Tight Spots

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15 Dec. '15

Crystal Whitlow cringed when it began to rain unexpectedly. Perfect. Now a pop-up shower when she’d decided to wear her new purple suede heels. Thunder boomed and the downpour intensified. There hadn’t been a drop predicted.

A little unsure on her new spiked heels, Crystal made a pretty picture this particular sultry Monday morning, dodging people and traffic and raindrops in her best-tailored suit. She was impressively attractive in a crisp and professional way. The ballet pink of her delicately feminine blouse set off the serious gray suit and the shoes on which she had spent far too much money. She was the only one who knew she’d put on her lucky lavender panties with the lace push-up bra to match. She called them her “lucky lavenders” because she always ended up getting laid when she wore them. She realized she was not going to be getting laid today because she’d broken up with her boyfriend two weeks before. She’d stopped by his apartment early one Monday morning with donuts and walked in to find him face fucking the Barbie doll who had just moved in next door. Today, Crystal just needed luck however she could get it, so she figured the sexy lingerie couldn’t hurt.  

This Monday had not started off well. After staying up to a ridiculous hour preparing for the presentation, she was now five minutes late for had not proven a wise choice. She’d slept right through her cell phone alarm because she’d left the phone sitting on the dining room table. Twenty minutes behind schedule from the get-go, Crystal made the coffee too hastily and was dismayed to find grounds floating in her cup. She made it through the shower and makeup process in record time and had already--thank God!--selected her wardrobe for the day. She took a quick moment to sit down with her coffee and review her notes on the presentation. Right about that time, her cat jumped up on the table, hitting her elbow on the way up, spilling the coffee all over her meticulous notes. She took a deep breath and told herself to be grateful she hadn’t splashed all over her clothes. She dabbed off the presentation notes the best she could with some paper towels.  

Crystal was facing a crucial presentation in front of 17 potential investors. Her perfume company, ‘Primal Ambiance,’ was just beginning to gain recognition and acclaim. She hoped to earn enough support to cast a celebrity spokesperson to represent her brand. This Monday morning meeting was the key to her entire future.

Crystal pushed her way through the doors of the skyscraper that held her fate on the 34th floor above and had the sudden realization that she was going to be entering an already full conference room, drenched, approximately eight minutes late, with notes that were stained and still damp with bad coffee.

“The only way is up,” she told herself as she hit the elevator button and searched her purse for her comb and lipstick. The mirrored walls of the elevator helped her to tidy up a bit. She watched the numbers light up one after another, getting closer every second to the 34th. Crystal did her best to reach a poised state of mind. She knew she had a great product. That would help the cause. She’d brought along samples of her three most popular fragrances for her future shareholders to experience firsthand.

The elevator doors opened on the landing of the 34th floor, and Crystal stepped out and looked around to get her bearings. She was looking for 3409. Of course, she’d never been there before, so she looked around urgently for a sign to point the way. Not finding one, she headed down a quiet hall to find a door number or someone to ask for help. She passed what appeared to be a reception area, but no one was around.

It was then that she first heard distant shouting. It shattered the stillness of the 34th floor eerily and made Crystal physically jump in fear. She flattened herself against the wall and remained perfectly still, waiting for more of the shouting. It was arguing, she could tell--serious arguing. A woman screamed somewhere, and a powerful shotgun blast went off. Crystal covered her mouth to keep from screaming and frantically began to try to open the doors to find someplace to hide. Everything was locked. She had chosen the wrong direction to try. She tried #3451, 3452, 3453, 3454, but none of the knobs would turn. The shouting started again, and she worked her way faster, door to door, her hands trembling. At #3462, she heard a click and whispered a prayer of thanks as she slipped in the door. It was dark when she pulled the door closed behind her, except for a bit of light that made its way in through a small window in the door. Crystal let her eyes adjust a bit and realized she was in a vacant office. It looked like more of a storage room. She saw a large closet and made her way over to the door. She reached with her hands into the darkness and felt a large stack of what felt like painter’s drop cloths or painting rags. They smelled of paint. Crystal wedged her way into the closet, into the stack of pungent tarps. At the back of the tall stack, she found a tiny space to adjust herself in sitting position.

She was breathing hard and trembling all over, sitting there in the dark. She reached into her bag for her cell phone and swore in a tight-lipped whisper when she, as usual, couldn’t find it. She desperately searched every crevice and found no phone. She had left the phone on the nightstand at home. She could see it sitting there next to her bed, on the other side of the city, and she felt a terror she’d never known before. She shuddered as another gunshot rang out and let a whimper escape before she could stop it.

