Photo Shoot

Info M_Knight
14 Dec. '16
    "Ralph, you've really got to consider taking a risk.  If you don't do something soon to jump start your career, nobody will remember your name in a couple years," his agent explained.

    "What about the movie?  Didn't that help?" Ralph asked.

    "Hardly anybody went to see it and most people didn't even realize you were in it.  That was Dustin's movie.  He was the star."

    "Then what can I do?"

    He laced his fingers together and leaned forward on his desk as he tried to delicately broach the subject with his client.

    "It's something we've talked about a couple times before," he began solemnly.

    "Oh, no.  Not that," Ralph said, shaking his head.

    "Ralph, just listen to me.  They called again this week and upped their offer.  This could be just the spark we need.  If we follow the pictorial with your new album--"

    "My girlfriend wouldn't like it."

    "Ralph, you've got to break away!  You can't let her ruin your life or pretty soon you won't have one left to live."

    "Yeah, but...nude?"

    "Even without putting any kind of spin on it, sales will be phenomenal.  It'll be good for the magazine and for you.  All you've got to do is drop your Calvins."

    Ralph nodded slowly with his forehead wrinkled in thought.

    "Okay, I'll do it."

*       *       *

    I'd had some hot assignments before, but this one really took the cake.  When my editor told me I would be photographing Ralph for an upcoming issue of Playgirl, I swear my cock was hard in a second.  I knew this shoot was going to remind me why I'd gotten into photography in the first place.

    And now here I was, squatting with camera in hand and snapping pictures of Ralph as he sat on the bench press wearing only his Calvins and that irresistible boyish smile.

    "Okay, I need to grab a roll of film before we start the next stage.  Why don't you get out of your underwear and put on that robe while you wait."

    He nodded.

    As I scurried away, I wiped away the sheen of sweat on my upper lip and wondered if this situation was too much for me.  I rubbed my hard dick through my pants as I dug out a new roll of film.  The shoot so far had been so arousing that I was worried I'd shoot my load as soon as I saw him in the buff.

    I closed my eyes, took a few breaths, and let the tension leave my muscles.  By the time I headed back to the gym set, my cock was only semi hard.  This state changed immediately upon catching sight of Ralph again.  He sat right where I'd left him but this time the Calvins were gone.

    His cock was everything he'd boasted it to be.  The thick piece of manly flesh hung between his large muscular thighs without being diminished by them.  Large hairless balls hung loose beneath it.  His brown pubic hair was short, and I suspected that had probably been done the last time he'd shaved his body.

    "You're ready?" I asked as I felt precum leak into my jockeys.

    "Yep," he answered.

    "Then lay back on the bench, and I'll try a couple that way."

    As he lay back I caught a good view of his puckered pink hole and imagined slamming my cock into that tight little love chute.   I figured it probably wouldn't be the first time he'd felt a man's cock there.  After all, he had some gay friends whom I wouldn't be surprised to find out had introduced Ralph to that pleasure.

    I took a few more pictures of him draped across the black weight equipment.  His smooth sculpted body was a pleasure to capture on film.  I knew that plenty of the photographs from this session would make it into my private collection.

    Then we moved into the shower where I got some more of him under the head as he soaped up and then let the water caress him.  As I watched the clear droplets run over his smooth flesh, I wish I could be them.

    "Now it's on to the Jacuzzi," I said.

    "I get to relax?" he asked, smiling.

    "Like any of this has been work for you," I answered.

    He chuckled.  "It sure looks like you've been working hard."

    He pointed to my sweaty face.  I just wiped it with my sleeve as he stepped into the Jacuzzi.

    "Now what I want you to do is stand up real quick when I tell you."

    "Uh..." he answered.

    "What is it?"

    "Oh, nothing."

    "Okay, when I say three, stand up right away and throw your arms up too.  I want to see water splashing everywhere.


    He followed directions to a tee, and I got my picture and also a good view of his engorged dick.  It stood straight out at about seven or eight inches.

    "Hmm...that could be a problem," I said as I snapped another picture.

    "This?" he asked, looking down at his erection.

    I nodded.  "Most of the time boner pictures get cut from the final layout."

    "I couldn't help it.  The water felt so good and--"

    "Don't worry about it.  I know what we can do."


    The realization that opportunities like this come around very rarely in one's life gave me the courage to say, "I'll just give you a blowjob."

    "Are you serious, man?"

    I nodded.

    "That would be great."

    I was quite certain I would enjoy this more than him as I approached his well-formed body.  Looking at his cute, boyish face I just wanted to bury my tongue in his mouth, but I knew that would be going too far for this wet boy rapper.

    I ran my hands over his smooth meaty chest and licked his hard nipple.  Then my hands slid down his stomach and hips.  I knelt before this god of the gym and licked the slit of the red, flared head.  Then I wrapped my mouth around it and stroked his hard thighs as I engulfed more of this thick cock.

    Ralph grabbed the back of my head in his powerful hands and pushed my mouth to the base of  his cock.  The head slipped into my throat but in my lifetime I'd given plenty of blowjobs so I handled it without choking.

    From that point on, Ralph was in control.  He held my head in his hands and thrust with his hips to slide his erection in and out of my mouth.  I kept a tight seal on his dick and pressed my tongue up hard against the underside of it.

    I slid a hand between his ass cheeks and fingered his wet hole.  After finding it, I easily slid my pinky inside.  From the increase in his thrusting, I assumed that he liked it, so I probed deeper.

    My other hand slid between my thighs and started rubbing my swollen cock through the fabric.  After a few passes with my hand, my body exploded in ecstasy, and I pumped thick loads of cum into my jockeys.

    I could feel that Ralph was about ready so I sped up my fucking of his ass.  My pinky slid easily in and out of his hole as I buried it to the knuckle.

    Suddenly he impaled me on his erection as he started panting from the orgasm which swept his body.  Semen poured down my throat.

    Once he relaxed his hold, I pulled back and polished off his knob until it was all shiny.  Then he sat back in the Jacuzzi.  He wore a cute boyish smile and his face was completely relaxed.  I finished the shoot without a hitch.

    The jockeys that I came in that day lay beside the pictures of Ralph that never made it into Playgirl.  I look at these often when masturbating and smell those shorts for some very intense orgasms.


The End