The Real Life Grind

Info M_Knight
14 Dec. '16

               by Mitchell Knight

    "Welcome to the Grind.  We're comin' to ya from Zuma Beach, California.  I'm your host Sean Berg.  And today I have with me my very special guest: Aaron, from the fifth season of the Real Life," Sean announced.

    Aaron flashed the familiar boyish smile at the camera.

    "So let's get to it.  Here's our first song: 'Today' from John&John."

    The camera panned away, and the dancers on the set started grinding, bumping, and shaking to the music.  Throughout the song the cameramen made their usual closeups of the women's' bouncing breasts and tight bellies.  Occasionally they'd sweep in on the buff beach bum as he flexed his hard naked torso for the audience.

    Halfway through the show, they broke away to Sean and Aaron.

    "So, Aaron, how's life going since the Real Life?" Sean asked.

    "Not too bad.  I've got myself a good job that still leaves me time to surf," Aaron answered.

    "Yeah, that's right.  You're really into surfing.  Maybe sometime we'll have to get together, so you can show me some moves."

    "Sure, anytime."

    "Great.  Now here's our next song, 'Anything' by The Bartender."

    The show slowly drug to an end, and the production team cleared the set.

    "Hey, Aaron, thanks for being on the show today," Sean said.

    "No problem."

    "Are you hot?" Sean asked.

    "Yeah, kinda.  The beach sure was hot today."

    "Do you want to go for a swim?"

    "Right now?" Aaron asked skeptically.


    "I don't have my trunks along."

    "Don't worry about it.  We can go nude.  Just behind the bluffs over there is the perfect hidden little beach.  What do you say?"

    Aaron shrugged.  "Sure, that sounds fine with me."

    "Okay," Sean said, smiling.  "I'll race you."

    Sean took off running across the hot sand of the beach, his muscular legs kicking up the sand as he went.  Aaron took off at a fair clip, but still couldn't catch up with him.  Aaron watched as Sean disappeared behind the edge of the bluffs.  By the time he reached there, Sean was slipping out of his shorts. Then he pulled down his white briefs to stand nude against the beauty of the secluded beach setting.

    "C'mon," Sean urged, laughing as he ran towards the clear blue of the water as it swept up onto the beach.  Aaron paused to watch Sean's firm ass pump in time with his legs.  Something about the scene sent a tickle through his groin.  Then Sean had jumped into the water, and his ass disappeared.

    As Aaron undressed, he remembered reading about Sean in an issue of Rolling Stone.  The only reason he'd bothered was because he was curious about a former member of The Real Life, but he found himself becoming drawn to the muscular handsome model once he was halfway through the article.  The picture of Sean bare assed had sent a strange shiver through Aaron's body and this had made him keep that issue hidden in among his textbooks.

    Sean watched as Aaron stripped off his briefs and started running towards the water.  Sean couldn't suppress the smile that slipped to his lips as he watched Aaron's cock bounce in the bed of brown curls.

    "Hey, what's so funny?" Aaron asked once he'd splashed close enough to notice.


    Sean turned and swam farther out; Aaron followed.

    "Doesn't this feel great?" Sean asked.

    "Yeah," Aaron sighed.  "Are the tapings usually that warm?"

    "Sometimes.  It just depends on the weather."

    Aaron laid back and started floating.  Sean grinned again as he watched Aaron's penis break the surface.  Between his legs he began to feel his own cock start to harden.  He sprang forward then and pushed Aaron's face back into the water.

    Arms and legs flailing, Aaron struggled back to the surface and, with a vengeful smile, leaped forward to apply his weight to the top of Sean's head.  He plunged him under the water and held him there for a while as Sean struggled to get back to the surface.  Then Aaron let go and swam off, laughing as he went.

    Sean chased, and they wrestled playfully in the cool water. After a while they decided to make it back to shore.  Their smooth muscular bodies reclined languidly on the warm sand side by side.  

    "You've got a really nice tan," Sean commented, noticing the contrast between the white band at Aaron's crotch and the rest of his skin.

    "Thanks, so do you," Aaron responded, glancing at Sean's cock as it nestled in its own bush of brown curls.

    "Have you ever modeled before?"

    "Not really.  I've posed for a calendar before, but that's it."

    "You've got a really nice body.  That's why I asked."

    "Do you like modeling?"

