Happy Endings IV: The One Thing I’ll Never Regret

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29 Dec. '16

Originally published August 2014 as Smokey Saga #32


Welcome to “Happy Endings” part four. I originally thought this would remain a trilogy, but didn’t want to let these two go just yet—especially now that they’re together. And there were a few more things I wanted to do with them as well. Besides, I think these are a couple of my favorite/most beloved characters. Fans of Sara and Melleny out there, as you made the first three installments something to be proud of, this is dedicated to you. I want to make this story a special gift to say thank you so much from me, as well as from Sara and Mel, to those of y’all who’ve been so supportive through the “Happy Endings” series. That’s right, both of ya.

Just kiddin’. And if you don’t know who (my) Sara Jane Kelton is, you may wish to read my stories “For Happy Endings It Takes Two”then “Won’t You Smile Awhile For Me”then “Drowning In The Sea Of Love.”

There, Beloved Reader; you’re up to speed.


Saturday, March 29th, 2014, 8:27 a.m.

Saturday’d always been Sara Jane Kelton’s favorite day of the week. Besides giving her the short break she so very much desired from school and later work, it held some happy leisure memories. In both single and double digits, she belonged to a bowling league and a chess club that met on Saturday mornings and afternoons respectively. But as she entered her 20s, got a full-time job, and interests relocated, she found Saturdays came in especially handy for catching up on sleep.

But as of the last ninety-six hours, suddenly every day was her favorite day. Earlier that week, she and her short-time sweetie Melleny Alison Hayes had discovered their love for one another—almost as if by magic. The stars aligned. Though neither sensed it until recently, they had conquered one-in-a-billion odds. They were soulmates, they were kindred spirits…they were turtledove perfection. A heaven-made match.

Sara lay spooned around Melleny in her lovely king-size bed, window cracked for some refreshing springtime air. Sara was content to utilize Mel as her life-size teddy bear day and night. And Mel’d gladly volunteer to play this comfy role, were it not for her Saturday obligations. Sara was off work, but Melleny was not. The schedule of a massage therapist was not so fixed and predictable as that of a data analyst.

Mel blinked her eyes open to squint at Sara’s alarm clock. Oh, drat. Her manager at the parlor expected her today at 10:00. She’d just barely enough time to say a not-so-quick goodbye to her honey, swing by her own place for a shower, and hit the road.

Punctuality was the last thing on Sara’s mind, practically holding Mel prisoner in her embrace. A tranquil smile lay upon her face, nose buried in Melleny’s frizzy brunette mane. She was technically awake, though still breaking the surface of consciousness. But she could just as easily have fallen back into any wonderful dream.

Well, Mel had to go at some point. She started stirring herself loose from Sara’s grasp. But Sara’d have none of it.

“Okay, Saradise...h—…honey?” chuckled Mel. “I do have to get up now.”

Sara frowned at the disappointing news. She shook her head. “Mm-mm,” she protested, holding on tighter.

Mel smiled at her irresistibility. “No, really, sweetie,” she insisted. “I gotta go to work.”

Sara wrapped her arms further and tighter. “Mmm…no,” she interjected in an infantile tone, like a four-year-old refusing to share her favorite toy. “You’re not allowed.”

Mel sighed with a smirk. She didn’t want to leave, but she also didn’t want to get in trouble at work. “Sarachute…” she giggled, taking her wrists and trying to pry her off. “I love you, hon, but I really do have to roll. Seriously, no kidding.”

Sara was adamant. “NO,” she asserted in her possessive child voice. “You cannot. You belong to me now. You must stay here, so that I may snuggle and sex you to pieces.” And she punctuated by firmly locking Melleny’s legs in her own.

Mel giggled again. She wistfully stared at the LCD digits and that darn blinking colon. Sara was being adorable on purpose to manipulate her into staying. And nothing would make her happier. She’d sleep the whole day away if she didn’t have to make a living.

She tried once more. “Sara, I’m leaving.”

Sara’s eyes remained peaceful and her voice serene, yet her words strengthened.

“Do not make me hold your coochie hostage, woman,” she mock-threatened, but with half a mind to really do so.

It was clear Sara wouldn’t let go of her own free will. Mel’d tried the nice approach, but no dice. She’d have to resort to more demonstrative measures. Her sneaky smile appeared. She didn’t want to have to do this, but…she reached behind her back.

“Speaking of ‘coochie’…” she announced, digging her fingers into Sara’s unsuspecting ribs. Sara’s grip released as she broke out in guffaws, wriggling on her back.

“Ah, that’s better!” Sighing with satisfaction, Mel swung her legs off the bed, pushing to her feet. She stretched, yawned, and grinned at her susceptibly ticklish girlfriend.

Sara smirked up at her. “You’s mean,” she commented, altering the grammar to play up her immature whimsy.

“Oh, I’s mean, huh? Be thankful I didn’t do ‘This Little Piggie’ on you, Miss ‘Touch My Tootsies And I’ll Hit The Ceiling’!” Melleny impishly grabbed at Sara’s feet under the covers, making her emit little shrieks and kick at her hands.

“All right, hon, I really do have to go now. I have to get home and hit the showers.”

“But you can shower here! And, uh…perhaps I can join you,” smiled Seductive Sara.

“And that is precisely why I must get outta here now if I’m to have any hope of getting to work on time. Besides, Sarakeet, I don’t have a change of clothes here.”

Sara let out a small whine, but permitted. Mel chuckled.

“Aw, sugar, the parlor’s only open till two on Saturdays,” she assured her. “Before you know it, we’ll be…doing…whatever the heck we’re gonna be doing tonight!”

Sara beamed at her passionately. “I can’t wait, Love Of My Life.”

Mel blew her a kiss. “See you then, Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me.”

Sara filled the temporary void by taking a pillow and squeezing it extra tight. She smiled ear to ear, even as she heard the front door slam two minutes later. She didn’t know this measure of happiness existed before now.


Saturday, March 29th, 2014, 8:53 a.m.

It was the first Saturday morning since she and Mel’d officially declared their love. It seemed opportune for some sort of celebratory activity. And yet, try as she might, Sara found herself unable to think of something to do on her own. To this point she’d been sleeping alone in her own bed, going to work five days a week and dozing in the other two. But waking early on a Saturday was somewhat novel. She loved being able to stay up on non-work nights. And it wasn’t that she didn’t want to go to bed; she just relished the extra time for chores or other activities. And she’d been spending so much time with Melleny, her girlfriend’s sudden albeit necessary absence left Sara feeling disoriented. She of course loved Mel, missed her when she was away and cherished their every shared second. And each of the few times they’d slept at her home, they’d gotten up together and departed together. And today, when Mel left without her, it almost felt as if a part of Sara’d jumped up and gone too.

