Starting the Summer off Right

Info Tristan LeMay
21 Dec. '16

   I’d been away from home since I’d left for college in the Fall and hadn’t seen my high school buddies when I’d briefly returned over the winter holidays. So it had been over 10 months since I’d chilled with François, Pavel and Simon. François had gone away to college, too – not the same as mine, I was at Dalhousie in the Maritimes, he was in Ottawa –, Pavel was taking classes at a local junior college and Simon had gone to work as a mechanic for the neighborhood Toyota dealer.

   I’d kept in touch with them through Facebook and had even had email exchanges with François, but other than that, we had basically lost touch. When I felt summer break approaching, I started reminiscing about the jerk-off sessions we’d have watching porn in the basement at Simon’s house. Bizz – that’s what we nicknamed Simon because his last name was Bisaillon – had been dating Rebecca Masson for a few months and, since her dad owned the local convenience store / video rental place, every now and again, he’d manage to sneak out a porn DVD – and wouldn’t always return it.

   So, when we had a day off from school, as soon as his parents would leave for work, he’d call us over. I’d always get butterflies of excitement in my belly on those mornings, anticipating Bizz’s call. Knowing that we’d be watching porn and jerking off together, my morning hard-on would just keep pushing against my clothes until I got to Simon’s house. I even remember one morning when my older sister, who was getting ready to leave for her college classes, looked me over in a weird way and smirked because she’d noticed the embarrassing bulge in my crotch. That had not been a good moment for me.

   Anyway, every time we’d head over to Simon’s on those pedagogical days off, the four of us would shoot the breeze and chill for a while but then one of us would always, inevitably, ask Simon:

   – So, Bizz, steal any good porn, lately?

   And Simon would either reply:

   – Yup, just got a new one this weekend. Wanna see it?


   – Nope. I haven’t been in there for a while.

   Obviously, when he’d just gotten a new DVD, we’d have the perfect excuse to sit on the couch and start squeezing our cocks through our clothes till our hard-ons unavoidably came out of our pants so we could stroke them to climax, stealing glances at each other’s hard cocks, calling dibs on who would shoot first. Most of the time, it was me because I already knew I was much more into guys than girls. I just hadn’t told my buddies yet and didn’t know if I ever would. I just knew because when we’d watch the porn videos, I’d concentrate much more on the guys’ cocks than on the girls’ pussies or tits. And most of the time, when the guys in the videos would shove their cocks deep inside the girls’ twats and not make their cock heads come out before they were ready to shoot, I’d get bored and start concentrating on François’s huge balls bouncing up and down as he furiously stroked his pole. Or I’d focus on Simon’s huge, circumcised cock – which had always fascinated me because he was the only one of us who was cut and because he was the shortest of us but had the biggest cock – which he’d often use both hands to stroke. When he’d start fucking his fists, making his ass bounce off the couch, I’d always lose it and I’d have to stop stroking to delay my own cum shot or I’d just let her rip. Other times, I’d check out Pavel’s pencil-thin cock and tight little ball sac. Pavel had this pale, angelic face that I found so beautiful and, when he’d be on the brink of cuming, his facial expressions would drive me crazy with lust.

   When Simon said he didn’t have a new video, one of us would always say something like:

   – What about that one you played last time with that girl with the trimmed bush of red pubes, man? You still have that? She was fucking hot.

   Or ‘What about the one with the two lesbians and the dildo?’ or ‘What about the one with the slutty secretary?’ or… Well, you get the picture…

   – Oh yeah, that one, Bizz would answer.

   And the first thing we knew, all four of us would be lined up, sitting on the small of our backs, with our underwear around our knees and our hard cocks in our hands.

   Just sitting in my dorm room, studying for finals, thinking about that feeling of being with my pals and smelling the funk of their balls, even from a few feet away, drove me to whip out my cock and squeeze one out.

   A few days later, when I finally got back to my parents’ house, it was a really warm day and I was thrilled that my dad had gotten the pool going early this year. We have this oval-shaped, aboveground pool that’s nothing special, but hey, it’s heated – which is really great in the early and late months of the season – and it’s allowed me to have a few cool parties with some friends through the years.

   The house was empty, but my parents had left a note on the kitchen table saying they’d be coming back from the cottage the next night and that my sister was away for two weeks as part of her College internship. Just from reading that note, I flashed back to those pedagogical days when we’d assemble at Simon’s place as soon as the house would be free.

   I logged on to Facebook and saw that François was online. I asked him where he was and what he was doing and he said he had gotten back the day before and was chilling with Pavel, having a beer and talking. As soon as he wrote Pavel’s name, I got a clear image in my brain of that long, pencil-thin cock and those two, cute little balls wrapped in that tight scrotum. My cock twitched in my jeans and I squeezed it through the fabric.

   – Cool. And you guys know where Simon is at? I typed in the chat window.

   – Work. He gets off in a few hours.

   When François wrote ‘gets off’, I got a clear image of Simon’s hands wrapped around his huge circumcised cock, his ass bouncing up and down on the couch as he fucked his fists and shot an impressive arc of hot cum that almost always landed on his chin or his neck. My heart started racing and my cock squeezing became more and more intense. I was afraid my excitement would be short-lived and a great let down since all three of these guys probably had girlfriends or were at least on the prowl for pussy whereas I had finally come to terms with the fact that I was gay and had started having real sex with guys on the university campus.

   – You guys up for a swim? I asked, still trying to keep the excitement going in my imagination and in my pants.

   – LOL You serious, dude?

   – Sure. Pool is ready to go and it’s heated so… why not?

   – Holy shit! I haven’t been in that pool since… well, last year.

   – ROFL. Me neither, stupid. Not much point to it in the middle of winter unless you’re a masochist. And I was away at College anyway. So you guys coming or what?

