Unexpected encounter, Part 1: Kindred spirits.

Firstly I'd like to thank 'IamRay23' who has been a massive help to me and my writing. Although the style may still not suit everyone's taste, he has helped me make great improvements to my writing style. I'd be so appreciative of comments on all my stories to help guide my writing in future. Thank you.


I truly felt like a fish out of water when it came to travelling. Maybe it wasn't so much to being in a different place, it was just the moving around, not being able to do anything which I would consider constructive. I hadn't really wanted to go on this stupid training course but my boss had nagged at me to go on this thing. I'm convinced he felt that sending me on one of these things was to do me good and not just for the good of the business.

          The rooms we were given were really plush, having king size bed all to myself felt pretty sweet. But what I loved more than anything was the warmth of a carpet beneath my feet. It felt so good, my toes almost tingled as I dragged them over it. Being honest though, I'd still rather be home. My Xbox on hand, all the Blu-ray's I'd collected and my sound system. I missed having anything I wanted to eat at any time, day or night. Here it felt like such a chore to do anything.

          It was late in the evening and I wasn't in much of a party mood after travelling so far, especially being here by myself. Normally when people went on these staff training things they went in pairs, or maybe three at the most. But of all the people who had to go on their own, it had to be me. Milton Keynes might be a couple hours drive for some of the others I’d met... but to me it might as well have been to the moon and back again. I might feel a bit more adventurous tomorrow, maybe get my bearings with daylight and take a look around.

          I was about to gulp the last of my coke and ice, having tried to at least pretend there was something like Morgan's in it. In the corner of my eye I kept noticing a flash of colour that was very bright, when I turned my head a little it was a very obvious pink.

A woman in a brightly coloured coat turned away from the reception desk and looked towards where I was sitting to find an empty chair. Her eyes fixed on the one next to mine. Come to think it, if I left then she could get mine. At the very least it would be warm for her.

She was carrying two huge holdalls, they looked so strange with everyone else was dragging around proper suitcases. It was also clear that she was struggling with their size, and that they sagged almost all the way to the floor. As she placed down her bags, she shot a glance at me. We made a firm eye contact, she smiled and made a little nod. My mouth twitched a smile and I gave a nod back.

Her body then just collapsed deep into the chair with her arms flopping out to the side, she was seemingly exhausted or very fed up. Having expected her to sit down delicately, the way she actually did it made me smirk a little. Her sandy blonde, shoulder length hair bounced off the collar of her jacket that had bunched up around her neck. Her blue eyes glanced around the room, it was as if looking for someone she knew, but from the look on her face she didn't find them. Once again she looked at me; strangely I hadn’t really stopped looking at her. Having had to hide my smirk from what she’d done before I then had to adjust the smirk and turn it into a smile. Although I am normally a happy person anyway, sometimes I smiled just to hide my nervousness.

          'Long trip?' I suddenly said stupidly.

          'Feels long,' she replied. Her Scottish accent was very thick, but her voice was soft.

          'Going far?' I nodded down to her bags.

          'Coming back, actually. Kind of killing two birds with one stone, I was at a wedding.' She took a deep breath before continuing, 'I was supposed to be here yesterday for a product show, but I missed one of my connections.' She loosened the chunky buttons on her jacket and wriggled in the chair to make herself more comfortable.

          'Are you here with family?' she asked back, taking another look around the room.

          I made a stupid gesture with my face, curling my lips into my mouth and biting down gently.

          'Scarily enough I'm here by myself. I'm here for a product show too, my boss kind of pushed me into coming. It seemed like there were half a dozen of them going yesterday.'

          'There always is,' she spoke from experience.

          With my hand I checked by my side to my laptop bag. I had the strap looped around one of my feet, maybe I was just being paranoid about someone trying to steal it. When I'd moved I must have shown the stupid name badge that I was wearing and she somehow managed to read it.

          'Are you from Parson Electricals?'

          'Yes,' I replied. But she already knew the answer.

          'I work for Hanson’s’ in Birmingham. We supply you with a lot of goods.'

          'I’m from Kendal.'

          Her eyes lit up. 'Busy little place.'

          'It’s good though,' I couldn't think of anything else to say, ‘to be busy I mean.’ I looked back at her and tried to think of something smarter to say.

          The air between us fell silent as we both seemed to run out of words. It almost felt like were encased in a soundproof bubble as everything else fell into a dead silence.

          'Louisa! Isn't it?' I chanced, my head jutted forward an inch like a pecking bird. The more she spoke the more I felt I recognised her voice.

          Her eyes lit up again and her cheeks flushed with colour as she smiled with her plush, pink lips. 'Jack?' She hesitantly took her own chance.

          I smiled back.

          'It's nice to put a face to the voice on the other end of the phone,' she remarked.