There was precipitation in the air, left over from the night before. Sara’s windows were cloudy, as was the gentle Midwestern spring sky. She was supplied with a fun idea. So many days before, Sara arrived at work in the a.m., exited the car and slung her backpack over her shoulders. She’d take a sec to close her eyes, breathe in nature’s perfume and think, Oh my gosh, what a gorgeous day. I wish I didn’t have to work so I could play outside. Of course, when weekends arrived, and she didn’t have to work, and could’ve enjoyed the beautiful dawns outdoors, she just slept right through them.

Well, now she actually had an early morn on which she was both off work and awake. Not willing to let it get away, she stepped outside.

It was very lightly drizzling. She was in her lavender jammies—her “lammies,” which just happened to have pictures of sheep printed on them—and barefoot. Channeling her inner ballerina, Sara pranced, skipped and leapt through the grass like a forest sprite. She painted her feet with trails of cool dew and leftover rain, singing to herself. She jeté’d, she pirouetted, she somersaulted, she handsprang, she cartwheeled.

“Hey…if we can solve any problem…” she half-whispered and half-crooned through her lawn aerobics. Melleny had inspired her song choice. “…Then why do we lose so many tears?…Oh, so you go again…when the leading girl appears…”

Oh, this was such great fun. Sara danced over the yard in a hundred patterns while the birds cheered on her merry performance. As she was wrapping up the song, her dance was brought to a halt. Her foot came down on a muddy spot, and she slipped and plopped on her bum. But she wasn’t hurt. Right now one of the birds could’ve dropped a present on her head and she’d have just laughed.

Finally, she’d had enough pajama partying and went inside to shower and get dressed.


Saturday, March 29th, 2014, 10:42 a.m.

“Hello! J.D. here.”

“Yo, Davis! S.K. here! How’s my best buddy?”

“Yo, Kelton! Ah, been worse, can’t really complain…yourself then?”

“Oh, you know me; just enjoying the beautiful life. Listen, dude, you busy today?”

“Not extremely.”

“Tops! Wanna go to the mall with me? I’m flying solo and I need something to do, and besides, there was something I wanted to rap with ya about.”

“A’right, sure. So, like, maybe half an hour?”


Saturday, March 29th, 2014, 11:16 a.m.

Sara trolleyed to the mall, singing along with Bob Dylan. She wasn’t a huge Dylan fan, except for this song. Besides the obvious reason, she also loved harmonicas.

“Sleeping in the woods by a fire in the night…drinking white rum in a Portugal bar…” Sara crowed in her best Dylan-y voice, “…Them playing leapfrog and hearing about Snow White…You in a marketplace in Savanna-la-Mar…

“Sara, Sara…it’s all so clear, I could never forget…Sara, oh, Sara…loving you is the one thing I’ll never regret…”

She entered, meeting up with her long-time best pal Jake at the massive food court.

“I’m feelin’ kinda Kung Pao,” Jake mused. “Whaddaya think, Chicken Licken?”

“Ah, good on ya, love!” affirmed Sara. “You’re speaking my language!”

Picking up some chicken and eggrolls, they chose a table and sat.

“So what’s up?” asked Jake.

“Wuhll…” muttered Sara, mouth stuffed with her beloved favorite food. She paused to chew, remark, “Damn, that’s good,” and swallow. “Tastes like chicken. Anyway—

“Turns out in just about another week or so, ’s gonna be Mel’s birthday.”

Jake regarded her with arched eyebrows and a wary expression.

“I am definitely not gonna be able to get your girl Velette back here in one week, if that’s where you’re headed.”

Sara laughed. “No, no, babe, that’s not it. Although yes, Jake, thank you for that, for the bazillionth time. Nah, I just thought, you did such an epic job on my birthday, maybe you could help me find something cool for her.”

“Oh, nice, a’right,” Jake agreed. “Well, why don’t you tell me a little about her, and we’ll go check out the stores, and see what we come up with.”

They clinked their disposable cups together.

Another half hour later, Sara was somewhat regretting asking her dear friend to help her get Mel a birthday present. But she certainly didn’t want to tell him that now.

“I, uh…I forgot how serious you are about birthdays, bro,” she chuckled, as they exited their eighth outlet empty-handed.

“Heck, sis, I can’t help it if these places don’t have good enough stuff,” Jake replied matter-of-factly. “Melleny deserves something truly special. Besides, if you’d bought everything you liked, your credit card bill’d be on fire.”

“Oh, look: Hallmark!” Sara pointed. “We’re guaranteed to dig up some treasure there!”

“Ah, yes,” Jake followed. He too was a fan of Hallmark, and so just kidding as he quipped, “When you give enough of a crap to give the very best crap.”

Sara almost collapsed on the floor laughing. “Ja-ake!” she exclaimed. “You better hope they couldn’t hear you!”

Hallmark Gold Crown indeed offered a fine array of presents, objets d’art, collectables, stuffed toys and other playthings, gourmet candy, signature greeting cards, wrapping paper and additional goodies. Jake tagged at Sara’s side as she gave everything a quick eval, and compiled a list of possibilities. They passed the stuffed animals section.

“Aw, look!” Sara said, pulling a toy from the shelf. “Is this cute or what??”

As Easter was approaching on April 20th, the featured display reflected so. Sara was showing Jake a bunny rabbit with a basket attached, and a button on its belly which instructed, “Press me.” When she pushed it the bunny played a tune that went, “I like carrots and eggs, I like carrots and eggs,” twitched its head back and forth, and pretended to put eggs into the basket. “Don’t you think she’d like that?”

Jake smiled. “It is cute…I’m not sure it’s a great idea for Melleny’s birthday, though.”

“Why not?”

“Well, I mean, just if you’re asking my opinion, I used to know a guy who was born on Halloween. And his birthday presents usually always came in the form of candy…or costumes. Or pumpkins. It got pretty old pretty fast. After a while he almost started to hate his birthday. ’Cause everyone thought it was okay to give him something, y’know, we all get on Halloween. It was like his birthday wasn’t really that special at all.”

Sara’s face drooped. “Aw, that’s lousy. Everyone deserves a little special attention on their birthday. Well, Easter’s on a different date every year…but I do see your point.”

She returned it to the shelf. It looked to Jake that putting it back made her a little sad.

“Well, I mean, don’t let me make the decision for you, babe,” he added. “I mean, I don’t wanna just steamroll over you. If you like it, you should get it—for you, if not for her. Or your family. Or her family.”

Sara cheered up. “Okay!” She snatched it right back off the display rack.