   As I was waiting for François’s answer, I started flashing back to the last time all four of us had been in the pool together. I could even remember Pavel’s navy-blue, skin tight Adidas swimsuit, François’s red and black Speedo Endurance+ briefs and Bizz’s incredibly sexy multicolored Speedo Pro LT Pulse Briefs the guys would tease him about because they reminded them of the gay rainbow flag. Simon would always just jab them with a knuckle punch to the upper arm and everyone would just laugh it off. But I’d always secretly hoped – even fantasized while jacking off at night – that Simon would come out and end his relationship with Rebecca back then.

   That last time in the pool, we’d basically played water polo without a ball, jumping all over each other, fighting to dunk each other under water, grabbing, poking, holding on and squeezing anything we could get our hands on. Of course, we’d do it in a very rough and tumble way, wrestling each other and holding each other in bear hugs or strangling holds, grabbing one guy around the knees to pull him under water or accidently – or not – picking him up from behind, our crotch rubbing against his ass.

   – Hell yeah, we’re coming. I just texted Bizz and told him to come join us at your place as soon as he gets off work. I’m bringing beer, dude!

   Thinking back on that day was making me crazy with lust. But now, thinking that in a few minutes, Pavel, François and Simon would be here in the flesh was driving me absolutely nuts.

   – Tell Simon to bring his swimsuit and those porn videos. Lol

   I had added the ‘lol’ to conceal my horniness, but I really was hoping he’d bring them over because I didn’t think my own membership access to online gay porn would go over well with the guys.

   – WTF, dude? Aren’t your parents there?

   – We’ve got the whole house to ourselves. My parents are gone till tomorrow night.

   – What about your sister?

   – What about her?

   – She gonna join us in the pool?

   I was a little annoyed, but I knew François had always talked a big game about being hot for every girl in school… and everybody’s hot older sister… or even mother! Thank goodness, he’d never told me he’d jacked off to fantasies of my mom, but he’d certainly talked about a few others.

   – She’s gone for two weeks, bud. And she’s a lesbian.

   She wasn’t but I wanted him to point his cock in a different direction. My plan backfired.

   – Whoa, dude! I could totally get around that. Does she have a girlfriend? I’m sure I could play innocent and have them thinking I need to learn a few things, you know?

   – She’s in fucking Nunavut, dude! Working with aboriginal nations and shit. Forget about her.

   There was a long wait before François started writing again and my cock started deflating with all this talk of my sister.

   – Sorry, dude. I was busy. Pavel was sucking on my dick.

   My heart started racing again as I imagined Pavel on his knees, naked, his bony ass spread, his thin, hard cock stuck to his pubic area, his balls rocking between his legs as his mouth bobbed on François’s hard pole…

   – Mmmm… yeah, man. Suck it! Shit, who knew your mouth was so hot, dude?

   And there I was, my cock rock hard in my jeans again, and my hand squeezing it furiously.

   – Asshole! Not true! Lol It’s Pavel. I’m not doing that. He’s just being stupid.

   I felt just as stupid having believed that and having let myself fantasize about those clowns.

   – So are you guys coming over or what?

   – Sure, m8. But why do we need our swimsuits if the house is empty?

   I smirked and thought, ‘You asshole, I’m going to get you back!’

   – I think it’ll be better for Simon, Pavel and me to wear our Speedos and put padlocks on ‘em while you’re around if we don’t want to get raped, you perv!

   – lol. Yeah, right. In your dreams! Okay, dude. Later.

   And they logged off. My head was spinning and my cock head was drowning in pre-cum. I ripped off my jeans and underwear, my cock springing free. I walked over to my sock drawer – where I also kept my Speedos and swim trunks – and whipped out my favorite black and white striped Speedo. I turned to my full-length mirror and looked at myself as I slipped the swimsuit on. I brought it over my butt but kept my cock and balls free, pushing the elastic under my balls bringing those boiling suckers up.

   I started stroking my hard pole, fucking my fist as I fantasized about Pavel, François and Simon standing around me with their swimsuits around their thighs, jacking off in front of the mirror with me. My hips started thrusting and I pulled my foreskin away so I could rub the glistening pre-cum into my cock head. There was so much of it that, a few times, I brought my finger up to my mouth and licked my seed off.

    When I felt my balls tighten and my pole thicken in my fist, I closed my eyes and imagined my buddies blowing a hot load of cum up into the air as I shot my own load onto the mirror, my head spinning with ecstasy. Without opening my eyes, I kept pounding my meat, not letting it deflate and pushing each nerve in my cock to the brink of madness.

   When I finally did open my eyes, I noticed the long strands of cum dripping down on the mirror, reflecting like double threads of milky goo.

   – Holy shit, I whispered to myself. I gotta clean this mess up.

   I did. And I took my Speedos into the shower with me to clean myself off and rinse the few drops of spunk that had dripped onto the swimsuit. I started getting hard again in the shower – had I actually even softened? – as I slipped my cock back into my Speedos when I was all clean. I caught a look at myself in the bathroom mirror and noticed my dick was pointing toward my left hip like a missile on a mission.

   I had jerked-off in hopes of bringing down my level of horniness before my buddies came over but I realized that, although I’d shot a load, I was still a hot mess.

   I decided to go swim laps while I waited for my friends.


   When the guys finally did get to my place, they came around the back and I saw Pavel’s eyes peer over the fence.

   – Hey, man! he yelled. We’re here! And guess who’s with us.

   Before I could answer, I saw Bizz’s face pop up over the fence.

   – We brought the dwarf! screamed François.

   – Put me down, asshole! groaned Simon.

  I chuckled but I couldn’t help but think that Simon was not a dwarf where it counted. Mmm… that mouth-watering monster cock was making me horny again. I was happy I was in the pool and the guys couldn’t see my hard-on.

