Friends Will Be Friends

Friends Will Be Friends

It was a beautiful bright balmy summer evening as my train wound its way slowly through the Scottish countryside to its final destination. A rich heavy sensuous musk from wild blooming honeysuckle and jasmine caught the back of my throat, and filled the stuffy old grey carriage. A journey accompanied only by a few weary looking local passengers dotting the seats in front of me. I recall wondering if any of these people had arranged a rendezvous that made their hearts race and beat as fast as mine that lovely sultry evening. I took a deep breath filling my lungs and slowly exhaled gently closing my eyes letting my imagination project what might happen over the next few hours. Smiling, my shoulders dropped as I softly sank back into my seat.

It had been several months since I split up with my last girlfriend Alison. My thoughts had been turning to her more and more recently. Her soft warm flesh, her deep hazel eyes, and her succulent ruby lips. This woman was dynamic and generous in bed, really great fun. In fact, I think I may have had some of the best sex of my life with her. I wasn’t sad that we were not together any longer. It had been an amicable parting… things had just run their course, and it had come time to say goodbye. Those were a tempestuously passionate and erotic few weeks we had shared together. It was fun to let my memories drift in and out of being vivid, then vague. Exploring my mini sexual fantasies gave me a slight pleasure as I travelled on my journey.

I also enjoyed watching the trees and cottages appear then disappear, punctuated by rivers and streams. A brilliant flash of sunshine reveals wide open yellow fields of rape seed, only to be swallowed by the darkness of a small pine forest, sparkling with irregular darts of light somehow adding a magical touch to the old carriage. My thoughts melted to an intimate moment with Alison when we were on our way home one dark night. Gazing from my carriage window my vision blurred as I began to feel my sex swell in my jeans. We had decided to walk instead of taking a taxi, so we wandered aimlessly home sharing life stories and personal history. Alison surprised me and dragged me into a darkened doorway, fumbling and grabbing all the time as we kissed passionately.

She dropped to her knees pulling at my belt and zip with a couple of expert movements and my trousers slipped down to my knees. I will never forget her warm mouth and her tight lips as she pleased me with her mouth. Plunging into a tunnel my ears pop, I swallowed deeply. The train clattered a loud pulsing rhythm, I was nervous my mouth was dry, my throat again swallowed and my hearing returned with a squeak. Only a few miles to go, how will I greet my weekend hosts when I arrive at my destination? This should be an incredibly sexy weekend for all three of us, I thought to myself.

I had known Joanna and George for only a year or so. However we had become very close in such a short space of time. They were relaxed people, smart and naturally intuitive. Both were intelligent and well educated in a quiet and subtle way, slightly reserved and understated. George had contacted me via a free classifieds website looking for someone to teach him more about using his computer and surfing the internet. We were almost the same age and became friends easily, laughing at the same jokes and sharing similar interests.  I had met his wife Joanna for the first time during one of our computer teaching sessions at their house. We had stopped for a chat and she had brushed into the room unannounced.  

“Tea and home made cake for the gents”

she proudly offered us both. She caught my eye instantly. There was a confidence that I really enjoyed, and of course her shape spoke volumes to me. She smelt delicious, and our eyes only made contact once, accompanied with a polite smile.

Their collective hospitality was very warm and honest. He was the kind of person that was comfortable to be around, and in an odd sort of way we looked very similar and dressed alike, which Joanna liked teasing us about every time we were all in company. She and I developed our friendship focusing on our love of food. This led to us cooking for each other sharing evenings eating indulging in our pet passion of swapping recipes and ingredients sipping on our current favourite wine.  We all had shared the odd barbeque, lunch and dinner party in the company of close friends. Joanna was a few years younger than both George and I. Her dark short hair suited the way she looked and complimented stunning sparkling green eyes. She was quite small and very fit, voluptuous with an adorable feminine well proportioned figure full of curves. Fresh faced she looked naturally pretty without make-up, liked to laugh and was not afraid to encourage wine fuelled conversations toward the risqué and taboo.

In fact it was one such drunken chat regarding a titillating subject which had led me on this very journey. It was a keen interest in photography, and a healthy interest in coffee table erotica. We all added to this with an animated conversation about our voyeuristic society. They both liked to flirt enjoying the art of the tease and the challenge of slightly disguised lewd communication with complete strangers… and with friends. I was excited and looking forward to seeing them both on the platform at the station.

Joanne had taken great care in making all the arrangements for our meeting this evening, with an attention for detail which impressed both George and I. She wanted to make sure that we all felt very comfortable with our very special evening planned together, preparing light and delicate food, buying fine wine and even organising a collaborative musical playlist of all our favourite tunes. Music was another delight which we all shared, the emotion, the mood, the year… a perfect tone to set any evening or party in the swing would be what was playing on the CD player. Tonight we would all be moving to the same rhythm if all goes according to plan.

