For my wife's pleasure

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02 Jan. '17

This is my first writing, any constructive criticism would be appreciated. I enjoyed writing this and hope you enjoy reading , thank you.


Eric and Maria have been together for going on 8yrs, they were in love but as usual life gets in the way of being intimate. Eric had a fantasy and his wife knew it, had in the past played on it, but never came true. He was always turned on by his wife enjoying her self, when she was masterbating or when he was going down on her. He had suggested a threesome with another guy to pleasure her, four hands touching her beautiful body, two mouths and tongues kissing and licking her all over, and two cocks for her to play with. Both men there for her pleasure, he wanted to be a part of it and just watch her enjoy and be enjoyed.

At one point to add some spice to there sex life he suggested that if she found some one to play with all he wanted was to be involved, a threesome or to be told about it in a way as for her to reimagine it and for him to enjoy that with her. He told her even to watch her being sexual with some one would excite him so much.

She would go for work sometimes to a near by city and have to stay overnight on occasion, and upon returning from one of these trips she told Eric I have to tell him something. At that point she took him into the bedroom and figured she would find out how serious he was about just being told about what happened. She starts off with I know a guy and he was in town last night, Eric begins kissing her neck and touching her, says tell me more beautiful. She tells him they had dinner and a few drinks and they ended up back in her room, kissing, touching, undressing her, Eric asked her did he take control ? Her answer was very much so, he laid me on the bed and began kissing my body all over, sucking on my nipples as his hands spread my legs and his finger played with my pussy. It was so excited I came rite away, he took my hand and placed it on his cock as he continued to suck on my nipples. Eric asked her was he big and hard? She answered with a yes he was so hard and very thick, all this while Eric undressed her, he laid her down and proceeded to make his way down to licking and kissing her pussy. Keep going baby I'm loving this you are amazing. She continued with, he laid down and I began sucking his cock and stroking him, he was so thick my hand did not go around it and I could only get half in my mouth, at this point Eric was fingering her and licking her clit. He asked if he cum then? No she said, he stoped me and took my hands and had me straddle him, I grabbed his cock and lowered my self on to it, it took a little bit to get him inside me but I was so wet and I wanted it so bad. Eric moved up to rub his cock on her pussy and play with her clit, telling her to keep going baby, did you love that big dick in you ? He could tell she was so aroused by all this, she was so wet and her nipples were so hard as she played with them.

Yes I did, it was so thick I went slow at first then I took it all at once, it felt so good, at that moment Eric pushed his cock inside her and she was so wet but so tight it was amazing ! She continued that they fucked like that for a bit then he turned her around and fucked her from behind hard and fast till he cum inside her. As she finish the last of her tail she bucked as Eric was fucking her and she squirted like never before almost pushing Eric out, he came shortly there after, and laid beside her touching her and telling her how amazing and beautiful she was.

After this she knew he was game and she could be more open and free with what she wanted knowing he was being fulfilled.

Maria had about three encounters with the man now known as Kevin, only to return to Eric and tell him all about it and have some of the best sex of their relationship.

Things going great both their sexual needs being met beyond their dreams, Mary having the man she loves more than anything love her even more and having this person for just lust and raw sex. Eric having the woman he had always dreamed of fulfilling every desire, and being the love of his life.

The conversation had come up during the first encounter about Kevin knowing about her husbands fantasy and how he felt about it. She had mentioned it rite away telling Kevin she would be telling Eric everything, he said it was a turn on and would respect any boundaries set. That only made her want him more.

The time came that Kevin wanted to talk or meet Eric and hope he would feel the same. Maria gave Eric his number and they talked several times about this situation and had set up a weekend that Eric and Maria would meet with Kevin and see where this would go.

During their conversations they came to find that she was different with both men, Eric more gentle and tender during sex, and Kevin would take control, more aggressive. They came up with a scenario that would satisfy all party's involved.

The weekend came and Eric and Maria checked into the hotel and met Kevin down in the bar to get acquainted. A few drinks a few laughs and Eric and Kevin getting a long well, Maria getting a nice buzz makes the first move by saying she need a place to lay down and get more comfortable. They laugh it off and head to the room; there she kissed Eric passionately and he tells her he loves her and that's where Kevin took over and Eric took a seat, Kevin began passionately kissing Maria and telling her I'm in control now and your husband will watch me pleasure you, I want you to let go and do as I tell you. He began undressing her, touching and kissing her as he did. He stripped down at the same time. Maria as if it was instinct grabbed his cock and began stroking him as they kissed, Eric could see how thick and hard Kevin got, his wife dropped to her knees and began sucking him slowly at first then stroking him while taking him as deep as she could into her mouth, Eric could see how excited she became as Kevin would none and move with her as she sucked his cock, He took her hand and lead her to the bed, Eric had taken his clothes off also at this time being that he was so hard and could not contain his cock any longer, excited he could not resist stroking himself.

