Sexy Summer Visitors (part three)

Info LorenzoAbajos
02 Jan. '17

This had been a memorable summer for me. After finishing my junior year at state university, I had returned to my hometown for the summer. I was expecting it to be a boring stay in the old home town. Just me and Margaret O'Kelly in her home. She was an old family friend. My parents were retired and off to see the world. They had sold our home, and so I was lucky enough to be able to stay with Marge. A long and lazy summer.

Then her sister Jen came for a visit, and we fucked and sucked like crazy people. I had never known she was such a whore, and I loved it. Everyone should have such a sweet piece of ass for a MILF. I used her as she wanted to be used and she used me. It was totally awesome.

She had to leave to get back to her daughter Olivia, or Livy, as we all called her. Livy was going away soon to be part of a dance troop in the largest city in our state. She was a ballerina. She had been dancing since she was a child, and now at eighteen she was getting her big break and becoming what she had always wanted to be, a professional ballerina.

After Jen had been gone for two or three weeks Marge's other sister Polly arrived to visit the her parents across town, and stayed with her sister. And again, I was surprised and overjoyed to find she was a real slut too. Even though she was a professor at a college she was a great fucker and sucker. Marge's family was incredibly sexual.

Nothing would surprise me now. I had been expecting Marge to come into my room some night and give me a blow job. No such luck so far. Have I said that Marge was a total knockout? She was even lovelier than her two sisters. With the same long brown hair all the women in her family had. Except Livy. She had her father's blond hair. I had not seen her since she turned seventeen, and we happened to celebrate her birthday here at her grandparent's home. Her Gramps had not become too bad yet with the Alzheimer's that was attacking him. It was a happy party. I thought Livy was incredible. But she showed no interest in me what so ever.

In any case, Marge told me that Livy was coming to visit the old folks and would be staying with us in the one of the bedrooms. I was overjoyed. I mean, the way my luck was going she would be licking my balls the first night she was here. I could dream anyway.

No such luck. Livy was friendly enough. But I got no vibes that she was interested in me in that way, you know? Oh well, I still had my hand and my memories of Polly and Livy's mom, Jen. They would carry me through. Livy was staying for a week. For three days I hardly saw her. She spent most of the days over with Gram and Gramps. She was even sweetly cooking dinner for them. Marge was working. She and I would have our dinner together when she got home. Usually takeout, since I didn't cook and Marge was tired from work. I was home alone during the day, beating my meat while I surfed the web for porn.

On the fourth night I was not sleeping well. I was just lying there listening to the house creak when I heard someone passing my room door. It had to be Livy. Odd. I got up, put some boxer briefs on, and crept out the door and down the stairs to see what was up. There is always a nightlight in the main room downstairs in case anyone needs to get around without stubbing a toe. I saw Livy slip out the front door. It was mid-summer and the weather was great. Nice and warm. And there was a full moon.

What was up? I stayed as quiet as I could and edged over to the now closed door. I put my eye up to the small window in the door and tried to see what was going on. All I could see was a dark figure at the bottom of the walkway. This was interesting. Maybe Livy was just having a late night tryst with a boyfriend.

We lived away from the main part of town on several acres of land. We were isolated and, as I said, the weather was lovely. I liked to sleep with my window open. I admit I was a curious George. I was going to find out what Livy was up to. I just got some flip-flops out of the hall closet and quietly went out the back door and around the side of the house to the front.

I could see, from behind a shrub, that two people were walking hand in hand down the hill to a grove of trees on the edge of the lawn. I followed around the edge of the yard, and finally I could see Livy sitting on the edge of a blanket, wearing a short robe. Her long dancer's legs were curved under her sweet ass. She had the small breasts all the women in her family had. Maybe they were 34c. Maybe a bit smaller. No matter. I personally loved to take a whole tit into my mouth and suck it as hard as I could.

Sitting with her was a woman who looked to be in her thirties. She was lying down with a short wrap-around on. It didn't cover her long curvaceous legs. It barely covered her tits. I could see her cleavage clearly. They were giggling and chatting about dancing and Livy's new career. Livy talked of Gram and Gramps and the woman spoke of her strenuous work day. Apparently she was a dancer too. In fact, I gathered she had been Livy's teacher. I heard Livy call her Silvia. Nothing unusual seemed to be happening here, so I was just watching for a while as I stroked my hard prick. It had been out and hard since I walked down the fence line.

