued at this point as to where we were going, but he wouldn’t divulge any details, it was shrouded in a air of mystery. So Friday night came and I got ready for our night out and put on a nice dress. Carl asked me to wear something to show off my body, which really piqued my interest now, what was he up to I thought. So off we went into the car and Carl drove me to the club, we pulled up into the car park of the club and I got out, nothing at this point gave me any idea of what this place was, but as soon as we walked in I knew what sort of club it was. I turned to Carl and said ‘So you’ve brought me to a swingers club, have you?’He just smiled and was in the middle of talking to the hostess, she came over and introduced herself as Kerry (not her real name) , she wasn’t very old, I reckoned a similar age to myself, slim and red hair, which was nice, she showed us to the backroom and said ‘you can get changed in here, everything's ready for you’.


Once she left the room and turned to Carl ‘OK, what’ve you got planned, what does she mean everything’s ready for you?’ , Carl was grinning from ear to ear and said ‘Well I saw an old porn vid of Nici Sterling getting her brains banged out by loads of guys and they all shot their loads over her face, body and tits, so that’s what’s happening to you tonight’ ‘OH really’ I said, the thought of that did turn on a little, so I thought what the hell. ‘Oh and another thing, the event tonight is a Greedy Girl Event, you’re the Greedy Girl, so lots of guys are coming for it, and some couples probably’ He said, without me saying anything I just smiled and then he pulled out my costume, well I say costume, nothing more that just my stockings and suspenders, to which he handed them to me and I got changed into them.


The Hostess came back into the room and handed me a robe and walked us through to a room for the event, in the middle of the room was a large leather footstool type piece of furniture, was quite big actually, there was also a large cushion it too, I guess to prop myself up at time, she told me what was going to happen in this event and she said ‘This is what you’ll be lying on, it’s low enough for entry by the guys at both ends if necessary , Carl stipulated you’ll be blindfolded at this event , he also mentioned no bareback in this event, which is fine, everyone is to wear a condom and the guys to cum on your body, but can come in you in the condom’ .I said that was all fine. Kerry then mentioned that she will be here to help with the event and to make sure everyone plays by the rules so you’re not on your own. I again said this was fine, I knew Carl wouldn’t leave me, but it was also nice Kerry would be here as well.

So I got undressed and lay on the stool, propped up with the cushion and Carl put on my blindfold, he said it would add to the experience which was fine with me as I was hopefully going to get lots of cocks in me, judging by the amount of talking in the room outside, it sounds like a lot of people were there. Carl gave me a kiss and told me to enjoy myself as he will be. I then heard Kerry talking outside asking everyone if they’re ready for the GG Event, to which a lot of men shouted yes to, so definitely a lot of people, I then heard the door open and quite a few guys were saying ‘oh wow, nice body’, nice tits', which was nice to hear. Before any of them started Kerry laid down the ground rules which were.


1: No Bareback at all, Condoms only

2: All holes available for fucking, but no going between pussy and ass (or I’ll get an infection)

3: Greedy Girl wants cum all over her face, body and tits, but you can cum straight in the mouth.

4: Anyone not abiding by those 3 simple rules will be kicked out.


Everyone agreed and within minutes I had hands all over my body, it was exciting not seeing or knowing who was groping me, a hand nudged my head to the side and a cock was stuffed in my mouth and I began to suck on it, mouths began to suck on my nipples and then my pussy. I was in heaven, I had 4 guys (I think, could be women) playing with me. I was really getting in the mood now and making slurping noises as I sucked and moaned at everything else, I was aching for some cock to penetrate me now, which I didn’t have to wait long and I felt a smooth rod push my lips aside and enter my fuckhole, another cock was pressed into my face so I switched between the two I had to suck, the one up my pussy began to give me a good banging, the guy grunting with each stroke, it didn’t take long before he pulled out and heard the ripping of latex and within seconds a hot jet of nut juice caught me square in the face, luckily my eyes were covered as it would have gone in them and that’s not pleasant and then more hot spurts landed on my tits and body, I moaned as I felt him cum.

As the guy came all over me , I heard some guys say ‘yea nice shot, cum on that slut’ and I also heard a woman say ‘oh good shot babes, right in her face’ . Now I was really turned on. I loved the fact that a woman was telling her partner he was doing a good job , I had no idea women were watching me too and I had no idea how many were present in the room. Another cock entered my pussy and began to bang the life out of me, again the guy grunting and groaning as he smashed my whorehole. The cock I was sucking on began to twitch and I heard groans and spurts of delicious cream hit the inside of my mouth and I eagerly began to drain the nutsuck of the grunter , once he stopped spurting , he pulled out and I swallowed the lot and again I heard voices saying ‘mmm, nice’. Another cock was shoved in my face and again I had 2 cocks to suck on, as my pussy and mouth were being abused , I felt splashes of cum all over my tits and grunting and groaning, I think 2 guys unloaded onto my body.

