Office antics

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24 Nov. '22

I had worked with her for a few years now. We worked well togther and got stuff done. I had admired her curves for a long time now. She had nice big tits, legs often clad in nylons and an arse perfect for spanking.

Always the professional I was careful when admiring her - always from affar, never lingering too long, until two weeks ago that was. She caught me looking, she had been out with her husband and had returned to work after a long lunch. I had caught a glimpse of a stocking top as she sat down, and I stared too long. She stared back, I looked away. Oh fuck I thought and I feared a visit from HR. I kept my head down for the rest of the day and avoided looking at anyone else.

Two weeks later, I hadn't seen her as she had been away on her holidays. I knew she was back as her bag was under her desk, but she had been away in meetings all day.

It was late, the office was quiet, her bag was still there. I looked up after hearing footsteps and saw her walking back to her desk. I nodded a 'hello' as I made eye contact and then looked back at my screen.

She made her way to her desk, I glanced up as she sat down, she faced me as she did so. I watched as her white dress fell open and revealed her legs clad in nude stockings. The tops of her stockings were held in place by white suspenders. I froze. She didn't cover her legs up immediately nor did she move in anyway.

I looked up at her face, a naughty grin was plastered on it. I moved my focus to look at all of her in front on me.

As I watched her, she proceeded to slowly unbutton her white dress revealing her ample busom clad in a lacy bra. She paused and ran her hands over her tits, squeezing seductively. She sighed as she did so, her legs clenched together and she squirmed in her seat.

She then continued to unbutton the front of her dress and once all were done, she opened her dress, and then her legs, revealing her damp knickers and the top of her milky thighs. I could see the shadow of hair through the fabric.

She ran her hand over her body in a sensual way, moaning and gently squirming as she did so. Her hands entered the waistband of her knickers and she started to masterbate, slowly at first, her fingers working her clit. Her eyes were closed and she quietly moaned.

I was unsure whether to move or not. I shifted in my chair, her eyes opened at the noise. She looked at me in the eye and shook her head. I stayed put, drinking in the scene before me.

She stood, shrugged the dress of her shoulders on to the floor, and returned to her chair, as she did so, her other hand pushed a dildo in from the side of her panties into her dripping pussy. She plunged the dildo in out of her pussy as she fucked herself, her other hand working her clit. Her breathing quickened with the effort, her body tensed as she climaxed, she squirted and her creamy juices pooled on the seat of her chair. She quivered for a few moments. She looked at me with a shit eating grin as her body calmed down. She stood and then bent over, her wet panty clad backside pointing to me and she licked the seat of her chair clean. The dirty slut I thought.

She picked up her dress and stood up, looking me. I looked at her, her skin was flushed, her thighs and stockings were damp with her juices. She grinned as she buttoned up her dress. She proceeded to touch up makeup and then made a call.

"Hi hunny, just finshed with a client, I'll be right out" she purred. She gave me a wave, picked up her bag and left.