It was then that she heard the beep of a cell phone that brought her to the sudden awareness that she was not the only person hiding in this room. She heard a man’s voice whispering urgently. She realized that his voice was coming from the other side of the same closet where she was crouched. They had found the same hiding place. His exchange on the phone was brief, but Crystal could tell he had a heavy French accent. Not knowing whether to be relieved or more frightened, she struggled with what to do. Surely this man had heard her fumbling in the closet.

A few moments of agonizing silence passed while Crystal tried to figure out how to handle the situation. Then she heard a whisper.

“Who are you?”

“I’m--uh--I’m just here for a meeting. I--um. .. I don’t know. . .,” Crystal stammered back, unsure of where this stranger was headed with his questions.

“It’s all right,” this man in the dark answered. “Please don’t be frightened of me. I’m hiding, too. There’s a hostage situation happening on this floor. Three guys with guns. They’re set up on the other wing and aren’t moving around much.”

“Oh, my God,” Crystal gasped in response. “Has anyone been hurt? What should we do?”
“No one’s been hurt. The gunfire has been used as a threat tactic so far.”

Crystal couldn’t  think of an appropriate response, so she just let the heaviness of the situation sink in.

“My name is Stephan. I work here.”

“I’m Crystal. I’m glad you’re here. I left my cell phone at home.”

“Well, I did something, even more, stupid. I left the door unlocked when I came in here to hide.”

“Oh,” Crystal said quietly. “I’m sure glad you did.”

“I think I’ve finally worked up the courage to get out of this closet and take care of that.”

“That would probably be good,” Crystal answered quietly. “Thank you.”

She could hear Stephan slipping out from behind whatever was stored on the other side of the closet and followed his footsteps to the door. She heard the lock turn and felt herself relax a little. Now they were locked up tight like every other door in this hall. She heard his footsteps coming back towards the closet. They stopped at the door.

“Um, if you would prefer getting away from all the paint fumes over there, you might be more comfortable hiding with me on the other side of the closet. It’s much roomier over there. You’d be able to stretch out a bit.”

Crystal clutched her bag tightly and fought her way through the soiled rags again, emerging breathless and quite disheveled.

“Here. I have a small light on my keyring,” Stephan said as he pointed it at a small space beside some tall boxes. Crystal forced her bag in first, then her body. She felt Stephan slip in beside her, pushing her with his weight. She felt nearly flattened when she reached the other side. Stephan pushed through after her. He kept the light on the linoleum floor.

“Are you okay?” he asked her quietly.

“Yes, I think so,” Crystal whispered back. She suddenly realized that they did, in fact, have more space on this side of the closet. She was standing free, and Stephan stood a few feet away from her. “This is so much better. Thank you.”

“It’s just boxes of supplies. The inventory that belongs here is on back order, thank God,” Stephan said with a quick chuckle. “Here, you can have the light so you can get your bearings.”

“Thank you,” Crystal said quickly, as she took the light and checked out the surroundings. The light flashed over Stephan’s pants. He was wearing white painter’s pants and tennis shoes that were splattered with paint. He was leaning in the corner opposite her. He was right. Nothing but cardboard boxes all around them and linoleum beneath.

“I don’t mind if you look at me,” Stephan told her, “If I were in your shoes, I’d want to know who I was hiding in this closet with.”

“Well, if you’re sure you wouldn’t mind, it would make me feel better, I think.”

Crystal moved the light up with the leg of Stephan’s dirty white pants and saw one of his hands, a thumb in his side pocket. Very strong hands, she noted. As she continued getting a visual perspective on Stephan, she realized that his build was quite muscular, and he had to be over six feet tall. She nervously focused on his face. He shaded his eyes quickly.

“Maybe not directly in the eyes, if you don’t mind,” he asked her.


Crystal lowered the light a bit and, suddenly, she and this Stephan were eye to eye--or so she thought.

“I can’t see you at all,” Stephan whispered, “Now you have the advantage.”

He smiled right then, and Crystal realized that she’d ended up in a storage closet with an incredibly handsome man. He was young, for certain. Probably, at least, five years her junior. Swarthy and tan and a little bit shy--she could tell by his timid smile. He was wearing a plain white t-shirt, and his biceps were utterly perfect.

“It’s nice to meet you, Stephan,” Crystal whispered, still shining the light in his direction. “I had no idea I was being rescued by a young hunk--and French, too.”

