Open Marriage Chronicles - Visit Now the Fire


    People who move to Florida learn to expect visitors from the north. Early this summer, friends whom Bill and I had known in Long Island visited us for three days. Darryl and Rita are the only couple to whom we have confided that Bill and I have an "open marriage."

    With them was their beautifully blond son, Brad, who at 6'4" is an inch taller than Bill. Talented academically and athletically, Brad was now in his second year of a community college basketball scholarship. I learned later he was a rare breed of another type, a virgin.

    The day before they were to drive on to Key West on the narrow, 120-mile-long highway above the Atlantic, we boated, waterskiied, and swam in our lake. After a late evening backyard picnic, Darryl and Rita were exhausted, trudging off to bed at ten p.m.

    Brad joined Bill and me for our nightly two-mile jog through the neighborhood. At the outer edge of a street lamp's yellow glow a few blocks away, Brad told me my elastic headband was tearing and about to break. We stopped as I removed it. Bill didn't notice we'd dropped back until he was a block away; so he waited for us to catch up.

    Brad retied the elastic strands. As he replaced it, he accidentally brushed by cut-off tee shirt, feeling the softness of my breasts. His face reddened beneath the street lamp's glare as he apologized, "Sorry, Ellen." He stretched the band around my hair.

    As his fingers brushed my ears longer than necessary, his eyes darted across my bare midriff.

    I smiled appreciatively, biting my lower lip. I began to realize how handsome Brad was. He was the type of young man every twelve- year old boy would want to emulate, the perfect basketball star for a movie studio's central casting.

    We caught up with Bill, Brad running a little behind me, then me behind Bill.

    When we returned to the house, I noticed that Brad's manhood had swelled, curving up beneath his running shorts. His member seemed extraordinarily long, but I assumed this to be an illusion of the loose folds of his shorts. I think Brad saw me glance down at his hardness as I muttered, "Good night. See you in the morning."

    We went upstairs. As I walked from the shower behind Bill to our bedroom, I noticed Brad had left the door to his room open. Darryl and Rita were in the downstairs bedroom. Brad's room was next to ours.

    In bed, I whispered to Bill what I'd observed.

    He grinned, telling me he'd noticed Brad had a semi-erection that afternoon while watching me waterski or just walk around in my string bikini. Bill added, "I'm sure you're right about his length. I even think that Tom's nine inches might be dwarfed by Darryl's and Rita's son." I smiled at the mention of Tom, an employee of Bill's who'd served under Bill in the marines; the length of Tom's manhood had long been a topic he'd been kidded about. Bill went on, "I'd assumed the reason Brad was running behind us was just to admire your figure."

    Bill's a "watcher" who enjoys watching me engage in adultery with other men - or just telling him about occasional dates I have with Bill's permission. Although that had been Bill's idea at first, I now adore this arrangement. But, I sometimes feel a bit guilty when I consider that Bill hasn't once been with another woman.

    Never one to miss an opportunity, Bill rose from bed quietly and opened our bedroom door. He returned to bed, dialed our own phone number, clicked down the receiver-button, and waited for the telephone to ring.  Of course, all one receives when doing this is a telephone company recording telling the caller that he's dialed his own number.

    Bill "answered" the imaginary caller, then murmured a few business- like remarks. He concluded with, "Sure, I can come down to the warehouse." Hanging up, he explained with a wink, "My employees found some inventory problems. The comptroller says I should be at warehouse-supply while they finish up the count. I'll call you on our bedroom line before I come home at seven a.m. to make sure I don't wake anyone too early." Bill was perfect. Brad heard every word.

    Bill drove a block away, parked the car, quietly reentered the house through the back door, and climbed the stairs with the grace of a cat to our room. Whispering his plan, he positioned himself behind the door to our walk-in closet.

    As he suggested, I let my nightgown puddle onto the floor, pulled my transparent white negligee over my nudity and walked past Brad's open door to the bath. I brushed my teeth, clanked around a few bottles to make sure Brad heard, then walked back down the hallway.

    When I was in front of Brad's door, I turned casually to the window, my back to Brad, to look out over our large oak tree to the lake. I glimpsed the window's glass reflection; Brad sat up, watching me from his bed. I was hoping he would find some reason to join me in the hallway.