   Pavel reached over the fence to open the latch and my friends appeared, carrying a cooler.

   – What the fuck, guys?

   – I told you we’d bring beer, didn’t I?

   I thought to myself: ‘Oh yeah, right! Now that we’re in College and of legal age, we get to use the buzz from alcohol as an excuse to fool around.’ A few bi-curious guys I’d been with at Dalhousie had even sucked my cock and justified it the following morning – waking up in my bed – with ‘I was shit-faced, man. That was a one-time thing’. Until the next time…

   The sun had come out and was really warm for this time of year so the guys quickly took their shirts off and grabbed a beer. Pavel brought me one by the side of the pool.

   – Thanks, man, I said, taking inventory of my buddies’ upper bodies.

   Simon and François had headed straight for the lounge chairs and placed the cooler between them, lying down to chill with a beer. I had another flashback to those times on the couch in Bizz’s basement and stole a glance at my pals’ open legs sprawled out on those long chairs. Simon was still the same stalky, muscled mini-hunk he’d always been, oozing testosterone. I was disappointed he hadn’t taken off his shorts because I couldn’t wait to see if he’d worn those rainbow Speedos I liked so much. François had turned into a man in the last year. He had really filled out and looked more muscular, more fit than ever. I licked my lips and swallowed hard, seeing him lying there guzzling his beer and scratching his belly like a satisfied bear.

   Pavel was still really thin and I remembered seeing his ribs through his skin and how his pecs weren’t really defined. Still, it seemed to me that he’d bulked up a little in the shoulders and his upper arms were a bit beefier.

   – Hey, man, nice guns! I said, encouragingly.

   He blushed and smiled, looking down at his feet like a kid.

   – Thanks. Yeah. I… I’ve been working out with this guy I met at school. Ben. He’s helping me bulk up, eat right, you know…

   Pavel was trying to sound matter-of-factly but I was mustering all my energy to not burst out laughing. I mean, if this was just a random guy who wasn’t important, why had he felt the need to tell me his name? I thought: ‘Dude, you sound so gay!’ But I didn’t say it. I just thought it was really cute… and I decided to wait for the day when my high school buddy would finally confess to me that he’d gotten it on with his new friend / personal trainer.

   – Well, it’s working, man. You look good.

   Pavel’s eyes came back up to meet mine.

   – Yeah?

   Now, I was afraid I had sounded too gay or too… ‘somehow interested’, which I was… but I wasn’t sure it was a good idea for Pavel to perceive that interest. Then, I thought back to when I had first met him and how self-conscious he was of his uncoordinated, lanky body which wasn’t much of a hit with the girls but I’d always found cute and oddly seductive. I looked into that soft, innocent face that hadn’t changed much and I thought: ‘What the hell… What bad can it do?’

   – Yeah, man. You’ve never looked hotter.

   – No shit?

   I made sure my sincerity looked genuine.

   – No shit.

   And after a short pause, I added:

   – You comin’ in or what?

   Pavel smiled, pulled off his button-fly denim shorts – revealing his forest green Speedos with yellow lightning bolts that somehow made me think of Usain Bolt – and went around to walk up the ladder and slowly down into the pool, as to not spill any beer in the water.

   – They say beer can make you fat, he said.

   I burst out laughing.

   – What? he asked.

   – You don’t have to worry about that, bro.

   He stared at me with a puzzled look as if he suddenly felt slighted, like I was mocking him, making fun of his body. I realized what was happening and felt that I needed to reassure him. I became very serious and looked him straight in the eye.

   – You’ll never get fat, dude, I said, my voice coming down a notch. You’re lucky. You have this amazing metabolism.

   I moved in closer to him and put my hand on his shoulder.

   – You’re starting to build muscle in your shoulders…, your biceps and triceps are bulking up…

   My free hand – the one not holding the beer – was now tracing down his left arm and squeezing every few inches, like I was massaging him. I could feel the goosebumps surfacing on his skin. When I got to his wrist, I jumped over to his non-existing love handles and massaged my way to his back, tracing up toward his left shoulder blade.

   – Your back muscles are tightening up, too, beefing up. If you keep this up, man, you’re going to be smoking hot.

   Our mouths were just inches apart. I kneaded his back, massaging next to his back bone. I could feel his breath on my face, not smelling the beer because he’d only had a sip or two. He might have been chewing some kind of mint gum not long before. I could feel my cock twitch in my black Speedos. My hand was moving down, massaging my way to his butt. I felt the water on my hand.

   – You really think so? he asked with bated breath.

   – I know so.

   My hand had made its way to his butt. I squeezed the left cheek a few times before moving over to the right and showing it the same attention.

   – Man, even your ass has filled out since high school, I said approvingly, my eyes deeply lost in his.

   – Is that a good thing? he asked in a nervous whisper.

   – Shit, yeah, I responded. You really have been working out.

   – Yeah. Ben is really great.

   – I bet he’s hot, too.

   Pavel swallowed hard and seemed to hesitate. While squeezing his ass, I pulled him in closer, getting up on my toes so that my Speedo-clad boner could rub against his own swimsuit. As soon as he felt my hardness, his head snapped back for a second, as though he was startled. I grinded against him a little and saw his eyes roll to the back of his head as I felt that good old hardening pencil cock I remembered from high school but had never touched or felt against me before.

   Very slowly and without losing my grip on Pavel’s ass, I moved us away from the side of the pool where Simon and François were lounging as to make sure that they wouldn’t see us. I don’t know if Pavel got why I was moving like that, but I didn’t care. It felt good anyway… and if I needed to explain to my friends later, so be it.