It was quite nice being blindfolded as I didn’t know who was using me, which makes a change as I do like to see the people I’m fucking, but this was a nice change, the guy fucking my pussy pulled out and slid up my back passage, I heard Kerry say to him, not to go back up my pussy to which the guy agreed, he pushed into me balls deep and I groaned as he entered my shitter and began to abuse it. I then heard ‘open your mouth hun’ to which I did and stuck out my tongue  and I felt cream being deposited on my face and in my mouth, it sounded like 2 guys unloaded their nuts from the grunting going on. I used my fingers to get the rest of the cream into my mouth and then swallowed everything I had. I then heard ‘my turn’, it was the same woman's voice from earlier complimenting her partner who shot me in the face with his cock cannon earlier. I had no idea what she meant by that, but it didn’t take long before I knew and the scent of cockhole came wafting over my nostrils, and the woman pressed her pussy into my face and she said ‘get licking greedy girl’ and I began to lick out a juicy wet pussy.


This woman's pussy tasted divine, fresh, her lips moist, she’d obviously got worked up from all the cock and cum flying around, but this was my event so she wasn’t allowed to get cock from the guys. The guy stuffing my back passage began to groan and he didn’t pull out so he came inside me, I could feel the warmth of the cum from inside the condom, it was nice. I carried on licking the cockhole and she was moaning and I heard a guy say ‘go on Charlotte , cum’ , thinking that was her partner, but who knows and it didn’t take long before she orgasmed whilst my tongue was probing her manhole. Her pussy got wetter and I could feel her muscles contract inside her. Once she stopped, she removed her pussy from my face and then more cock got stuffed in my mouth. A few guys groaned and I felt hot nut juice splash my tits and face. I was a sticky mess now. Another cock entered my back passage and began to smash the life of me, the guy grunting and groaning. I felt hands touch my nipples and tits, felt like a woman's hand, soft and they began to rub cream into my nipples which turns me on immensely. I was moaning at all the action I was receiving , back passage smasher grunted ‘fuck yea’ and I could feel the jerking of his body and he blew his wad up my ass, again I could feel the warmth through the condom.

That’s pretty much how it went for quite a while, guys coming in my mouth, on my face and tits, up my ass and in my pussy, no-one broke the rules and I could feel all the cum on my body, I had quite a lot on me, it was running down my face, onto my tits, it was all over the stool and all over my back too. I stunk of nut juice, it was lovely , by now all the guys had emptied their balls in me, on me and over me, the last one entered me and it had no condom on, but it was Carl and he began to bang my well used fuckhole, his balls slapping my ass cheeks, and it didn’t take long for him to unload his nuts in me and I felt the warm rush of his juices in me, I moaned as soon as he exploded, and a few voices said ‘creampie that girl’, once he stopped spurting he pulled out and I could feel his juice running out of me, I also heard a lot of pictures being taken, but no surprise as I had cum all over me and now it was oozing out of my pussy, so probably quite good and horny to look at.

I heard Kerry then say ‘ok guys, you’ve all had your fun, the event is now over’ and heard the guys leave and the room was quiet now. Carl took off my blindfold but it took a minute or two for my eyes to adjust, once they did I looked down at my body and holy crap, what a mess I was, I’ve never had so much cum, so had dried on me and gone a bit crusty, my tits and body had big pools of nut juice everywhere, looked liked something out of a porn movie all right, the ones where the girls gets banged by 50 guys (something I wouldn’t mind) and they all blow their nuts in or on her. Carl and Kerry began to clean me up and Kerry said ‘Carl tells me this is your first greedy girl event’ , to which I replied ‘yes it was’ , ‘well you certainly enjoyed it’, I smiled and nodded, Carl and Kerry carried on cleaning all the cum off my with wet wipes and a towel. Once they finished I put on my robe and went back to the changing room and once there Carl said ‘I’m glad you like it’ and went over and gave him a big kiss and said ‘Yes, babe I fucking loved it’.

I got dressed and we saw Kerry before we left and I thanked her for a lovely evening and she said ‘A lot of the guys commented on you, on your body, they loved it, fancy doing it again?’ , to which I replied ‘yes why not, it was a lot of fun’ , ‘Great, Carl I’ll be in touch’ and he nodded and we left the club and went home. I went upstairs and hit the shower, to wash off and freshen up ready for bed. I felt completely used, all my holes were used by strangers and it was quite a turn on. So I got into bed and thought, wait till I tell Laura about it, she’ll be jealous and sank into a deep sleep.