    I waited less than a minute. Brad would later tell me he was burning with passion as he lay naked on his bed, staring through his door, his long erect manhood pushing his sheet a foot toward the ceiling.

    I untied the ribbons at the neck of my transparent negligee, allowing it to fall open. The warm wind shuddered the leaves of the old oak tree, causing a branch to brush against the window pane. I heard a squeak, then a shuffle as he rose from his bed.

    He padded into the moonlit hallway, a large, bright red towel wrapped around his hips. Pretending he didn't know I'd been standing there, he apologized, "Oh, sorry, Ellen. I was just going to the bath." His engorged member was curving upward, pushing the crimson towel out an unbelievable length, straight toward me!

    I turned, nervously. My nudity was revealed through the negligee's open sheerness.

    Brad stared down, whispering as his eyes surveyed my body, "What time is it?" His sexual tension was palpable.

    I whispered softly, "Eleven-thirty. Beautiful view of the water from here, isn't it?" My throat pulsated. I gulped, staring at the form of his large penis protruding beneath the towel.

    His eyes glinted. He responded with strained casualness, "Yes, everything's beautiful here."

    We whispered small talk, each pretending not to notice the other's nudity, yet fearfully aware of the other's forbidden excitation. I placed my hand on his warm, muscular shoulder as we looked out the window. Finally, his arm slithered softly around my waist, beneath my negligee. I exhaled, gasping at the electricity as his warm nakedness touched mine.

    And there we stood, talking in low voices about the moonlit scene, each knowing we shouldn't, while pretending we weren't. Tremors rippled through our bodies. I stretched and yawned, my fingers brushing his towel-covered manhood. The towel bounced wildly! Until then, I'd convinced myself that his size was an illusion. Now, I gasped in fear!

    I murmured, my voice quaking, "Sweet dreams, Brad. I'm going to bed." My throat was choked with desire. I kissed him, motherly-like, on a cheek. My bared breast brushed the smoothness of his shoulder. I was breathless as I walked shakily to my bedroom, my knees trembling.

    He entered the bath, ran a couple of minutes of water, and padded softly back toward his room. He could see me laying on my side, nude, at the hallway's end through my open door.

    Brad lingered in the hall until deciding I was asleep. He walked to my door. Removing the flame-red towel, he draped it over a shoulder. He swallowed nervously as he surveyed my curves. His chest was heaving, both with fear of being caught and boyish excitement. His incredible hardness curved upward, bobbing in excitation. I'm sure he felt cleverly successful, sneaking this sight of my nudity as he leaned against the door jamb.

    I don't often think about my looks, but I'm aware that my face and body are what others consider beautiful. I realized the effect that this was having on this incredibly naive boy. Shuddering I gazed through half-closed eyelids at his wide shoulders and the lengthy cock curving up from his thick patch of blond hair. As if tossing in my sleep, I stretched out my right leg, pushing my left knee toward him. I bent my left arm along my side to allow him the full view of my breasts and shaved mound.

    His jaw sagged. His eyes widened. He gazed upon my body, shadowed in stripes by the moonlight spilling through the Venetian blinds. His cock twitched. He pressed his hands against the door jamb as if he were about to faint.

    I rolled to my back and whispered, my voice shaking, "Come in, Brad."
    He was flustered at being discovered until realizing that my own passions throbbed with the erotic intensity of his own. He walked in softly, closing and locking the door. He sat alongside me, asking, "You don't mind?"

    Did I MIND! ME? In the unquenchable flames of throbbing passion? Oh sure, I did. My body was beyond control. Hell's fire was coursing through my veins. I remembered a fleeting memory of my grandmother telling me when I was young girl, how our family's gray-eyed ancestors were once believed to be witches. I knew I couldn't have been a witch; witches purportedly could control the supernatural. I couldn't even control my own exploding desire!

    My full lips quivered as I looked upon the largest cock I'd ever seen, curving up like a Turkish scepter from Brad's absolutely perfect body. How could a woman MIND! I was being offered the opportunity to worship at the serpentine alter of his perfect bodily temple.

    Radiating with passion, I moaned, reaching for the magnificent instrument bobbing before me.
    My fingers didn't meet as my hand curved around its rubbery thickness. My face burned madly as I gazed upon the incredible manhood I was squeezing.

    My body was now ablaze! I was wide-eyed with fear and passion. With trembling hands, I stroked his monstrous hardness. My quivering lips parted as he leaned to kiss me.