   Pavel started leaning into me, pressing his Speedos against mine. I struggled a bit to keep my balance because I was still standing on my toes. The water helped and I leaned into him, too, grinding my hips so that our cocks could duel through our swimsuits. When Pavel softly touched my lips with his without closing his eyes, his chest hairs rubbed against my erect nipples and I squeezed his ass harder, bringing him into me even more intensely. Our tongues started duelling like our cocks and our intense breathing into each other’s mouths added to the excitement of this private moment between us. Private moment in a relatively public setting with our buddies laying right there, a few feet away, completely oblivious to what was going on in the pool.

   I could feel Pavel’s heart pounding in his chest and I felt so good just being there with him in that moment of passion. I nibbled on his top lip and then on his lower lip. We kept moving toward the side of the pool, away from Simon and François. When we got close enough, without even consulting each other, we both set down our beer bottles on the rim of the pool.

   – Are we really doing this? he asked me in a whisper.

   – I don’t know. Are we?

   – You feel so good.

   – So do you.

   – I didn’t think…

   – I did.

   – What?

   – … think that if ever I touched you, kissed you, ran my hands all over your body, it would feel awesome.

   He just kissed me again. Our eyes closed from the pure ecstasy of the moment. I slipped my hand in the back of his Speedos and squeezed his buttocks, both at the same time with my hand in the middle of his ass. He moaned in my mouth and I felt his hard cock twitch against mine.

   When our mouths parted, I came down from off my toes and kissed my way down his neck to his left nipple. I sucked on it hard, like I was trying to give him a hickey and nibbled on it a little bit, too, still kneading his butt. His hands had started caressing my chest and grazing my nipples. It felt nice. I moved to his right nipple and rubbed my teeth on it, not biting but driving it crazy. I gave it a few sucking kisses, too. I felt Pavel’s head fall back and I took my hand out of his Speedos, holding the small of his back as my mouth started its way down, kissing his belly and disappearing in the water.

   Holding my breath, I nibbled on his bulging cock through the green and yellow Speedos. Pavel’s hips were swaying in the water. He was clearly feeding me his cock and wishing there was nothing between his pole and my mouth. I pulled his swimsuit off his mid-section, down around his knees and came up for air… and a wet kiss, cupping his balls in my left hand, underwater.

   – You taste so good, he whispered when our mouths parted.

   – I taste like chlorine, I said, smiling.

   – Nah. You taste like lust and love.

   – Mmmm… next time you taste my mouth, I want you to taste your cum.

   His eyes widened. I grabbed him under his arms and pulled him out of the water, sitting his naked ass on the side of the pool, between our beers, his hard cock head resting in his belly button.

   I got between his legs, grabbed his cock and slipped it into my mouth as I pulled his Speedos off his legs with my free hand. He moaned with pleasure. I gave his cock a few strokes with my hand, pulling his elastic foreskin on and off his cock’s head, slapping it against my tongue and already tasting the drops of salty pre-cum that would ooze onto my tongue.

   – Oh, man, that feels so good…

   – You ever get your cock sucked before? I asked.

   – No. Lina Santarossa had promised to blow me if I licked her pussy first, but that bitch, man… she came twice in my mouth with four of my fingers buried in her pussy and my tongue doing a number on her clit and she never did anything.

   I smiled up at him.

   – I never liked her. But I’m gonna make it all better, buddy.

   I pulled his rock hard skinny dick down toward my mouth like some kind of lever and pursed my lips, pressing them against his foreskin-covered cock head. My mouth was so tight his foreskin rolled back and I swallowed him whole, his cock head pressing against my gullet and my nose getting tickled by his pubes.

   He literally moaned like a girl, his voice higher than usual. I bobbed my head on his cock a few times until he grabbed the back of my neck and pushed me down on him, holding me there with force. Was this really Pavel, the mild-mannered, awkward dude I’d known in high school? He was stronger than I thought. I couldn’t help but notice that those upper body workouts had done wonders in building up his strength and his self-confidence. I almost got scared he’d choke me but when I felt his cock head pulse in my throat, the satisfaction I got from giving him pleasure gave me an extra boost of lust that made me want to seize the moment.

   Then what he did was completely the opposite of the high-pitched feminine moaning sounds he was making. He grabbed both my ears and rammed my head down on his cock over and over, choking me but driving me crazy with lust until he suddenly whispered very softly, clearly trying to control himself:

   – Can I cum in your mouth?

   When I moaned with pleasure myself, he understood that I wanted him to blast his cum at the back of my throat. The streams of semen started pumping out of his quivering cock, spray-painting my tonsils, my soft palate, my uvula and the back of my tongue. I swallowed, making Pavel’s spunk cascade down my throat, making sure each drop coming out of his pole went right where I wanted it to go.

   – Mmmm… holy fuck, dude! he whispered, hunching down toward me, still conscious that if he spoke too loudly, Simon and François might hear him.

   I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him into a kiss, squeezing his cock head with my fingers, adding to the nerve-ending stimulation of his ebbing orgasm. I wanted him to taste the results of his ecstasy, sharing the remnants of his cum with him.

   His breathing was spotty, I could tell, as we kissed. When he pulled away and slipped back down into the water, he said:

   – Oh man, that was so amazing!

   He leaned down a bit to kiss me again.

   – I can’t believe we did all that with the guys sitting right there, he chuckled.

   Suddenly, we heard a cry from the other side of the pool.

   – Whoa! What the fuck, dude? That’s cold!

   Pavel and I ran toward the screaming, the water slowing us down like we were in some sort of weightlessness.

   When we got to the side of the pool, we could see that Simon and François were arguing.

   – Why the fuck did you do that, man?

   – You were snoring like a fucking tractor!

   Pavel and I started laughing, noticing that Simon had poured about half of his ice cold beer on François’s chest to wake him up.

   – Shut up!

   – You were, man!

