Marianne's first weekend (I)

Marianne's first weekend (I)

First weekend of January. Marianne had won the prize weekend for good grades.

Sort of. I mean, she actually had a four in mathematics, but only one of the two fives that were required. But to compensate she had obtained two more levels four in two other disciplines.

The weekend should have been enjoyed in the last week of December during the Christmas holidays, but several things prevented it.

One, the weather had been awful. Another, she was invited (maybe it would be better to say subpoenaed) to spend Christmas with her father. Lastly, I think she accepted it because she was with the period.

I had changed the reservation easily.

Many things had indeed changed over the last three months.

From the beginning of November until the beginning of Christmas holidays, Marianne and I had spent five of the seven Saturdays in the morning in my small apartment next to the park. What, in accounting terms, meant that she had obtained two assessments higher than 80% in mathematics, and three assessments higher than 90% in other disciplines.

For this reason, in order to ensure that she could have the math lessons she needed, she could now schedule a class with me on another day of the week, usually at the end of the afternoon.

Marianne went on to be a more regular visit to my home and, as it would be expected, she was often invited to dinner with me after the class. And, as would also be expected, being Marianne and Helen two very intelligent and seductive women, a friendship between them was inevitable. (In December they went Christmas shopping together.)

The place chosen for the weekends was discreet and had many references of my youth and surfing.

The old youth hostel was on top of a cliff by a small beach at the mouth of a small river. On the opposite side there was a platform with fishermen's houses, boats, fishing devices, and two or three restaurants. Further north there was an oceanic beach, larger, with good waves for surfing practice.

As soon as Marianne and I arrived we checked in. I was given the key to one of the single rooms on the last floor, reserved for teachers, coaches and related, considered not youth. Marianne stayed in one of the female dorms for three people, but alone because there was no one else there.

We dumped our bags and went out for a walk, and booked lunch at the only fisherman's restaurant that was open that time of the year.

The air was cold and smelled like sea, but the sun was completely uncovered. We returned to the hotel, slowly climbing along the steep road, to unpack the bags.

I left the room door open and went to the balcony. The view was overwhelming. Marianne, who had silently entered meanwhile, grabbed my arm, ecstatic. We went back inside and Marianne went to lock the door of the room. We kissed and stripped each other greedily.

I looked at my watch and said: "We have 30 minutes till lunch. Let's take advantage of the empty stomach."

I pulled a pillow to the middle of the bed and put a bath towel over it.

I told Marianne, "Take your belly down on the pillow."

I put a condom on my penis and laid on her back, but supported by my arms. I kissed her neck and earlobes, and whispered, "Open your legs, please."

I placed myself in the middle of her legs and asked her in a naughty tone: "Are you wet, girl?"

"Very wet, sir" she replied chuckling.

Then I began to penetrate her slowly. She groaned low, grabbing the bed cover. When I was all inside her, I began to remove and re-fill my penis in all its length inside her vagina, first slowly, then faster and faster.

Marianne started pushing back at the same pace and after that two minutes were enough for her to have a strong, shaken orgasm.

I stayed one or two minutes inside her and then threw myself aside. Her vagina had my penis so tight that made her body spin with mine before let it go.

"Come on, I'm hungry," she said standing up immediately, grabbing her clothes and running to the bathroom.

Her rapid orgasm had left me with a persistent erection. I got up slowly, took the condom out, and started dressing. I took the towel off the pillow in the middle of the bed, put the pillow in its place, and started walking to the bathroom to drop the towel.

Marianne, who had been back in the room already dressed, looked at my crotch, took the towel out of my hand and said, laughing:

"I can't get into the restaurant with... Daddy... that big. I'm gonna have to... uh, milk you."

She put the towel at the end of the bed and made me sign to go to her.

She turned me facing the bed and said, "You bend over and put your hands on the bed."

With fast and accurate moves, Marianne stood behind me, opened my pants and pulled them to my knees.

"I don't like this position," I said and started to straighten up.

"Stay! Please trust me and open your legs," she said firmly.

I reluctantly obeyed.

