A Matter of Curiosity

Info James_Charles_Lynn
29 Dec. '16

Debbie and I had been talking on the phone for about half an hour now. Our conversation was not relaxed and comfortable. Finally she got down to the subject that was on both our minds.

"John," she said hesitantly, "I'm going to do it."

My heart jumped in my chest. Even after two weeks of discussion my feelings still weren't clear. With a dry mouth I asked, "Okay. What can I do?", knowing full well there wasn't anything.

But she managed to surprise me. "You can be there with me. I talked to Amy and she says it's fine. She says you're cute." she added with a nervous titter.

"Um, right. Why do you want me there? I though you-"

"I'd like you with me for moral support." she said quietly, "I know what I said, and I do want to do it very much. I'd just like you with me."

My head was spinning. "This is nuts!" I said giddily.

"Life usually is." she answered philisophically. "Well, do you want to? You always told me it was your favorite fantasy..." she teased.

I had to laugh. "Fantasy's one thing. This is real life, though. I... okay. When are we getting together?"

"Tomorrow around lunch. I thought we'd spend the day together and get more comfortable with each other."

"All right." I sighed. We made plans to meet at a resturant at noon the next day and said our goodbyes. I was sweating when I hung up the phone.

I didn't know if I was going to be able to handle this or not.

Some folks are more open minded than others. I always thought I was, myself, but then rarely was my open-mindedness brought to the test. Debbie and Amy worked together in the same office and had known each other for a long time. As long as Debbie had known me, at least. Debbie had also known that Amy was bisexual. What she hadn't known was that Amy had been attracted to her almost from the start. Two weeks ago, over a private lunch, Amy finally broke down and told her. Later that evening I recieved a very agitated phone call.

"I-I didn't know what to say." Debbie had told me. "I never had a woman look me straight in the eye and tell me she wanted to sleep with me before!"

"Calm down..." I said reassuringly. "It's all right. What did you tell her?"

"Well," she said slowly, "I told her I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to hurt her feelings so I didn't turn her down on the spot."

"But you are going to tell her no.. aren't you?"

There was a very long pause on the phone before she answered. "I don't know."

"You don't know?" I repeated, quite astounded.

"No." She said. Another pause. "I've known her for a couple years. Some... sometimes I kinda wondered what it would be like. With her."

I swallowed hard. I couldn't believe it! I was getting jealous of another woman! Debbie and I had been lovers for over a year and neither one of us had gone to bed with anyone else. I had never had the slightest inkling of this secret desire before.

However, one of the things that had kept us together was mutual supportiveness and not interfering in the other's decisions. I sighed, "Well, it's up to you. You think you want to do this?"

"I don't know." She repeated. "I think I might. Just once."

"All right." I said, trying to ignore the feelings churning inside of me.

There was a lot of talking over the two weeks that followed. Every night I wondered if she had done it yet, but refused to allow myself to press her on the subject. During each phone conversation, though, it eventually came across that she was still undecided.

Why was I upset? Though we were lovers, we had no formal agreements between us. We liked it that way, because we stayed together out of preference. But we were perfectly free to do what we wished with whomever we wished. This was the first time this agreement had been put to the test.

Perhaps it was my ego. I began to wonder if I had been a good enough lover, if I was somehow inadequete. But when I had voiced these concerns to Debbie she just laughed and told me it had nothing to do with that at all. It was just a matter of curiosity.

The morning of our get-together, a Saturday, dawned bright and warm. I hadn't slept much the previous night and awoke bleary eyed and stumbling. I was nervous and maybe a little excited. Lots of guys had fantasies about being with two women at once, but for most it remained a fantasy. Being actually faced with the reality was something entirely different. But despite my misgivings I decided I was going to go through with it. For Debbie.

But upon reflection I decided I was doing it for myself as well.

We met for lunch at a small resturant over by her place. Debbie and Amy were together by the door waiting for me. Debbie was dressed in a loose cotton shirt and tan shorts, showing off her nicely toned legs. She wore her long blonde hair loosely about her shoulders. She was beautiful and I wanted her on the spot.