   – And so what if I was?

   – Did you guys come here to sleep or to swim? I asked. Take off your shorts and get in the pool.

   François grumbled in Simon’s direction:

   – Asshole…

   All three of us giggled as François stood up, stroking his chest hair and licking the beer off his fingers. Pavel and I glanced at each other and I immediately read in his eyes that he was thinking the same thing I was: ‘Hot!’

   – Looks like I didn’t just wake you up, huh? commented Simon. Your nips look like they’re through sleeping, too.

   – Shut the fuck up, François replied.

   When François pulled off his shorts, he wasn’t wearing a swimsuit and his cock sprang up like a catapult.

   Pavel’s eyes popped out of his head as did mine, and Simon chuckled:

   – Holy fuck, dude! What were you dreaming about?

   – Fucking you in the ass! replied François, matter-of-factly as he walked over to the ladder and cannonballed into the pool.

   – Haha! laughed Simon. You wish…

   As François jumped and brought his knees up to his chest, I was focused on his heavy, dangling ball sac slapping against the back of his thighs and his ass crack. I slipped my hand inside my Speedos and started stroking my cock, realizing I hadn’t lost my erection, still really excited by what had just happened with Pavel.

   When François came out of the water, he turned to Simon and said:

   – You coming in or what?

   – You gonna moan and bitch all afternoon ‘cause I spilled a few drops of beer on you?

   – Suck my dick! he replied.

   Pavel and I turned to each other and realized we had had the same thought: ‘Anytime!’ And we burst out laughing.

   François didn’t notice because he’d started moving around the pool. Pavel and I had turned our attention to Bizz who was taking off his shorts and had on a really sexy burgundy Speedo brief suit that hugged his ass and junk, outlining them with mouth-watering delight.

   – What the hell is this? exclaimed François redirecting our attention toward him.

   He pulled Pavel’s Speedos out of the water. I’d forgotten that I’d left them there to float around when I’d pulled them off his legs.

   – You’re not the only one who likes to have his junk floating around freely, Pavel countered, tit for tat.

   François and I laughed and then, my eyes went back to Simon who was now standing on the deck, his right hand inside his Speedos, adjusting his cock and balls. My own cock twitched in the water and I was happy my hard-on was still wrapped in my Speedos.

   – Hey you guys wanna have a cock fight? he asked.

   Pavel and I quickly turned to each other and gulped in unison. Then, I felt we were both trying not to burst out laughing.

   – Sure, Bizz, François’s cock is certainly hard enough to spar against yours, but you’ll have to get up on a little stool if you want to reach it.

   I couldn’t believe how cocky – no pun intended – Pavel was being suddenly, throwing gay stuff around shamelessly.

   – Shut up, Simon replied, chuckling nonetheless. I mean a cock fight… with two guys getting up on two other guys’ shoulders and trying to push the other one off. Like we used to do.

   – You guys up for it? I asked.

   Pavel and François acquiesced.

   – So how do you want to team up? I asked. The two naked-assed guys against the two Speedo-clad dudes?

   Everybody laughed and agreed.

   Not giving poor Simon’s shorter stature the smallest break, I put my hands on his shoulders and pretended I was going to hop onto them. François and Pavel laughed, but Bizz, in his manly pride, said:

   – Come on! I can take you.

   – I know you could, dude, I said, truly believing him. You’re as strong as an ox, but I don’t like not having both feet on the ground. Sorry.

   Simon shrugged.

   – Okay, so you want me on top?

   Pavel and I almost died laughing, but Simon was completely oblivious to what he’d just said.

   – Bend over, he went on.

   Again, Pavel and I almost lost it.

   I leaned down a little and helped Simon get up on my shoulders, feeling him up in the process, caressing the sides of his chest, his thighs and kneading his tight, hard ass through his Speedos.

   When he was firmly in the saddle on my shoulders and Pavel had mounted François – again, no pun intended! –, François and I moved toward each other and as Pavel and Simon started grabbing at each other, trying to push the other off, François and I grabbed onto each other also and tried to make the other fall. As we brushed against each other, I felt François’s boner brush against my legs, against my hip, against my own hard cock… arousing me even more.

   Simon was really giving it his all on my shoulders, moving around with great agility, sometimes bopping up and down on my shoulders like he was riding me like a horse. I certainly didn’t mind being his stallion while my whole body collided with François’s and Pavel’s lower limbs and arms. Pavel and I even managed to get a few knowing looks into each other.

   Our manly fight suddenly slowed down at some point when François chuckled:

   – Shit, dude, it feels like your hard cock is fucking the back of my head!

   – That’s because it IS, replied Pavel.

   Simon and I laughed while François remained dumbfounded, not expecting such an answer from Pavel.

   – Man! That’s kinda hot! said François, sounding surprised himself. Just don’t cum in my hair, okay?

   We all burst out laughing and François seized the opportunity to charge at Simon and me, making us fall over. As soon as I slipped underwater, I heard François’s muffled voice scream:

   – Victory, suckers!

   As I was struggling under water to get back up, I realized that Simon was still holding on to my neck and the sides of my head with his thighs, making it harder for me to get back up. I wiggled around but only managed to turn my head a bit, my face landing in his bulging crotch. Although I knew I only had a few more seconds of air before I needed to breathe again, this was an extremely arousing, er… turn of events, if you may. I started rubbing my nose against the fabric of Simon’s Speedos as I nibbled and poked my tongue at his junk as well.

   I thought he’d quickly release the vice-grip hold he had on me as soon as he’d feel my face rubbing against his cock and balls, but instead, I felt his cock harden almost instantly and one of his hands pressed against the back of my head as though he was trying to feed me his dick. I would have loved to keep going, but I really did have to come back up for air so I quickly grabbed his hand and yanked it away, slipping my head out from between his thighs and popping out of the water, gasping for air.