They both laughed quietly.

“You’re teasing me. You shouldn’t be teasing at a time like this,” Stephan said very seriously.

“Oh, I’m sorry. You’re right. Forgive me.”

Crystal turned off the light and handed it back towards Stephan. He took it in his hand.

“I was just trying to make you feel bad so you’d give me the light,” Stephan chuckled. “Are you going to let me see who you are?”

“Oh, I know I must look a mess!” Crystal protested, “I looked great when I left for work this morning, but things have been a little hectic. I. . .”

“Come on, Crystal,” Stephan said very quietly. “You know, I would feel much safer just knowing that you’re not some crazed homeless person.”

“Do you think--I am certainly not,” Crystal stammered. “Okay. I’ll let you look, but after the rain and the hiding, I do not promise much.”

She put her arms down at her side, leaned against the wall, and closed her eyes.

“I’m going to start with your feet and work my way up, all right?” Stephan asked politely.

“Yes, that’s fine,” Crystal answered him quickly.

She heard the light click on again and then heard a low whistle.

“Now, those are some lovely shoes--purple. I like them very much.”

“Thank you.”

“Your legs are very shapely. Are you wearing pantyhose?”


“Such perfect skin.”

Stephan raised the light a bit more and caught sight of Crystal’s lavender lace underwear. Her skirt was hiked up from all the activity.
“Very nice skirt. Let me see the back of it,” he requested in a whisper.

“Oh, thanks. Sure,” Crystal answered, turning around.

Crystal’s skirt was pulled up in the back just enough that her bare buttocks were peeping out. He could tell she was wearing thong undies.

“Beautiful. Now turn back around.”

Crystal turned around. She still had her eyes shut tightly.

Stephan raised the light a bit and saw Crystal’s pink blouse under her jacket. It had come unbuttoned and her delicate lace push up bra hadn’t done a very good job of supporting her well-rounded breasts. Her left nipple peeped over the top of the lavender lace.

Stephan was fully aware that the two of them were in some danger, but he found himself smiling in spite of it. He also felt his cock reacting to this unexpected turn of events in his work day.

“You look very nice, today, Crystal,” Stephan said kindly. “I’m sorry your meeting got interrupted.”

He moved the light up to Crystal’s face. Her eyes were closed. There were still wet trails on her cheeks from tears. Her lipstick was somehow still perfect. She had red hair that had been styled at one point but was now just hanging in limp curls around her face.

“I had no idea you would be so incredibly pretty,” Stephan said frankly.

Crystal opened her eyes in reaction, then shaded them quickly until Stephan adjusted the light a bit.

“Don’t sweet talk me, little boy,” Crystal sighed. “You’re too young, and we’re in a tight spot here. Try to act like it.”

“You’re right. We are in a tight spot. Sorry,” Stephan responded in what seemed to be a sincere tone.

He turned the light off, and Crystal could hear him adjusting to a sitting position.

“You might as well have a seat. There’s no way to know how long we’ll be stuck here.”

“Yes, you’re right,” Crystal answered, lowering herself to the floor. “I’m so thankful that you have your phone.”

“Yes. We’ll be fine. We just have to wait for clearance.”

At that point, a silence fell over the two of them. It lasted so long that it began to make Crystal feel uncomfortable. She felt like he was staring straight at her in the darkness. Indeed, he was.

“Can I see the light again?” she asked, really just to break the silence.

“Sure,” Stephan answered, and he turned it on and slid it across the floor towards Crystal.


She turned the light to her purse and was digging for something. Stephan watched her left nipple, still pert over the edge of the lace bra and couldn’t help grabbing himself through his pants.

“So, Crystal,” he asked her with complete seriousness, “why’d you wear your lavender lace today?”

Crystal gasped, dropped the light, and began to pull at her clothes, completely embarrassed.

“It’s beautiful. Don’t hide it. I really like it,” Stephan stammered, sounding like a begging little boy.

It was then that Crystal realized her lucky undies might just pay off today after all. She stopped fussing with her clothes.

“You like it? How much did you see, Stephan?” Crystal asked quietly. She no longer felt alarmed at all. She felt incredibly turned on. “Tell me what you saw that you liked.”

“I saw your lavender lace panties--the front of them,” Stephan sheepishly admitted.

“You did? And you liked them, huh? What else did you see?” Crystal was enjoying this exchange immensely. She picked up the light and shined it at Stephan. He turned his eyes away.

