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29 Dec. '16

Desperate to escape an arranged marriage, Joi Lee fled Hong Kong to New York City. Her first time traveling abroad, she was afraid and alone. That's how Mona found her. She was sitting in the cafe, sipping her mocha java when a beautiful asian women entered.

Her keen appraisal told her she was in her early twenties, and not used to the familiar bustle of the city. Mona decided to introduce herself, the young woman seemed like she could use a friend right about now.

"Hello." Joi was startled to hear a voice behind her, she turned quickly to see who greeted her. Mona knew she was frightened, so she decided to take it slow. Joi, greeted her cautiously, she knew she couldn't trust strangers. "Hello." she returned the greeting. "Would you like to join me for a cup of java?" Mona, noticing her distress, quickly assured her that she was only offering coffee, nothing more, nothing less.

Joi, thanked her, then joined her at the small table. After consuming a cup of green tea she relaxed a bit. Mona's charm and wit was easy to smile at. Joi felt Mona was so easy to chat with, that she found herself telling her everything, her life, the arranged marriage, her trip to NYC. Mona nodded in understanding. "So, you don't have a job," she asked. Mona knew she would make an excellent escort, men usually go wild for an exotic asian beauty. "No, I don't have a working visa, just my passport." Joi, sighed deeply. "All I thought about was fleeing. I didn't have time to make arrangements, even if I did, I wouldn't have known where to start," she said, clearly exasperated about her situation. "Do you have a place to stay." Mona asked, realizing a profitable opportunity was not to let slip through her fingers. "Yes, I'm staying at a hotel called the Yin-Yang in ChinaTown." Moan's eyes grew wide with surprise. "You can't stay there!" She almost shouted. Joi, looked at her with a puzzled expression. "Why not," she asked. "Honey, that's a house of ill-repute." Joi, repeated the words. "I'm sorry, ill-repute?" she queried. Mona overlooked Joi's need to have certain terms explained, when she made her remark. Although, Joi was fluent in English, she still couldn't grasp the definition of a few words. At times, Mona paraphrased a sentence so she could comprehend its' meaning.

Joi's face flushed red. "Could you recommend another hotel?" She understood she couldn't stay there. "Can I," Mona smiled. "Since you're alone with no place to stay..." Her voiced trailed off, giving the appearance that she was deep in thought. "I got it," she exclaimed as if she had a brilliant idea. "You can stay with a friend of mine, her name is Tempest. Joi thought it was an unusual name for a woman, for anyone. "Tempest," she asked. "Yeah, she said her mother gave her that name because she was born during a typhoon on the island of St. Martin. You two will get along famously." Joi, couldn't help smiling at Mona's words. Maybe she will be ok, after all. At that thought, Mona paid her bill, then they left the cafe. The manager shook his head in dismay, he knew what Mona had in-store for her newest arrival. He was helpless to prevent it. He watched countless girls enter the cafe with that same haunted expression, and Mona is always their crooning and comforting, promising them things that they all wanted and so desperately need. But they didn't realize the price of that need until too late, they were bound by ambition and greed. The money is alluring, forever snaring them in its trap. It was their first love, ultimate desire, and like junkies craving for a fix, they were addicted to the power it possessed, and the power it supplied them with. The power to rule their destiny???

They arrived at the historic Brownstone on Second Avenue. Joi was in awe of the large brick buildings that seem to dominate the block. "Well here we are." Joi, couldn't wait to see what the inside looked like. She was used to high-rises and non-descript buildings. She was glad to see the multi-colored flowers on the window-ledge. She had a feeling she was going to like living here. Mona rung the doorbell, it was immediately answered by a beautiful, tan-skinned woman. Hi, I've been expecting you two," she smiled, offering to take their coats. "I took the liberty of making some tea, would you guys care for a cup?" Mona stated she had enough caffeine for the day. Joi accepted readily. "Is she the one called, Tempest?" Joi was hoping she said yes. She instantly liked the young woman with the bright personality. "Yes, that's her," she smiled as she watched Joi's expression. "Tempest..hmmm...she seems nothing like her name." Tempest arrived with two steaming hot cups of tea. "I heard that," she said, totally surprising Joi. "Oh, no offense." Embarrassed to be caught talking about her new roommate, she flushed scarlet. Tempest chuckled. "It's ok, really. I'm used to the teasing," she said. "Besides, wait till I have PMS, then comment on my personality. I usually own up to my name." They laughed at the small joke and settled down to become acquainted.

Six months later

The elevator arrived on the 20th floor. It was a private car, so no one would notice her arrival nor departure from the building. Joi approached the door leading to the client's office. A quick check of the name confirmed that she arrived at the correct location.

Knocking at the door

"Come in," the masculine voice called out. "'re even more beautiful in person. Please have a seat. Could I get you anything to drink?" She sat down on the leather sofa, as she declined his offer. She felt his eyes on her, she knew the oversized trenchcoat was driving him mad with wonder. Suddenly, soft music began to play in the background. "I asked Mona what type of music you like to listen to, so I could buy the CD." She appreciated his concern, most clients could care less what she liked as long as it appeased their lust. They chatted for an hour, she was amazed that he didn't pounce on her and claw at her clothes, something she was familiar with, but this stranger was a puzzle.