          'Same here,' I replied in kind. For some reason, I reached out and offered a handshake. I felt silly after I'd done it, it like I was living in the sixties. She gently took it and gave it a single shake. Her smile was becoming more infectious by the second. My own smile was turning from being a little guarded and uncomfortable to one that was now more genuine.

          Something suddenly popped into her head. She even put her hand over her mouth to hide her expression.

          'Oh My God! I'm just remembering… I must have seemed like such a bitch the last time we spoke on the phone. God, I'm so sorry,' she put her hand out and touched mine ever so gently. I looked down at it. Her bright nail polish glistened in the light.

          My face reacted as much in puzzlement as anything else.

          'I was having such a bad day that day,' she began to explain.

          'It happens,' she seemed to be making more of it than what it actually was from what I could recall.

          'I'm so sorry,' she apologised again.

          'I’m not normally like that.'

          'It's okay, everybody has an off day now and again. I’ve spoken to you often enough to know how you normally are. When I have to phone you guys I always hope it’s you that gets my call.  You’re better to deal with than Christina.'

She was slightly flattered by his comment.

I then continued, trying to keep the smile on her face a little longer. 'Don’t tell him I said this but Alex is an annoying prick. He sounds like one of those call centre people who call you up and try and con you into something.'

          Her cheeks were now flushed with colour against the rest of her skin that, although was pale, shone with a healthy glow in the light. She gave me a reassuring nod as she tried to hide her giggling. Louisa tried to get over the moment of embarrassment as she became momentarily distracted by a rowdy group of people heading out the door.

          She had to swallow a couple of times to be able to speak again. 'Are you heading out on the town?' Louisa asked, nodding toward the noisy people who’d just left. It was impossible to hide the gleeful sound in her voice as she tried to stop herself from smiling, still thinking about my comment about Alex.

          'I've had a heck of day travelling; I think I'm really just looking forward to getting off my feet,' I replied softly

          'I know how you feel.'

          I looked at the key swinging in her hand, she had her finger through the ringlet and wore it almost like another ring. Amongst about a half dozen rings on the fingers of either hand I could see she wasn't married.

          '506,' I said

          She looked at her own key.

          'I'm in 503. We can't be far away.'

          She fell silent for a moment.

          'Are you waiting for someone?' I asked.

          She appeared to be confused by the question.

          'You seemed to be looking around when you first came in,' I pointed out to her.

          'Oh, no' her brain kicked into gear. 'I've been to a few of these things, I was just looking to see if I could see a familiar face, nobody in particular though.'

          Another few moments silence occurred.

          'Would you like a hand?' I shot a glance at her two holdalls.

          'I'll manage' she reassured me.

          'I'm about to head up anyway.'

           'A gentlemen,' she said with a soft smile.

          We got to our feet and I decided to give her my laptop case so that I could take both of her bags. It wasn’t so much their weight as their bulk that made them awkward to carry. The lifts were busy with large groups of people coming and going, so the stairs looked to be less of a hassle. By the time we climbed a couple of flights, she was now carrying her pink coat over her arm, it  had become simply too hot to wear. As she went ahead of me to open the doors to the next corridor, I couldn't help but stare at her shapely bum. The jacket had made her look dumpy, but now that I saw her better, her figure was surprisingly nice.

          I felt that having talked to her before, even if most of it was just work related stuff, it made me comfortable with her. We kept talking about random stuff as we walked up the stairs, but everything seemed to lead to relationships... or rather our lack of them.

          As we got to the floor where our rooms were, she pushed open one of the double doors and let me carry the bags through. In the bar outside reception, all I could smell was the hint of cigarette smoke coming out of everyone's clothes. But now... as I walked past her, I could smell the sweet vanilla of her perfume. It was subtle and not so strong as to be sickly. There was something else that I could smell along with it, something that I liked but just didn't know what it was.

          We were almost there, Louisa started fumbling for her key, she opened the door and glided inside with a twirl. It was only once I got in with her bags that she turned on the light. The room was a mirror image of mine, I kind of liked this way around better for some reason. Maybe the bed was placed more like my own bed in my room back home, or maybe something else entirely. I had a funny thing about feeling it easier to sleep when the bed was facing in a certain direction.

          'Just put the bags down there,' she said softly as she nodded so the wall.

          I put them down gently, in case there was anything important inside them.

          'Thank you so much,' Louisa winced. Jack didn’t know how far she’d had to walk today, but I got the impression that it had been a lot. After  being at a wedding late into the night then having to travel the next morning anyone would be tired.

          'It's no problem,' I replied. 'It actually feels kind of good to do something physical, I always feel like I have to be doing something. I hate sitting still when I'm not actually tired.’

          Every smile she had given to me was so genuine; it felt good to make her smile. Louisa threw her coat across a chair and immediately reached down to take off her heels. She released the first easily, but as she struggled with the strap of the second she stumbled, making a small noise as she did so.

