The Meeting

Info TheBarber
22 Dec. '16

    An image keeps trying to form.  An image that is like a half-remembered scene from an old movie, familiar, yet vague.  It is her.  Her presence, her karma, her soul.   She invades my mind easily, hovering around the edge of my memory recall, teasing me, taunting.  Visions and emotions surround me, blocking out the real world.  A feeling deep within me stirs some primal instinct, some lower level need.  I feel the swelling between my legs as this basic urge glows ever warmer.

    I have not met her, but the stories she weaves leave me with images that refuse to leave my mind.  So powerful, so...erotic, are her word-drawn images that my being is consumed with thoughts of her.  She writes of her discovery of her own bi-sexuality with both tenderness and lust.  Her consuming passion for her girlfriend, Sue.  She is both amazed and frightened by the heights to which her lust can take her.  She hasn't yet learned how to channel it; to make it serve her.

    We talk by way of technological magic, using numbers. Numbers; turning into words.  Numbers; turning into lusty phrases, yearnings for touch, caresses, and very powerful mental images.  I must let it out.  Release the emotions I feel for her.  Writing this story is one way of coping with that need.  Seldom has a woman ever stirred both such yearning and warmth in me by just the written word alone.  A fantasy stirs, demands that it be set free so that it may exist elsewhere and not be forgotten.  I have no choice but to comply.

                                    --- The Meeting ---

    I paced the departure lounge impatiently.  I was taking the seven a.m. United flight from San Jose to Chicago.  Nervously, I glanced at the clock on the louge wall for the eighth time in ten minutes.  Not only did I have business in Chicago, but SHE would be there too.

    We'd arranged it by email.  She'd meet me that evening at my hotel. It was my suggestion that she could get a room for her and Sue, so no one would feel trapped or uncomfortable if things didn't pan out.  I was looking forward to meeting her, so we could actually talk, with real words, face to face.  It was also my suggestion for her to bring Sue with her, as much for her own comfort as to indicate that I was really sincere.

    The seating, the rollout and the flight seemed to last an eternity.  My mind could not concentrate on business.  I was about to help instruct thirty freight handlers on a new software package, but all I could think of was "What if she cancels out?".  Shaking that line of thought from my head gave me the small opening I needed drive a wedge into my mind and concern myself with my job this afternoon.

    The hotel was in Elmhurst, just outside of Chicago.  Not the most regal accomodations, but I was no corporate executive either.  Checking in, I asked if any messages had preceeded my arrival.  The clerk handed me a folded slip of pink paper.  My hands trembled as I reached for the scrap of paper, trying not to grab it away from the clerk.  It was a pink "While-you-were-out" note. On it, a masculine hand had written with a blue ballpoint, the simple message "In room 7113.  Call or knock after you settle in.  Lena."

    "Here is your key sir."  The clerk said. "Number 7117.  Seventh floor and down the hall on your left."

    In my room, I quickly showered and changed clothes into something a bit less casual than the jeans I'd worn earlier.  California companies can have a relaxed attitute towards dress, but I felt the need to wear dressier slacks and a shirt.  As I prepared to leave, I thought "should I call or knock" as the note indicated?  Now, I worried that I would chicken out.

    The knock idea won the contest.  I'm not much of a drinker, but I cradled the bottle of Mirrasou red zinfandel carefully in my left arm.  Nervously I rapped on the door.  Voices inside.  The door opened and I was sure that my heart with its pounding would either stop or flee from my chest.  I gazed upon a blonde beauty holding the door, looking expectantly at me.  Behind her stood, a perfectly tanned and lovely raven haired woman.  Catching my breath, I smiled and said "Did someone request a very 'special' barber?" Referring to my alias on the computer as "Pussy Barber".

    The ladies were looking at a thirty-fiveish, bespectacled, man with a moustache and dressed semi-casually.  His brown hair beginning to lighten with glances of gray, his brown eyes sparkling as he smiled.  Average height, and broad shouldered, his form indicated a collegiate wrestler or football player.  His smile bespoke of a causal friendliness that seemed contagious.

