A Christmas Fantasy

Info Pumper23
23 Dec. '16

 The story starts just before Christmas, the celebrating time of year. Lisa had asked me if we were going to host a party for our friends. After some thought and analyzing our budget, I said OK and we started to prepare for it. We have a small apartment, two bedrooms (one of which I use as my computer room), so we looked at things and decided we could invite about 20 - 30 people, using a concept I learned in college we invited about 45 people, thinking that about half of that number would accept.

On the night of the party, Lisa had the day off, and prepared the hordervs, and mix, while I decorated the apartment. putting the final touches on the tree, placing the missletoe in apropos places around the place. Then as the hour approached I went to get ready, since it was going to be quite informal, I just showered, shaved and dressed in jeans and sport shirt. Lisa, on the other hand, went all out, she wore a black sheath dress, hose and 4" spike heels, a powder blue garter belt, and no bra or panties (much to my pleasure).

The people started ariving about 8 and by 10 about 25 people had shown up. The drinks were flowing, (taking in mind, as any host would now days, the designated drivers, and having the phone numbers of the local taxi services for those who were unable to drive) about 11 the crowd started to thin out, and wound up with Bill and Lori, a few couples, three single men, Lisa and myself. Well, we all were into one of "those" moods this evening, and I could tell that the girls were quite "randy" tonite.

The fun started when Lori grabbed one of the single guys under the missletoe and started kissing him quite deep. Bill just looked on and laughed at the discomfort of the guy, knowing that he knew that the husband was watching. Well, not to be outdone, Lisa grabbed another guy and started kissing him, even deeper and more passionately than Lori. This made for some great comptetition. Well the girls decided to make a game of this, the rules were, whoever broke the kiss first had to "down" a drink. All stood by and watched, first Loir grabbed another guy and started kissing him, and finally she broke the kiss, and immediately grabbed a drink and downed it. Next it was Lisa's turn, Lisa grabbed one of the husbands of the ladies left and started kissing him, well, he didn't want to break the kiss, and niether did Lisa, so he eased a hand up to Lisa's breast and caught her off guard and she broke the kiss, she complained that that wasn't in the rules, and we ruled that since she had not specified that this action was not illegal at the beginning all would be allowed. Lisa pouted, and took her drink and downed it. This was to set the mood for the rest of the evening.