The train pulled into the station in slow motion, my heart pounding, my breath slow and steady. The door slid open and as I stepped out onto the platform I heard a familiar soft cheeky giggling,

“hey you”,

turning around to be greeted by warm delicate arms offering a tight embrace and a welcome kiss on the cheek. Joanna was beaming a broad smile looking radiant as George added,

“hey hello Robert”

and grabbed around my shoulder patting my back in the way only a man can. Our frames were very similar, wide and thick muscles on top with an overall average medium build, both with well polished shaven heads. There was no doubting, we looked very alike. We could have been mistaken as being brothers. I stole a cheeky little glance at Joanna’s pert bouncing breasts as I tossed my weekend bag into the open boot of their car, slid onto the back seat and with a few slams clicks and clunks we were off to their house. It was so easy to quickly relax, exchanging little stories of how our respective days were going, with the occasional laugh and a joke. I took in glimpses of cute little cottages and rolling hills along the way as we chatted. There were ponds with ducks, fields of sheep and the pungent aroma of deep green pine forest filled my nostrils. We all sniggered and chuckled like excited children as we made our way back to the house.

Pouting her soft full red lips as she leaned over into the back seat of the car, squeezing her full breasts together exposing a plunging cleavage, Joanna asked me in a loud and mockingly posh comedy accent,  

“so did you bring your little camera darling?”

To which I smiled and replied (trying to maintain the humour)  

“I most certainly did sweetie”.

George nervously just blurted out,  

“I can’t wait… this is going to be absolutely bloody great tonight”.

We all laughed and snorted hard, a very gutsy laugh. If we all kept to our original plan, then things would be extremely sexy and sensual.

Arriving at the house the sky turned a deep pink with streaks of burnt orange on light plumes of whippy cloud. Joanne quickly ushered me upstairs presenting my room for the weekend, as George hurriedly prepared us all some refreshing gin and tonics. She gave my backside a cheeky little firm spank which tingled,

“don’t be long sexy”

she winked, before leaving me to un-pack.

Their house was just stunning, very tasteful, so subtle, Victorian, sympathetic décor and dazzling polished floors. They had a lovely well tended garden in full bloom with apple and pear trees, flower beds and an area for growing onions, potatoes and other vegetables. This was a perfect little place for chilling out and relaxing hidden away deep in the quiet countryside. My sex began throbbing pulsing deep, as I felt myself stirring, beginning to swell, aroused. I slipped out of my t-shirt and took off my jeans.

The house was warm, and my room had obviously been baking in the evening sun. My hand automatically reached down toward my groin and gave a light squeeze. I felt myself thick, becoming hard, perhaps in need of my attention to become fully erect. I could see George and Joanna from above, looking down from my window. Both kissing squeezing and fumbling with each other, unaware I was watching them grab and grope. This was making me feel very hot indeed… I had better compose myself, I thought.

After a quick freshen up I bounded down the stair to re-join my hosts. Standing in the back garden absorbing the late evening sunshine, admiring the tranquil setting George gestured in the air  


with his glass. We all sipped as we smiled,  

“cheers, and here is to a very special evening”

I said. Tonight had been in planning for several weeks so the tension and worries had began to show a little just in the last week. Were we doing the right thing? Was this what we all wanted? What would happen after tonight? And perhaps much more importantly… would we still remain friends?  

Well all these answers were about to become reality and there was no turning back. Here I was with this fantastic young couple who were deeply in love… about to make their dreams and fantasies come true. Joanna quietly slipped away from our company tip toeing upstairs to her bedroom. George looked at me straight in the eye and in a quietly whispered tone said  

“look, whatever Joanna says you do it, right?”


“tonight she is the boss okay Robert?”

I nodded in agreement saying,  

“absolutely, Joanna’s the boss tonight”.

He motioned me toward the dining room so I followed him. I was surprised when the door opened as the room had totally changed and was dressed and decorated for tonight.  

“I’m going to join Joanna and help her get ready. I’ll leave you in here to get set up”,

whispered George softly into my ear as if telling me a deep dark secret. He left me there surveying the transformed room. Some of the shapes looked familiar like the sofa and the chair however they had been covered by printed throws. South American perhaps Aztec or Mayan prints, deep purple and reds which jarred with both Joanna and George’s taste. Normally this furniture was in the living room at the front of the house. There were unusual masks on the wall which looked African. Dark wooden brown and blue angry warrior type masks which looked completely out of place in their contemporary old house. The French doors to the patio had been hidden behind the large folds of a muslin drape obscuring the view into the back garden.