Marianne knelt behind me and pulled my penis to her. She grabbed it with two hands and began to tighten and pull with the exact movements of milking.

I remember thinking, *I hope she has learned this with the cows.*

Before putting her tongue on my testicles she asked: "Tell me when you're almost ejaculating."

And it didn't take long until I exclaimed,"AH! Now..."

I thought Marianne's intention was to direct the ejaculation to the towel that was down, but I was very surprised when she put my penis's head in her mouth and sucked hard.


She started a cycle of sucking and swallowing until my penis had nothing more to expel.

Then Marianne got up and said, "I'm going to wash my teeth. I'll wait for you downstairs." And slapping my buttock, she added: "Don't be long. I'm starving."

It took a minute to get myself together. This was the best fellatio since I could remember.

The man at the restaurant, Mr. Francis, had reserved for us the table next to the window facing the beach. Not that there were a lot of people in the restaurant, but this was always the first table to be occupied if it wasn't booked.

Marianne and I sat down and Mr. Francis asked if we wanted an appetizer. Marianne said she had already eaten the appetizer, looking at me with her penetrating gray eyes.

I ordered a little fresh cheese and asked: "Will the swordfish steaks still take a long time to prepare?"

"Ten minutes. I got them grilling as soon as I saw you start down the road," replied Mr. Francis.

As a side dish Marianne chose fries (of course) and I chose baked potatoes. Besides, I ordered a salad. Marianne asked for a Pilsner in a glass and I ordered a glass of white wine very cold.

We looked in silence through the window the almost deserted beach, until we were served two grilled swordfish steaks that barely fit inside the dishes. Then, for fifteen minutes nothing else was heard on our table beyond the sound of the cutlery.

Marianne had the look of a satiated cat.

Mr. Francis came back to ask if we wanted dessert. I declined and ordered an espresso, but Marianne asked for a chocolate and pear 'charlotte' cake.

*Where can this lean girl contain so much food?* I thought.

After lunch we walked along the narrow street between the houses and warehouses of the fishermen, and the wall that delimited it from the beach. We went back and climbed the road to the youth hostel.

I told Marianne: "I'm sorry girl, but I need to get a nap right now. I warned you about my age."

She laughed and replied: "Okay, old man. I'll take a look at the bigger beach. Maybe I can drag you there when you wake up?"

I slept about an hour. It was around three in the afternoon when I woke up. I wore my surf suit and ran to the north beach.

Marianne was there, sitting on a chair at the beach bar, being the center of attention of a small group of male surfers. As she liked.

She saw me, but she didn't wave me, waiting for me to get near. When I was there the bar owner and lifeguard came from inside. He looked at me, rolled his head aside and said, "If you're not Michael "Bruce Lee", I'm definitely needing glasses."

He came to me and gave me a bear hug.

"So, the girl came with you. I should have guessed," he said, laughing big laughs.

"Guys, this is Michael. Michael, these are the guys" he said, laughing more and more.

"I love seeing you again too, Paul. You're the same, but much older," I told him laughing too.

"Guys..." I greeted the group by raising my hand.

Marianne was delighted. She said laughing: "Paul just offered me a job here at his little bar. I was very tempted. You think I should take it? "

"It's a good option. Beach all year, free accommodation, and he still pays you... Paul's a good man. Bad surfer, but good man," I said laughing.

"Only a bad surfer recognizes another bad surfer. What do you want to drink? On the house," returned Paul.

"Nothing now. Tomorrow morning, if the offer remains."

I made a sign to Marianne, she said goodbye to the guys, took her board and we went walking along the beach watching the waves. I noticed the men's eyes enjoying Marianne's body inside the tight surfing suit.

The wind was from the north and it had intensified. As a result the waves were very broken. The few surfers that still remained in the water were returning.

"Tomorrow," I told Marianne.

We continued to stroll along the beach, grateful for our comfortable surfing suits, until we decided to go back to the youth hostel.

When we arrived we went to take a shower in my bathroom. We stripped each other's surfing suits, and washed each other.