“I asked you to turn around because I wanted to look at your ass,” he confessed. “I really liked it very much.”

“I see,” Crystal replied simply in response. “Was there anything else that you enjoyed seeing?”

Crystal ran the light slowly over Stephan’s thick arms and strong chest as she questioned him.

“Your lovely blouse was torn open, and I must admit that I saw your matching lavender bra and the sweet breasts that are spilling out. Your left nipple in particular.”

Crystal couldn’t help giggling.

“And you liked it as well?”

“Oh, yes, Crystal,” Stephan whispered ever so quietly, “I liked seeing that very much as well.”

“Well, I suppose it can’t be undone now,” Crystal reasoned quietly. “I think we just need to make things even.”

“Even? How?”

Crystal held the ray of light on Stephan’s crotch.
“You have to show me your cock.”

Stephan was laughing. Crystal had succeeded in embarrassing him.

“Come on, Stephan. Show me your cock. Is it hard right now?”

Stephan, of course, unzipped his fly and reached in for his penis, which was bulging by this time. He’d never met such a direct woman. Her open naughtiness was getting him incredibly turned on.

She watched him as he pulled his large, hard cock out of his work pants, holding the light beam directly on the spot. He sighed when he finally held it, throbbing, in the palm of his hand. He stroked it a few times for show.

“Oh, Stephan, that’s a very nice cock. I was hoping it would be big and hard, and it is. Oh, I like it a lot.”

Stephan stroked his cock a few more times in the spotlight. Crystal spread her legs wide and leaned back against the wall behind her. Then she turned the light on her own hot spot.

“If you don’t mind, Stephan, I’d love to show you my pussy.”

“Please,” Stephan answered weakly. He was still stroking himself. Crystal could hear the rhythmic sound and his quiet moans of pleasure.

He watched, entranced, as Crystal reached down and pulled her lavender panties to the side with one hand while her other hand held the penlight onto the beautiful view. She spread her shaved pussy lips, revealing an unusually large clitoris. Stephan could see that she was wet, too.

“Do you like my pussy, Stephan?” she whispered breathlessly.

“Oh, Crystal,” Stephan struggled to answer. “Your pussy is hot, and I would love to taste it.”

Right at that moment, they heard another gunshot sound. Crystal gasped, dropping the light and throwing herself over towards Stephan, landing basically on top of him, but settling to the left.

“Jesus Christ,” she whispered. “I’m in a closet, hiding from maniacs with guns, and I’m showing you my stuff!”

“We’re safe here,” Stephan said quietly, and he slipped his arm around her waist to pull her towards him tightly. “I liked seeing your stuff.”

“God, I’m glad you were hiding in this closet! I’d be terrified alone.”

Crystal reached her hand out in the dark and found Stephan’s penis. Amazingly, it was still hard as a rock.

“Ooooh, my,” Stephan sighed in response,”now you’ve done it.”

“I think playing with your cock might help me stay calm,” said Crystal. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“Uh, no, it’s not a problem for me.”

Crystal worked both her hands over Stephan’s stiff penis while he tried very hard not to moan out loud in pleasure. He felt her resituating herself, then felt her wet mouth slip over his cock.

“Ah,” he said a little too loudly.

Crystal lifted her mouth to shush him. Then she swung one of her legs in front of his face and placed her crotch, spread wide in front of Stephan’s face. She was on her knees facing away from him, still sucking and licking his bulging member.

Stephan raised his hands and with one, he moved the lavender lace that blocked his access. With his other hand, he found Crystal’s soaking wet clit and rubbed it gently. She writhed in response.

“Jesus, you smell like heaven,” Stephan said breathlessly.

“I own a perfume company,” Crystal whispered back, and they both giggled.

“I’m going to see how you taste,” Stephan told her as he moved his mouth to her readiness. He used his strong hands to spread her wide, and he slipped one of his middle fingers in and placed his mouth right on her clit in a sucking motion. She was gyrating in response to his great work, but still hard at work on a fantastic blow job. He slipped in another finger and spread them wide to fill her up and worked them in and out while he focused his mouth on her large clit.

When Crystal came, which happened fairly quickly, Stephan found his hand soaking wet with her juice. He hungrily licked off his own fingers.

“Your pussy tastes like candy,” Stephan told Crystal.

Crystal was breathing heavy, taking his cock deep into her throat. Stephan grabbed her hair and held her there while he worked his way in and out.

“Can I shoot in your mouth, Crystal?” Stephan asked her breathlessly, pulling her head up for a response.