    He murmured, a tremor in his tight voice, "I've never been with a woman. You're so beautiful." It was as if he were apologizing for his shaking, his white-hot passion as evident as my own.

    I glanced to the closet door Bill had left ajar. I was unable to see my husband, but I knew he would now be feeling my own mad desire, pumping his hardened cock in the closet's darkness.

    I closed my eyes as I relished Brad's hands exploring the soft curves of my body. My nipples tingled as his lips closed around a hard reddened spike. Impassioned fear churned in my stomach. I gasped as his slippery tongue twisted and winded its way to my shaved mound.

    Thrusting my hips to his face, I grinded my softness against his mouth, my heart pounding a wanton drum beat as his tongue twirled over my clitoris. I wailed at the thrills rippling through me like an electric current coursing across a thunder-laden sky. Tears of joy streaked along my cheeks. Clasping my thighs around his ears, I dug my heels into his back as fiery explosions blossomed within.

    I pulled him above me until his knees were straddling my breasts. He braced his arms against the headboard. My lips encircled his rubbery monster, my head bobbing as my tongue glided along its length. Now, beyond lust, I was WORSHIPING  this broad, purplish cock thrusting down my throat.

    His hips hammered his instrument into my mouth until my passion was unbearable. The bulging veins throbbed against the walls of my mouth.

    My voice was muffled by his broad sword. I pleaded, "Mphhh! Please, Brad, I WANT you!"  He pressed my back into the rustling warm folds of soft sheets. My full breasts rippled beneath his touch.

    Red coals of passion smoldered in my vagina. My hips gyrated expectantly. My long legs now opened, eagerly inviting the marbled curvature of his cock that hovered above the lips of my vagina. Realizing the length and breadth of this incredible manhood, I was whimpering with fright at it invaded my cuntal folds.

    I cried! He was splitting me apart!

    Shocks rippled through my groin as he pressed on, expanding my vaginal walls. Yet, I'd rather have died than have him stop now. I was loving every inch of the massive locomotive puffing through my smoking tunnel.

    Brad was clearly aware of my difficulty, although I sobbed as much in pleasure as in pain. Then, he was as far into my gushing depths as he could push. His manhood was throbbing as he moved with my rhythm. I wailed as he rode me with a fury!

    I whimpered, "It's so WONDERFUL!" My cunt was now burning in the forbidden fires, my pain disappearing, supplanted by pleasure. My long legs, toned by months of running and swimming, enveloped his smooth torso as my cunt rose to meet his steaming thrusts. My depths had never been so filled! Tears streaked across my cheeks like rivulets of rain on the windshield of a speeding car. My ankles locked around his strong back. My blinding passion mounted ever higher.

    In the stunning thrills of Brad's fucking, I'd forgotten Bill. But as I thrashed my head side to side, I glimpsed my husband's nude form step from the closet to watch the magnificent weapon invading my quivering cunt. Bill was transfixed by the awesomely erotic sight. Logic and will abandoned me. I was far too lost in this passionate hurricane to acknowledge my husband by smiling at him as I normally would while he pumped his engorged cock.
    Brad's eyes rolled as he plunged into my poised cunt. I opened my mouth widely as if this could expand my channel further to accept his final inches.

    As Bill stared, his jaw sagged. He was pumping his full length furiously as Brad and I pulsated with an inner radiance toward an impending explosion. My husband's eyes told me that his mind and Brad's were now one.

    Brad's flames were now united with mine into a blazing inferno. Our eyes were glazed. We shuddered with each quaking thrust.

    The awesome orgasm was rushing toward us like an avalanche!

    Sobbing, I mewed, "Oh! FUCK me! FUCK me! FUCK ME-E-E-E!" My will was immersed beneath raging tides that coursed through my body. I screamed, "Oh, god HELP me, Brad! I LOVE you, Brad! I LOVE YOU!" I loved him, loved in adultery. Uniting in flesh that which was now in our minds and souls. The onrushing orgasm gathered force like a runaway tornado. I pulled him tighter with my legs, lurching my hips against his. He rammed his tool to the hilt, crushing my clitoris against the base. I screamed, "Oh, JESUS! I FEEL it! You're in so FAR! I WANT you blasting within me!"