   When I turned to look at him, he gave me a coy smile and I noticed that he was squeezing his cock through his Speedos underwater.

   – Wanna rematch? asked François.

   Quickly, Simon snapped out of it and replied:

   – You totally cheated, asshole! Sure we’re going again and we’re gonna knock you on your asses ‘cause I’ve got the strongest cock!

   François, Pavel and I all guffawed at the same time and Simon looked at us, puzzled.

   – What? he asked.

   – Really? asked Pavel, dumbfounded.

   Simon finally got it.

   – I was talking about Justin, assholes!

   Pavel was not going to let this one go.

   – Justin’s asshole? You’ll have to ask first.

   I almost choked, again impressed with Pavel’s sudden brazenness.

   François and Simon chuckled and Bizz said:

   – Okay, that’s enough of that shit. Let’s get back to Justin and me pounding your asses.

   All three of us spontaneously exclaimed:

   – Whoa!

    And started laughing again.

   When Simon hiked up my back to sit on my shoulders again, I just felt like grabbing him, sitting him on the side of the pool like I’d done to Pavel and sucking the living crap out of that huge, circumcised cock I knew he was packing in those Speedos. But I kept myself under control.

   When he was solidly back in the saddle, so to speak, he looked down at me and said:

   – I bet I could spin around your head without falling into the pool.

   I looked up at him incredulously.

   – What do you mean?

   – That I could go from this position, swing my ass all around your head and get right back to this position without falling off your shoulders. You want me to try it?

   My heart started pounding in my chest, thinking of the fact that in a few seconds, if he really did what he was talking about, his crotch would be in my face, his Speedo-clad cock and balls would be pressed against my nose and mouth.

   – Go for it, dude!

   I looked over at François who still had Pavel perched on his shoulders.

   – You guys checking this out? I asked.

   – What the fuck is he doing? François inquired.

   – Just watch, man, Simon said.

   He was already straddling my right shoulder, the big toe of his right foot scratching the top of my Speedos, pressing against my pubes. I felt him point his toes and brush against my hard cock. This was even hotter than I had thought although I was feeling some pain from Simon’s weight on my shoulder and pressure from his hands on my head, heavy on my neck.

   He gave himself another spin and kicked his right leg up so that his knee would hook over my left shoulder. He grabbed the back of my head with both his hands so that he wouldn’t lose his balance and my face pressed against his junk. Although I was struggling to breathe, I was in heaven. I started snuggling against his cock and balls, pretending to look for a more comfortable position to breathe, but I was actually softly nibbling and sucking and licking all over the front of his Speedos. I heard Simon moan and groan and I even felt him grinding against my face. His cock was becoming harder and harder and I just wanted to rip those Speedos off with my teeth and feast on his package.

   I could almost feel François and Pavel’s eyes on us and I thought how erotic this scene must be for them. I mean, even if François wasn’t into guys, there was no way he could be oblivious to the hotness of this scene, right?

   Simon stayed in this position much longer than he would have needed to, just because he was getting closer and closer to climaxing. I managed to tilt my head a little toward the back to free my nose and allow myself to breathe but I didn’t let my lips, teeth and tongue take a break from what they were doing. I know that if François and Pavel hadn’t have been there, Simon would have fucked my face until his cock exploded, flooding his Speedos. I could feel that he was humping harder and harder and, from the outside, I guess it could look like he was building momentum to swing over to my left shoulder, but I knew better.

   When he finally did swing to my left shoulder, I could feel his monster cock – hard as can be – pressing against my neck. Pretending to loosen up the tense muscles in my neck, I moved my head around a bit, pressing back against Simon’s cock. I know he felt it… and liked it.

   – Almost there, he said, catching his breath.

   I felt like asking him: ‘Almost at the starting point or almost ready to cum?’ But I resisted the temptation. Sure, this crazy stunt was super homo-erotic and the crap he’d pulled underwater – holding my head between his thighs – was clearly sexual, but Simon had never clearly said – or even hinted – that he might be gay or even bi so… I certainly wasn’t going to ‘out’ him then and there. But I kept thinking: ‘If he didn’t want to rub his cock and balls against my mouth, why the hell would he want to twist his ass all around my neck?’

   Then, in one little swing of his ass, he was back sitting behind my head.

   – Holy shit, you made it, said François with one of his hands underwater in front of him and his second hand firmly planted on Pavel’s thigh, holding him on his shoulders.

   Pavel seemed to actually be jerking off back there and François didn’t seem to mind in the least, as though he understood that Pavel couldn’t resist stroking his meat after having witnessed what they just saw.

   – Yeah, baby! shouted Simon, raising his hands in the air in victory and almost falling back in the water. Whoa!

   I reached up to grab his legs to steady him. I shamelessly massaged the insides of his thighs, my knuckles resting on my ears. I could feel his hard-on pulse against the back of my head and started wishing I had an extra hand to jack my own cock which was pressing hard against my Speedos.

   – Okay! You guys ready for that rematch? Simon asked.

   – You bet, answered François, and he started charging toward us.

   We collided and hands, legs, torsos, arms became tangled as we pushed, shoved, grabbed and clutched anything and everything we could to make the others tip over into the pool. When Simon managed to shove Pavel hard enough to make François lose his balance, he shouted triumphantly and said to me:

   – Bring me to the deck, man.

   I did what he asked and he crawled off of me, standing up and stripping off his Speedos. His hard, impressive piece of man meat sprung up. He spread his legs a little and grabbed his pole, shouting:

   – The winning cock!

