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29 Dec. '16

Jasmine stood on the balcony in the moonlight admiring the stars. Dressed in a gem embroidered bustier and a hip hugging skirt, her hair long and flowing freely, tickling the small of her back. Her skirts whispered against her slim ankles with each movement. She glanced one last time at the moon, a soft sigh escaped her lips. "If only I could freeze this moment," she sighed. The sound of activity below interrupted her musings.

(soft knock on the door)

"Yes?" She knew that it was time to entertain. "The guests have arrived. I'm to accompany you to his highness suite." Jasmine was nervous, she has entertained countless VIP's and attended endless parties, but she couldn't calm herself. She never entertained a Prince. Jasmine inhaled deeply, then opened the door to bid the servant entrance. "You are so beautiful," he exclaimed. "His highness will be thrilled." She managed a smile, then followed the servant down the long corridor. Her footsteps were muffled on the marble floor by her soft satin slippers.

Jasmine adjusted the veil so it could obscure her face. She knew it would add to the mystery, since imagination leads to desire. They entered a large room, candles were positioned in various locations, she assumed to create a particular image. The servant bowed low, as customary to his master. "Your highness, she has arrived." Jasmine's gaze searched the sea of faces for the one who requested her presence. Her quick glance around the room revealed nothing. There were five men in attendance, all dressed in dark robes, their bronzed skins and dark silky hair revealed their Indian heritage. But there was one that stood out from the rest, his skin was more olive than the deep bronze of his companions. His eyes were dark, almost black, their keen appraisal of her body missed nothing. They seem to absorb every pore, every fiber of her being. Jasmine felt a sudden warmth between her legs, the stranger's gaze was having an effect on her. "Come closer," he commanded. Her feet seem to have a mind of its' own as it walked toward the sound of his voice. "Turn around, I want to see all of you." She obeyed. A faint tinkling sound could be heard as she turned slowly. She was proud of her body, the smooth skin and shapely curves drove men savage with desire. She wore the sheer skirt low on her hips, revealing her navel and taut abdomen, years of belly dancing kept her firm, her muscles defined. The rapid breathing of her audience could be heard, she knew they desired her.

(hands clap twice)

Suddenly, music played softly in the background, she allowed the hypnotic sound to take control of her body. She moved slowly at first, just enough for her skirts to lift slightly around her ankles. She loved the feel of the soft silk against her skin, grazing her nipples. With a quick maneuver of her feet, she removed her slippers so she could dance in her bare feet. Jasmine begin to swirl faster, the candlelight caught her gold arm bracelets, then glittered. She stole a glance at her captive audience and noticed most of them were openly masturbating. The tempo increased, her skirts swirled around her legs, lifting higher with each turn. Her hips beckoned their lust to give free rein to their desires. Faster, her pulses racing, in rhythm with the music. Faster, she held her arms high over her head, the position cause her full breasts threatened to explode from its confinement.


First one roar, then more followed. She was familiar with the sound, their voices echoed as their cocks exploded into the air. She was thankful that the Prince wasn't one of them. For some reason she wanted him to wait. Jasmine sensed someone was approaching, she never missed a step when she opened her eyes. She knew he would come to her, her sensuous movement called out to him. Only a man of noble birth recognized the dance of the seven veils. Its silent message conveying desires to ones lover. The handsome man stood before her, he reached a hand out to touch her skirt, he knew one section of her sheer skirt would slip easily into his hands. With a gentle tug the veil released from the skirt, floating delicately to the floor. She twirled away from him, teasing and urging him to follow. His companions sat mesmerized as each veil was removed, until she stood exposed to their hungry eyes.

She continued to spin, faster and faster as the tempo increased even more. He couldn't move, her beauty compelled him to watch, then she stopped, her breathing rapid, the sheen on her breasts was glistened with sweat. He had to taste her, to feel that she does exist, and not some vision that will evaporate once he spoken. He removed the veil that concealed her face...slowly so his eyes could drank every feature. He ran his fingers through her long, thick tresses, marvelling at the soft, silky feel. He unbuttoned her bustier one at a time, his fingers lingering in a caress. Her full lips were parted and wet, he had to..no...must taste their sweetness. Oblivious to his companions he kissed her with ferocity. Holding the back of her head, he pressed her face against his. Jasmine could feel the evidence of his desire against her thigh. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. But she was here to do a job, not for her own pleasure.

He guided her to the over-stuffed pillows, his companions surrounded them, watching in fascination. She didn't care as long as he continued to bring her to new heights. He stopped kissing her long enough to remove the bustier, then slid his tongue back inside her mouth. Jasmine could hear the moans of the other men, she relished the sound of their excitement. "Jaffe, let me sample her treasure first." Jasmine repeated the Prince's name in her mind. "Jaffe." She liked the sound of it. He ignored them, his hands caressed the curve of her hip to coax her legs open. The slight pressure on her heated skin made her moan for more contact as she arched her back to press against his chest. Jaffe rolled over, taking Jasmine with him so she could sit on top of him. She knew what he wanted without hearing his words.