“Yes,” Crystal gulped catching her breath. Stephan immediately grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth onto his cock, holding it there while he quickly reached the threshold of release. He found it extremely difficult to keep from vocalizing his extremely intense orgasm.

“Holy shit,” he heard Crystal saying. He could tell she was standing up pulling herself together. “We are insane!”

Stephan got to his feet, pulling up his pants. He lost his balance and fell into Crystal. That’s when the giggling started. It must have been due to the rush of endorphins from the tremendous sexual release. They both got the giggles uncontrollably--the kind when you can’t catch your breath. It was the kind of giggling that can, and did, turn into the crying of delirious tears. The two of them struggled to get themselves together, but every time there was a few seconds of controlled silence, one of them would start laughing again.

That’s when Stephan’s phone rang. They both quieted down immediately.

“Hello,” he answered. “Yes. . . Oh, well, thank God!. . . Is someone missing? Oh, no. . . Yes. . . Got it. . . Oh, Sir, I’ve got her here with me in hiding. She’s perfectly safe. . . Yep, Crystal Whitlow. . .Well, Sir, it was nothing really. . . Okay. . . Thank you.”

“They’re looking for me?”, Crystal asked him, whispering.

“You don’t have to whisper anymore, dear,” Stephan said in his full voice, which startled Crystal quite a bit. Then he reached into the air and pulled on a light cord. There they were in all their smudged and sexy glory. Crystal reached up nervously to straighten her hair then stuck out her right hand to Stephan.

“Hello. I’m Crystal Whitlow, the creator of 'Primal Ambiance' perfumes,” she said professionally, as they shook hands. “I am so grateful for your respectful protection today. I will speak very highly of you to your superiors.”

“Stephan Boudreaux. Protecting you was just the right thing to do. Think nothing of it. Oh, and I am not actually employed by this corporation. I’m freelance. I paint murals. You can see my work all over the city. I’m working in the large conference room on this floor these days.”

“Oh, that’s fantastic!” Crystal responded sincerely. “Can we get out of the closet now? Do I have anything on my mouth or face?”

They both smiled. Stephan came closer to her and leaned over kissing her softly on the lips.

“You had something right there, but I got it.”

The two of them stood in that tight stance a bit longer than necessary, each of them wearing a goofy smile. Then, Stephan led the way back through the narrow crevice between the boxes and the wall. Crystal followed closely behind. He opened the closet door, and they stepped out into the storage room with a sigh of relief. Crystal began to dig in her purse instinctively for a comb, which she found. She quickly tidied up her hair.

“So, no one was injured, and the three nuts were arrested,” Stephan told her as he watched her. “They had the entire hall of 1430 shut off, taking everyone in that power hallway as hostages.”

Crystal suddenly froze and turned to look directly at Stephan.

“My meeting was in 1431.”

They just stared at each other for a few moments.

“I just didn’t know where I was going when I got off the elevator.”

“That’s why they were concerned about your hiding place. They had the video tape of you getting off the elevator,” Stephan told her calmly. “You’re fine. Everything’s fine. Your lack of direction led you to the safety of my storage room. Call it destiny or call it luck that brought you here.”

Crystal rushed to Stephan and embraced him tightly. He, in turn, wrapped his arms snugly around her. Crystal let go first and stepped back, wiped a tear from her eye, and smiled.

“I give all the credit to my lucky lavender undies!”

They had a good laugh over that one, interrupted by a knock at the door.

“It’s security,” Stephan said quickly, heading for the door.  He unlocked it and in came an elderly security guard wearing a reassuring smile.

“We’ve got everything under control,” he told them. “Would you like me to usher you to the exit, Ms. Whitlow?”

“Well, I--uh,” she stammered, looking at Stephan. She reached into her bag and got out a pen and paper quickly. She scribbled her phone number and handed it to Stephan.
“Please get in touch with me about that mural I mentioned, Mr. Boudreaux,” she said with a wink.

“Yes, ma’am,” Stephan answered very seriously, “I would love to take a look at the space one day soon. I’ll be in touch.”

They shook hands again for show and Crystal turned to the security guard.

“All right then,” he nodded, “Follow me, Ms. Whitlow.”

As Crystal followed the man down the long hallway, she could feel Stephan’s eyes burning her back. She turned around and, sure enough, there he was leaning out his doorway. He waved sweetly, and she shook her head at him and quickly blew a kiss right before the security guard led her out of the hall.