In the Hands of my Dark Mistress

I wait in the darkness for my Mistress. How long has it been since last she summoned me?

Too long.

We have a simple arrangement. She calls me, and I come running. This is the only way I am ever permitted so much as an erection, let alone an orgasm.

She has the key to my chastity device, you see.

I have a different key. I let myself into the old castle and descend the spiral staircase into the darkness of the undercroft. I disrobe, down to nothing but my collar and the chastity cage she has me wear. Then I lock my hands behind me with the cold, steel handcuffs.

Then I kneel and wait.

Every moment leading up to this is agony. Every moment of my life spent aching for release—a release that only comes at the beck and call of my dark Mistress.

I cannot remember why I ever agreed to this.

Until I see my Mistress, descending the dark spiraling staircase.

Then I remember.

Sometimes she is in a black leather bustier or corset. Sometimes a skimpy black bikini. Sometimes she wears nothing but black gloves and thigh-high boots. Sometimes she wears nothing at all.

Whatever she wears—or doesn’t wear—it has the same effect. I fill with desire, and my manhood rages against the cage she’s put it in.

I see her slender form descend to me in the gloom, down the spiralling staircase, illuminated by only the candelabra she carries. She looks like an angel descending to me in my hell. Or perhaps like a demoness, come to torment me.

Tonight she wears a long flowing black dress, down to her toes that nonetheless shows off her bare, curvaceous, slender midriff. How I ache to kiss that soft, white belly, which so desperately needs life growing in it. Perhaps one day Mistress will see me as fit to breed with her. Perhaps she never will.

My cock rages against its cage. The rest of me rages too as I pull against the shackles that bind my hands. How I long simply to be free of these metal restraints and take her!

She strides toward me and stops to look down at me as I kneel, naked, on my knees.

She circles around me, examining my restraint in the gloom. She surveys my naked form. I can see in the way her eyes dance in the gloom that I please her.

I am strong. I could take her, were I not so chained. I want to. But I can see in her eyes she is too wise to ever let me. She decides how I will be bound. She decides if the cage comes off today. I hope it does.

“You may stand, slave,” she says, in her sweet sultry voice.

I do as commanded, and she tests my handcuffs.

Only when she is certain my hands are locked away does she produce the key from around her neck to unlock my aching manhood.

She kneels, and with a look of cruel delight on her face, she grips my exposed testes.

My whole body tenses in anticipation.

She smiles wickedly.

She knows it is my most delicate part. She knows how to cause me tremendous pain. With no effort.

“Should I let you out tonight, love?”

“Yes,” I say.

She squeezes.

Even though it not a hard squeeze, my whole body tenses and I feel sick. It is like a vice slowly crushing me.

“Ungh,” I gasp.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Mistress! Please, Mistress!”

She lets go and I can breathe again, though my groin still aches dully.

“Very well, slave. It had been a long time, hasn’t it?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

With agonizing slowness, she removes the cage.

My cock hardens in seconds, almost pushing into her face.

She looks up at me with a look that tells me all at once she has all the power.

All the power to please me.

Or to deny me.

Or to hurt me.

She smiles up at me, biting her lip.

Her hands reach again for my delicate testicles.

Her smile is wicked. She is going to hurt me, I know it.

I want her to. It hurts so much, but I like it. It excites me.

It excites her too. That’s the best part.

My pain pleases her so I take it willingly.

She squeezes and I writhe in pain.

“Shh,” she says. “Don't make a sound. If you do…”

She squeezes harder.

I gasp. The pain is staggering, but I push it out through my breath and I don’t make a sound.

She smiles and bites her lip.

“Good boy,” she says. “If you’re good and you don’t make a sound…”

She takes my cock into her mouth, and finally, for a few brief moments, I am in heaven.

This is wondrous, I think. This never happens. Mistress only ever sucks my cock when she is truly happy with me. Or when she has something else planned, something delightfully cruel…

She sucks me sensually, while gazing lovingly into my eyes. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve the affection of such a beautiful creature.

