Chasin' Aric

Info ChrisBrady
27 Dec. '16

Dedicated to Doob

    As I was walking back from his room, I couldn't help but recall the night's events. How could I have gone that far? How could I have done THAT with him? But "how"'s had no place. What was done was done and I couldn't change it. I didn't want to change it. I liked it, but where did it all begin...
    I guess it began when I saw him sitting there alone in the dining hall. He was gorgeous, with his clean cut red hair, his slighty tan with a hint of freckles skin, and a body that wasn't too muscular or too femme; what more could a guy ask for? My "gaydar" didn't even pick him up... I only knew from the rainbow flag pin on his bookbag. "Perhaps he's just wearing it without knowing what it means" I thought to myself, but I had to find out for sure... so I went over to his table.
    "Hi... aren't you in the College of Liberal Arts?"
    "Yeah," he answered in a slight deep voice. "Your name's Chase, isn't it?"
    "Yes," I answered with utter amazement. "How in the world did you know?"
    "Oh, I've seen you around..." and our conversation continued. We talked about school, professors, and being away from home... and then he asked, "So you have a girlfriend?"
    "No, I'm gay," I said without hesitation.
    He laughed a muted giggle and said, "I figured, me too."
    We went on to talk and spent the rest of the day together. Weeks, even months passed as we became closer and closer to each other emotionally.
    But then came that day in November, the day after my 21st birthday. Amazingly... well, I started to tell you something about myself, but that would give away what happened.
    Suffice it to say that before that night, I wasn't too experienced in the sexual department. Sure, I'd kissed a few guys, but nothing more, never anything beyong kissing.
    But Aric was different. I loved him and he loved me, at least he said he did. So we went to his apartment...
    After getting there, he told me to sit on his bed while he went and took a shower. I waited in anticipation of what was to happen. We'd discussed that we were both ready to move on physically together, but no specifics. Hell, we'd even gone and gotten an HIV test together, but just how far did he want to go?; I had no idea.
    After sitting there contemplating what the night would hold, going from stiff erection to none at all, Aric arrived back to the room. He had a towel around his waist and was still wet. His chest hair formed a nice pathway as it went from his upper chest down into a trail that led beside his navel and down beyond. He was so hot. I could barely control myself. I wanted to rip the towel off and suck his cock right there, right then, but I managed to wait... at least for a few minutes.
    As he stood next to me as I sat on the bed, he told me to raise my arms. He then pulled my shirt over my head and ran his finger down my equally hairy chest. He went down past my navel and ran his finger around the elastic of my boxers. It felt good, really good. I could tell that he was also enjoying it as his towel started to bulge out in front. I could stand it no longer...
    I unzipped my jeans and took them off as fast as I could. My cock standing straight through the fly of my silk boxers. Before I could even get the jeans completely off, Aric had already started helping me remove my boxers. But then I was naked, my cock pressing against my abdomen. I grabbed the towel and torn it off of Aric. He stood there with his cock almost fully erect.
    It was a nice, the red pubic hair surrounding it. It was just the right size, not too wide or too long. I would say that it was six inches, exactly what I hoped for. And the red pubic hair… ohhh, light red pubic hair. It was to die for.
    I went for it. I placed my lips around it and took it as far back in my mouth as I could get it. I could feel it on the back of my throat and then I moved back off. I repeated this over and over, moving my tongue around his cock, licking and kissing his balls, sucking slightly on the head, all the time staring at the red pubic hair. But before he came, he made me lay back on the bed.
    At first he laid on top of me, face to face. As I kissed him, both he and I could smell his cock on my breath. It excited him as well as me. He moved down my body. Gently kissing my neck and then moving into my armpit. He'd said earlier that the slight smell of body odor aroused him, and it was apparent that he wasn't lying. He pushed his face deep into my slightly hairy armpit. He inhaled deep breaths then moved to my chest.
    He kissed my rock hard nipples and began to suck on them. Oh, what a sensation. I thought I would come before he even did anything to my cock. I held my butt muscles tight. I had to hold it in.
    He then moved on down as he licked and kissed my chest, ever moving closer to my throbbing cock. He got down to my navel and started kissing it, licking it, and moving downwards... before I knew it, I could feel his mouth on my cock. He started at the bottom, on my still loose balls and licked up to the tip. With every heartbeat, my manhood quivered. He moved back down to my balls and began to nibble and suck on them. He put his hand on my butt and squeezed tightly. He then moved it over to my very sensitive virgin hole and pushed against the side.
    I didn't think I could take anymore, and luckily Aric realized this. Once again he told me that it was his turn to "relax," as he put it.
    So I once again began to suck on his throbbing red haired cock. But I moved slower this time. I did the same to his butthole as he'd done to mine, then I turned him over to look at his backside. It was equally amazing. His butt was tight and hard. It wasn't hairy or bald, it was just slightly fuzzy with blonde hair. I kneeding his butt. I squeezed it and kissed it as my cock pressed against his very hairy legs. I then turned him on his back and proceeded to kiss his neck. I worked up and down his neck. The two day old stubble from his beard providing slight friction. I kissed his ears and ran my tongue along his face. I kissed his eyelids and they shivered in delight. I kissed his also rock hair nipples. I went to his armpit and buried my head. I found out that I, too, like the smell of body odor. I licked his armpit the followed his chest hair down his "treasure trail."
    I reached his cock and this time there was no stopping. I sucked it and stroked it and kissed it until finally it shot out loads of come.
    He laid in orgasm for a few moments then went for my cock. Seeing him had excited me enough that only the instant touch of his mouth was necessary to make me spew.
   We both laid motionless in his bed. We were exhausted and elated. For hours we pressed next to each other in the afterglow. But then the time came, and I began my journey back home.