    Lena invited me into the room, and I offered the wine as token thanks for at least letting me meet them both.  Introductions were made, and we found some glasses for the wine.  The conversation started out innocently around simple topics.   Gradually, as the wine acted as a social lubricant, we found ourselves discussing our feelings about bi-sexuality, and revealing some fantasies.  It was Sue, pouring the last of the wine into our glasses that said "Uh-oh, the well's run dry."

    Smiling, I revealed that I had brought two bottles, one white and one red, leaving the white to chill in my room.  As we laughed, I offered to fetch the white wine.  Lena joked "You're trying to get us drunk and take advantage of us I presume!"

    In my best southern drawl, I replied "Madam, a civilized su'thern gentleman would nevah resort t' such improprities.  You have mah humble apologies if ah implied anythin' different."

    I departed to bring the wine, and returning as I promised within "two shakes of a country dawg's head".  I rapped politely on the door to the room and heard a voice call out "C'mon in".

    Walking through the door, I closed it behind me before I realized what it was that I saw.  Both Lena and Sue were naked on the FLOOR of the room, at the foot of the bed, with Lena's legs spread wide, giving me a beautiful view of her shaved pussy.  Sue was almost sitting on Lena's face, leaning on one knee, with the other leg outstreched to the side, supporting her beautifully tanned body with one hand, the other gently massaging and kneading the glistening flesh between Lena's thighs.  Spellbound by the unexpected, I stood by the door afraid to move for fear the dream would dissolve.  Their nakedness seemed all the more exciting since I was fully dressed, and I watched as Lena raised her head to smile at me.

    Regaining what litte I could of my composure, I sat at the table and just watched.  Sue was caressing and nibbling on Lena's lean form.  Moving like a feather over her skin, making Lena gasp several times.  She bent her head down to the bared skin of Lena's pussy and began to stroke and lick with her tounge the most senstive spot.  Lena's legs gave a twitch as tounge met clitoris, then she made a heavy audible sigh.

    There was a pressure of a much too confined member pressing against my crotch.  I could feel myself swelling and threatening to burst the seams of my pants.  I took a deep breath, reminding myself to breath once in a while. As Sue plied her tounge, Lena's eyes met mine and we gazed into each other's souls.  "Yes.  I'm watching you." I thought, trying to pass it to Lena's mind. "I'm watching you and you're making me hard."

    I roved my eyes over the visual feast, not wanting to miss anything. Lena's nipples were hard and erect, proudly proclaiming that she was enjoying the attention.  Her legs, spread wide and slightly bent were long and smooth. Her chest heaved with her breathing, and I could see beads of perspiration forming in the groove down her lean stomach.  Sweat was forming on my arms, and my back as I watched.  The sensation of pressure from my confining slacks made my cock twitch and throb.  I could feel a drop of pre-cum forming and see the small damp mark it made on the pants.

    Sue's darkly tanned body contrast nicely to Lena's lightly tanned skin. She was still keeping her dark bush out of Lena's reach, teasing and tantalizing her with it.  I could see Sue's full breasts resting gently on Lena's lower stomach, her full nipples peeking around the corners of her breasts. Her dark hair had fallen about Lena's thighs, obscuring the view of her tounging, but the movements of her head made an obvious statement.  She too was beginning to sweat, and I could see a light glistening sheen begin to cover her back.  Her dark figure, glistening in the light, and the musky fragrace of these two women brought still further protests from my cock. As I watched, a burning knot formed deep inside me, like a bass guitar string vibrating from in my balls, wending it's way up inside my pulsing cock.

    Lena's thighs quivered and her ass tensed up.  I could hear her exhale a short breath...then another.  Sue had brought her to the brink, and was trying to keep her there.  Sue paused and turned her head to glance at me. I could a glistening wetness on her lips and chin as her eyes met mine. Sue's eyes said something to me that I didn't quite understand before her head returned to Lena's wetness.  I was still fully dressed, not even a zipper undone, but my approval was quite obviously bulging the leg of my pants.

    I could see Lena wriggling slightly, trying to force Sue to make contact in the right place, and Sue was avoiding her.  A light dawned on me, and I moved, just the second time since entering the room.   Quietly I knelt down next to them and breathed into Lena's ear, just loud enough for Sue to hear; "You're both soo beautiful!  Oh, soo NAKED...and LUSTY!  I want to see you suck her clit after you CUM!  I want to taste her juice on your lips!" I caressed Sue's ass, inches in front of Lena's face, her eyes glazing and trying to focus on my hand.  I slipped my hand down and pinched one of Lena's nipples between my fingers.  As Sue began her final assault on Lena's slit, I spoke again in the same voice.