   We all burst out laughing and Simon started dancing like he was in a Magic Mike movie. I was relieved that we had a high fence and an even higher cedar hedge on three sides of the yard. When he stopped imitating silly strip club music and planted his feet toward us, his face became more serious and he started fucking his fist like it was a pocket pussy. His cock quickly dried in the warm air and he raised his free hand to his mouth, spitting in it to bring it back down to his cock, lubing it up.

   That was the most erotic sight to have ever caught my live eye.

   All three of us were staring up at him, Pavel and François stroking their naked cocks underwater and me, squeezing mine through my Speedos until I’d had enough of that and pulled down my swimsuit to have better access to my junk.

   – You guys remember when we used to watch porn on my couch in high school? Simon asked.

   – Yeah, man, I replied, while François and Pavel said, ‘Sure, dude’.

   – What about it? Pavel asked, with clear anticipation in his voice.

   – Oh man, Bizz reminisced, still stroking his cock and rocking his hips back and forth toward us. I always secretly fantasized that one of you guys would reach over and jack me off, you know?

   We remained silent, but I knew that at least two of us were now thinking: ‘Fuck! Really? All this time wasted!’

   – Some nights, Simon went on, I’d go to bed and jack off, remembering our morning circle jerk and imagine that one of you guys would have sucked me off, you know? And shit, I’d shoot so fast, thinking about that…

   Before we knew it, Pavel had walked over to the ladder and up to the deck, kneeling down in front of Simon’s massive cock and circling it with his fingers. Pavel’s pencil cock was pointing upward and he stroked it as he slipped Bizz’s rod between his lips.

   The sight of Pavel sucking on Simon’s beautiful cock was amazing.

   I heard François whisper softly:

   – Holy shit!

   I could see he was mesmerized by what he was witnessing and he was stroking his cock in the water. I moved in closer to him, very slowly, looking at him work on his pole through the water and when I was close enough to his ear, I whispered:

   – Does that make you horny?

   – Fuck, yeah, he answered as though he was somehow hypnotized by the scene before him.

   – You like that, huh? I asked, again in a soothing, soft, hypnotic tone.

   – It’s fucking amazing…

   That’s all I needed to hear. I placed my hand at the bottom of François’s neck and slowly slipped my fingers into his hair, massaging his scalp. His whole body melted as I caressed his head. I brought my fingers out of his hair and down his neck, using both my hands now to massage his shoulders and caress his arms. He was still stroking his cock furiously, watching Pavel’s mouth getting fucked my Simon’s circumcised, glistening torpedo as Bizz’s head fell back and he moaned with great pleasure.

   – Fuck yeah, man. That feels so good. My cock’s been wanting your mouth for so fucking long, dude.

   I knew Pavel’s mouth had probably wanted Simon’s cock for just as long… if not longer.

   As François and I kept looking on, I positioned myself behind him and hugged his chest, caressing his nipples and softly pinching them as my hard cock ‘sausaged’ itself between his ass buns. I was a bit nervous about how he’d react to me doing that, but I think my nipples massage did him in. His head fell back on my shoulder and he whispered softly, his voice quivering:

   – Holy shit, dude. What are we doing?

   I answered by kissing his neck and slowly moving my hips so that the bottom side of my cock could rub against his asshole, poking out of the top of his cheeks. The feeling was amazing and the distant remnants of François’s cologne mixed with the smell of the sun’s rays on his skin were just totally delicious. As far as I could tell, François’s eyes were closed and he wasn’t watching Pavel and Simon anymore. He was enjoying the moment with me which – I guessed – was probably his first guy-on-guy sex experience. Other than those circle jerks when we were teenagers and would never have dared touch each other.

   – Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!

   Those were the next words that came out of François’s mouth. Quickly, I pulled away from him, took a deep breath and dove underwater, turning him toward me, grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed it in an effort to keep the paste in the tube a few more seconds before I engulfing his cock into my mouth. I released the base of his cock and stroked a few times toward my lips before I felt the gush of hot cum mixing with cold chlorinated water in my mouth, swallowing everything so that his seed wouldn’t float around in the pool. I stayed down there as long as I could because I really wanted the moment to last but I was so excited that I quickly needed to breathe. When I came back up, François stared at me like he’d seen a ghost or like I’d cut his balls off.

   – Did I just cum in your mouth, man?

   – You did.

   – Fuck! And you swallowed it?

   – I did.

   He looked at me in amazement and his bewildered eyes suddenly seemed full of gratitude. Slowly, with some hesitation, he moved close to me and took my chin, between his index and thumb and lightly kissed my lips. I was surprised but even more aroused than I had been before – if that is at all possible. In his eyes, it was as if he was saying thank you. He stared at me for a moment longer as though he needed to see if I’d be okay with the fact that he’d just kissed me. Him. A guy. I smiled. He kissed me again, this time, opening his mouth, and I thought: ‘Okay, let’s share some of this funky taste I have in my mouth’. When he pulled away, he asked:

   – Is that my cum?

   – Yup. Mixed with pool water, but yeah…

   – Fuck. That’s dope, man.

   Dope? Ha! I’d never heard him say that. I guess he must have learned that from a new buddy at Dalhousie. Or from some American TV show… I don’t know.

   – I never did anything like that before, he said.

   – I figured, I replied, smiling. It’s okay. I’ve done it a few times since I’ve been away. You’d never guess it but everybody’s gay in Ottawa.

   His eyes widened, becoming as big as saucers.

   – Really?

   – Hahaha! Nah. I’m just kidding you.

   He laughed and pulled away a little, like he didn’t really know what we were supposed to do after what had just happened. I understood so I just turned toward the deck.

   What I saw totally blew my mind.

   Pavel was standing on all fours and Simon’s cock was pounding his ass, jackhammering downward nice and slow as if he wanted to make sure he wasn’t hurting our friend’s – I guessed – virgin butt hole. Then I thought: ‘Maybe Simon is Pavel’s first cock but maybe he’s been playing around with toys for a while.’ I knew Pavel and I would have a discussion about that one day. But now was just a moment to enjoy.

