Sam's Party

Info NicoleF
27 Dec. '16

I am a woman in my late twenties and recently I had an experience which I want to tell you about. My friend Samantha called me up as I was watching TV on a Saturday, and invited me to a party she was having at her house that afternoon.

I said sure and grabbed my stuff and walked over to her house. When I got there though, there didn't seem to be any party going on. Walking up to the front door, I rung the doorbell and waited. After a little while, Sam came to the door and let me in. She was dressed only in jeans and a bra, so I asked her where the other people were and she said "Silly, there are no other people, its a private party."

I laughed, cause this was the way that Sam was, and I went out to the pool. Sam called out from the Kitchen, "Go ahead and change, I'll meet you at the pool in a sec." The first thing I saw when I got out there was that there was a fresh open bottle of Champagne sitting on the sideboard. I felt like relaxing, so I grabbed it and strolled on into the bedroom to change. Putting my stuff on the bed, I closed the door and began unbuttoning the buttons on my shirt. After each button, I took a long drink of the champagne bottle and so by the last button, I was feeling a little tipsy. Pulling off the shirt, I was just reaching behind me to unclasp my bra when Sam pulled open the door. I blushed, and she said "Oooo, sexy mama, let me lick on your big titties..." I laughed and sat down on the bed. She laughed too and went to the closet.

"So there really aren't any other people coming?"

"Nope, its just you and me alone kid."

Then she noticed my bottle of champagne. "You drinking the whole thing? I guess I've already drunk enough that I don't need to drink anymore."

I had noticed this, so I told her that I agreed and took a big gulp of the champagne. She went into the bathroom and we both changed and met at the pool. I wandered to the edge and dipped my leg in and said that I thought it was too cold. She came up nect to me, put her leg in and said she agreed. "So who's going in first?" I asked. "You are!" and she pushed me in. I screamed and fell in, thrashing and kicking around. Swimming to the edge, I grabbed her leg and dragged her in too.

We swam around for a little while, then, I got bored so I crawled out of the pool. Sam asked, "Did I piss you off Anne?"

"Yes I'm very mad at you for pushing me in. Go away."

She got out and came over to where I was standing, "I'm so so sorry, here let me dry you off." Grabbing a towel from the lawn chair, she came over to me and put the towel over my head and rubbed it around until my hair was all in my face. I yelled "Hey, watch it!" and I snatched the towel away and said, "Do it right!"

"Yes master, will you show me how, please?" I sighed and grabbed the towel. Turning her around so that her back was facing me, I began to slowly rub the water off of her shoulders. Sam reached up and pulled off her two shoulder staps, saying "That should make it easier."

I shrugged my shoulders and said "Whatever." I continued drying until I reached the top of her one-piece. Feeling a little brave from all the champagne, I pulled down the swimsuit halfway down to her hips and began wiping off the middle of her back. Finally, she said "Okay, I get the idea," and she turned around putting her hand out to get the towel. I gasped when I saw her naked breasts exposed, the hard nipples pointing straight out, so I quickly held up the towel in front of her chest. She pushed it down saying, "Whats wrong with my breasts?"

I turned my head and said, "Nothing's wrong with them."

"Okay then, let's get to work." she grabbed the towel and began drying my shoulders, down my arms and each finger one by one. I was kind of tingling so I asked her to hurry, and she looked up and purred, "What's the rush silly? Your whole body is so wet I need to dry each part thouroughly." Giggling a little bit I agreed with her.

"Raise your arms up above your head." I did, and she wiped my armpits and began moving lower and lower, alternating on each side. I whimpered a bit when she began towling off the exposed side of my breast, and she said "Okay then, how about drying me off a little?"

I took the towel and said "Where?"

"Where it's wet, silly."

I looked at her chest and said "But only your tits are wet!"

"Then dry them!"

I took a deep breath and put the towel to her left breast. Starting at the top, I rubbed around the side, cupped the bottom with the soft towel, and moved down the middle of her cleavage. She started cooing a bit and said "MMmmm, don't stop, they aren't dry yet." I was feeling really daring by this time, so I began circling the outside of her nipple with the towel. Taking my other hand, I began stroking at her other breast, pulling at her nipple. Looking up, I saw the look of pleasure on her face as she leaned in towards me and kissed my forehead. I dropped the towel out of my hand and moved it down her belly, running my fingers through the thin blond pubic hairs until I buried my finger in her thick, bushy mound, wet with lust-sweat.

With this, Sam reached down and pulled me up by my shoulders and looked me deep in the eyes, "I was waiting for you to make the first move..." ...