I was getting a little bored and about to leave when something happened. Livy leaned down and kissed Silvia . Sweet, I thought to myself. Very sweet. But the kiss did not stop and Silvia's hands were holding Livy's head with her hands and she was softly kissing Livy back. I thought I could see tongues being swapped. And Livy's hand went inside Silvia's wrap around and began to squeeze a tit. Now this was the goods.

My cock was now hard as concrete. It wanted to come very badly. I didn't mind at all. I was jerking and jacking and stroking for all I was worth. Silvia had stripped the robe from Livy's now nude body and the wrap around had disappeared. They were both naked. I could see that both had cunts completely shaved and they were soon consumed with their lust.

A tribbing session started very quickly and both were moaning loudly, and I almost groaned myself as I made my prick work to shoot all of it's come on the grass by the shrub I had hidden behind. They were rubbing their cunts briskly together and I knew they were coming on their pussies. Both were rubbing their own tits and pinching and tweaking their nipples. Even stretching them out and making themselves come even harder from the sex play.

They both thought they were completely alone so they didn't bother being quiet. Both women were squealing with lust and passion as they kept having multiple orgasms. It was too much for me. I shot my spunk in a stream on the ground and almost collapsed with fatigue. I took one last glance and then took my way back up the hill to the backdoor and upstairs to sleep. I had to plan.

I was not going to blackmail my cousin, but I was going to find a way to get in on some of this lovely sex she was giving out. That is, if she wasn't actually a lesbian.

In the morning, as we three were eating breakfast I couldn't help saying something.

"You look tired Livy. Did you have trouble sleeping? I did. I was awake until real late. Thought I heard someone walking around. Did you two hear anything?"

It was cute to me the way Livy blushed. She didn't admit to being tired or hearing anything. Neither woman said they had heard anything. I grinned. 

Spending the day planning I came up with something simple and which I hoped would be completely effective. Now I was anxious to put it into action. The day stretched out and I was very, very impatient, but I dreamed of my night being a night of memorable sex and love making. I was not mistaken.

We dined that night in companionable silence. Livy was eating with us this time. I was glancing over to Livy and looking forward to what I was hoping would happen. I had several scenarios in mind, just to make sure I had everything covered. Livy was adorable and pretty too. I was going to enjoy making her part of my sexual group, like Jen and Polly.

I had my usual evening shower and went to bed. I said goodnight to Livy as I went into my room. She was passing down the hall to her own room.

"See you in the morning Livy."

"Yep, I'm sleepy. See you then Billy."

So, I spent the next hour lying on the bed in sweat pants. I was not going to need clothes later tonight, but for now I needed something to wear in case Marge caught me out in the living room. I listened closely to hear when Livy, as I expected, would pass by on her way to heaven with Silvia. It happened just at midnight. I was up and following her quietly as she went down the stairs and out the front door. My cock was firming up as I walked slowly out behind her. I quietly went around the fence line to their meeting place. Then I watched as they again greeted each other and slowly began their love play. I wanted them to be active when I made my appearance. I peeped as well as I could around the shrubs, and finally saw them passionately making love and moaning. I walked around the shrubbery.

With a quick look, I could see what was going on. Livy was propped on a pillow with her legs spread and Silvia was kneeling before her eating her cunt. Silvia's ass was in the air and I could see juices running out of her pussy down her long thighs. I quickly doffed my sweats and my prick sprang free.

"Hi Silvia. Hi Livy. What's up?"

Livy squealed and covered her tits. Silvia twisted around and then sat up and covered her tits also.

"You know ladies, this is not a big deal. I saw you last night. You're both beautiful women. No worries. I'm a nice guy Silvia. Ask Livy."

"Silvia, this is really pretty exciting, you know? Billy's a good friend. He's okay."

"You should know something. This has been an interesting summer for me. Livy, your aunt Polly and your mother Jen have been my sexual partners this summer. Having sex with each other in this house doesn't seem to be a big deal. I mean, you two enjoying yourselves is not so unusual around here." And I laughed.

