Hip Hop Sex

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14 Dec. '16

               by Mitchell Knight

    Since I decided to stay on as an RA for a second year, I thought maybe it was time for a change of scenery.  I applied for a transfer to a co-ed hall.  Sure, it was nice living in a dorm with all males, but I really needed that change of pace that you got when you had males and females.

    Needless to say, I got the transfer, and so I moved over into the one of the high rises, into a co-ed house.  On moving day, I got a good chance to look at all the attractive people moving into my house.  Being bisexual, I was able to appreciate both genders.  

    In particular, I happened to notice two guys who were moving into the suite across the balcony from me.  When I checked them in, they both seemed like very nice guys.  They were both polite and good-natured.  Watching them interact with their parents, I could see that they got along really well which proably accounted for their positive personalities.  They didn't have that negative attitude towards RAs that I'd already gotten several times that day.  Something about being an RA just turns some people off.

    Both of these cute guys were the hip hop/rapper type, and they wore very baggy clothes and baseball caps on backwards.  Both had haircuts shaved very close to the scalp halfway up their heads (the portion not covered by the hats.)  The tall one (about 6'2") was named Kirk and the one who was just a couple inches shorter (about my height) was Matt.

    Once I got a chance to take a break from checking people in, I went ahead and hung out on the balcony to watch these two studs move into their room.  They'd both taken off their hats so I could see their hair was longer on top.  Matt's was almost a preppy look with wavy hair in a GQ style.  Kirk just had a mop of curls on the top of his head.  They'd both also taken off their shirts, and I got a good look at their well-developed chests and washboard stomachs.  They looked almost nothing like the pasty white skinny boys I usually saw wearing the hip hop style.  

    They had very firm, muscular bodies.  In fact, Kirk almost looked like he could have played football in high school.  He had really broad shoulders with a full, wide chest.  Matt was a little thinner, but he also had a tan, muscular torso.  They both still wore their baggy shorts, so I didn't get a chance to see much else.  Their asses were well-hidden.  They both had very nice, hairy muscular calves though (which I like.) Kirk had a patch of brown hair between his well-defined pectorals.  Matt didn't have any hair on his chest, but he did have a trail of hair leading from his navel to his shorts.  Both of them had their boxer shorts hanging out over their baggy, long regular shorts.  (For some reason this kind of turned me on too.)

    As I watched them move in, a sheen of sweat developed on their nice bodies.  They were working pretty hard even though their parents were helping.  Plus it was over 80 degrees that day.  While I watched them work, I tried to focus in my gaydar, but it just wasn't giving me any signals.  That rapper look really threw me off, but I still had hopes that they might be gay.

    After they got all moved in, I went over and visited them that night.  We talked about music, which of course was the center of their life.  I found out that I shared some music in common, although I wasn't as much into rap as they obviously were.

    I got a good look at their sound system though, which had taken them quite a while to move in.  Their speakers were about five feet tall, and I imagined that they had the power that they could real shake the whole house.  I was kind of worried about the noise they could make with that kind of system, but I realized that we got along pretty good, so I probably wouldn't have too much trouble with them.

    Over the next couple of weeks I enjoyed watching them interact with the female residents from the floor below.  I would watch them from the balcony, and I especially enjoyed it when they would take off their shirts and parade around that way.

    Then one day Matt came into my room and was asking me about having a guest over for the night.  He happened to notice my Rhianna pictures on my wall.  One of them was that revealing cover from Rolling Stone.  Matt admired them and mentioned that he had a couple in his room.

    "She's really hot," he commented.

    I agreed.  I was a little disappointed too because I now had some input into his sexual orientation and realized that all my hopes for him were dashed.  I still held out hopes for Kirk, but I found out later that he liked Rhianna as well.

    A few months later, in the dead of winter, I decided that I wanted to do some kind of dance program for our house.  I went and talked to Matt and Kirk about it because I thought that they might let me use their sound system.

    They were very enthusiastic and offered to help me DJ.  They offered all their rap music, and I accepted it, but told them that I'd be bringing along some of mine so we could get some techno and pop mixed in for a little variety.  They assured me Rhianna would be played.

    We got together later on in the week and chose our music.  I told them that there were a couple of techno samplers that I wanted to get from a friend of mine.  I was going to see Teresa that night, so I told them I'd drop the CDs by their room after I got them.

    After grabbing the techno samplers I wanted from Teresa, I went back to the dorm, and I tried to get a hold of Matt and Kirk. Neither of them were around, so I kept the CDs in my room.