She stroked his maleness slow, his face contorted in pleasure, the rapid beating of his heart could be heard above the murmurs of the others. She straddle his hips, then gripped his swollen member firmly. Jaffe gasped, enjoying the pressure. His cock's head was throbbing in anticipation of warmth. "Not yet," she purred. His pleading gaze watched the dark hair enchantress stroke his eager shaft. Evidence of precum wet the tip, he couldn't wait to feel her tight snatch any longer. "Please," he bedded, his voice raspy with desire. Jasmine guided him inside her slowly. His started to buck, she knew he was trying to rush penetration, but she wouldn't allow it. Sliding mid-way, she stopped to let him feel her pussy's spasms, gripping, then releasing him. "Ahhhhhh.... oh... goooooddd..... aahhhh." He thrashed about, she had to lean forward to grab his shoulders for support. His forceful thrusts pushed deeper with each stroke, their moans mingled in ecstasy. "Jaffe, I'm right behind." One of his companions exclaimed. Jasmine knew he literally meant "right behind", she felt a finger slide in her tight asshole as Jaffe continued to probe her with his rod. "Mmmmpppfff.... deeper," she said as the sensation caused more juices to flow down Jaffe's cock.

The finger slid completely out of her anus, but before she could protest, it was replaced by a much larger object. "OHHHHH.... YESSSSSSSSS." She cried out in delight as the companion gently inserted his cock head inside her ass. He grunted, sliding as gently as he could. Soft squishy sounds echoed around them, whether from her cunt or ass, no one seem to care. The others stood back in amazement as they watched their friends make love to one woman. Tired of being left, out another companion knelt in front of her. Jasmine saw the shiny head slick with precum pointing towards her mouth. He stroked his stiff shaft in front of her, hoping she would latch on and suck from his meaty bottle. Jasmine swirled her tongue around the tip, flicking it back and forth in rapid succession. He grabbed her head for support, his actions spurred her to slide down his shaft. "EEEEGGOOOSSS... MMMMMM." He pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. The other two were content with watching the show for now. They stroke their throbbing tools, awaiting the incredible orgasm that would soon take place.

Jaffe pumped faster, his friend's cock keeping pace with his rhythmic strokes. Her ass muscles bared down on Jaffe's cock with each stroke of his friend's mighty thrusts. Faster, all three cocks fucked her with fury. Moans mingled with heavy breathing and sweat, as all were nearing their climax. Jasmine cried out first, her pussy giving in to the sweet torture contracted, then released a hot flow of sweet cum onto Jaffe's rod. . Both men feeling her powerful contractions swelled in unison then exploded inside of her ass and thoroughly soaked snatch. "AHHHH... OOO OOOOO OOOOOOOO "They cried out, riding the wave of pleasure." Hot cum covered her face and neck, she smeared it on her breasts, swirling her fingers around her sensitive nipples..

The men laid on the pillows panting from exertion, the other two approached her cum soaked body. One knelt between her legs to lick her clean. His tongue probed tenderly, seeking every drop. Jasmine moaned at his tender ministrations. The other licked her face and joined her hands with his while she massaged her breasts. His large hands manipulated the tiny buds, until she moaned her delight. He straddled her face, then lowered his body slightly so she could lick his jism-filled balls. He stroked his shaft with each flick of her tongue, until he couldn't stand the pace any longer. He increased his strokes as she sucked his tender balls gently. The sucking sounds were loud as her mouth covered most of the weighted gems. Her pussy walls contracted, it was hungry for another release. The other man continued to lick her pussy with zest, until she begged him to enter her. Aware of his friends pleasure, he knelt between her legs, resting on the heels of his feet, allowing room for both of them. He gently entered her, leaning back so she could rub her clit. His friend continued to hover over her, stroking his throbbing mass as she licked and sucked. He increased his strokes, gaining speed with each moan. His cock was about to burst for waiting so long for a release. He knew his friend felt the same. Faster, fucking, sucking, and stroking until his friend let out a strangled cry, spraying the air with his jism. Jasmine continued to lick his balls as it dripped down her breasts, pooling underneath her neck. Thrusting deeper, harder, he was about to join his friend in his explosion..."OOOOO YEAHHHH UUHH.... HUHHHHHH... OOOO OOOOOOO." He pumped every drop of his seed inside her as Jasmine came with another unimaginable force.

(three hours later)

Jasmine was on her way back to New York, her thoughts travelled back to the passionate exchange a few hours ago. "Damn, I won't be able to work for two weeks," she said with an exasperated sigh. She settled back in her seat, watching the clouds form.