Amy was a brunette, wearing a tank top and fairly tight jeans, which showed her curves nicely. She didn't wear a bra, and her nipples poked through the thin fabric, distracting my attention. Debbie noticed and frowned, so I tried to keep my eyes to myself. Not an easy task, believe me. I opened the door and ushered them in.

Lunch was nice but conversation was sparse. I think we were all a little nervous and uptight about things. For the most part we stuck to safe topics, like terrorist bombings and the possibility of ISIS getting the bomb. I don't even remember what we ate but it wasn't a lot.

Afterwards we decided to go over to Debbie's apartment because she had the nicest place. It was still early afternoon so I put a movie on her DVD Player and we sat on the couch together, watching it and not saying much of anything. After the show was over I finally announced "This isn't working. We need to get more comfortable with each other."

"I have an idea." Amy spoke up. "Let's adjourn to the hot tub for a while. At least we'll relax."

Good idea. We went into different rooms and switched into bathing suits. When I came out I saw Debbie wearing her usual green and white one piece but Amy had borrowed that red string bikini that Debbie had never quite gotten the nerve to wear. The effect was quite spectacular, as Amy was more buxom than Deb and the fabric strained to hold her up, but I made a point of not looking too thoroughly or Deb would start fuming again. But I did notice her stealing more than one glance at Amy herself as we walked down to the hot tub at the center of the complex. Maybe this was working after all...

Apparently everybody else was busy because the pool area was deserted. Fine by me. Debbie stepped into the tub and just sat down but Amy lowered herself into the steaming water with a grace I had to admire. I just jumped in with a splash and aggravated squeals from the others. Amy remarked, "I guess some people never grow up..."

Debbie replied, "Yeah, but I've had a year to get used to it." I smiled and said nothing. A good general knows enough not to push matters when he's outnumbered.

Eventually the heat and afternoon sun made us a little drowsy and relaxed. Eventually we started talking. Amy talked about how she had been attracted to Debbie for a long time but was afraid to say anything for fear of ruining a good friendship. Some people treated gays and bisexuals like lepers and it took her a long time to trust Deb enough to open up finally. Then Debbie said she had always been a little curious about bisexuality, and wondered what it was like to feel a woman's touch. She even admitted that she was feeling a definite attraction towards Amy, and seeing her in that bikini was a definite turn-on.

I admitted to my original misgivings, and confessed to a little jealousy at first. Debbie pushed me good-naturedly. "You dummy. I'm not about to leave you for another girl or guy! I think it'd do us both some good to loosen up a bit, though." Reluctantly I agreed. The intimacy of the situation was beginning to turn me on as well, though. I ran my foot up Debbies leg playfully. I felt something strange and looked down to see Amy was doing the same to Deb's other leg. Both girls smiled at me as if I'd just discovered a guilty secret. My heart gave a small leap and my cock became hard almost at once. I was shocked by the strength and immediacy of my reaction.

For a while we all played footsie under the water. At one point Amy ran her foot all the way up to my crotch and against the front of my swimsuit, feeling my still erect penis. She smiled knowingly as she caressed it several times with her foot before taking it back. I looked at Debbie and didn't see any more jealousy in her eyes, but rather smouldering passion. This hot tub was getting hotter by the minute.

Deb moved over by Amy and touched her, under the water. Amy responded and I watched as they caressed each other, slowly, sensuously. I watched in amazement as Deb's hand slid down Amy's back and slipped into the rear of her bikini bottom to caress her ass underneath. Amy was returning the favor as best she could with Deb's one-piece. They moved closer together and their mouths met and I cleared my throat loudly.

Both girls looked at me as if shaken from a dream. I said, "I really hate to interrupt but we ARE in direct view of about 40 different apartments out here..."

Debbie back off across the tub so fast she slipped and would have gone under if I hadn't caught her. Amy was looking around wildly trying to spot any faces in the windows. They were both blushing bright red and I didn't blame them. It was about time we got out, anyway.

We toweled off on the concrete, maintaining careful decorum all the while, and dripped our way back to Debbie's apartment. On the landing, Amy said, "You know, I've been thinking, is there really any need to change back to our clothes?"

Of course I didn't get it right off, and said, "We can't wear these suits in the house. What will we wear?" Amy stared at me until the meaning sunk in. "Oh."