This was either a massive breakdown of personal taste perhaps a new statement in fashion, or it was a stroke of genius to disguise our location. How clever, this is genius I thought to myself. Nobody would be able to recognize this place in a million years. I caught my reflection in a large mirror which appeared to be strategically placed next to the chair. I looked at myself and said out loud,

“it’s show time folks”.

Drawing my ten mega pixel camera from its leather case, I heard light footsteps coming down the stair. I pressed play on the CD player and familiar deep rhythmic funky beats filled the room. My heart skipped a beat as I heard the footsteps come closer to our decorated theatre set.

The door swung open and Joanna strode straight into the middle of the room commanding my attention. She looked fantastic and incredibly unfamiliar as she held her sexy stance. Wearing a black shoulder length bob shaped wig, sporting a delicate lace eye mask, long fake eyelashes accented by dark eye make up. Here was a completely new Joanna. This was the private porn star, exotic burlesque dancer Joanna. Her eyes sparkled like I had never seen them before and her vivid red glossy lips looked so inviting. Her outfit looked heavenly, a tight laced black corset accenting her gorgeous waist and pushing up her voluptuous breasts. Sheer black silk stockings held up by a lightly frilled suspender belt. A pair of extremely tight black satin knickers with delicate red piping covered her stunning ass. Shiny leather strapped sling back shoes with a three or four inch heel. All set off by a pair of elbow high black satin gloves.

This was a totally traditional and clichéd erotic look for a woman but I loved it. More importantly, I thought that it suited Joanna down to the ground she looked incredible, just magnificent. She oozed sex as she stood there striking her pose looking directly at me, then looking away from me but demanding that I look at her and enjoy her beauty, her sensuality.  

“You look delicious you kinky little minx, just edible”

I said, lifting my digital camera, I began to shoot. The three and a half inch LCD screen on my camera gave me vivid erotic stills of Joanna at her sensuous and seductive best. I kept aiming and clicking, spinning around her capturing her every subtle move and pose, bending over the sofa, stretching out against the wall, throwing her legs into the air sat on the edge of the chair. She spread her legs wide and began to rub between her legs ever so gently. Her index finger motioned little slow and tender circles.

“That’s it, you look great… more, more… go for it Joanna”

I tried to encourage her. She seemed like an accomplished professional. She loved the camera and the camera loved her. There was no shyness or inhibition to exhibit, display and positively rejoice in her feminine curves. This was a woman who was a comfortable size twelve and content with it. My camera continued to click as I absorbed her beauty, every shape she made almost sexier than the previous pose. My heart was racing, I was beginning to sweat. This woman had me throbbing with excitement being so tantalizingly close to me. I could smell her sweet perfume slightly spicy with a touch of fruit… it was driving me absolutely crazy with desire.  

“I want intimate close-ups”

she hissed at me fluttering her fake eyelashes.  

“Come closer darling”

I felt the warmth of her soft body approach me… just inches away from my neck. I felt her warm breath on my cheek as she stared straight into my soul teasing me, cocking one eyebrow with a wry smile.  

“You like me like this Robert?”

she asked. I nodded, beads of sweat running from my forehead down onto my cheek.

“All hot and bothered are we darling?”

Joanna whispered sexily in my ear. She slowly slipped her hand into her black satin knickers searching for her tender spot. I could see her fingers working beneath the sheer black shiny material. She lingered there long enough to know that I would be fully erect, just admiring her, no camera clicking, just looking at her. I stood there and adored her every move… exquisite.

At this point I felt like jumping on her, grabbing her flesh, kissing those inviting lips, ripping at her lingerie, licking her body, kissing her breasts… having my wicked way with her. I saw myself mounting her there and then, satisfying my lust, indulging my passion. I wanted her, I needed her, I had to have her… but no, this was my dear friend. I couldn’t, what was I thinking? I imagined myself on top of her, behind her, fully immersed in her beautiful body. I lost myself in thought, kissing her from top to toe, behind her ears, down her neck, along those soft and delicate shoulders. Tracing a line with my lips down along her spine, I’d continue over her full round ass. I’d stop to nibble and bite ever so softly.

Onward down her thighs, licking slightly, stopping just behind her knees. A sensuous place for my attention, kissing and stroking all the while, as my fingers searched and traced lines over her warm body. In my head Joanna loved my every touch and attention of her flesh, allowing my tongue to delve deep into her sex, tasting her, teasing her. My fingers tweaking and pinching her erect nipples, she would buckle and arch her back in pleasure. I had to stop myself. This was driving me crazy. This was my lovely friend. I had to control myself, snap out of it. This was so unfair, she and George were very happy together. What was I thinking? You have to behave yourself right now, I thought.