Much as Hallmark offered, Sara didn’t unearth anything she liked as much as the bunny, or that just said “Melleny” to her. So for the first time, they left with a purchase. But Sara still needed to find that special present for her lovey-dove.

“Hey, there’s Aromaworks up there,” Jake pointed. “Think she’d like some perfume?”

Sara shrugged. “Worth a shot.”

But even the mall could be perilous. Someone lurked in their path, waiting to strike.

OH NO,” Sara whispered. “Oh, crap.”

Okay, whatever you do, don’t look them in the eyes,” advised Jake. “Do not, show, fear. They can smell fear.”

Uh-oh.” Sara began to panic and indeed show fear. “I think she saw us.”

All right, don’t freak,” Jake told her. “I know a trick to get around them.”

Eye contact was abruptly made. Sara was scared. Her heartbeat quickened anxiously.

Just let me handle it,” he uttered as they grew nearer.

And sure enough, once they got within five feet of each other…

It happened.

“Excuse me!” said the cheery kioskist. “May I ask you a question about your private bathing habits??”

Sara opened her mouth to scream and covered her ears, but Jake stuck to his plan. Opening his eyes wide with a gasp, he pointed above and behind. “OHMYGOD, WHAT’S THAT?!” he shouted.

The kioskist turned to look behind her, where he was pointing. As she was distracted, Jake grabbed Sara’s hand and they ran! Valiantly, they eluded the creature unscathed.

Fifteen feet out of range, Sara laughed. “You are a genius!” she guffawed.

“Survival of the fittest, sis; gotta learn to think on your feet.”

An even more cheerful Aromaworks employee greeted them.

“Good afternoon, friends!” she grinned. “Anything we can do for you today?”

“Well, maybe,” said Sara. “I’m looking for a birthday present for my girlfriend.”

“Oh, how fun!” commented the associate, whose nametag indicated she was called Muffy. “Well, I’d be happy to show you around and share some of my personal favies!”

Muffy took them on a tour, giving them a number of options to try. She spritzed Sara with scents until she began to run out of (prudent) spots on her body. Like Hallmark’s assortments, while each was charming in its own way, none really seemed to capture the essence of Melleny. Until Sara spotted one that stood out against the others.

That one looks interesting,” Sara pointed.

“Oh, yes!” said Muffy. “This one’s quite unique; it was actually marketed to us by a local resident, here in town. It’s called Torrid. Passionate and haunting, bordering on…” She glanced to and fro, leaned in, and lowered her voice to a whisper. “…Erotic.”

Jake and Sara exchanged intrigued glances.

“Well, that sounds a little naughty…but appropriate,” said Sara. “May I?”

“Of course!” As Sara’d run out of spots, Muffy spritzed her own wrist. Sara took a sniff. Just as with Panda Express’ Kung Pao, her eyeballs rolled straight back in her head.

“O.M.F.G…” she breathed. “Jake, bro, no kidding, you have to smell this.”

Jake gave a whiff. It had a similar effect on his olfactory senses. The only word he produced was, “…Damn.”

“I think we have a winner!” Sara grinned, spreading a contagious smile to Muffy’s lips.

I’ll say!” Jake tossed in. “You give Melleny that, she’ll put you in her will!

That was good enough for Sara. “I’ll take one!” she beamed.


Saturday, March 29th, 2014, 1:54 p.m.

Winding up perhaps the lengthiest, most expansive mall visit either of them ever paid, Sara made another purchase for herself. One of the cutest, most adorable pairs of buckle Clarks she’d ever seen brought her bag total to three, and started to weigh her arms down. Jake, who’d only made a single buy—a high-tech clock radio that did everything except predict the future—offered to carry the shoes for her.

They next passed by Rax 4th Avenue, the two-story northwest anchor.

“Ooh! Dude, we gotta drop in here!” Sara announced.

They traversed Rax till reaching the section of the women’s department that resembled Vicki’s Secret, where Sara found the person for whom she was looking.

“Hey, there she is!” she declared.

Her hot salesperson pal Rachel looked up to see her with a cordial smile. “There she is indeed.” Sara strode up and threw a nice tight hug on her. “Rache, my B.F.F.F. Jake,” she introduced. “Jake…” she gestured. “…You heard me say her name.”

“Oh. Lovely to meet me,” Jake said, holding out his hand.

“Likewise, I’m sure you’re sure,” said Rachel, turning it palm up and low-fiving.

“Rachel’s married to a gal named Holly who teaches in middle school,” Sara told him.

“Oh,” said Jake. “So, you’re…and-and she’s…and…and you know each other, and…”

Luckily, Sara and Rachel knew what he was trying to say.

Oh, yeah. Little lesbian secret for ya, Jake,” informed Sara. “We all know each other.”

“’S right,” said Rache. “Even when we don’t know each other…somehow, we still do.”

“Yeah, and, somehow, we’ve all dated each other’s exes,” chuckled Sara. “It’s like we’re all cosmically connected, in the stars, in a giant Sapphic constellation.”

“So what brings you by, Kelts?” Rachel asked.

“Well, I kinda just dropped in to say howdy, but since we’re here, my g—”

Sara was cut off by the sound of her phone chirping. She retrieved it.

“Whoa! Speak of the angel!” Her daily love text from Melleny had just arrived.

hey lover im off work <3 mel

“Now that is freaky. I was just gonna say, Mel’s birthday’s coming up, on the 6th.”

“Aha,” said Rachel. “Nice. Have you bopped her yet?”

“W—Rach-el!” Sara laughed, instinctively throwing her hands over Jake’s ears.

Rachel innocently held out her own hands, as if to say, “…Well?” Jake threw Sara an amused look that said, “What’s with the earmuffing? You think I’m ten years old?”

“Sorry,” said Sara, removing her protective paws. “Rachel is obsessed with sex.”

“I am not apologetic about my expressions,” Rachel stated matter-of-factly. “I harbor interest and fondness with natural human practices. Sex is a natural human practice.”

“Yeah, what’s the big deal, Sare?” Jake asked her. “We’ve talked about sex before.”

Sara gave a little shrug. “I guess…maybe I’m more used to it just being like a one-on-one thing,” she admitted. “But anyways, uh…yes, Rachel, we…have…done so, yes.”

Rache took her hand, held it up and high-fived her. “’Atta girl!” she praised. Stepping out from her counter, she led them towards the lingerie. “Now, I’m sure between cute, seductive, hot ‘n’ sexy or downright smoldering, we can find something that’ll fit’cha. What’s her favorite color?”

“Um…probably indigo,” said Sara. “But, I’m not sure I ever found out her size, though.”