We piled in through the door and Deb and I headed for the master bath while Amy made for the spare. In the master bathroom we peeled our suits off and jumped in the shower together, washing each other. I ran my soapy hands up and down her slick body and she moaned in pleasure. "Excited?" I asked.

"Yessss..." she replied in a breathy voice. Then she rinsed off and she sopaed me up, taking a little extra time at my cock, which stood straight out stiff as a board. Then she rubbed up against me, her hard pink nipples brushing my chest as my slippery cock pressed against her lower belly. We held each other like that for a moment before we broke and showered the rest of the soap away.

As we dried ourselves I took advantage of our last private moment and asked, "How are you feeling about all this?"

She paused for a moment, reflecting. "I... don't know. Back in the tub I shocked myself. The attraction was incredible! I'd never felt like that before... except with you." She hesitated, blushing. "But now that we're alone together I feel... intimidated again. I'm so glad you're here to share this." She threw her arms around me in a ferocious hug. I hugged her back, enjoying the affection. It was a very special and tender moment, and I'll always remember it.

Finally we had dallied long enough. Suits and towels were hung up and we stood at the door, nude, ready to go out and face whatever there was to face. Debbie swallowed hard and nodded, and I opened the door.

I poked my head out but the hall was empty. I walked out carefully, feeling as naked as I was, wondering where the hell Amy went. Deb followed close behind, hands on my shoulders, using me to hide behind. People can be so damn silly sometimes, and I had to smile at the though. We both almost jumped out of our birthday suits when a familiar voice rang out from the bedroom at the end of the hall. "There you are! I was beginning to wonder if you'd gone on without me."

Amy stepped out into the hall and leaned against the doorway, her hand on one bare hip, smiling. True to her word, she too was nude. Those magnificent breasts hung gorgeously free, large pink nipples begging to be touched and caressed. She kept herself in good shape, and it showed in her well toned form. The dark triangle of her pubic hair was a sharp contrast to her light skin, making her seem somehow more naked as if that were possible. I took her in from head to toe unabashedly, and she did the same to me. This girl was definitely not shy anymore.

Deb was still hiding behind me, peeking over my shoulder. I reached back and put an arm around her to bring her out beside me. The time for modesty was long past. Amy sized her up with a definitely aroused gleam in her eye. Deb was almost shrinking away from her, though. I realized that, unlike the tub scene, this was not spontaneous, and and she had had time to think about things and the warring impulses scared her. With my hand on her shoulder I felt her starting to shiver. This was not going well.

Amy apparently reached the same comclusion as I did. She walked towards us, hips swaying seductively, and took each of us by the hand. In a low, seductive voice, she said, "Let's go in the bedroom and get comfortable with each other."

We sat down on Deb's big double bed, Deb and I at the head while Amy settled at the foot, her legs folded under her in a classic pose. Her skin seemed to glow in the dim light from the bedstand lamp. I was more concerned about Debbie, though. She was still shivering under my arm and her muscles were tensed, like a frightened doe getting ready to bolt. I didn't even think about what I did next. I moved behind her and placed my hands on her shoulders and began kneading the muscles with strong, slow strokes. After a moment she closed her eyes and leaned back against me, letting out a huge sigh. The shivering stopped.

Quietly the three of us talked, not saying anything important, as I massaged and stroked and caressed Deb on her shoulders, back, and sides. I was careful to avoid touching anything overtly sexual, as I was intent on relaxation, not excitement.

Finally I moved back to the side of the bed and let Debbie lay against a pillow. She silently thanked me with half-lidded eyes. Whatever was to happen next, it was up to Amy. Much as it bothered me, this was something I couldn't do.

Amy knelt at Deb's feet and took one of her hands. She held it in both of hers, gently caressing it. After a moment she slid her hands up Deb's arm, slowly, deliberately, letting her get used to another woman's touch. "How does that feel?" she asked in a voice that was almost a whisper.

"Gooooood..." Debbie sighed, revelling in the sensation.

Amy's hands moved up to caress her neck, then her face. Debbie closed her eyes in a smile of pure pleasure, tilting her head up as Amy brushed under her chin. Then Amy leaned forward and planted a small, gentle kiss on her cheek. Deb let a small moan escape.