    "Can you feel her soft, warm, tits against you?  Her tounge probing inside your pussy?  Look how wet she is!" I said as I ran my fingers lightly through Sue's glistening cunt hairs.  "Would you like me to rub her sweet wet cum on your tits?"

    Lena tensed suddenly, her whole body wracked with pleasure.  Wave after wave coursed through her, and I could see her whole body tense in tempo to the pace set by her cunt.  Sweat ran down her breasts, curving to fall down her sides.  Something wet and shiny dribbled onto her chin.  As I looked, I could see small white pearls forming and dripping from Sue's pussy onto Lena's face and neck.  Without invitation, and losing my control, I bent my face to hers, and licked a drop of Sue's cum.  Then with a gentle touch my tounge parted Lena's lips, sharing the tasty jewel with her tounge.  All this time, not a sound escaped her body, and suddenly a long soft moan went its way up her throat to be muffled in my mouth.

    Sue moved to sit next to us, watching as we kissed.  As I felt Lena's body relax, I eased back, pausing to gently kiss her nipple, tugging at it with my lips.  Sue and I wordlessly caressed her -- arms, legs, stomach and face.  A smile on her face, she opened her eyes and looked first at Sue, then towards me.

    "H-How did you know?" She asked haltingly. "How did you know to do that?"

    "One of your stories." I replied. "I knew what you wanted from the story."

    I looked at Sue, and even with her tan, I could see the flush between her breasts.  Our eyes met and locked, the lust still with us both.  I stood, and helped her up, her hands reaching for my belt.

    "Why don't you lie down and let us both eat your pussy?" I asked.

    "Hmmm.  Sounds like lots of fun!" She smirked. "But what about you?  You should be about to burst!"  Her deft hands shoved my pants and shorts to the floor, and my cock, hard and verry erect, stood there demanding some attention.  Her hands ignored the demands and began unbuttoning my shirt. I reached out and caressed Sue's nipples with the palms of my hands.  As she removed my shirt, her hands ran down to my nipples and she bent over and sucked one onto her mouth, circling her tounge rapidly around it.

    Lena watched, stroking her breasts and caressing her mound.  Sue knelt and licked a drop of pre-cum from the head of my cock, just before her warm mouth engulfed me.  I held on, trying to clear my head so that I wouldn't cum right away.  Pulling Sue up, I guided her to the bed and laid her down gently.  Lena followed, crawling up from the foot of the bed, her body still damp with a fine sheen of perspiration.

    As I began to kiss and caress Sue's body, Lena moved close to her and she began sucking Sue's nipples.  My tounge parted her dark bush, tasting her sweet suculent juices.  I lingered on the lips of her pussy, pulling on them with my lips, teasing with my tounge.  Her movements told me what I already knew -- move higher!  Sloowwwly I moved my tounge higher, finding her clit, engorged and ready, I circled it in slow motion several times.  Then diving down again, I pushed my tounge into her hole as far as I could, tasting the honey-thick creame that flowed from her river.  Further down, remembering one of Lena's stories, I flicked my tounge rapidly over the area between her cunt and asshole.  Her hips moving in respose, I traced random patterns from her clit to her asshole, kneading other parts of her flesh with my fingers.

    After several minutes, Sue was again covered with a shiny layer of perspiration, some forming droplets around her tits.  Then I felt a hand on my cock, and looking up, realized that Lena had moved around to give me head. As her mouth worked up and down on my shaft, making it wet with her saliva, I tried to concentrate on Sue's pussy.  I ran my hands up her belly, pressing firmly on her skin until my hands reached her tits.  One in each hand, I pushed them up, then squeezed, letting go rapidly so they would fall back by themselves.  I ran my hands firmly down her sides, to grasp her hips and pull her cunt tightly against my lips.

    Lena's tounge caressed my balls, then ran up the underside of my cock. Her warm wet tounge tracing the circumsision scar, and then flicking the edge of the head backwards.  It felt as if my cock were straining to grow another 3 inches, trying to continue the sensation.  Her mouth engulffed the head, this time, her lips pressing tigthly around that scar.  Slowly she withdrew, making the edge of my cock-head force its way past her lips.

