Passion Challenge

Info Emish
17 Dec. '16

It's a place nobody seems to hear about, a private place, the kind of "in" spot that's purposely kept under wraps by those who go there. From the outside, it looks like any of a hundred run-down and abandoned warehouses that are found around the dock area. But once you are inside the backdoor, after you've walked up the creaky stairs to the big second floor loft, then you will find yourself in a lavishly fitted gymnasium. But this isn't your typical gym, there's something very unusual about this place! The first thing you notice is the circular pit, a sunken area which dominates the center of the main room. A raised section about three feet high all around the pit serves as seating for the onlookers as they observe the action that takes place below them. The pit itself is thickly padded with what appears to be a thick, firm, foam rubber surface. And inside this pit you'll usually find a couple of members engaged in a squirming, straining wrestling match. Most of the time there's also a crowd of spectators gathered around the rim of the pit, cheering the entwined wrestlers.In fact, that was exactly what was happening last night when I got to the gym about 7:00PM. I eased my way through the crowd until I could see down into the pit. Had you been there with me, you may have been surprised to discover a pair of half-naked women wrestling like a pair of wildcats. Oh, I forgot to tell you that this very secret gymnasium was restricted to women members only. Men were not allowed! And if you're wondering how I happened to be there, well it's quite simple ... I own the building. The women members get to use the space rent-free, so long as I can come and go as I please, and this is a stipulation that I take advantage of as often as I possibly can. So there I was, the only man in that huge, private gymnasium full of fabulously fit females, most of them stripped down to the bare minimum of exercise gear, with several wearing only thong  bikinis. And almost everyone had stopped what ever they were doing to gather around the pit to watch a pair of even more scantily clad women wrestle in the pit. I immediately recognized one of the women as being Anita Burns, the gym's undisputed champion of the pit. But I couldn't make out who her opponent was, since she was smothered flat beneath Anita's six-foot-two of sleek, muscular weight in a full length body press. Anita was stretched out along the other woman's body with her long legs entwined around the other's thighs and calves in a grapevine leg lock. Both of Anita's solidly biceped arms were wrapped securely beneath the woman's moving as if in slow motion. And at this precise moment, it was obvious that Anita was in full control of the match, which wasn't that unusual. It always excites me to watch Anita wrestle. She has the intricately defined muscularity of a champion bodybuilder, and yet she retains the lush curvaceousness of an old Petty Girl or Varga pinup model. It is this rather bizarre juxtaposition of sculptured muscularity and dazzling feminine beauty that has always blown my mind. And Anita knows it, too. Anita is a shameless tease. But pity the poor guy who falls for her. Believe me, the strongest most self-assured man who ever lived would be mere putty in Anita's capable hands. You see, Anita is a card-carrying feminist. She deeply resents the dominant position of men in the world, and seems to work overtime at turning men on, just so she can shut them off when they least expect it. That's how Anita gets her kicks ... that and wrestling in an erotic, nude-muscled, sweat-slippery contest of strength with another woman. And that was what she was doing right now within that circle of cheering female gym members. And me! From the looks of things, I'd almost arrive too late. The two nearly naked bodies down there on the rubber mat were hardly moving at all, and it appeared that Anita was even now asking her opponent if she was ready to give up. Some of the onlookers were even moving away from the pit, wandering back to their exercise routines as if the battle was already over. I decided that they were right, and started to walk on back to my office. But for some reason I paused and gave a final glance over my shoulder. Good thing I did, else I'd have missed a startling sight. The woman locked beneath Anita had arched upward in a bridge, almost toppling Anita from her perch. Then the woman began bucking and heaving like a wild mare. Anita battled to stay locked in place atop her opponent's squirming, thrashing body, without too much success. The other woman, and I still couldn't make out who it was, was able to spring her legs free of Anita's punishing grapevine. Then she wrenched from side to side until she had wriggled free of Anita's hard locked bear hug. On hands and knees, the woman tried to scramble away across the mat. But Anita was too fast for