Of course we quickly got sexually aroused. Before we got out of the shower, Marianne said in a low voice: "Can we do it again like this morning? It's just that I came too fast. I wish I could taste it more time in that position. I was hyper-excited because I thought you were going to take me anally."

"I don't do that, you know."

"Yes, you told me. But you can't trust a very horny man, they say."

"I don't know about the others, but you know you can trust me."

In the meantime, we'd left the shower area and were drying each other with the towels.

My dominant thought at this time was, *Tomorrow I will need all my arms' strength to get up on the board. But I don't want to deny Marianne's desire.*

In the bedroom, we tickled each other and laughed. I threw myself to the back on the bed and, slapping on the mattress next to me, I told Marianne: "We will experience an even better variant of the morning position. Please take a condom of those on top of the bedside table and put it in place."

"And now lie down beside me."

As soon as she stood still I kissed her shoulders, then her neck and ears. I grabbed her tightly and pulled her over me, her back on my chest. She instinctively opened her legs, backed her feet on each side of my thighs, and pulled her arms back until she had her hands held on the mattress.

I grabbed her by the waist, slide her ass up along my pelvis, and I positioned my phallus at the opening of her body. As soon as she felt it, she moved her hip down and got my glans inside her. I moved my hip up and the penis went a little further. She sighed.

I started moving the hips rhythmically, pushing the penis more into her vagina. She moved her hip down to meet my impulses. And she moaned. I knew that in this position the penetration was not too deep, but my penis was rubbing her G-spot.

My hands were free and wandered all over her body. I stopped one of my hands over her clitoris zone and the other caring for her breasts. It was hard to resist the temptation to rub her clitoris, but I wanted her to have a more intense vaginal orgasm.

Her moaning increased and her hips began to move faster. I followed her pace. Suddenly she grabbed my hand that was over her clitoris and used my fingers to rub it hard. Her hip stopped moving, but I increased the pace and intensity of my impulses.

Marianne squeaked and the movement of her hips became spasmodic as she experienced an intense orgasm.

Her body started slipping to my left taking my penis out of her. She put her hand between her legs and had two or three spasms more.

"Oooh, Michael!"

She rolled her body, grabbed my rod still completely erect and put her lips on it.

"Later, Marianne" I said pulling her up and kissing her. "Now we have to go to get the 'croissanterie' still open."

"Oh, yeah! Food, the second best thing in the world," Marianne said giggling.

I lent her a pajamas and some slippers of mine, so she could go to her room and get dressed, and slapped her in the bum saying "Hurry up!"

I dressed quickly, straightened the linens of the bed, and took the towels to the bathroom. Marianne got back already dressed, she put my pajamas on the bed and the slippers on the floor.

We got out of the boarding house, got in the car, and I drove quickly to the nearest town. It was six o'clock in the afternoon and the 'croissanterie' closed by seven at this time of the year.

At six thirty we were entering the shop. There were still twelve croissants. I ordered one with cheese and one with ham. Marianne ordered four, with cheese, ham, chocolate and raspberry jam. To drink we both asked for hot chocolate.

When the croissants came to the table Marianne devoured hers in less than five minutes, smiled satiated, and asked for another hot chocolate mug, which she drank in small sips.

We left the 'croissanterie' and went for a walk. The air was very cold, but invigorating.

"I love you very much," Marianne said in a low voice without looking at me.

"I love you too," I replied.

We stopped and kissed passionately, as if we hadn't spent the day together.

I looked at Marianne, so young, and I thought: *There must have been some malfunction on the clock of fate. Or maybe it had to be this way. Anyway, I'm very grateful I've found you.*

She must have read my thoughts because she said: "We must make the most of the time we have been granted."

We were back at the inn. When we got there it was 9 p.m. The boy at the reception wished us a good night and looked at Marianne with obvious desire.

We went up to my room. We sat on the bed and we hugged hard. I looked Marianne in the eyes and saw that she was also tired.

So I said, "We need both to go to sleep now. It was a very intense day. Schedule for tomorrow:

8:30, cuddle in my bed and morning wood;

9:15, take breakfast;

9:45, wear the surf suits and run to the beach."

Marianne laughed a lot.

"Yes, sir."