As my breathing slowly calmed and the throbbing subsided, I noticed that cheeky smile had returned to Joanna’s face. Suddenly the sexy porn star persona had disappeared and she seemed slightly vulnerable and uncomfortable. The Joanna that I knew had returned almost in the blink of an eye, as if she knew we had taken things as far as they should go.  

“That was wonderful”

I said,  

“you are a star and the camera loves you”.

She blushed as her arms instinctively covered her pert large breasts. Joanna’s face was flushed like I had never seen it before. She was spent. There was a little tremble in her thighs as she stood there before me. I knew that radiant look of satisfaction on a woman’s face. It felt so special to share such an intimate and tender moment with her.  

“I should get a hold of George and get these uploaded to the computer”

I offered in an almost matter of fact business like way.  

“Thank you babe… you’ve been brilliant…  George will be thrilled”

Joanna said as she was leaving the room. 

“He’s a very luck man”

I said. Joanna replied,  

“best birthday present he could ever get from me… I know he’ll love it”.

There was hint in her voice that these photographs were not only for personal consumption. Maybe some of them would be featuring on their favourite amateur erotic website, who knows. As the deep blue darkness fell outside, and as I fumbled around for my USB cable to upload the photos, I could hear both Joanna and George giggle upstairs. I imagined her displaying her burlesque outfit in a more pornographic way for George.

Those cheery giggles soon developed into sighs and gasps from both male and female. There was a muted yelp from Joanna and what sounded like a few stumbled steps, before the tell tale sounds of the springs on their bed squeaking and groaning. At last, I thought, now they can indulge in the very passionate and personal satisfaction which had been building all day, the gratifying release of sensual pleasure washing over their eager taut bodies. I could hear a gentle unmistakable rhythm develop on their bed. I heard a soft…  

“that’s it baby, oh, that’s it”

coming from Joanna’s lips. The tension must have been unbearable for them both, and now their sexual thirst would be quenched. I imagined them both in the heat of passion glued together embracing, biting, kissing, stroking and teasing one another indulging their love. I saw each of them sharing in deep penetration, fulfilling their rampant lust completely, over and over again. Both beautiful sexy young lovers wrestling into every position that they could manage to offer themselves to each other. How fortunate they were to be together, I thought to myself. And what a very lucky man George was to have an adorable, stunningly sexy vixen like Joanna.

Sitting on the sofa I found myself in a familiar situation… alone, feeling very frustrated. I took another sip from my drink as my right hand slipped into my trousers to be greeted by my fully erect shaft. I squeezed tightly and my body responded with a satisfying little wriggle of pleasure. Images flooded into my head from our erotic photographic session. Softly stroking, I saw the back of Joanna’s knees, her sexy thighs, and flashes of that delicious exposed flesh between the top of her stockings and the edge of her knickers. I could see her in the doggy position ready for sex. There she was on her back with her legs wide open, gesturing for me to come closer. She cupped her breasts as she pouted her lips as if she wanted me. This made me squeeze just a little tighter and my hand gained speed as I rubbed myself more, savouring the sublime ripples coursing throughout my body. I decided to save myself, withdrawing my hand I gave a heavy sigh of relief.

As promised and arranged earlier, I uploaded all of their sexy photographs for them to the laptop computer, and filed them neatly in folders waiting for their personal editing the next morning. I was quite thorough in my editing as I labelled the photos. I wanted to impress them both with my amateur ability in my new found hobby of photography. Anything blurred or badly framed got sent straight into the trash.

Once I was finished I just had to indulge in some of the delightful food which had been prepared. It seemed such a waste, so I began to munch my way through salmon and pate with crackers. There were succulent dips of spicy salsa and garlic laced avocado which really were so delicious. Even simple homemade garlic breads tasted divine. There was a sumptuous platter of cold meats neatly presented, which I unceremoniously disfigured and devoured. I hadn’t realized that I was so hungry. I scoffed an entire mini loaf of herb bread and enough food for two people. The cheese board was wonderful, and I don’t think I have ever seen so many cheeses presented at the one time. All washed down with a couple of small glasses of a fine rich Chilean merlot.

It was such a tasty and ravishing feast which was as sexy as the woman who had prepared it for us all this evening. It’s an evening which I will never ever forget. One which has helped our friendship and relationships grow. There is a trust which will never be broken, and has encouraged mutual respect between us all as individuals. We never refer to our special night of photo erotica in any other company. It’s personal. There are times when we all smile in acknowledgement with a cheeky wink. Something only we can share as friends, a very special shared summer of love, Joanna, George and me, our secret.

Written by

Fran Dessop©