Info SabineGermany
26 Dec. '16

I imagine... over dinner I ask you, again, to be my obedient lover, and you agree. I often ask you to reiterate your devotion and belonging to me, connecting our needs. Sexual energy is thick in the air. I intend to please and guide you to writhing ecstasy tonight. What, exactly, will I do with you?  I pull your hands behind your back then tenderly stroke your face.  I inform you that soon I will kiss you, but that first you must be properly mounted...

You are told to remove your clothes as I watch.  Stripped naked now (I am still fully clothed), you stand before me.  "Hands behind your back."  We look at each other for a long time, then I instruct you to lie down on the bed.  I touch you.  Full, firm touch so intimate that you will never again want to live without it. Gently, firmly, I explore your face, your breasts, your legs, I even look closely at your pussy, smell you there, but I don't touch you there.  There, you are virginal and pure...  Slowly, patiently, I move you to the position I want you in.  On your back, legs open, knees up, pillows arranged so your head is thrown back slightly, exposing your neck and thrusting your breasts and hips into the air.  I instruct you to reach down around the outside of you and pull open your pussy lips.  You obey, and there you are, holding yourself open for me.  Like the perfect slut.  I do not mount you quickly.  I strip as you hold yourself open and vulnerable.  

My erection is huge but with your head tipped back you can't see it.  I climb onto the bed and straddle you.  There is no need to touch you, for you are holding yourself open.  I enter you.  Just a little bit.  Slowly.  A gentle, insistent push on your pussy, then relaxation of the pressure, but no withdrawal.  A little deeper with every push.  Opening you, filling you.  Wanting you. Finally, I have filled you and my pubis presses against your sex. Every push now is pressure against your clit.  Still, I don't withdraw at all, only push and release.  Your mounting is hardly over... Fully inside your hips now, I instruct you to release your pussy and push your breasts together.  You slide your hands up to make a place for me.  Soft breasts invite me, and slowly I lay down onto you, our bellies touching before our chests.  I feel the wonderful sensuality of your soft breasts under me.  "Raise your arms up over your head."  You do it without taking your eyes off me...  Your breasts taut under my weight, arms raised in a gesture of submission, I pin your wrists with my left arm, while my right caresses and strokes you.  My hand never leaves your body.  I scratch you gently on your armpit, slide my hand onto your throat, hesitate menacingly, then slip it behind your neck and into your hair.  I pull your head up and into my kiss.  I control every aspect of our first kiss.  As I lick and suck on you I wrap my arm around the back of your neck and push you down onto my cock as I thrust upward.  You are filled and our breaths mingle in simmering passion.  We look deeply into each other's eyes.  I whisper in a voice that is both passionate and disarmingly sincere: "You are mine."  And you feel it in every part of you.  

Whew!  How's that for a first kiss!  Perhaps you will think of me for a few moments tonight before sleep.  Think of me with your knees raised and your arms up, see if you can feel me on you...  In you...  Kissing you...  I imagine...  You are lying over my lap, arms raised over your head, eyes closed, feeling safe, warm, and relaxed despite the vulnerability of your nakedness.  My left hand pins your wrists in playful firmness which neither of us takes too seriously, yet it sets the mood for the touching...  My right hand traces the curves of your body, around your breast, down your side, everywhere stroking softly, tickling.  Excruciatingly light touch, putting you on the edge between flight and delight.  You gasp and squirm, twisting in a feigned desire to escape yet careful to keep yourself open to my touch.  Chills course over you as I graze your soft downy hairs.  Slipping my hand behind your head I pull you up into a kiss as I push your arms back, exposing your chest even more. You belong to me.  

Now, firm touch that you relax into, your muscles massaged and even your very bones subtly moved.  Exploring, kneading, opening you. I expertly alternate my touch: light tickles then firm, full massage, keeping you on that fine edge.  Shivers, shudders, and low growling sounds provide the feedback I need to tease without mercy...  

"I am going to explore your limits tonight, my Love.  Stand in the archway."  The arch.  So that will be the game tonight.  By the tone of my voice you know it will be a difficult session.  You assume the position as you have been trained to do:  Hands touching the top of the arch, feet spread, eyes closed, breasts thrust out. Vulnerable.  Sexy.   

You know the rules, but for your pleasure I repeat them: "Eyes closed. You may moan, speak, and make other sounds, but do not scream.  You may squirm so long as you do not move your hands or your feet.  Indeed, you must squirm, must show your torment and relinquish your pride, or your test will become even more severe." Simple rules, but ones you can not possibly obey...  Without being told you know there are no safety words for this game.  Just obedience.  Any movement to protect yourself or to interfere with my touch and the game is over.  You smell leather and hear the cat being warmed.  Tension builds within you.  Nothing holds you in place but your will, your pride, and a desire to please. You belong to me.  Now, I will test the depth of your love… Your breasts are caressed.  Such tender caress (and one of your favorite parts of all the games we play) it is difficult imaging that I can hurt you there, too.  Without warning your breast is slapped.  All your instincts rebel and you are driven to protect yourself, but you do not.  Only a slight flinch betrays the urge. Your nipple is pinched and twisted.  Gently at first, pressure building slowly.  At first you are silent and still, but not for long.  Soon you are squirming and panting, wanting to beg mercy, to flee, to protect yourself.  Struggling to give yourself to me, trembling, you press your breast out.  Your exertions noted, I now keep the pressure on your nipple constant and reward your exertions with soft strokes of your well oiled slit.  Hips begin to pump and I take up your rhythm.  This is *my* favorite part.  You are never more mine than when lost in pleasure and pain.  On the verge of orgasm.

Mine.  Only for me...  The combination of your breast manhandled and your pussy stroked drives you into frenzy.  Panting and desperate, you finally relinquish your pride.  You are lost in sensations and your hands slip from the arch.  I don't stop.  I smile, having expected this.  You always loose control here.  Moans build to screams and when you are done convulsing you collapse into my arms, still shuddering and moaning softly.  I lay you down on the rug.  Soon I will relieve my tension into you, but for now I am content to scratch you gently as your moans subside and breathing slows.  When you are ready to listen again, I lean close and whisper "My Love, you have disobeyed..."