          Reaching out, I tried to stop her from falling. I caught her by her arm without having to grip her so tightly that I'd hurt her. She stumbled up against me but it was the sensation of her breasts pushing against my body that sent a strange surge through my whole body. I looked down at where our bodies made contact. Being much shorter now without her heels, she looked up with an embarrassed grin, her head half resting on my shoulder. She caught my eyes staring at her at the very moment that I was looking at her breasts that were squished up against me.

          'They are real if that's what you're wondering,' she tried to embarrass me.

          I had to swallow hard before even thinking about replying. 'Do you usually use them for attacking people?' I countered.

          We were both blushing like crazy, I could see the redness in her face and I could feel my own burning. She stepped away and brushed her fingers through her hair. Louisa then exhaled a deep and nervous breath. As she stepped towards me again, she stood up on her tiptoes and firmly kissed me, just to the side of my mouth. The kiss had come from nowhere and it made me take a deep breath, but I didn't have the urge to pull away from her.

          We looked at each other for a moment. I'm not sure if either of us knew what was going on, our hearts were beating hard, but not out of fear. She reached up to kiss me again, this time delicately on the lips.

          It was unlike any kiss I'd ever had. Not that there had been that many anyway, at least not compared to what some of my friends claimed. Her kiss had been soft and gentle, not rushed.

          To get close enough to me Louisa had to push her body against mine again. Her breasts felt firm, but at the same time soft. Even through all our clothes, we could feel each other's warmth. As I looked down at her body, I could see the buttons on the front of her satin blouse straining. I kept staring at her body. The more I looked at her shapely figure, the more amazing it got. Every inch of her was womanly, there was nothing that anyone should want to change... I certainly didn't.

          Suddenly feeling flush with warmth, I reached up to my collar and took off my top. Even though I'd done it simply because I was hot, It was only once I'd done it that it occurred to me how she might interpret the move. Not meaning to, while taking off my top I had pulled my T-shirt half out of the band of my trousers. I kept wanting to apologise, but nothing came out of my mouth.

          Louisa then began to open up the top buttons of her dark blue blouse, two at first. I could see the edge of her white bra, it seemed shiny and satin like the rest of her classy clothes; and her skin.

          Now, with her heels off, I was the best part of a foot taller than her. I kissed the top of one of her full cheeks, set on her high cheekbones. It made her look like she was always smiling, and in the short time I'd been around her smiling came so easily to her. She also made a sound when she smiled, that was barely a giggle... but it was still a sound which made me happy. It was something that I recognised from speaking to her over the phone.

          Thinking I would stop at one kiss, I felt like I was watching myself from outside of my own body. I felt as though I was watching myself kissing down the side of her face, and then down her neck. Before I knew where I was, I'd found the top of her collar bone with purses of my lips, but it was there that I stopped.

          After looking at me for a few moments, she reached out and grabbed the loose part of my T-shirt. Encouraged by my reaction, she began to lift it up. Even at full stretch she could only get it so far, I had to pull the last part of it fully off my body.

          Blinded for a moment, as the material stretched until it could almost pop off over my head, I felt her hands creeping down over my body. She had longish nails that were tapered to a sharp point, they were painted a glossy pink that was only a shade darker than her coat was. But when she touched me all I felt was the softness of her fingertips.

          I always considered my body to be average. Not skinny, but not too big either. Some muscle but, it I wasn't obviously defined like by brother was. The hair on my body was patchy. Some around my nipples, a few hairs on my chest which ran all the way down my body in a single strand till it encircled my belly button, which was luckily clean. There were more small wisps of hair that dropped straight down from my belly button to below the band of my trousers.

          Louisa had run her fingertips all the way down those hairs which were soft and delicate, not hard like stubble. Her nails had made a clicking sound as they brushed around my belt buckle, it was so quiet that the noise of it seemed to fill the room.

          Having her hands so close to my groin stirred up a feeling that tugged at the strings attached to the pit of my stomach. Even though my cock hadn't hardened, I felt a tightness... and a heat!

          My heart was beating in my chest, so hard that I could hear it booming through my lungs as I breathed. I could see that hers was beating so hard that the tops of her soft breasts trembled with each beat. I still wasn't sure if, deep down, our hearts were beating was for the exact same reason.

          In reaching up to take off my T-shirt, her blouse had pulled out of her black pencil skirt. To my eyes, her clothes seemed too tight to be comfortable, but it made her look very prim and proper. It also kept her perfect figure trapped like a bodice.

          Tenderly, I reached around her hips and began to tug her blouse out of the edge of her skirt. Her struggling made me step back a little, but not so far that it pulled the edge of her blouse out of my grasp. It took a second or so to realise she wasn't struggling to get away from me, but rather she was trying to undo the buttons of her blouse. As each of them popped open they made their own sound, it was almost both a pop and a rip at the same time.