Kevin laid her out on the bed and continued to kiss her as his hands roamed her body, making his way from her lips to her neck kissing, nibbling, then lightly biting her as he made his way down her body, his hand resting on her tummy just above her pussy he could feel her react with every touch. Eric, hard as a rock and could not take his eyes off of the two, his wife moaning and gripping the sheets, her legs willingly spread as this man pleasured her ; it was intoxicating. Kevin was making his way down her chest lightly licking the tips of her nipples and then slowly sucking them into his mouth one by one, his hand that was on her tummy was now teasing the outer lips of her pussy and the other playing with the nipple that he just sucked. Slowly licking and kissing his way down to her pussy he positioned himself between her legs so that he could cup and play with one breast and the other would grip her big beautiful ass. He slowly teasing her and with every lick went deeper and deeper, making her buck every time, as he went deeper he would press the tip of his tung against her clit and would lick the length of her pussy, at this point Eric was stroking his cock to the movement of his wives pleasure. Kevin speeding up and matching Maria's movement and she would grind her pussy on this mans tung, Kevin gripped her ass and pulled her deep burying his tung inside her. She let out a broken statement " OH GOD IM CUMMING!!" As she shook and grabbed the back of Kevin's head with one hand and pulled the sheets with the other !!!

Eric exploded, he could not contain himself anymore. As she came to rest Kevin still teasing her with light touches, Eric headed to the rest room to clean up. Kevin laid down beside her and with no prompting she pulled her self over and devoured his cock, stroking and sucking like it was her last meal, Kevin all the while telling her you know what I like, take your time. Eric had returned and took his seat again, Kevin telling him his wife tasted amazing, and I think she likes my cock; to that he asked her do you like that big cock Maria? She paused to say I love this cock and back in her mouth it went. To Eric's surprise he was getting hard again, watching this was such a turn on and seeing how sex crazed his wife was, was amazing !!

Kevin kept talking to her, do you want that cock inside you Maria ? Would you like that? Her reply way quick and a yes of corse. Kevin told her, I want you to ride me so that your husband can watch this cock disappear inside you, she slowly crawled up and straddled him, she reached back between her legs and grabbed his thick hard cock. Slowly pushing just the head inside of her pussy and slowly taking all of him in so that Eric could see the whole thing, her moaning inch by thick inch and Kevin with one hand on her ass and the other holding a breast playing with a nipple. Once she had taken him, all of him she began to rock and slowly bounce in and out of her pussy is all Eric saw, his wife's pussy full and he was rock hard again. Eric could hear Kevin at one point tell her to take it all deep as she can, he gripped her hips and forced all of it inside her, almost a scream but more of absolute pleasure. Eric stroking himself and just lost in the atmosphere of the room, mumbling to himself " OH baby you so beautiful, I love watching you take that, I love the sounds you make when being pleased".

Kevin tells her, I want you from behind, she slowly pulled off of his cock and takes a position where her head is on a pillow and her big amazing ass is in the air waiting for Kevin's cock. He played with her pussy from behind as he strokes his cock and slowly takes position, Kevin taking note to make sure Eric can see everything as he slips his cock inside her, Eric watches as this thing disappears inside his wife's pussy and she moans as he goes deep, Kevin taking full strokes so Eric can see how much she is really taking, faster and faster, Kevin tells Eric, your wife's pussy is so tight and this ass is amazing as he smacked it. Gripping her hips and full strokes he slowed to a stop just the head inside her, she takes over pushing her pussy back into him harder and harder, he asked you must like this cock, Yes oh yes she replied. At this point he gripped her hips and meets her thrust with his own, she screams "OH GOD IM CUMMING!!" As he picked up the pace Eric is close also and could tell Kevin was almost there. Kevin thrust hard a couple of times with a moan of relief he explodes inside her. Eric almost there as Kevin pulled out and Maria turned and began sucking Kevin's cock again, that's all Eric needed to finish.

They all showered and Kevin got dressed, He kissed Maria and shook Eric's hand saying, you have an amazing wife what a lucky man. As he left Maria kissed Eric passionately and said thank you so much for being the way you are, I am lucky. I love you baby, is all Eric said.