    The next morning after I went to breakfast I stopped by their room again.  I knocked on the suite door and didn't get any answer, but I could have sworn that inside I heard a printer running.  I went ahead and opened the suite door and saw that the door to Matt's room was wide open.  I went and stood at the doorway to Matt's room.  He sat at the computer in only his boxer shorts, reading something on the screen.  He had his hand in his crotch and was slowly stroking himself through the cloth.

    "Hey, Matt," I interrupted him.

    Startled, he twitched in his chair and abruptly removed his hand from his crotch.  He tried to play it cool.

    "Hey, Luke," he answered.

    I entered the room and handed over the CDs.  I glanced at the screen to see what had been the subject of his interest.  After catching a few key words I realized that he had been reading the latest Mitchell Knight story.  In a flash I realized that either Matt hadn't been on the up and up about his lust for Rhianna or this guy was bisexual.

    Seizing this golden opportunity, I turned to Matt with a smile.

    "I see that you enjoy Mitchell Knight stories."

    Matt blushed a little bit, but when it sunk in that I knew who Mitchell Knight was, he relaxed.

    "Yeah.  You like him too?"

    "You bet.  Would you be interested in any early morning fun?"

    I dropped my hand between his legs and started lightly stroking his crotch.  He got a little red again and gently pushed my hand aside.

    "I'd like to, but I'm kind of serious with somebody."

    "Oh, okay," I answered, shrugging.  "I can understand that."

    Then, from behind, came Kirk's deep voice:

    "Sure we're serious, but you know how I feel about Luke."

    I turned around and saw Kirk standing there in a pair of boxer shorts with his hair rumpled a little bit since he'd just woken up.

    "If it's okay with you, Matt, I wouldn't mind a little threesome this morning," Kirk said.

    "If it's okay with you, I don't have a problem," Matt answered.

    Kirk walked over to Matt and placed his hands on his shoulders and started slowly rubbing.  He bent over and kissed Matt tenderly on the lips.  Now I could easily see that special energy between them.  They were really in love, and I couldn't be happier for them.  

    Matt stood up and pushed the chair aside.  He pressed his body flat against Kirk's in a longer, more passionate kiss.  Kirk's hands moved slowly down Matt's firm back to the waistband of his boxers before slipping inside them and then pulling them down a nice, rounded white ass with just a dusting of brown hair at the crack.

    I noticed then that Matt had pulled down Kirk's boxers as well, and when Matt stepped aside, I was treated to Kirk's thick cock as it pointed straight out from a bed of brown curls.  Matt turned and looked at me, and I could see his thin, six incher with its foreskin intact.  As I watched, his cock started to slowly elongate and stick straight up against his lower abdomen.

    Kirk slid over to me and knelt down.  He started undoing my belt and then unbuttoning my pants.  Matt pulled my shirt up and over my head to toss it across the room.  Soon my pants and underwear were around my ankles and Kirk's mouth was fastened firmly around my hard cock.  Matt kissed me softly at the neck and then moved down my chest to lick and bite at my nipples.  

    I slid my hand down his well-sculpted chest to hold his cock in my hand and slowly slide the loose skin up and down its length. I slid back the foreskin and touched the tip of his cock where precum glistened.

    Then Matt was sliding out of my grasp and going to the dresser where I watched him pull out a jar of Vaseline.  Kirk was now engulfing my prick in his mouth and sliding all the way down to the base.  Then he pulled back and licked at the head.

    Matt knelt behind Kirk and pulled his ass up toward him.  Kirk responded and pulled at my sides to indicate that I should get on the floor.  I laid down on their shag carpet and Kirk continued with even more enthusiasm with his blowjob.  I watched Matt slide slippery fingers up Kirk's ass and then lube up his own cock to push it in the hole.

    Kirk moaned around the length of me, and I watched him push back against Matt's dick with each stroke.  Kirk's blowjob continued to grow in intensity and the sight of Matt fucking this hot stud was plenty to make me shoot my wad into Kirk's hot mouth.  He lapped it all up and then removed his mouth from my cock, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

    I turned around and slid under Kirk's body to get at his hard, thick cock.  I slid it in my mouth as far as it would go and then licked all along the length of it.  Soon he was pistoning in and out of my mouth as Matt continued to fuck his ass.

    They came at the same time.  I heard Matt groan as he buried himself in Kirk's ass.  Kirk sighed deeply and sprayed his cum into my mouth.  I enjoyed the hot, salty taste.

    Then we all got up and I started dressing as they kissed.

    "Um...here's those CDs," I finally said, handing them over.

    "Okay.  I can't wait for the dance," Kirk answered, grinning.

    "Yeah, me neither," I said, and wore a smile on my face all the way back to my room.


The End