    "Oh God! You'll make me cum in no time doing THAT!" I muttered past Sue's pussy.

    Lena's chuckle was full of lust and greed, telling me that is what she had intended.  Sue's clit, a red-pink pearl, peeked out at me, seeming like it wanted to grow too.  I took her button between my lips, sucking it past them. I pressed down hard, trying to cut off the blood flow to it, then flicking my tounge rapidly over her clit, I released the pressure and felt it blossom against my lips and tounge.  I slipped two...then three fingers into her pussy, hearing moist sounds as I did.  My tounge danced from her labia to her clit, as my fingers tried to spread her pussy open.  Her wetness spread down to the heel of my hand, making the bed wet.

    Suddenly Sue's legs clamped around my ears and her hips arched up off the bed.  I stopped moving, feeling her clit pulse and her cunt grip my fingers tightly.  As her hips lowered, I flicked her button lightly, once.  Her hips moved again and I could feel her cunt trying to suck my hand up insider her. Her whole body convulsed and shuddered.  Then we lay still, except for Lena who was hugrily sucking the head of my cock.  In the excitement of Sue's orgasm, I had somehow ignored Lena's mouth, but now she seemed to be sucking me inside out.  I raised my head and looked up at Sue, and she smiled down at me, mouthing the words "thank you" silently.

    I sat up and pulled out of Lena's mouth, her giving me a petulant pout, as if I'd taken away a toy (didn't I?).  I knelt on the bed, along side Sue's knees and offered it to Lena again.  As she knelt, leaning over onto her elbows, Sue began to fondle and play with Lena's upturned ass.  Sue wanted to watch, so she shifted for a better view, sliding her legs under Lena, with Lena's breasts lightly brushing her bush.

    Sue looked at me after a short while, asking the silent question "Aren't you gonna cum?".

    "You know what I said to Lena to get her off." I said. "That'll work for me too.  Talk to her. Try to make her cum too."

    Lena's eyes looked up at me, amazed that someone shared her turn-on fantasy.  Sue's voice came huskily, questioning, to both of us.

    "Ooooh!  Would it turn you on to have some people come in, see you NAKED with me finger-fucking your shaved little pussy while you're sucking cock? Maybe your boss from work?  They walk in as I'm rubbing my pussy juice all over your tits, and he's cumming in your mouth?  They stand there, shocked, and watch as you smile at them, then you turn and kiss me hard with your gooey lips and tounge?"

    My hips were trying to push more of my hard shaft into Lena' mouth, and I could see drops of her saliva dripping from my cock and her mouth as she rocked her hips against Sue's hand.  A string was being pulled up my cock, tugging at my balls.

    "Or would you rather have 'em walk in while I'm sitting on your face, holding your legs wide open as he spurts his jism all over your little bare pussy?  Then they can watch as I go down on your naked creamy lips. Get my face all wet with you both?"

    Time ran out.  Vesuvius erupted from within me, just as I saw Lena's hips thrust hard against Sue's hand.  My lava-hot cum gushed from my cock into Lena's throat.  She unselfishly pulled back and tried to get Sue's mouth into position before the next squirt.  A thick white, stream of cum erupted too soon, catching Sue's tits half way up.  It seemed to glow whitely against her dark tan.  Another contraction sent a wave of pleasure through me as another spurt landed half in Sue's mouth, and half on her cheek.  Lena moved closer as I leaned back, unable to sit up, and pulled my cock to her tits as she continued to stroke me.  Warm cum ran over her tits and my cock as she tried to milk me dry.  Sue bent down and licked the head, circling her tounge around and around.

    I fell back, limp and sweaty.  Both Lena & Sue were tasting my cum from various parts of each other's bodies.  I watched as hands moved between thighs.  They played, and as Lena looked over at me, I smiled and mouthed a silent "thank you BOTH".

    We cuddled each other and kissed each other as we lay down, with Lena in the middle.  I caressed both women, trying to draw them both closer, feeling warm and contented.

    "Next time we meet," I said quietly, "let's go camping in the mountains. I'd really like to watch you gals outside in the bright sunshine."

    "It's a date." came two answers as one.

-- Good night and wet dreams --