her. She leaped back upon the woman, trying to regain the advantage. Anita was able to snake both muscular arms around the woman's waist, while at the same time her powerful thighs scissored her adversary's body in a vise of wrenching strength. A quick murmur of appreciation came from the crowd that remained around the pit, as they saw their champion smother her opponent one more time. This time the woman appeared to be trapped, unable to move even a finger. Once again it appeared that the match was soon to be over. There didn't seem to be a way in the world that the woman could escape the champion's clutches again. But just as I was thinking that thought, the woman dug her heels into the yielding surface of the mat, spreading her feet wide apart, and then heaved both of them across the sweat-slick mat in a tumbling roll. Out of that flurry of action, the two women wrestlers emerged in a new combination of holds and grips. And this time it was Anita who was on the bottom being pinned! The two women faced away from one another, head to foot, but still belly to belly as they lay there. Anita's opponent was half-sitting and half-reclining on Anita. A split-second earlier, Anita had snaked her long, powerful legs around the other woman in a kind of reverse scissors. Anita lay back, holding herself off the mat by resting her supple weight on both elbows. Her adversary reached down with both hands to grab Anita's lithe hips, trying to wrench those python-like thighs from around her waist. But Anita's strangling scissors held! And now, finally, I could get a clear view of that female wrestler on the mat with Anita. And I could hardly believe my eyes. The woman was absolutely gorgeous! She was also as perfectly muscled as Anita, and THAT was saying something. I continued staring at her with amazement, wondering how it was possible that I hadn't seen this beautiful woman in the gym before. I found myself wondering just where this new gym member had come by her wrestling ability, and how she had developed such incredible strength and feminine muscularity! At least from what I could see of her, she was as superbly built as her opponent. Anita or the other woman could have tied for the championship in any heavy-weight class bodybuilding show they wanted to enter. Now I'd better admit to something right off the bat. I LOVE big, well-muscled women. By that I don't mean the huge, "butchy" , monstrous females with bulging muscles that take away all sense of their femininity. Today's body-builders, with their beautifully chiseled and self-sculpted muscularity are what I have in mind. I myself am  just a tad over six feet, so when a woman is close to my size (or even bigger) I'm in 7th heaven. And this newcomer to the gym fit right into my sexual predilection for women: beautiful, athletic, muscular body types who also liked to wrestle! She fit that predilection perfectly! This magnificent young Amazon was a complete stranger to me, but I certainly didn't intend that to be the case for long. So there I was, looking down into the pit at this stunning young Amazon, whom I'd not seen before. At that point I turned to one of the women standing next to me and asked her about the woman down there in the pit with Anita. Actually, I think my questions was something like: "WOW! So who's that chick wrestling with the Champ? "Yeah, she's really something, isn't she," the women beside me replied. "Hey, that's right . . . I don't think you've seen Carla before. She's a brand new member, joined only a couple of days ago." Well, that helped to explain why she was wrestling with Anita. Every new member was almost immediately given a challenge by Anita, just to make certain the new girl knew who was boss-lady of the gym. It was sort of like an initiation rite. But usually the newcomer lasted no longer than a couple of minutes and was then let loose, much the wiser as to who was the Queen Bee of the gymnasium."So how long have they been at it," I asked."You won't believe this, but they've been wrestling for a half-hour, and I mean all out," replied the woman beside me. In fact, the new girl, Carla, dammed near had Anita pinned flat on her fanny in the first five minutes. I could hardly believe my ears.  