Rachel turned back with a saucy grin. “Who said anything about her wearing it?”

Sara’s eyebrows arched. “Oooh…I like the way you think, Rache.”

“I just said something that’ll fit you, silly!”


Saturday, March 29th, 2014, 6:10 p.m.

Rache found Sara a sleek, translucent bluish-violet (almost pure indigo) lace negligee. When she shyly slipped out of the dressing room to show them, the same thought was placed in both minds: “Whoa…who let the hottie out of the hothouse??” Enormously flattered, Sara practically flung her credit card at Rachel.

Her friendship with Jake came in handy, as Sara could give him the gifts to keep at his place, eradicating the possibility of Mel discovering them. Now all Sara had to do was keep mum for the next week. I can handle that, she thought. How difficult can it be?

That late afternoon, both girls were working an early appetite. So they opted for a lush restaurant called the Candle Grove. The establishment lived up to its name, setting a romantic tone by christening each table with a color-changing Luma. Without the complement of overhead lamps, the girls were working with dim lighting, but fortunately not too dim to read the menus or each other’s expressions. Sara and Melleny chose to sit together on one side of the table, placing the Luma on the other.

Mel got a dish of tempura shrimp, and Sara, natch, chicken parmesan. They unfolded their napkins and bibbed themselves, enjoying feeding each other. And interspersing bites with soft kisses, sampling food with a dash of their own tastes. Both found the combination quite intoxicating. They also appreciated the dark atmosphere.

Two girls kissing, hand in hand, arms around shoulders and so forth, tended to turn heads. Sometimes this made Sara and Mel feel funny or special. But—with the knowledge that it really wasn’t their problem—sometimes they wished to just be able to display public affection like a het-couple. They could also live without folks randomly coming up and asking questions about their relationship. Answers to which were, again, pretty identical to those of a hetero coupling.

But they wouldn’t be annoyed by unwanted attention this evening, and it would be inappropriate to dwell on. They kissed, they shared their meals, and when their mouths were too full they Eskimo kissed. The inanity made them silly-giggle, and fall back in love with each other ten times over. When the waiter asked if they’d like dessert, the answer was a yes. But to take home, please, they requested, having no room left.

Seventy-two hours before, Sara and Melleny had made spectacular, splendid love for the first time (in conscious state). It happened at Mel’s home, after Mel fell victim to a bit of an emotional crisis, and Sara crutched her through it. Both were so overcome by the prodigious mutual adoration, they threw themselves into a whirlwind of passion. Sara surrendered her virginity, and Mel finally experienced true intimacy with a partner who could give her all the love she could hold. Their relationship was cemented.

Only one component left Sara feeling a bit incomplete. When she and Mel had their first date the previous December, Mel unexpectedly fell asleep at her house and slept over. And Sara dreamt that they had sex for the first time. Sara came like a broken dam, but Melleny did not. And on March 26th, when they had sex for real at Mel’s—led into by an erotic massage Melleny gave her—again, orgasm-wise, it was all about Sara. Mel insisted that she’d gotten just as much if not more out of the act. But part of Sara couldn’t help feeling obliged to “give,” as it were, instead of “take.”

The 26th was a Wednesday night. Melleny had the next day off. After midnight, they adjourned back to Sara’s home and king-size bed. Sara put in a day’s worth of leave from her job, enabling them to sleep in, and spend Thursday the 27th together.

This essentially became Sara and Melleny’s Pamper Yourself Day. They decided to splurge, indulging and treating themselves to a spa. They got massages—Mel found it quite nice to be on the receiving end for a change—facials and wraps. Then Melleny wanted a mani-pedi, with which Sara agreed for about two seconds. Then the idea—well, really just the latter half—scared the hell from her. But she was willing to try. They did Mel first. Sara got her mani, then when it was time for her pedi, she asked a number of assistants to hold on to her in the chair. Mel let Sara squeeze her hand, and finally, the pedicure was underway. It felt nice, and the pedicurist was being as gentle and delicate as could be. But oh…was it still ever so ticklishly nerve-wracking. A few of the spa technicians said they’d never heard anyone laugh so loud in their lives.

Eventually, Sara guffawed so hard she began to cackle out, “Oh, God, I’ll talk! I’ll talk!!

Melleny did feel sheepish when she remembered how deathly ticklish Sara’s feet were. But she was touched beyond words that even with this explosive kryptonite, Sara was devoted enough to put herself through it, because it was something Mel wanted to do. She really does love me, thought Mel. When they returned home in the afternoon, thoroughly cleansed and refreshed, they had a little discussion about tickling.

First of all, Mel sincerely apologized for forgetting about her Achilles’ heel (“no pun intended”). She felt a little bad, Sara could see, so she kissed her and said not to worry. She explained that even though having her feet tickled was a punishment as a child…as much as it drove her crazy, and made her protest at first…she derived a bit of excitement from it as an adult. And she reminded Mel of how good laughter was for the body, and the endorphin rush. It scared her, yes, she told Mel, but added, “But honey, if you keep tickling me—and just don’t go overboard with it—I’ll live forever!”

Melleny broke out laughing herself. “I love you, Saramount.”

“I love you more.”

“I love you most.”

“I love you most-infinity.”

They spent Thursday night in Sara’s bed, watching TV until dropping off to Dreamland. Friday morning they woke and left together, both happier than clams. Melleny revived her daily pattern of sending Sara love texts. Sara was so full of euphoria, wondering what kind of fun things they could do tonight. Then, inspiration struck. She asked Mel to come back over this evening, that she would have a surprise for her.

And surprise her she did. Well, after confusing her, that was to say. Sara had a plan, and didn’t want to tell Mel what to wear or bring, as it would have spoiled the surprise. She recollected all the details she could remember, and put the plan into action. She left work quickly and eagerly; she had some work to do for this magical evening. And the first thing she needed to do was stop by the grocery store.

Melleny came over about 7:00-ish, per Sara’s request. She didn’t know why she was not to visit right after work, but honored Sara’s wishes. She got one piece of the puzzle when she rang the bell. She heard the footsteps running towards the door from inside.

Here stood a Sara Kelton, dressed in a familiar-looking long-sleeved tie-dye T-shirt, skinny jeans and pink kitten socks.

“Hey, hey, come in!” Sara greeted, waving her into the house. “It’s freezing out there!”

Mel was befuddled. “…It’s not that cold,” she mused. “It’s…in the 50s, if even that low.”

Sara took her hand and pulled her inside. Her freshly cleansed skin felt soft as satin.

“Thanks so much for coming, Melleny!” she said expositorily, leading her into the living room. “Really nice to see you again!”

