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29 Dec. '16

Shannon was considered All-American. Her bright smile, sparkling blue eyes, and cornflower blonde hair was pure Tennessee. She was voted most likely to succeed in her senior year at Wesley Wilton High School. At the age of 22, she lived in one of Manhattan's prestigious high-rises. Her suite was decorated in contemporary furniture with abstract art. Art was her passion, she collected anything unusual, often inviting her friends over to view the pieces she just purchased. They couldn't understand her love for a headless statue. "You guys just have no class," she spoke with her western twang. You wouldn't know art if it got up and slapped you in the face." She mused. Mindy looked at her friend in disbelief. "Is that what happened to him," she said as she pointed at the headless statue. "Oh, you are so funny Min. The world is full of buffoonery." Mindy, smiled at her. "It's comedians, Shannon, we say comedians in New York City." She corrected her. "Ah, hogwash, it has the same meaning." Mindy, thought she would never get use to, Shannon's accent.

Shannon took one more glance at the invitation, then she started to unpack her clothing. Her regular requested her company for the weekend. She didn't mind, since she could use the time away from the bustle of the city. She decided to take a hot bath while awaiting his arrival. His jet was due any minute and it was a 45 minute ride from the airport to his condo. He always sent for her when he was in town, which was rare since the responsibilities of running a software engineering firm was too demanding. He usually sent his junior staff in his place, they were equipped to handle any situation. The Americans could care less as long as someone would listen to them.

Shannon knew he was wild about her, not because of appearance, in his mind she represented America. He told her most Japanese business men have American mistresses, they set them up in an apartment complex that they own, they are called bettaku (love residence). She was amazed that they could keep their existence secret. Hitaro explained that it's a part of the shadow world. A second world known only to them. Very discreet. Very private.

He never offered to place her in one of the apartments. He said she deserved more than he was prepared to give at this time. Shannon knew he couldn't risk having a full-time mistress. If his competitors discovered her existence, it could be used against him. "Business is war," she sighed softly repeating the quote that Hitaro often used.

He arrived on schedule, if anything, he was punctual. "Shannon?" He set his luggage aside as he went in search of her. "I'm out here," she answered. Hitaro followed the sound of her voice. She was relaxing on the deck, sipping a glass of chilled chablis. He gazed at her for a brief second, then gave her a passionate kiss on her lips. The wine enhanced the intoxication exchange when their tongues mingled. " taste delicious." She tilted her head back. "And so do you," she said as he motioned to sit besides her. "Are you hungry? We could grab a bite to eat, if you are?" She shook her head no, then suggested they go for a walk. The $5,000,000 condo was built on the oceanfront. It's nearest neighbors were 15 miles up the beach, on each side. He raised his left eyebrow. "A walk? This late?" She giggled. "Where's your sense of adventure, Hitaro??" He couldn't help, but to join her in her infectious laughter. "My adventure is still experiencing jet lag, but for you I would walk." She gave him a seductive kiss on the neck, inhaling his scent.

They walked hand-in-hand for a few miles, then stopped to admire the moonlight. She shivered. "Are you chilled," he asked. "Slightly, but nothing to be concerned about." He stood behind her, then wrapped his arms around her. "Better?" He heard a faint moan. "Mmmmm... much better." She slowly gyrated her hips against his lower torso, she could feel his desire building. "Shannon, if you keep that up, I'm going to forget about this moon." She continued to rub in slow motion. "That's the whole idea." His voice caught, he inhaled deeply. "Ooooooooo, you feel so good," he told her. Soon clothing was removed and tey stood naked against the slight breeze. Shannon's chill was forgotten, in the heat of burning desire. She traced the outline of his hard chest, as he flicked his fingers across her pebbly nipples, pinching, then releasing them.

Their moans mingled, increasing their pleasure. He ran his fingers in her long mane. "It's so soft, so beautiful, just as you." He loved the feel of her hair, they way the light catches it, giving her an angelic appearance. It hung to the small of her back, she wore it loose and free. She never liked curling it, maybe it was because it was too long, and thick, it would be more trouble than it's worth. Besides, he wanted her to wear it the way it is.

His fingertips gently caressed her neck, exciting her more, her moans urging him to touch her everywhere.. He replaced his fingers with his tongue, seeking her most sensitive spot. Her breathing became rapid, as his tongue found her ear. "Arghhhhh, oooooooo," she cried out while gripping his shoulders. Her knees felt weak from the sensuous assault. He inserted his tongue slowly, tracing the outline of her ear, then probing deep as his tongue could go. Hitaro, knew this drove her wild, he didn't have to touch her to know she was flooding.."Stop, I can't take it anymore." Her breath coming in pants. "Pleeeeease, stop," she begged. He removed his tongue, then started licking downwards, swirling his tongue in small circles against her heated skin. Shannon, continued to grip his shoulders, as if she held on for dear life. Lower he went, licking her sensitive buds. He would swirl fast, then slow, not allowing her time to catch her breath.

"Hitaaaarroooo... oooooo...sooooo...goooddd," she moaned. He loved to hear her call his name, her Kentucky accent sound like music whenever she pronounced it. His tongue slid lower, attacking her taut abdomen with zest, the splendor of her sweat slicked skin tasted sweet and salty to his taste buds. Lower, he descended his head, sweeping his tongue back and forth across her abdomen, the muscles rippled in response against his tongue. He knew she was ready, but he was willing to confer to her wishes. Slowly, he inserted a finger in her warmth, her gasp was loud and passioned filled. He inhaled the sweet scent of her mound as he probed deeper. "Mmmmm.... you are so warm, so wet," he growled, his primal instincts taking control. He pulled her hairs gently with his lips, as he breath hot air against her delicate skin. Inserting another finger, he felt her knees buckle. Shannon didn't know how much longer she could stand, she didn't know how she managed to stand now. "Deeper, yesssss.... go... deeeeeper." Her voice was raspy. He slid his finger in and out, the juices created a sucking sound as she flowed down his fingers. His tongue found her hidden core, he let it throb against his tongue for a few seconds, then sucked it gently. Shannon, bucked wildly from the force of the contact. "Arghhh... gooossshhhh ...ooooooyessssssss." His flicked the hard button slow, then increased the pace when he knew she was nearing her climax. Faster, he licked and sucked her into a frenzied state. Faster... licking and sucking her.... licking and sucking.... faster... fingers sliding deep... in and out... thrusting...... deeper.... licking and sucking her... licking and sucking.... then... "AHHHHHHHH." Shannon, came hard, her juices flowed hot down his hand, his lips were wet from the juices he smeared on his face during her first burst of sweet cum.

His shaft was about to explode from the sounds of her pleasure. Hitaro, gripped his cock and begin to stroke the throbbing mass. The fast, sure strokes making him moan loud, his eyes rolling back in his head. Soon his release will join hers in a climatic grandeur. Sucking sounds could be heard as he continued to pump his hand furiously. The smell of her womanhood, mingled with his passion was creating an imminent, volcanic rupture. Precum dampened his swollen head, Shannon hypnotized by his furious strokes, knelt before him to taste the pearl-white drop. That was Hitaro's undoing, with a thunderous roar, he erupted, spraying hot jism onto her face, hair, and breasts. He continued to flow as she caught each wave of his sticky sweetness.

They lay spent, in the warm sand, each was afraid to move or speak, fearing the moment would be ruined. After their breathing returned to normal, they dressed and headed back to the condo hand-in-hand. They knew they would continue to love throughout the night.