Some of the ladies seeing where this might be going, grabbed their spouses and made their good-by's and left, leaving the three single guys, Bill and Lori, and one other couple, a stunning red head and her husband Eva and George. Well to continue, Lori grabbed George and pulled him under the missletoe, and started kissing him, he eased a hand up and fondled one of her breasts, not to be out done, Lori moved her hand down and started feeling his manhood through his trousers, this move caused George to break the kiss, he looked quite startled and moved over and downed his drink. Next Eva grabbed me and moved to the missletoe, and we started kissing, I eased a hand up, but this time sliding it under her blouse and massaging one of her breasts through her bra, this caused her to startle and break the kiss, and she downed the drink. Now was Lisa's turn again, grabbing one of the single guys, a tall black man, she took him to the missletoe and started kissing him, he moved his hand down the front clevage of her dress, and massaged her breast, she then moved her hand to his crotch, and massaged his manhood, he then moved his hand down her leg and moved it up under the dress, and when he encountered the hose and garters, then moving up and encountering nothing but pubic hair, he startled and broke the kiss, and downed his drink. Lisa was giggling at his reaction. Lori next grabbed one of the other single men and took him to the missletoe. The kiss started, but this time when he fondled her breast, she reacted by moving down and massaging his manhood, not to be outdone, he opened her blouse and exposed her bra covered breasts, and what a bra it was, it was a cut away black lacey bra, exposing half of her nipples for all to see, and what we saw was that she was somewhat excited, her nipples being errect and alert for more attention, but this move broke her concentration and she broke the kiss. She payed the penalty of one drink. Next Eva grabbed Bill and moved to the missletoe, and started the kiss. As she kissed him, and he moved to carress the pert breasts. She responded by carressing his manhood, but Bill responded by unbuttoning her blouse and to our suprise exposing her breasts, unencumbered by any bra, and her nipples were standing straight out, She then responded by unzipping his trousers and pulling his dick out of his trousers, this being unexpected Bill broke the kiss, and payed the penalty. Lisa took the hand of another of the single men there, and moved to the missletoe, kissing him deeply, he massaged her breasts, she massaging his dick through the trousers, then he reached down and eased the hem of her dress up past her stocking tops, and exposing her pubic hair. Not to be out done, she unzipped his trousers and pulled his dick out of them, and massaged it, well, he pulled her closer to him, and much to everyone's supprise he eased the head of it up between her legs, not quite entering her, but close. This broke the kiss and Lisa had to pay the penalty. The next one to go was Lori again, but this time, Lori grabbed the black man there, and pulled down the missletoe and placed it on the couch. She layed down on the couch with the black guy, and started the kiss, as they groped each other and tried what they may, neither broke the kiss, when he lifted the dress and exposed the crotchless panties she was wearing, she unzipped his trousers and massaged his penis, then he shifted and placed the black snake up to her vagina, and eased it in, we all stood around and watched Lori started moaning and moving her pelvis up and down, easing the monster in ther in and out, as we watched, I noticed that Lisa had grabbed Bill and had all ready had his penis out and was adoring it with her mouth, Eva has now moved over to me and had her arms around me. As I look around Lori has moved around and grabbed one of the other men there and unzipped him and was giving him a slutty blow job as she was getting it from the black guy between her legs. Lisa had Bill, George, and one of the other guys on her, one in her pussy, and she was alternating between oral homage of the two engorged dicks in front of her. Eva was now rubbing herself on me, and I started paying attention to her, I've had a thing for red heads for many years and she was not disapointing at all, I leaned down and kissed her, deep and pationate. She responded with her tounge flicking across my teeth and pulling my lower lip into her mouth to carress it with her teeth. I moved my hands down and removed her blouse and skirt, and to my amazement she was wearing a silkey lacey black garter belt, holding up the black hoses and ending with the spike heels. I moved down her neck, paying particular attention to the underside of her perky breasts. I move down further flicking my toungue and nibbeling her rib cage and abdomen, easing down to the pubic hair line, the object of my attack. As I approached the soft down I gently pulled it with my lips, and finally approached her succlent pussy, (by the way she was a natural red headed person) I couldn't but help notice the lubrication I encountered, I eased my toungue into the slit I found there, and noticed her groan in pleasure and anticipation. I moved up and pulled the lips of her pussy with my lips, working up to the cliterous, to pay homage of the pleasure totem there. After a while of enjoying her womanhood, I kissed and nibbled my way up her body again, and she reached down and massaged my dick, and eased it into the region I had just payed such homage to. As soon as I entered her eyes rolled back in her head and she groaned. We moved in unison for a while until we both collapsed in a joint ejaculation. As my member went soft and eased out of her, I looked around, and there was Lisa, with Bill in her mouth, George now in her pussy, and much to my supprise, the black guy easing his member into her asshole, she was in pure extasy, even though the men had to coordinate their movements together to keep in her, she was in a total sexual heaven. I looked at Lori and there she was paying homage to one man, the one previously in her pussy, and the other man behind her, as Eva and I crawled over to her we found out that the man entering her from the rear was in fact entering her asshole. This was something we had done, but I had never seen anyone entering Lisa in her asshole. Eva moved under Lisa and eased her mouth up to Lisa's pussy and started eating her, I moved under with her and watched the dick sliding in and out of Lisa's asshole and Eva using her toungue to pleasure her, after a short while I stroked Eva's chin and moved her face over and gave her a deep kiss, tasting the cum in her mouth, this took Eva quite by supprise, and she said that no man had kissed her after having oral sex with anyone, much less another man's cum there, and said it was quite pleasurable and erotic.

As the evening progressed on, all of us enjoyed the pleasure of the three women there, and later in the evening the three men left, leaving the three couples here alone. As we discussed the evening's pleasures, we discovered that George and Eva had wanted to try something like this for quite a while, but didn't know how to go about it, and the party seemed to be the vehicle to accomplish this. This allowed George and Eva to explore other things, it seems we have made friends, special friends. Before leaving the evening we all got together one more time, and I tasted the meany pleasures that Eva had enjoyed that evening, I payed particular attention to her swolen pussy lips, and eased out what cum I could from her, then did the same with Lori, knowing that Lisa and I would have another go around after all the others left. They left early in the morning, and Lisa and I returned to the bed and enjoyed just one more round of sex, this time I had the pleasure of seeing the cum easing out of her pussy, seeing cum stains on her stockings and enjoying the sexy aroma of her and the pleasure of others on her body.

Now with George and Eva joining Bill Lisa and us we have enjoyed many pleasurable times together, Eva is as adventuresome as Lisa and Lori, and George is another voyer as Bill and I are. We have had many pleasurable times, both here and out at the club scene.