Joi was totally relaxed, she felt content in his company. "I could almost like him," she thought as she watched his eyes sparkle when he spoke of his home in Paris. She guessed his age to be about mid-thirties. His hair was dark with a touch of grey at the temples, adding to his appeal. His olive complexion was smooth, his face clean-shaven. She liked him, but knew it could go no further than that. It was dangerous to harbor such fanciful thoughts like marriage and children.

"Joi?" The sound of her name gained her attention. "Yes?" He pondered for a second. "I want you to know that I'm truly happy that you are here." His words surprised her, she never expect him to tell her he was happy.."about to hose his shorts"...yes, but in the least. "I'mm..haaappy tooo, Mr. Juliano," she stammered. "No..please call me, Sal." She smiled at him, then repeated his name. He waled towards her, all the while holding her gaze with his own. She was mesmerized by the sight of him, he was much taller than she and his frame was large. He reached for her hands, enjoying the soft delicate feel of them. He raised them to his lips to place a light kiss on them. Chills ran down the length of her spine, a welcoming warmth started to spread, stimulating her womanhood.

Slowly, he unfastened her trenchcoat, then opened it, exposing her body to his heated gaze. His hungry eyes dranked the sight of her. She was wearing a black corset with a matching G-string, sheer-black thigh highs and black patent leather heels. He admired the picture of perfection she created. She was his for the evening, he intend to take good care of her.

Joi, sucked in her breath through clenched teeth when his fingers grazed her shoulders as he fingered the straps. Her breathing quickened from the sensations he was creating. His arousal was hard, begging to be released from its' confinement, but he ignored the slight discomfort. He grabbed her smooth buttocks, then lifted her up in the air, her legs quickly wrapped around his waist as he carried her to his desk. She moaned against his neck, her hot breath tickling his skin. He placed her on the edge of the desk, then gazed down at her. Her long tresses spread seductively on his desk, he could see as well as hear the rapid beating of her heart. When she attempted to reach for his zipper, he grabbed her hand gently. "No, my love, you have given so much pleasure, but I can see in your eyes that you haven't received your own. Tonight, I will give you that pleasure you desperately yearn for." Joi, moaned at the sound of his words, she never met anyone who wanted her to experience pleasure. If she wasn't careful she could fall for this man.

His fingers trailed the edge of her lace-trimmed thigh highs,then gently rolled it down her leg. A wave of desire shot up her spine causing her to shiver. He removed the thigh-high and let it drop to the floor in a whisper. He caressed her bare leg for a few seconds as he watched her expression. Joi's head was thrashing back and forth, the sensation was driving her mindless with desire. He removed the other thigh-high, using the same ministrations as he did before. He lifted her leg to his lips, his tongue flicked across her trim ankles. Joi could barely remain on the desk. "This is madness." She cried out. "Then you're not alone," he replied as he continued to lick up her leg with long wet strokes.

Joi, begged him to go higher, she had to feel his tongue inside her. Sal stopped at her slit, blowing a breath of hot air at her already heated mound. He licked her pussy's lips, circling it before he sucked one inside his mouth. She whimpered, the force of the contact driving her mad with lust. He continued to suck gently as he watched the expression on her face, her hands were pinching the nipples of her small breasts as she squeezed his head with her thigh highs. "Ooooooo, don't stop, eat me......oooooooo." His mouth opened wider and added her clit to his tongues tender probing. "Arghhhhhhhhhhh....uh...uh....ooooooo." Joi couldn't catch her breath. "Please.....fuck me now!!!!! NOW!!" She commanded. Sal didn't waste any time, he was hard and more than ready for her. With one swift thrust, he entered her, the force of her bucking made him grip her ass cheeks to hold on. He pumped her hard and fierce, his cock shining with her juices. The sounds of his swollen balls could be heard slapping against her ass as he increased the sensuous friction. Faster, he pumped as she gyrated her hips, attempting to match his rhythm. "Sal!!" She cried, tears streaming down her face. "It's sooooo gooooood...IIII....oooooooo....IIIII." She became incoherent.

Sweat covered his body, he knew he was nearing release. Suddenly, her walls gripped him tight, that was his undoing, he poured his seed deep inside her, filling her with all the passion he held for so long. They clung to each other as they rode the final wave of their desire. Joi attempted to focus, her mind was clouded with the after effects of their love making. Sal brushed the strands of hair from her forehead, he gazed down at the lovely vision she created. "Stay with me Joi." She was shocked into realization. "No." She turned her head away in shame. He placed a warm hand against her cheek, caressing it lightly with his fingers. "Why" he asked. Tears streamed down her face. "You know damn well why I can't," she nearly shouted. "I'm used goods." He was angered by her words. "Don't ever refer to yourself in that manner. You're not some item to be purchased." She fixed him with a heated stare. "What do you call this?? Oh, nevermind, get off me, damn it. I want to leave." He released her instantly, neither realized they were still coupled, until he begin to move. Both gasped in unison as his semi-hard mass slid out of it's home.

Joi, quickly dressed. "Joi...I.." She held up a hand. "Save it, ok. I don't want to hear another word." He shook his head, no. "I can't let you leave this way." Joi sighed in exasperation. "Listen, you paid for it, I supplied it, so services rendered." Sal stood in shock as the door shut firmly behind her. "This isn't over, Joi, I know you feel as I do," he whispered softly.

Joi, reached the safety of her vehicle, blinded by tears, she gave into the powerful sobs that racked her body. She decided she had to leave New York. With the decision to leave made, she started her black 500 SL Mercedes and sped out of the garage.