Mel followed, still out of her loop. “Ummmm…you too, Saratrooper…what’s going on?”

“Well, you’re here for our date, of course! Right?”

Everything Sara said was paced just a hair slower than her normal rate of speech. And her pitch sounded a bit more welcoming, a touch more…“formal,” Mel thought as well.

“Uh…I…guess…” Melleny said, looking around. Her baby blues widened in confusion, seeing something strange in the corner. Sara’s…Christmas tree?

So dedicated was Sara to enchanting Mel this evening, she had actually gone into her closet and dug her Christmas tree back out. She hadn’t time to doll it up, but luckily it was fiber-optic. And she didn’t see it necessary to do the outside of her house as well. Melleny turned back to Sara, totally bewildered…

“Sara, what the…”

…To see her standing by the dining room table, on which was placed—

A vase with a bouquet of blue orchids…a heart-shaped candy box…a dish of popcorn chicken and shrimp puffs…and the vinyl LP of Starship’s Knee Deep In The Hoopla.

The soft white CFL bulb clicked on above Mel’s head, and needed a minute to power up, but at last the situation dawned. Suddenly the memory was back. Virtually the entire setup was identical. There was only one element different from before: that in the background, Sara’d put an album on the stereo by—natch, who else?—The Voxe. The Goddess Herself, Velette. Melleny looked back up at Sara with amazed eyes.

Oh my gosh…awww, Sara!…” she gushed. Sara smiled nice, big and warm as she saw Mel getting the picture.

“So, let me tell you a little about myself…” Sara said, batting her eyes. She pulled out ‘Mel’s’ seat, gestured for her to sit, and did so in ‘hers’. “Le’ssee, I’m 28, Scorpio, non-drinker, non-smoker…my birthday’s November 19th—although I guess you already knew that. And you know who my favorite singer is, obviously…” she added with a wink. “My…favorite color’s blue, my favorite flowers are orchids,” she giggled. “My favorite food’s chicken, my best friend’s Jake, my favorite TV show’s anything he and I watch together…my favorite movie—at least from the last ten years—is Premonition…my favorite song is this one right here my parents named me after, the same one Velette sang to me…” she smiled, showing her the record album.

“Oh! And there is something new in my life, as it turns out,” she told Melleny, blending the past with the present. “Up until just a short time ago, believe it or not, I was a virgin. But then an angel came to me, and…well, the rest is sort of history.”

“Really? Wow…she sounds like a pretty awesome chick,” winked Mel.

“Oh, she’s the best,” Sara replied. “But anyway. Enough about me; tell me about you.”

Melleny laughed. She felt right at home here, in the homey home of her girlfriend. The girlfriend who’d again charmed her socks off, with the whimsical idea to recreate their first date. She wished she’d known so she could’ve worn her jeans, jellies and sailboat sweater. But she played along beautifully. They exchanged subtle, deceptively shy glances and caresses, and once again cleaned off the plate of hors d’oeuvres.

“So, my lovely Miss Melleny…can I give you a tour?”

Hearts and stars danced around Melleny’s pretty little love-dizzy head. “Oh…that’d only be delightful, Lady Sara.”

So they proceeded, returning to the living room following their circular pattern. After which Sara sat Mel on her couch, pranced off to retrieve her silk scarf/blindfold, fetched the candy, lit the candle, and picked up their chocolate game where they left off. This time they added a twist: a kiss was awarded for every right answer. And a raspberry on the (bare) tummy—without warning, of course—for every wrong one.

They planned to stick to the original blueprint—that Sara’d subsequently put on some romantic music, give Mel her foot rub and order pizza—but, the tide turned. Their twist resulted in both becoming too excited to do anything else. They agreed to put a temporary halt to the recreation, and jump straight to Sara’s dream. She couldn’t recall too many details, but was certain they could write a new, enticing storyline.

Before undressing, they got in bed and drew the comforter over. Both intended to start slow and easy, but neither succeeded. They were far too aroused. Their lips adhered like magnets, activating moans in their vocal cords, paws in motion, petting, stroking, loving. They brushed cheeks, noses and ears, pressing and heaving their eager tits against one another. It felt oh so wonderful…it wasn’t long until all control was lost. Their moans graduated to whimpering cries of desire, and pleadings for sweet love.

Oh God I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you…” Sara chanted, getting it all out before they shed their clothing. She knew once they were naked and the actual sex was underway, anything was fair game. She also knew (and just hoped Mel could remember) that when she told Sara she loved her…Sara’d be shot right to the edge if not immediately propelled over, careening into Climaxland like a bullet.

But more than anything else, she wanted to make Melleny cum. She hadn’t been given the privilege yet, and she craved it. At the same time, she didn’t want to have to come out and tell her this; she wanted to give her a superbly natural orgasm that didn’t feel forced in the least. In her favor, Mel was not wearing pants this time but a skirt, yielding easy access to her fragile womanhood. Easy accessOOoohh… The words made her tingle. She didn’t want to be in too much of a hurry, but things were a bit different from their first time. Now experienced as romantic and sexual partners, inhibitions and foreplay were booted, and they could proceed head-on.

Sara’d no intention of making her paws behave themselves. Neither did Melleny, but Sara’s task was crucial. She traced Mel’s skirt hem with her fingertips, turned her paw 90° and continued south. The blade of her hand and her nails gingerly grazed Mel’s supple, milky thigh. Melleny’s breath drew in with a silent gasp. And Sara, driven by arousal and unable to hold herself back, went in for the kill.

Mel braced herself and quivered as Sara closed in on the edge of the panties. She didn’t see it necessary to remove them just now; there’d be time later. She eased the fabric out of her path with a single digit, and let herself beneath. She traced the perimeter of her girlfriend’s pussy, sending a feverish heat through her head to toe.

Yesyes, my loveGod, yes…” she thought she heard Melleny breathe through their magnetized lips.

Sara felt Mel fondle and grope her in turn through her jeans. She shivered back, nipples stiffening. She took her free hand off Mel, lifted her T to her neck, and set her breasts free. She redirected Melleny’s otherwise unoccupied hand to her now exposed chest, as her own snuck between Mel’s warm, wet pussy lips.

Mel secreted and blessed Sara’s fingers with hot, damp femininity. She surrendered to Sara’s tender touch, melting into her like scalding, dripping wax. Her lips pulled off Sara’s out of necessity, needing the oxygen. Her face cringed in blazing lust, eyebrows creasing, eyes squeezing shut, mouth moaning wide open.