Then Amy moved her hands downward, stroking her shoulders, and her sides. Then up Deb's belly to her breasts. She cupped one in each hand and massaged them very gently, rubbing her thumbs across her erect nipples. Debbie let out a surprised gasp and arched her back under Amy's touch. "Oh Goddd..."

This was by far the most erotic thing I had ever seen in my life and my penis jutted stiffly up from my lap. I touched it gently with my fingers, enjoying the sensations I was feeling down there as well.

Amy moved her hands down further, down Deb's belly and sides, over the gentle curve of her hips and down the length of her thighs. Then back up again, this time running over her golden fur. Deb's legs parted like water and her hips thrusted upwards at the touch.

Amy leaned forward again, and this time kissed Debbie full on the mouth. Her lips lingered, and I saw them part as her tongue darted out and between Debbie's lips. This turned into a deep, passionate french kiss as Debbie wrapped her arms around Amy, crushing her to her.

They moved down on the bed, Amy lying on top, and their arms and legs intertwined in a fluid tango of passion. Deb's breath was coming in little gasps as Amy moved her mouth downward, briefly tracing her collarbone and over the curve of her right breast. She circled her tongue around the hard pink nipple before taking it in her mouth and gently sucking it between her teeth. Debbie arched her back again and let out a loud groan as she slid her hands down Amy's back and gripped her ass tightly.

Amy worked on the one breast for a moment, then switched to the other one as Deb's moans and gasps became more frantic. I was actively stroking myself, keeping myself just below the threshold of orgasm. If I wasn't very careful, I would ejaculate and probably shower them both. The last thing I wanted to do was interrupt things now.

Amy was moving again, down Deb's belly in a series of licks and small kisses. She ran her tongue through Deb's golden bush, tracing a little circle and then moving straight down between her thighs, deep into the cleft of her pussy.

Debbie's moans became cries as she thrust her pelvis up and down, but gently so as not to interrupt what Amy was doing. She put a hand to her mouth to stifle herself but it was a losing battle as her movements became more and more frantic and her cries got louder.

Finally her hips arched as high as they could possibly go and she almost screamed "Oh God, I'm cominggggg..." through her hand as every muscle locked in ultimate pleasure. For a long, long moment it lasted before she finally came down, panting like a marathon runner. Tears were running freely down her cheeks.

Amy planted a last, gentle kiss on Deb's quivering pussy and then crawled back up to lay face to face with her, arms wrapped around each other like long-time lovers. And they rested.

After a moment I moved to snuggle up on Deb's other side. My raging erection pressed against her hip and she stroked it indifferently.

How did I feel at the moment? Jealous. I just watched my girlfriend get the fuck of her life from another woman, in a way I could never do. Sure, I could do the same things but it wouldn't be the same. I felt very inadequete. It didn't help that I was exceedingly horny and Debbie seemed quite fucked out for the night. She took her hand off my cock and caressed Amy's breast, feeling its texture and weight. She explored the nipple, which grew hard under her touch as Amy looked on.

Then Debbie sighed contentedly. "My God. I never thought it would be this intense. This was something I think I really needed." She wiped at the still damp tears on her cheeks. "Jeez, I'm crying..." She said in quiet amazement.

My cock had wilted at the feelings that were raging inside me. Watching their girlfriend make love with another woman was a fantasy of many men, including me, or so I thought. But I was now feeling jealous and hurt and a little betrayed. I might not have hurt so bad except more than once I had heard Deb moan "I love you!" in the heat of her passion. I began to worry she might even leave me for this woman.

Debbie whispered something I didn't catch in Amy's ear and she nodded silently. They lay together a moment longer, savoring the warmth, and then Amy leaned up on her elbow and caught my eye.

"Wanna play?"

Shocked, my breath caught in my throat. I glanced down at Debbie and she was looking at me. In her eyes I saw only love and not the slightest trace of jealousy. Instantly I felt ashamed of myself. I struggled with myself for a long moment and finally decided "Sure."