    And then, oh GOD, it HAPPENED! In a blinding flash, we were coming in thunderous waves, bursting in a supernova of pleasure. I went wild with joy. His warm fluids burst within me.

    My mind was exploding in fiery fragments that spider-legged like a million falling stars across the evening skies.

    Brad lay across my breasts in the blissful afterglow of our adultery, our arms intertwined for an eternity of a half-minute until I remembered Bill.

    Bill had returned to the closet and closed the door. Because of my now unquenchable desire, my husband would have to remain there until morning. Brad was mine alone for that incredible night.

    Brad turned me to my knees, my hands braced on our headboard. His massive member was entering my vagina from the rear.

    I turned to stare, awed by his long cock. Watching the instrument pushing deeply into my excitedly lubricated cunt, I spread my knees ever wider. The breadth of his penis filled me. I sobbed in pleasure, my hand tremoring as I caressed his length behind me.

    He slowly thrust into me until I was whimpering with pleasure, "I love you, Brad! I LOVE you!" And then, he was riding me wildly! I was screaming like a helpless victim on a runaway roller coaster, the yolks of my eyes rolling.

    I sucked in my breath at the stunning sensations. As he fucked into my depths, I stared back, my lips wide with wonder. I couldn't tear my vision from the magnificent cock that was skewering me! We shared a sigh.

    His manhood was growing even greater, expanding in the oncoming orgasm like gas in an overfilled balloon. I gasped. My clitoris fluttered as if to tell me we would be coming together in a mind shattering finale! My back arched expectantly as my long nails dug into his hips behind me. I could feel every throbbing inch as he plunged through my inflamed walls.

    And then we were exploding in rapture! Crying with wild abandon, I shuddered amid the earthquaking climax. His hot semen burst through my channel. The creamy fluid splattered my inner walls, washing over his cock. He waserupting like a volcano with no end to its molten flow of lava. A starburst of pleasure exploded within my body.

    He didn't stop, nor did I want him to! Brad fucked me voraciously for hours in every imaginable position. He was the first person to ever outlast my stamina. Until that night, I thought that I was insatiable.

    Finally in the predawn, I collapsed in complete gratification.

    Brad sneaked back into his room. He was still asleep when Darryl and Rita awakened at ten a.m.

    And yet, the greatest surprise of their visit came just after breakfast. Rita and I had walked out to the boathouse for a conversation before they packed to leave. She smiled, "Thank you for what you did for Brad last night."

    I was shocked, unable to respond. Rita placed a gentle hand on my arm and added, "No, I mean it. Brad has been completely engrossed in clubs, basketball, and school for six years. Darryl and I were worried that he might be impotent.

    "And we knew you and Bill lead this open-marriage type life. We were hoping that this would happen. We'd talked about it for weeks before our visit. Darryl and I went up to Brad's room about midnight. We saw he wasn't there. Then we heard Brad's moaning from your bedroom."

    She smiled softly. "I have to admit that Darryl was leaning against the door for perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes. We heard you say to Brad that Bill was at the plant until morning." She sighed, wistfully, remembering the moment like it was her own. "We were absolutely thrilled. We became...well very excited from the passion pouring out of your room. We went back to our bedroom. I was floating on air. We fucked the night away!"

    Her eyes glinted with sexual excitement. She leaned forward, kissing me fully on the lips, saying, "So, I really mean it! Thank you!" As an afterthought, she added, "And I'll be sure to let Brad visit you alone during school break...if you WANT him. I won't tell him that I know."

    She knew I wanted her son. She KNEW I could still feel his throbbing manhood deep inside me! I realized she didn't know Bill had stayed to watch.

    I laughed, uncontrollably, hugging Rita, feeling closer than I'd ever felt to her before. "I'd absolutely love it, Rita! Just as I love you!"

    She has phoned to thank me on three occasions since. The only time she didn't mention this incident as I've described it was the one time her son was nearby.

    Believing his parents don't know, Brad insists on visiting us at the end of the next quarter because he loves "water skiing in Florida." And, of course, he has his parents' enthusiastic approval. Rita says that she and Darryl often fantasize about Brad and me while they're in the privacy of their bedroom. She says, "God! I get so hot when I think about it!"
    The exquisite sin of adultery, you know, has after-shocks, affecting many lives other than just those of the people who commit it. For Bill and me, and for those who have touched our lives, the results have been immeasurably gratifying.