Sara’s mouth turned up into a satisfied, powerful smile. Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!! she thought. I’m doing it! Giving rather than receiving was even more arousing than she thought! Mel’s faculties were heavily compromised by the magic Sara worked on them. Her hands were more or less stationary on Sara’s chest and pussy, but Sara didn’t care. It was all about Melleny. She was so excited and hopeful to give her a heart-stopping climax, she barely cared about cumming herself at all. Now, if Mel wanted to reciprocate and make her cum as well (again), there’d be plenty of time. But if Melleny wished to simply descend under her spell, and allow Sara afterwards to escort her into Dreamland, that would be perfectly fine too.

Mel submissively turned to lie on her back and snuggle up to Sara. Her frizzy dark hair dropped from the sides of her face to reveal her blue-shadowed eyes and flattering grimace. She spread her legs further out, and Sara opened her own to allow Mel’s right gam between them. Her submission naturally made Sara feel even more potent. Sara remained on her side, practically looming over her innocent girlfriend like a dominatrix. A deliciously naughty idea crossed her mind.

She whispered a quick, “Hang on just a sec, sweetie,” with a peck on the cheek, and exited Mel’s increasingly damper pussy. Hanging on to her right leg, Sara propped herself on her elbow, taking Melleny’s wrists together. She brought them up and above her head, crossed and held on to them together. Mel was now unable to resist or fight the pleasure being thrust upon her, even if she tried. And they both loved it.

Now then, angel…” Sara whispered. Mel’s wrists pinned under her firm grip, Sara leered at her, slowly stroking her right fingertips back down Mel’s trembling body. She paused a second to sneak under her shirt and tickle her belly, then the rest of the way to her waiting, soaking pussy. “…Tell medo you like this?...”

Sara slipped her index and middle fingers, one above the other, into her sweetie’s cunt. She wiggled them in and out, brushing and fondling her pussy ceiling, as Melleny groaned, trying to push herself harder. “Yes, yes, GOD, yes!” she exclaimed.

Sara smiled. “Good…” she continued. “Now…do ya like this??...”

Already inside, Sara stretched her open just a bit wider and slipped a third finger in. With this, she began to vigorously thrust, jamming and pumping.

Melleny screamed at the sudden forceful sensation. Her head flew down on the pillow, paws still helplessly trapped, arching her back, giving off shouts of affirmation. She felt as if the mattress vanished, and she plummeted into a pool of passion until now hidden from her senses. For half a second as she plunged in, the pool felt icy cold. Then it turned sizzlingly hot. Dozens of sweat droplets popped on her skin. Unable to round up enough breath to speak, Mel vehemently nodded. Sara grinned and kept it up.

Mel immensely enjoyed the strength of will being wielded over her. Without the use of hands, all she could do was squeal, gasp and plead. Sara was relishing the hell out of the setup. She was normally the sub in the scenario, and didn’t know being in control could be so…intoxicating. Her pussy was tangibly wetting her jeans completely on its own. She wrapped her legs tighter around Mel’s, hoping to make her feel it. Although she couldn’t have recalled, her dream from three months ago predicted correctly: Mel was in fact more partial to hard, wild thrusting inside, as opposed to a light, easy touch.

Melleny’s eyes went straight back as Sara’s relentless penetration kept on unabated. Each digital propulsion injected a new, more intense flush of uncontrolled ecstasy. And the more helpless Mel became, the more wickedly powerful Sara felt.

Sara smiled evilly down on her. “I knew you liked it, baby…” she gently taunted. “I knew you wanted this. You belong to me now. You’re alllllll mine.” She kissed her nose and continued ramming her fingers. Despite the throb starting to pain her wrist, she was unable to stop or so much as slow down.

Eyes dizzied, Mel strained and grunted, a column of saliva dribbling from her mouth. She was certain she wouldn’t be able to take much more, and it looked like it to Sara as well. Sara wished she could taste Mel’s cunt. Then it occurred to her that she could.

Oh, Mel might enjoy this even more. Were Sara in this position, she thought she’d find this preferable. It might be a bit late to switch things up, but Sara released her wrists, kissed her once more…whispered, “Hang on for me again, sweetheart”…and tried to keep going with her handjob as she scrambled down the bed to Mel’s cunt level.

Feeling in the darkness under the comforter, Sara hoped she didn’t make her cum in the next two seconds. She positioned herself on her belly, flipped up Mel’s skirt, found what she wanted, stretched the skin back and slipped it into her mouth.

She heard her let loose another wild shriek with Sara’s soft tongue on her hard, erect clit. Melleny didn’t know what to do with her now free hands. So she threaded fingers through Sara’s hair, lifted her pelvis, and pushed on Sara’s head gently as she could. Sara, not minding a bit, ground and smushed her face into Mel’s appreciative crotch.

Sara’s pussy too was drenched and begging to play, but it was not to happen just yet. For now, it was still all about Melleny Hayes. Sara kept both hands and lips on her beloved, as she jilled, plunged, licked, loved. Mel tried to bend at the knees and hug Sara with her calves. Thirty more seconds, and both would be handsomely rewarded.

Sara kept up her diligent work. And just when it seemed Melleny’s screams couldn’t intensify any further, they did. Sara was amazed her vocal cords were this resilient. She felt her girl’s lower body clenching and quivering about her arms and head.

At long, long last, Sara got her wish. She held herself under the covers, but Melleny under the surface of the metaphorical pool of passion. She heard Mel’s happy howls, and proudly blushed betwixt her thighs.

Sara’s desire had been fulfilled. A few moments later, both ready for bed, Mel was all but asleep already (again). And Sara was too tired to do anything for herself. So she crawled back into bed with her sweetie, stripped to her undies, took Mel’s hand, kissed it, placed it in her panties, slipped her arms around Mel and met her in Slumberland.


Monday, March 31st, 2014, 1:07 p.m.



“Hi, is this Mr. Todd Hayes?”

“Yes, it is. Who’s calling, please?”

“Oh! Hello there, sir! My name’s Sara Kelton. We haven’t formally met yet, but may I ask you, is your daughter Melleny Alison?”

“Well, one of them is, yes. I have eight daughters total, Miss Kelton.”

“Ah! Good; that confirms it! Mr. Hayes, I’m Melleny’s girlfriend.”

“Oh, yes, of course—the famous Sara! Yes, Melleny’s told us quite a bit about you.”

Oh. Well, all good, I hope.”

“So what can I do for you, Sara?”

“Well. First off, Mr. Hayes, I’m really glad I found you. Mel just told me your names, so I had to look for you in the Pages. She doesn’t know I’m calling you, and I hope you don’t mind. But as you know, her birthday’s coming up in a week. I got her a couple presents, but I wanted to do something a little more special for her, y’know. So I was wondering how you and Mrs. Hayes might feel about throwing her a surprise party?”