Anita was the best I'd ever seen. I had even wrestled with her a few times, in some hot and heavy after-hour sessions when every one else had left the gym. Each time we'd gone at it, Anita had me tied up within five minutes or less. I would have given anything to have had the match last longer, and had fought with my best effort, but just couldn't even come close to defeating her. And maybe it was just my male ego, but I couldn't believe that anyone else, especially a woman, could wrestle Anita for half an hour without being yelling out an "uncle". But as I looked down into the wrestling pit, I could see why this new girl, Carla, had lasted so long. It was her speed, and the way in which she caught Anita in sinewy holds that I didn't even recognize. It was obvious that this Carla was a skilled wrestler. However, right now Carla wasn't able to use either her speed or tricky holds. She was being held prisoner within the hard-muscled vise of Anita's crushing scissors. Carla heaved and bucked within the grasp of Anita's powerful thighs, trying frantically to squirm free of that devilish hold. Had she not possessed such incredibly well-developed abdominals, those squeezing legs would have crushed her into sobbing defeat long ago. But every time Anita's legs levered inward another notch, Carla would tighten the silken bands of sinewy strength across her flat belly, and the washboard-like abs were able to resist the pressure. Anita's face mirrored the amazement she felt at Carla's unexpected ability to neutralize her most punishing hold, the crushing scissors. No one had ever lasted more than a couple of minutes in one of Anita's scissors. Yet Carla had battled Anita for almost three quarters of an hour now, without submitting to those strangling legs. What worried Anita was that those coiled, encircling python-like thighs were just beginning to cramp from the exertion of her hold. Her rippling thighs were beginning to ache, and her splendidly molded calves were bunched and quivering in spasms of ultra-flexed effort. Then, finally, with a growl of frustration, Anita was forced to release her scissors from around Carla's adversary in a kind of reverse head-lock. Then, in a display of amazing pure female strength, Anita slowly lifted both of them from  off the mat. Carla's big sweat-slippery body was bent backward, taut as a bow. I was now able to see, for the first time really, Carla's upper torso in all of its breath-taking magnificence.Bent backward as she was, Carla's sinewy belly flattened out and became drum-hard. Carla's solidly formed breasts were arched upward,  nipples hard and erect from the friction of rubbing back and forth against the bare flesh of her opponent.Slowly, inexorably Carla was being brought up from the mat. Her legs, hard-flexed and straining to maintain balance, were beginning to quiver spasmodically. Actually, Anita never quite got Carla all the way up and onto her feet. Just as Carla reached the halfway point, Carla seemed to do a quick backflip and went right on over Anita's broad shoulders. That acrobatic flip had released her from the bondage of Anita's tortuous headlock. They got back up to their feet.They were circling again.  The two half-naked women stalked one another, looking for just the right opening that would give one or the other an advantage. When they did finally leap forward to resume their wrestling, we could hear their sweaty bodies coming together with a resounding SPLAT of wet flesh. They stood there for a moment, their bodies locked together as they strove to master each other. The two women spun and twisted, each trying to off-balance the other. Then, finally, they tumbled back down to the thick mat.Carla had somehow managed to capture Anita in a strangely effective combination of holds, a body lock and head scissors. Anita was locked in an upside-down position, leaving her head between Carla's muscular thighs. Both of Anita's legs were dangling down. Carla had wrapped her strongly biceped arms around her opponent's thighs, leaned back, and strained in her dual holds of torture as she rocked Anita back and forth. Carla took a deep breath, ballooning her naked breasts and sucking in her flat belly, as she squeezed a little harder. Anita somehow fought free of Carla's holds just enough to bring her own strong arms into play. The two naked Amazons lay tight-locked together, putting everything they could into their holds ... Carla with her strangling scissors locked into place around Anita's head and upper shoulders, while her strong, muscular arms held Anita's  arms immobilized in a bear hug. Anita, on the other hand, had managed to hook one arm around Carla's head in a necklock, and tried to bring her own grappling thighs into play. Their bodies were by now steaming hot from the exertion, and sweat gleamed on their naked flesh. Their two muscular bodies slid back and forth against one another; breasts rubbing against satiny breast until their nipples were stiff and aching, smooth bellies slurping together, powerful thighs rippling and coiling like pythons around each other's straining bodies.There was a strange glazed look to Anita's eyes, and her breath was coming in hot, panting gasps against Carla's face. A low moan came from between Anita's parted lips, as she seemed to strain even more tightly against the slippery body of the woman who lay within her grappling limbs. It was not a moan of pain, but of erotic delight!I knew from experience just what was going on down there in the pit as Anita wrestled Carla. I'd discovered during one of our own late-night