    "Yeah, I do."

    "I was wondering.  I saw one episode where it looked like you were posing in the nude.  Do you like doing that kind of thing?"

    Sean nodded.  Then he smiled sheepishly.  "Don't tell anyone, but actually it kind of turns me on."

    Aaron chuckled.  "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.  Especially not Julie."

    Sean groaned.  "Don't start.  There was never anything between us."

    "I know.  But she was cute."

    "Yeah, but to tell you the truth, I'd rather have gotten it on with Norman."

    "Are you serious?" Aaron asked, sitting up in shock.

    Sean sat up and smiled, nodding.


    Sean chuckled.  "No.  I just know that the guy was really attracted to me, and I'm always up for new things.  He would have been pretty easy to get into bed."

    Aaron just raised his eyebrows and then laid back to try and make sense of why his stomach had started trembling at Sean's admission.  Sean continued to lean on one elbow and run his eyes up and down Aaron's nude form.

    "I hope you don't mind me saying this, but you've got a really sexy body," Sean said.

    "No, that's okay.  You're pretty good-looking yourself," Aaron admitted.

    "Would it be okay if I touched you?" Sean asked.

    Aaron paused as he thought about it while the trembling threatened to spread to the rest of his body.

    "Hey, if it's a problem, I won't.  Don't--"

    "No, go ahead," Aaron interrupted.

    One of Sean's squarish hands landed lightly on Aaron's chest. It slowly ran over the smooth tan flesh, brushing at a nipple and then descended to his hard, flat stomach.  Aaron watched the hand travel down until his fingertips were stroking the soft flesh of the white area of his skin.  Aaron glanced over at Sean and saw his penis standing straight out from his body in a proud, red erection.

    Tentatively, Aaron stretched out a hand and touched the tip of this throbbing organ.  He slid his finger down its length and heard Sean sigh in pleasure.  Then Sean got to his knees and moved closer to Aaron.  He brought a leg over Aaron's waist and then brought his full weight down on top of him.  Their smooth naked flesh pressed against the other.  Aaron could feel Sean's erection probing into the tender flesh of his abdomen.

    Aaron's penis immediately began to lengthen and harden in response.  Sean pressed against this growing warmth, grinding his body against Aaron's.  Then he laid down flat and buried his face in Aaron's neck.  He breathed deeply of the salty, manly scent.  His hand stroked the soft, fine blond hair as he slowly ground his body against Aaron's.

    With each thrust of his hips, Aaron would thrust up to meet Sean.  Their erections slipped over the other's flesh, eliciting sparks of delight along their erections which coursed through their bodies.  Sean nipped lightly at Aaron's neck as he started thrusting faster.  Aaron pulled Sean tight against him and ran his hands up and down Sean's smooth, muscular back.

    "Oh, I'm gonna cum," Sean whispered, his breath hot against Aaron's ear.

    "Do it," Aaron whispered back.

    He gripped Sean's buttocks as he made his last thrust forward. He groaned loudly, and Aaron felt the hot semen spurt in powerful jets against his flesh.  Afterwards Sean collapsed for a few moments on top of Aaron before rolling to the side to survey their bodies.

    "I guess I made quite a mess," Sean said, chuckling.

    "You did."

    Sean bent his head to Aaron's chest and lapped at the drying semen.  He worked his way down to Aaron's belly and then continued down into Aaron's pubic hair even though their wasn't any semen there.  Before Aaron could ask him what he was doing, Sean had taken the head of Aaron's erection in his mouth and begun licking his way around this sensitive tip.

    "Uh!" Aaron gasped and twitched in response.

    Sean engulfed his erection and slowly slid his mouth up and down the length.  He looked up once and saw Aaron watching him. He merely smiled around Aaron's erection and continued to suck with a vengeance.  Aaron lay back and closed his eyes, allowing the building pleasure to consume him.

    Soon the pressure began to build in his groin.  His orgasm came so quickly that he didn't even have time to warn Sean like he'd planned to.  He swore loudly as he came, shooting come in several powerful shots.  Sean lapped it all up and then laid down beside Aaron as he came down from the orgasm.

    "I haven't done that in years," Sean whispered.

    "It was great," Aaron said.

    "Would you be interested in doing the grind again sometime?"

    "Which one?  The show or the sex?"

    Sean chuckled.  "The sex, of course."


            The End