"What do you mean Billy? Are you saying you've fucked Mom and Aunt Polly? What the hell. They're such sluts!" And then she giggled.

"I know Livy. You were just having your pussy eaten on the front lawn. This is no big deal. You know what? You should just continue. Get some of Livy's cream into your mouth, Silvia. Make her come. By the way, I'm very pleased to meet you. Just a friend of the family. Don't mind me in the least. I'm going to fuck you now, right now, so you should be giving some more pleasure to Livy."

"Oh, what the hell, kid. I could use some cock, too. Let's have some fun, young folks."

"Silvia, please, I need some more loving. My cunt is so fucking tingly. Eat me please. Please lick my pussy."

I smiled at Livy and Livy smiled at me as Silvia turned and leaned down to eat some more pussy. I moved forward, slipped the condom I had in my hand over my prick, and placed my cock head against my Silvia's pussy lips. I wanted this. I rammed it in that creamy pussy all the way and Silvia moaned with passion. I don't know how long it had been since she was fucked, but she was going to be well fucked tonight.

Hard and deep I fucked Livy's friend, and she moaned as her tongue licked the cunt of Livy. Livy was coming and humping her quim hard against Silvia's face. Harder and harder I screwed that sweet dancer's pussy and, god, it was so damned good. I'm not prepared to say that Silvia's cunny was better than Polly's and Jen's, but I would say it was close. I loved all pussy, and I wanted to keep screwing all of them as much as they would allow. My back was humping my ass to get deep into the cunt. Damn this was good pussy.

Livy was squealing as Silvia was sucking on her clit and I was jamming all the cock I had into that sweet pussy. She took it all and pushed back to get more and more. I reached around and pinched her clit and squeezed her little tits and she was groaning around her ex-student's swollen pussy lips. I fucked her until she had orgasm after orgasm and shivered with lust. I did what I had to do to make Silvia have a great experience. I don't know if I succeeded, but I do know she enjoyed the hell out of it.

At last I needed to come, but I didn't want to waste it all in a condom. I wanted to feed it to Livy and watch her swallow all the sperm I could feed her. I slowly withdrew my prick from Silvia's cunt and she moaned with the loss.

"Silvia, I'm going to let Livy suck my cock. I know she'll be good at it. But I want you to sit on my face while she does it. Okay? Let's really have some fun. Fuck my face with your cunt and let Livy suck me as hard as she can. Livy? Want my hard cock? Want to do some cock sucking? Fuck it ladies, let's get us some fucking done tonight."

I slipped the rubber off. I laid myself down beside Livy, gave her a tongue kiss and then told her to suck my dick. She moved to my still hard prick. Silvia climbed up and lowered herself onto my face and I stuck my tongue up her creamy pussy. She quickly started humping and rubbing and coming into my mouth and up my nose. She was facing toward the house, watching for a light to come on. I could see Livy begin to stroke my pecker with both hands in the bright moonlight.

My cock was close to coming, but I controlled it. I wanted Livy to have the pleasure of sucking my prick hard and long. She was licking it now like it was ice cream and stroking it faster and faster. I sucked all the juices Silvia had flowing out of her cunt and even moved my head down and licked her ass hole. That pleased her. I could tell because she rammed her ass down and tried to get me to fuck her with my tongue. I tried to do so as Livy was jacking me faster and faster with all her spit running down my prick and pooling in my pubes.

At last, after everyone else had been coming for almost an hour now, I thought it was my turn, and the wait was worth it. I began to shoot hard, and some shot into the air, but Livy squeezed my cock until she could cover my cock head and let all the good spunk fill her needy mouth. I had been pinching Silvia's nipples while she ground her cunt into my face. Now I relaxed and just let Livy suck me dry. I was completely spent. Siliva knew I was through, and so was she, but Livy kept sucking and sucking. That was one hungry ballerina.

"Livy, baby, I'll have more for you tomorrow. I promise. There'll be more. Come up here and cuddle with me and Silvia. Hey Silvia, let's cuddle. I want to just hold you ladies and squeeze some tits."

They gladly moved up and we all tangled our naked bodies together and just enjoyed each other.

Best summer ever.