The more sensually she sucks my cock, the harder she squeezes my balls. I ache all over, and every muscle in my body tenses, but it is still the best I have felt in a long time. Perhaps ever.

“Don’t come,” she warns. “You know what will happen if you do.”

I am already close, but I dare not speak lest I unleash her wrath. My hope is my rapid nostril breaths will give me away. Another few seconds and I will be unable to prevent ejaculating into her irresistible, luscious mouth.

“Are you close, my love?” she asks between sucks.

I breathe heavily, thrashing against my handcuffs.

“You may speak.”

“Yes, so close, mistress.”

“Should I stop?”


I don’t want her to stop, but I will come if she doesn’t.

She keeps going. It is heaven. She stops squeezing and uses both hands to stroke my shaft.

“Please, Mistress! You’re going to make me come!”

She giggles and stops.

I catch my breath, amazed that I didn’t ejaculate onto her beautiful face. Amazed, and thanking the gods.

She stands and caresses my face.

“How will you entertain me then, love?”

“With my mouth,” I say.

She smiles and bites her lip. This pleases her.

“Get on your knees slave,” she whispers.

I do as I'm told.

She lifts her skirt, and lets me underneath.

I have to lean back, using my shackled hands as support.

The smell of her pussy is so potent. So sweet. I taste it first with my tongue. She is dripping wet and that excites me.

I lick at the nub of her clit and she gasps in delight. I make circles with my tongue all through the night. She pulls my hair as she rides my face, and I can feel the muscles around her pussy tense as she has a powerful orgasm.

She looks down at me, satisfied.

“Good boy,” she says. “Such a good boy.”

I smile up at her, panting.

“Would you like to come tonight?” she asks.

“Yes, Mistress, please may I come tonight?”

“Well, since you’ve been such a god boy. Lie back on the floor.”

I lie on the floor of the dungeon. She lifts the skirt and straddles me, descending onto my cock. The cock that yearns and aches for my Mistress’s warm, welcoming pussy.

“Mistress,” I gasp, “you should put a condom on me now. I’m so close. I won’t be able to stop”

“Shh,” she hushes. “It’s okay. I want you to,” she says, tracing her fingers along the contours of my chest and stomach muscles. “I love every inch of this hard handsome body I own. I think it’s time to start making babies with it. If you have a problem with that, just don’t come.”

She reaches behind and grasps my helpless testes, not too roughly, just enough to show she’s in complete control.

It excites me. She can tell and she laughs.

It is all too much for me.

“I love every inch of your body too, Mistress!” I shout.

To my humiliation, I surrender to the intense, overwhelming feeling of lust. I come immediately, and my whole body spasms. I thrash against the chains that lock my hands beneath me. She has taken my semen from me in seconds and there is nothing I could have done to stop her.

She looks ecstatic as I spurt deeply into her, again and again. She moans, and it is apparent that she may be having an orgasm of her own too. Yes—she is. I can feel her Kegel muscles spasming against my cock, making my own orgasm all the more intense. She rides and grinds until she is satisfied, and the last drop of me is spent.

“Good boy,” she says.

She climbs off of me.

She picks up the cage and moves to put it back on.

“Wait,” I say. “If you really feel this way, can’t we just…”

She deftly grabs my testes and begins to squeeze.

“Are we doing this the easy way or the hard way tonight, love?”

“The easy way! The easy way, Mistress!”

She locks me back up.

“But why, Mistress?” I ask.

“Because these,” she says, lightly squeezing my testes, “are mine and mine alone.”

“Yes mistress.” I say, resigned.

But she smiles at me. She knows from one look in my eyes that I like being hers. Only hers. And if this is the only way I get to be hers, so be it. I live to please her.

When my cock is securely locked away, she tosses the key to the handcuffs at my pants heaped on the floor.

“You can let yourself out, can’t you, love?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

I don’t unlock myself just yet. Instead I savor the view of her ascending the spiraling staircase in the revealing black dress. Such a gorgeous sight to watch her come—or to watch her go…

Then I unlock my hands, get dressed and go. Already, my cock is straining against the cage. Already I am wondering when she will invite me back.

I want it to be now!

I hope it will be soon.