“Hm. Funny you should ask that, Sara. Jackie and I were just discussing it the other night. We usually do give her a surprise party; she’s a big fan of ’em. So we were going to invite you, but weren’t sure how to get in touch with you.”

“Oh! Well, how fortuitous! So I can come?”

“Of course. Melleny comes to visit pretty often, so we usually have the party over here. On the 4th or 5th, so she knows we’re not forgetting about her. And we try to keep her on her toes, so sometimes we tell her about it ahead of time, and sometimes we don’t.”

“Good strategy. Well, if I can ask one more thing, sir, can I bring my friend Jake too? I’m just asking ’cause if it wasn’t for him, Mel and I wouldn’t be together. See, he’s in PR, and he got our favorite singer to come here for a concert last fall, and that’s where we met. I know it may be asking a lot, but we’ll chip in and bring food or something.”

“Sure, no, no, that’s fine; the more the merrier.”


Saturday, April 5th, 2014, 6:34 p.m.

Mel’s folks Jackie and Todd Hayes lived at 929 Kay Court, on the corner of Kay and Five Flags Road. A hundred yards west of their house was a church and rec center, whose massive parking lot was free for public use. In the event of occasions like a surprise party it was particularly handy, as visitors could park at the center and take the quick jaunt across the street. When the “surprisee” showed, he or she might not suspect something was up. Obviously, said surprisee would be aware it was his/her birthday, but not whom to expect.

Sara and Jake allowed a surplus of time to reach the house. They’d never been to visit Mel’s parents before. And they were both abreast of the implied law stipulating that when locating a new host(ess)’s home, at least one street sign—usually the last one—would be obscured—usually by a tree. Fortunately, the sign pointing them down Kay Court and Five Flags Road stood in clear view. The mailbox was plainly labeled, and the front of the house calligraphed “Nine Twenty-Nine.”

Sara’d brought the perfume, the negligee being less appropriate for a family occasion. Truth be told, a perfume called Torrid might not be ideal either, but it was better than sexy nightwear. As for Jake, just before they’d left Rax at the mall, he’d purchased Mel a gift certificate and placed it in a birthday card.

They knocked and were greeted in. Six Hayes girls had arrived with their husbands. They’d come from all different parts of the city—one had swung in from out of state—and wore nametags, to make things easy for Sara and Jake. Their names were chosen before the first was born, and the order of birth was alphabetical. Melleny was born fourth. From oldest to youngest, her sisters were Madeline, Marla, Meaghen, Minny, Mirabelle, Moira, and the baby who hadn’t yet arrived, Molly.

When the three-act play of introductions was concluded, everyone settled in to wait for the guest of honor. Jackie and Todd had asked her to arrive around 7:00-ish (just like Sara had). There was still a fair bit of daylight left, but if they turned out the lights, Mel would likely notice. So they simply hid behind the furniture. When Melleny made her way inside, she was given quite a start, but thankfully zero heart attacks.


Sunday, April 6th, 2014, 12:47 a.m.

It was after midnight, and Melleny had officially turned 30. With several happy hours at the Hayeses’ in the company of their loved ones, the party was a smashing success. The family loved Sara and Jake, and gave Mel several hundred dollars’ worth of cash and prizes. The birthday girl ended up leaving her car at the house, having consumed a few glasses of wine, so Sara and Jake took her home. Sara’s home, that was to say.

The negligee Sara planned to wear for Mel as her other present was still at Jake’s, but no biggie; she could present it at any point. And she loved having Jake stay over, which he’d rather do than drive home this late. So Sara gave him a brief explanation what the Christmas tree was doing in the living room, made up the couch, handed him the big screen remote, took her sweetheart by the hand and once more led her to bed.

Ironically, though it was Mel who’d drunk the wine, and Sara remained her clean, sober self, Melleny was awake and clear-headed. Sara was ready to veritably drop dead. She flipped up the blanket and collapsed in the mattress on her tummy, whipping it back over herself. Mel climbed in beside and stroked Sara’s hair.

Sara, hon?” she whispered.

Yeah?...” Sara muttered, face expressionlessly half-buried in her pillow.

I love you, angel.”

Eyes and face still blank on the edge of slumber, Sara mumbled back, “Aw, that’s sweet, babe, I love you too.”

Sara, you know what I was just thinking about on the way home?


I was looking back and reflecting on my life.”

Ohthat’s nice…”

Yeah, I was thinkingI’m 30 years old. And I’ve been through a lot. I’ve had my share of ups and downs. And, I’m not one of those people who say they have no regrets. Y’know, regrets can be a funny thing. Sometimes you learn something from ’em, and sometimes you don’t learn anything at all. I often wish my memories of doing bad things, either accidentally or on purpose, would just disappear. But then it occurs to meif those memories did disappearhow would I know?” She chuckled softly. “I’ve done a lotta stuff over the years I regret to this day, but Sarasweetheartloving you is not one of them. I will never regret loving you.”

Her voice softened and lowered until just barely audible. She lovingly caressed her. Sara’s only answer was a quiet snore.

I meant it when I told you you were the best thing that ever happened to me, Sara. II don’t even think I have the words to express the full measure of my devotion. If those words even exist. I don’t think I’ve had one less than perfect day since we fell in love. You’re the prettiest, sweetest, loveliest, most wonderful person I’ve met in my 30 years. And it was over the last week or two I finally realizedyou would do anything for me. I can’t describe what that means. No one’s ever had that capacity of love for me before. I-I just wouldn’t know how to go on living one single second if you suddenly weren’t in my life anymore. I wish we didn’t have to work, and could just run off together, somewhere we could let it all slip awayand celebrate every waking moment in each other’s arms. I just…”

A tear came to her eye.

“…I just can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

For a few minutes Melleny piped down and let the clock tick, gazing adoringly into her girlfriend’s sleeping face. She felt that familiar, naughty urge to sit on Sara’s legs and tickle her innocent little size 7½ feet, remembering how Sara said it would make her live forever. Her laughter was such a darling sound, and her face in that helpless state too precious for words. After a bit of silent staring, Sara briefly blinked herself awake.

“...D’you say something?” she uttered.

Mel smiled beatifically and softly kissed her cheek.

Just sweet dreams, my love.”

Oh…” Sara’s eyes fluttered closed again. “Sweet dreams.”

