You Must Remember

You must remember that you begged
You must remember that you asked
So know that now I have you pegged
You must remember I was tasked

You will be brought to climax soon
You will be brought to passion's peak
So know that now you'll reach the moon
You will be brought to what you seek

You open wide your lips so bright
You lick my shaft with tongue so wet
So know that I will come tonight
You must take all that you may get

You swallow all my musky cream
You lick up all my tasty seed
So know that I will fill your dream
You will get everything you need

You spread your legs so wide apart
You wait for me to lick your slit
So know my tongue becomes a dart
You squeal as now I fuck with it

You fill my mouth with all your juice
You squirt your fluids for my joy
So know that you may let it loose
You come for me your best sex toy

You know you need what I have yet
You know that I am hard again
So know that now your cunt I'll get
You feel it deep and tight within

You moan so loudly and with lust
You need this prick to feed your need
So know that I will ram and thrust
You will receive my manly seed

You hump against my shaft so tight
You have a pussy greased and slick
So know that I can fuck all night
You moan as I still jam my prick

You feel the semen shoot from me
You milk my penis as we come
So tight your pussy seems to be
You know what true love is to some

You plead with me to screw you more
You plead with me to never cease
So know you're not a simple score
You fill my soul with gentle peace