Amy got up and walked around the bed to perch on my side. I lay back as she caressed my chest in slow, silken movements. The hand moved down my belly and toyed with my pubic hair. She said softly, "The first time I saw you erect I was amazed at how big you were. Debbie's been selfish, keeping you all to herself so long..." Amy bent down to my stiffening penis and placed it in her mouth, slowly working it with her tongue. Within a moment I was completely hard again.

Now, I am not bragging when I say I am big. It's just the truth. Many women had discovered this with delight, but it has had a couple of problems as well. Oral sex is one. Most women could only get their mouths about halfway down its length, and usually their jaw muscles tired out long before I was able to come. As a result I never had enjoyed receiving oral sex that much.

But Amy managed to change that.

I watched in quiet astonishment as Amy slowly lowered her mouth on my cock, inch by agonizing inch, until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. For a long moment she held it there as I savored the feeling of my entire cock in her mouth before she let it out. Then she plunged it in again, flicking her tongue across the underside as she went. The feeling was incredible.

I looked over and saw that Debbie was watching me with half-lidded eyes. She placed a hand on my chest and slowly caressed it. Amy continued plunging my cock deep into her mouth as I stroked her hair gently. I could feel the pleasant pressure building at the base of my cock and I made her stop.

I pulled her up on top of me and kissed her deeply, our tongues intertwining in our mouths. My hands explored her back and sides, grabbing her ass tightly as she thrust her hips against my cock. I traced my mouth lightly along her jawline and down to the hollow of her throat as she tilted her head back to allow me freer access. I encountered a hand on the way down to her breast and saw that Deb was already fondling her, rubbing her thumb across the hardening nipple. I sucked her other nipple instead.

Amy's breath was rapidly quickening into throaty moans at our touches. Her hips were grinding against mine in slow, sinuous rhythem. My hand glided down over her ass and between her thighs to stroke her wet pussy. Her moans became much louder as her whole body jerked in time with my caresses.

Finally she could stand it no longer. She moved forward and lowered herself on my throbbing cock. She was so wet that I slid in in one long, wet movement to bury myself deep into her body. Deb was sitting up in a crosslegged position beside us and stroking us both as Amy and I thrust our hips together. Her movements quickly became frantic as her moans turned into cries, loud and sharp.

I came first. My whole cock became electrified with pleasure and my hips arched up hard enough to raise her off the bed, ramming my cock as deep as possible as the pleasure exploded, pumping my seed deep into her body.

She came a bare second later, as my orgasm pushed her over the edge. Her nails dug deep into my shoulders as every muscle locked tight with a sharp scream.

An endless, timeless moment as we both froze, sharing a pleasure that overwhelmed all else and transcended ourselves. For that brief, awesomely beautiful moment, we were as one. Then slowly, slowly we relaxed as Amy lowered herself on top of me. Deb laid her head on Amy's back, still slowly stroking her.

We lay together for a long time, enjoying the warm, loving afterglow. Amy moved off of me and I had a woman on each side. Debbie kissed me and said softly, "That was a scene of consummate beauty. And I wasn't jealous." I kissed her back. Then I kissed Amy for good measure.

Eventually exhaustion overtook us and we slept, arms still around each other...

The next morning was a little awkward, but not very. We had spent the night, not havign sex, but making love, and it had left its mark upon us. I found myself caring for both of these women, and felt no jealously when they exchanged a long kiss. I no longer felt shut out, because there was love enough to go around. For all of us.

Amy left a little while later after breakfast. We all exchanged hugs and Deb and I watched arm in arm as Amy got into her car and drove off. Back inside, Deb gave me another hug that lasted for a long, long time. "I love you." she whispered against my chest. "I love you both."

We all had busy schedules, so opportunities to get together were rare. I slept with them seperately sometimes, and sometimes they slept together without me. But it was by far the best when the three of us all got together, and often our lovemaking sessions lasted through the night and we greeted the dawn with bleary eyes and satiated bodies. As love affairs went it was surely unique.

Eventually we all went our seperate ways. Amy moved to Seattle and married. I hope her husband has an open mind. Deb still lives in town and we sometimes get together for coffee. Not often, because she is concentrating on her career and has very little free time.

As for myself, I get by. There have been other women since, but I still miss the warmth and tenderness we three had shared. I can only hope I will find something like that again someday.