tussles on the mat that Anita was certainly no Lesbian. At least she had gotten just as turned-on as I did, particularly after a solid five minutes of sweat-slippery grappling in nearly naked combat. At first I'd figured that it was just the fact that she delighted in besting a man in physical strength that got her so aroused. Perhaps it was an overt reaction of her hard-core feminism, and her distaste of being dominated. But I had seen that same kind of arousal take place during particularly long wrestling bouts with women, too. But the fact that she was even now obviously in the throes of lusty eroticism, as her body ground against the nude-muscled torso of Carla, wasn't absolute proof of her being bisexual. At least I was certain of one thing; Anita and Carla would not end their wrestle in the same way that the Amazon pit-champ and I had ended ours on two occasions! Hmmmmm, but then we had no spectators looking on during our late-night battles down on the wrestling mat. Anita had taken me down into a body-smothering pin on the yielding surface of that rubbery mat twice. Once to win the bout, and once to make me yield to her passion! But this match with Carla was different. I could see that as I looked down at them now. For almost another twenty minutes they strained together. Anita used every wrestling trick she'd ever learned, but she could not seem to make her beautiful opponent give up her dual holds. And Carla was just as unable to pin Anita, despite her own tricky moves and devilish holds. None of us had ever seen anything like this before! In fact, a couple of the bystanders were already suggesting that we climb down into the pit and stop this savage wrestle before someone really got hurt. But then, a moment later, we heard a muffled voice cry out: "Oh-hhhhhh God! Please ...  I give up, I quit! Uncle!" The two women were so tightly enwrapped in each other's arms and legs that none of us could tell who had yielded. Then I saw that tears were streaming from Anita's eyes, as she once again cried out in surrender. For an instant, it appeared that Carla did not hear Anita's cries of pain and vanquishment. Carla's eyes were wide and staring, seeing nothing. She was so intent upon maintaining her holds that she had lost all idea of where she was or what she was doing. But then, slowly, her mighty muscles began to release their amazonish grip around Anita's body. And it was Carla who eventually climbed to her feet to stand victorious over Anita. There was a new champion of the pit! The gymnasium was rocking with the sound of applause and cheers. Not a single person at the gym had escaped humiliation at the hands of Anita, including myself. So we were all delighted with the unexpected turn of events. Carla staggered over to the edge of the pit, looking for a towel to wipe away some of the sweat that filmed her big body. Without even thinking, I grabbed a towel off a rack of weights and handed it to the blonde beauty. Her brown eyes met mine, and I saw a quick frown of surprise at the sight of a man in the all-woman gym. But then, just as quickly, she parted her lush lips in a dazzling smile of thanks ... and I lost my heart as totally as Anita had just lost the wrestle! Needless to say, I got one of the girls to introduce Carla to me within a few days of that breathtaking wrestling bout in the pit. We hit if off from the very beginning. At first we dated a couple of times a week, but before long it was every single night. And before I really knew what hit me, I'd fallen hopelessly in love with this lovely, athletic young woman. Surprisingly enough, neither of us had ever talked about that incredible wrestling match between Carla and Anita. I discovered very quickly that Carla was terribly embarrassed about me having been a witness to that titanic battle between the two half-naked woman. Carla told one of the other girls at the gym that she was sure I'd been shocked, even "put off" by the sight of watching two half-naked females locked in a sweaty, disheveled battle for supremacy. Oh yeah? Well she certainly forgot to ask me! As soon as I knew that she felt that way, I tried to talk to Carla and let her know how proud I was of her magnificent strength and wrestling ability. I tried, but each time it came up she immediately changed the subject. Finally, I came to the conclusion that for some reason, Carla was ultra-sensitive about her superbly developed muscularity and her Amazon strength. So I found myself playing this incredibly frustrating game with the woman I loved so much. I pretended not to be aware of the very thing that so excited me about her. But I knew that I couldn't keep my feelings hidden forever. All I could do was bide my time, and wait for the right opportunity to present itself so that I could really let Carla know how I felt about her. But that's ANOTHER story!

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