Info SelenaLong
29 Dec. '16

The secretary drew to a halt upon entering the spacious office where Mona was located. She previously had advised her employees under no uncertain terms to not interrupt her for no reason. A feeling of dread caused the secretary to cringe inwardly, she hated to be the bearer of any news, no matter how slight.

(soft knock on the door)

"What is it now," she demanded in an angry tone. "Uh, oh, the Viper didn't have her morning cup of java.", the secretary though. She smiled serenely as she entered the dungeon.

"Are you waiting for a red carpet?" Embarrassment tinged her cheeks. "I'm sorry to disturb you, (snorting sound) but you advised me to notify you when anything printed about Heidi Fliess hits the news." She cautiously approached her desk. She swore Mona could see right through her with those piercing grey eyes. "You can stop being nervous, dear. I had my breakfast this morning." Mona smiled sardonically. Her smile widened more, when Judy visibly relaxed. It was difficult for her to suppress a chuckle at her obvious distress. "I can be such a bitch at times.", she smiled at the thought.

"Here's the information you requested." Judy handed Mona the newspaper. "Great," she exclaimed. "Judy, my masseuse will arrive shortly. See to it, that I'm not disturbed." Mona dismissed her with a wave of her hand. Judy breathed a sigh of relief, when she reached the safety of her desk. "I must find a new job," she mumbled under her breath. The doorbell rang and as was the custom, Judy escorted the masseuse to Mona's office.

"Good morning, Mona." Sarah was happy to see her. "What's so good about it," Mona quipped. "Aahh do I detect a bit of bitterness?" Sarah couldn't help smiling. "'s a long story, but I'm glad you're here." The masseuse and long time friend knew there was something bothering her. "Care to share," she asked. "No... (pause)... maybe later." Out of respect for their friendship, she didn't press the issue. "Ok, later it shall be. Now, lets see what I could do about those tense muscles." She reached in her black carrying case, and retrieved a plastic vibrator. "Look what I brought," she said teasingly. "Mmmmm... Sarah, you sure know how to make my day." Mona couldn't wait to feel the soothing vibrations of Sarah's little toy.

She turned it on and approached Mona. "Sit back and relax, love. Sarah's going to take good care of you." Mona moaned softly. The anticipation of the vibrator was creating a familiar warmth at the juncture of her thighs. Sarah stood behind her chair. She removed the pins from Mona's thick, long hair, letting it spill seductively around her shoulders. "I always love the feel of your mane, Mona," she whispered softly in her ear. The warm breath on her ear caused chills to course through her body. She applied the vibrator to the nape of her neck, drawing invisible circles with the tip. Mona's chest heaved high, then descended with a rush of air. "Yes, baby. That's a good girl," she cooed. She continue to massage her neck, trailing the vibrator under her chin, then across her shoulders. Mona's breathing became rapid, her head pitched back and forth, the sensation of Sarah's professional ministrations was pure rapture.

She unbutton Mona's shirt, slipping her hand inside to caress a soft globe. "Ahhhh.... ooooooo." Mona crowed with satisfaction. She begin to stroke her breasts, her hand sliding from one to the other in a slow motion. "I bet your pussy is wet for me?" Mona shook her head furiously. "Yes, oh, yes," she replied excitedly. "Would you like me to lick that bushy mound," she asked innocently. "Please, lick me....I caaaaann't take...any....any......moreeeeee." Her teeth chatterd as she pronounced each syllable with effort. Sarah removed her hand. Mona gasped her disapproval. "Don't worry, honey. I'm far from finished." She turned Mona's chair so she could kneel in front of her. She noticed the large, pink nipples attempting to poke holes in her shirt. "Mmmm... those nipples look inviting. Mind if I lick one?" Mona shook her head furiously. Sarah brushed her nose against the hollow of her breasts. Her hot breath caused goose bumps to appear on her skin.

She kissed the smooth globes softly. Mona gripped the chair tight, her hands turning red from the pressure. "Mmmppffff ahhh... huh.... mmmmmm." She wiggled around in her black leather chair. Sarah flicked her tongue around the tiny bud, then tugged it gently with her lips as she squeezed the other gently between her fingers. Mona could barely sit in her chair. "Oh....Saraaahhhh." She called her name in ecstasy. She grabbed Sarah's head as she pressed tight against her face. She increased the pressure, relishing the soft mewling sounds Mona was making. She trailed a hot, wet path of kisses down her taut abdomen. She descended lower, kissing her way to her ultimate goal. Mona was delirious with pleasure. The anticipation heightened her senses.

Sarah massaged Mona's thighs, enjoying the curved smooth feel of them. Her hands travelled slowly from her knees, working it's way up, until her thumbs massaged her labia. "I can't take it any more!" Mona shouted. The final thread of control snapped when Sarah inserted a finger in her lovenest. "AHHHHHHHH.. OOOOOOO." Mona's body jerked hard on contact. "Do you like that," Sarah asked. "Yes...oh...yes." Mona replied. "Do you want another finger?" She watched Mona's in pure delight. "Yes... another... pleaseeee." Satisfied with the answer, she inserted another finger. Mona grasped her hand, and attempted to shove the fingers in deeper. Sarah's fingers were slick with her juices. "You are so hot, Mona. I wonder if you taste as hot as you feel," she asked. "Please, suck my clit." Mona begged. She was happy to comply. Her tongue circled around the swollen button, driving Mona mindless with desire. Faster she swirled, holding on as Mona grind hard against her face. "I'm cumingggg..... ahhhhhhh... ooooooooo." She released wave after wave of hot juice. "Let go, Mona." Sarah commanded. She lapped at the tangy nectar that flowed from her hive. "Oh, oh..." Mona tried to catch her breath.

"Let me do you." Mona reached for her. "No, this is your day," she reminded her. "But I want to taste you." Mona pleaded. "Not until I'm finished." She instructed her to bend over her desk and spread her legs wide. "I have a wonderful surprise for you," she whispered softly. "I picked it up yesterday." Mona heard a faint tinkling sound. Before she could ask what she bought, she felt something hard and long enter her wet snatch. "OOOOmmppff... oooooooooo." Sarah held her hips as she pumped the strapon girl-cock in her pussy. "I brought this baby just for you, love. Now I can fuck you hands free." Mona gasped as Sarah fondled her breasts. She loved the feel of the weight of Sarah's large breasts brushing against her back with each stroke. "It's soo.... goooood," she said. Sarah slid deeper as the plastic balls slapped against Mona's ass.

(slap,slap,slap)... ooooooooo... mmmmmmm. "More....more." Mona begged. Sarah stroked faster, she knew her friend was about to climax again. "HARDER.... DEEPER..." Sarah spanked Mona's firm ass hard as she thrusted into her. "Yes.... I'mmmm.... cumming.... oh.... Mmmmm.". Sarah continued with her deep thrusts as Mona's walls gripped the artificial shaft, then covered it with a river of cum.

Sarah, slid out of her slowly. She unfastened the straps on her strap-on, then placed it against Mona's lips and she obediently licked the cum of the plastic rod. Their tongues mingling as Sarah kissed Mona and helped her to suck and lick it clean.