   – Fuck, dude, your ass is so tight. Does it hurt?

   Pavel whimpered, biting his lower lip, and replied:

   – Mmmm… no. Ooooo… yes!

   Simon turned quickly toward Pavel’s head.

   – It hurts?

   – No! No, fuck me, Bizz. Keep going. Ooooo… your cock feels so good inside me.

   I couldn’t take any more of this. I knew I was about to pop a load myself so I got out of the pool, my hard pole bouncing in front of me. I stroked it a few times as I watched Simon’s cock pump in and out of Pavel’s tight butt. I looked over at François who had stayed in the pool and was now staring at all three of us.

   Pavel was groaning and moaning in a higher pitch than his normal voice. He was pounding his cock with his right hand as Simon’s cock kept exploring his anal cavity.

   – Come! Come! Pavel said.

   And I thought he’d shoot or that he was egging Simon on, imploring him to fill his ass up with his seed, but he let go of his cock just long enough to signal me to come closer.

   – I want to suck your cock, Justin. Come here!

   I didn’t need any more incentive. I came closer and Pavel swallowed my cock whole, taking my breath away, before pulling his mouth off again and sucking it nice and slow, giving it all the love he felt it deserved. I actually did feel like he was thanking me for earlier, worshiping my man meat and enjoying every inch of it, every drop of pre-cum that was oozing out, letting some sucking sounds out occasionally as though he was trying to give my cock a hickey.

   He also moaned and groaned with each of Simon’s inward thrusts. I was impressed with the way he was keeping his balance on the deck as he was now only on his knees, jerking his own pointy cock and cupping my balls, kneading them with his long piano-player fingers.

   – Oh man, I’m gonna cum, said Simon.

   Pavel pulled his mouth off my pole and swiftly turned to Simon, panting and moaning, ordering:

   – Do it! Fuck me hard! Gimme that cum, Bizz! Shoot it in my ass!

   I couldn’t believe Pavel’s energy and decisiveness. He was like a hungry bitch with the assertiveness of a rabid hockey dad!

   – Go! Pump my ass! I won’t break!

   Simon was taken aback, but quickly got with the program and started pummelling our pal’s man hole, his balls slapping against Pavel’s right butt cheek. When Pavel looked satisfied with Simon’s fucking, he re-focussed his attention on my hard cock which I had stroked while I was waiting for his mouth to come back. When it did, I started slowly fucking my friend’s oral cavity, pressing the underside of my cock against his hot tongue until I, too, started feeling the cum press against the door of my rock hard pole.

   When Simon started cuming, Pavel’s moaning and groaning became more intense and so did his sucking, pushing me over the edge, too.

   – Holy fuck, I’m cuming, dude, said Simon, breathing hastily. I’m cuming, Pavel. Mmmmmm…. I’m flooding your ass, dude! Yeah!

   All this dirty talk made me explode violently inside Pavel’s mouth, making him almost choke on my hot juice. It certainly didn’t seem to be to his disliking since seconds later, he started dumping his own load on the deck, shooting strand after strand of white spunk on the dark brown-stained wood.

   When Simon pulled his hard cock out of Pavel’s stretched asshole, he slipped two fingers inside the hole and pulled out some of his cum.

   – Fuck, look at this, man! So fucking hot!

   To my surprise, he then sucked his two fingers dry, eating his own cum and whatever else might have been inside Pavel’s ass. I’d never imagined Simon could be so kinky even though he was definitely one of the most testosterone-oozing guys I’d ever known.

   When Pavel got up and kissed me on the mouth, sharing my cum with me, my cock reacted positively. Sure I was about to deflate, but with that kiss, there was no way that was going to happen. We kissed for such a long time, I almost forgot that Simon and François were still around.

   But while I was lovingly and passionately kissing Pavel – with him leaning down on me a bit because he is a few inches taller – I couldn’t help but wonder what Simon and François must have been thinking. How long had this been going on, between Pavel and me? Guys don’t just spontaneously kiss on the mouth like that with no preamble, right? Well, that cock sucking could certainly qualify as a hot preamble but… was that the first time anything had ever happened between us? Did they think we’d been going at it since before I went off to college? I didn’t care what they thought. They certainly didn’t seem to have a problem getting caressed and sucked off by me and sucked off and dumping a load in Pavel’s ass so…

   A few minutes later, we heard a splash in the pool and Pavel and I turned around. Bizz had jumped in and seemed to be swimming under water for a while. We looked at each other and jumped in the pool, too, swimming around and throwing water at each other.

   After a few minutes, we all naturally gathered in the middle and Simon said:

   – Shit, guys, I don’t know about you but I certainly wasn’t expecting that kind of cock fight.

   François and I chuckled, but Pavel replied:

   – I certainly wasn’t expecting it, but I sure as hell had hoped for it. Shit, you guys are slow!

   All three of us burst out laughing and, when we realized Pavel was not laughing, we laughed even more, happy that the summer was here and that things were finally clear. We could all have sex together, enjoy each other’s bodies and not feel stupid or guilty about it.

   We even had fun trading Speedos when we finally went searching for them, floating around in the pool… and Simon was the one left standing, buck naked… like some weird version of Musical Speedos.

   And later in the day, after I’d ordered pizza and we’d all had dinner and a few more beers, I did log on to my gay porn streaming service… and we did all start jacking off watching the porn on my bed... before having sex together, collapsing in a heap of limp limbs, cocks and asses, sleeping it off till the next morning, despite Bizz’s tractor-like snoring.

   I knew that all the days my parents would be spending at the cottage during the summer would be like the pedagogical mornings at Bizz's house, on the couch.