Sara dropped back off again. Melleny was thankful she didn’t have to work tomorrow, as she didn’t think she’d be getting to sleep herself for a little while. In fact, with Sara asleep beside her, Mel was feeling a funny sensation coming on. She couldn’t discern from whence it approached, but she felt an impulse to take Sara’s hand, and…

One part of her couldn’t fathom that she was about to do this. This part found it rather perverse. The other part welcomed it as a gesture of heartfelt cherishing. She and Sara’d been intimate a couple of times already, she reasoned; there was no real cause for alarm or trepidation. Sara’s arm was draped over her belly. Mel gingerly took her paw by the wrist, kissed it, reached beneath the covers, spread her legs, lifted the front of her panties, kissed the hand in hers once more, and tenderly guided it to her pussy.

Oh, it felt wonderful…she smoothed Sara’s fingertips over herself, up and down, one labium at a time at first. It was springtime outside; her mind lightly turned to thoughts of love…and passion. She’d no clue why she wasn’t sleepy but instead aroused, but concluded it was the wine that put her in this state. She would have a bit of alcohol in different settings or get-togethers, and different liquors affected her in different ways. Beer, for example, got her pushy and aggressive, and she didn’t care much for it anyway. She could also do without whiskey and rum, which added to her depression. Irish coffee, on the other hand, somehow made her want to get up and do a jig. Maybe it was the whipped cream. But wine…wine put her in the mood.

How curious, she found herself thinking. How come I never realized that till just now?

She turned to her lover, who slept still, innocent and peaceful. She wasn’t sure if what she was doing could be constituted as a violation, but doubted it. Again, it wasn’t the first time they’d made some form of love together, and besides, they were in love. It should come natural to wish to be erotic with her.

Soon enough, she opened her pussy and jilled herself with Sara’s fingers. She fell more and more in love with her with every stroke, again and again, a hundred times over. Head still on the pillow, she closed her eyes and gave off a soundless moan. Her blood heated and raced. She took care not to bend or press Sara’s fingers too hard and risk waking her, but Sara was basically down for the night as was.

Mel wondered if her mind was focused enough to cook up some kind of racy fantasy right now. Actually, on second thought, she didn’t think she really had to. She already found Sara’s adulation to be the sexiest thing she could think of. She let her eyelids drop and thought about the way it felt when they kissed.

A rush went through her. She won herself another, thinking about her hands roving over Sara’s smooth skin. She earned yet one more recalling the time she gave Sara her happy-ending massage, proclaiming how honestly she loved her, bringing about the impulse that infused her with such wild, sparkling passion. It all subsequently came back to her: the way she’d repeated the phrase to thrill Sara with a series of crackling minigasms, carrying her through the afterglow of the first. She remembered how it delighted her to find that the girl concealed a trove of ecstasy, that could be unlocked by the declaration of true love.

She was correct: she needed no sort of big elaborate fantasy. These realities would do perfectly fine. She was aroused enough that her pussy was wet, and smeared Sara’s fingers with the evidence. She’d suck them clean later.

She let the lusty power build at its pace, trying not to rush. She had all twilight. It’s my birthday, and I’m lying in bed with my girl, my favorite person on Earth. She’s sleeping, and we’re making love. It’s amazing: she’s pleasuring me asleep. How beautifulI’m 30 now. What a glorious agewhat a glorious numberwhat a glorious life

Fondling herself with Sara’s hand, she slunk her other up her shirt and pinched her breasts. Oooh! she reacted with a start. Her loyal nipples did as instructed and grew harder, protruding an extra centimeter into the air. She held her breath, having a bit more trouble being quiet. She recalled how it felt the other week when Sara crawled beneath the comforter, jilled her off and ate her. Her cheeks flushed and her body shook. Her dampening skin felt hot.

Her mind reexamined the situation. She was masturbating in bed with her unconscious girlfriend’s hand. She again questioned if the act could or would be construed as taking advantage. But again, she let herself off the hook. This time she asked, What if the shoe was elsewhere? In other words, how would I feel if I woke up and found that Sara had been putting my hand to such use? And the answer was, …Flattered, quite frankly.

In her head, she recited the poem Sara’d written her two weeks ago. Within one day, she had it memorized backwards and forwards. She asked Sara to handwrite it on a slip of paper, and carried it in her purse wherever she went. Whenever she needed a bit of cheering up or encouragement, she dug in, pulled it out and read it, even though it was all in her head. She imagined the two of them sitting on a park bench somewhere on a nice, breezy day, playing out the described elements. She mouthed it to herself.

Thou art to me a summer eve, a graceful breeze that blowsA verse that doth immortalize, a gently blooming roseThou art to me the purest heart, that beats the fairest beatI shall be thine forever more, for thou art my love so sweet.”

Oh my goodness! she thought as the rush of all combined ingredients struck her. An overwhelmed gasp was forced out. Just as with Sara, the passion swirled the romance into a whirlwind that dizzied Melleny, intensifying every second. She liked it. A lot.

Whew! she said to herself. Let’s do that again!

Continuing to rub herself inside and out with Sara’s obviously adept digits, she recited the poem once more. But this time, she only got about two-thirds of the way through before being taken over by the thunderstorm inside.

With the help of Sara’s paw, Melleny at last came, fiercely as possible while struggling to keep silent. She rocked the bed a bit, whisper-screaming as if she had laryngitis. She pressed and cunt-clenched on Sara’s fingers. The release was so mindblowing Mel sprayed her cum all over Sara’s hand and her own panties.

Miraculously, Sara stirred, but did not awaken. Melleny turned her head to see her still snoring away. WOW, she thought in astonishment. The girl must’ve been truly wiped.

She remembered what she meant to do post-orgasm. She took Sara’s fingers out of her pussy, up from the blanket, and slipped them in her mouth. Once she’d slicked them off, she removed the comforter, carefully rose from the bed, staggered her way down the hall to the bathroom, and dropped her panties. After giving herself a quick cleaning, she tiptoed to the laundry room, dropped her panties in the washer, returned to bed and slipped back in. She cuddled Sara, now using her as her life-size teddy.

Falling asleep with Sara that night, Mel dreamt Sara came to meet her in Slumberland, and flew her far away on her angel wings, like Gary Wright’s “Dream Weaver.” But in this dream, the soundtrack was a song Melleny’d never heard before. But somehow, she knew it perfectly. She sang as Sara took her high through the starry skies.

Sleeping in the woods by a fire in the night

Drinking white rum in a Portugal bar

Them playing leapfrog and hearing about Snow White

You in a marketplace in Savanna-la-Mar

Sara, Sara

It’s all so clear, I could never forget

Sara, oh, Sara

Loving you is the one thing I’ll never regret.

“I feel whole now,” Melleny blissfully exalted. “For the first time in my life, I feel complete, and at peace. Everything is good.”

Off they sailed into their limitless subspace of love, until the dawn came to greet them, as it would every day forever after.