          As she slipped it back over her shoulders, exposing her large breasts to me, I was already trying to kick off my shoes with the laces still tied tight. I wasn't sure if the laces would be the first to break or if it would be the bones in my foot, but in that moment I didn't care.

          Within the space of the same heartbeat, our bodies embraced each other, our hearts thinking alike. Her warm skin was soothing for my own. She pushed back her shoulders and arched her back, her breasts were so big that they sometimes stopped parts of our bodies from touching. As Louisa tilted her head back, I leaned my tall body over her and kissed her lips. I could feel a hint of the glaze of her lipstick transferring to my own lips, but I didn't care.

          Passion had taken over both of us. My body was telling me what to do, and something told me hers was doing the same. The tops of her hips were beginning to grind against my groin. The stimulation was causing my cock to become uncomfortable, as it grew within my jeans it was almost beginning to hurt. Not being able to adjust myself, the urgency became greater and greater with each beat of my heart until the discomfort was almost intolerable. Louisa noticed the wincing on my face, she looked down and saw it's form within my jeans.

          She didn't need to feel it to know that it was there, it's presence was so obvious and I wasn't trying to hide it. Delicately, she flicked out the end of the belt and then with a sudden burst of gusto she yanked it to the side to clear the pin. As I took a deep breath, my abdomen pushed the strap back through the open buckle. The zip was already spreading open by itself, as if it too realised the urgency of the situation.

          Both of us were trying to take my trousers down, as if we couldn't decide whose job it was. By this time however I was beginning to sweat, the denim was clinging to my skin and they didn't want to come away easily. In her exuberance, she accidentally tapped me with her shoulder. That small push was enough to put me off balance and I began to fall slowly backwards.

          Before I fell all the way back onto the bed, between us we managed to get my trousers down to my knees. Falling to a sitting position and not all the way onto my back, without delay I strained forward and fully took off my trousers. My socks were loose and without even trying they came off too. As my jeans flung themselves to the floor, they landed with a thud.

          I found myself sitting there in front of her. Louisa’s breasts presented themselves at a perfect head height for me, I felt like I could have looked at them till the sun came up again. Instead, I reached out to her and pulled her closer to me. Even though I hadn't meant to, I pulled her so hard she almost landed on top of me. She had been trying to undo her skirt but didn't seem to making much headway. In truth she had only had enough seconds to fill the fingers of one hand to even begin to try.

          Finding the seam of the finely toothed zip, I traced it until I came to the sharpness of the delicate tag. Pulling on the zip, it resisted me. Her shapely hips tried to force it to stay closed. I grasped the top of the skirt and tugged her close to me so she couldn't move. Clasping her with my arms I pushed the material of her skirt together with just enough slack for me to draw the zip downwards.

          I needed every inch that the zip could give me. Even with the space it had given me, I had to pull firmly to slide it down over her generous hips. There was nothing subtle about the curves of her body. I could name a dozen nice girls my age, all of them slimmer than Louisa, but there was nothing I would change about her figure.

          Her skin was soft, and pale like driven snow. For some people a sense of colour would look healthier. But the more I explored her body, the more I found it to be flawless. As I stared at her, my eyes became fixated on her belly button set atop her soft pot belly. A tiny dot somehow made itself clear to me. It appeared to be a healed scar from a piercing. I found myself wishing that whatever she'd had in was still there. I began to wonder what more secrets I might find.

          Between us, we could now only muster three items of clothing. I couldn't imagine my heart could beat any faster, but there was more to come from both of us.

          I'm not sure what happened next, if she fell on top of me or if I'd pulled her towards me again, but together we fell onto the bed. The cool satin like sheets contrasted with the warm silky softness of her skin. I could feel the underwire of her bra digging into me, but it didn't matter.

          We lay looking at each other for a moment, sharing each other's warmth. Together we calmed our hearts.

          Still beating far faster than normal, I could at least now actually feel the rhythm of the engine within my chest, it was no longer just a blur. As Louisa lay on top of me, her breasts were pushed up towards my face, but we stared into each other's eyes.

          I kept getting intense bursts of her perfume when our bodies got close. It was only now I was realising that some of that perfume had been sprayed deep down on her chest. In releasing her breasts, she had released a new wave of her scent. The warmth of her body and the excesses of her movement thrusting it into the air.

          Keeping eye contact, she slowly began to crawl up to a sitting position until she straddled my body. She was so high up she was sitting more on my ribcage than my groin.

          She slowly reached behind her back and fiddled for only a moment before the definite sound of the 'crick' filling the room. The straps of her bra went loose. Louisa held her arms in front of herself, as if considering for a second if she should continue. Keeping her promise, her arms dropped to expose her breasts in their fullness. Despite their size, they were so firm. Her soft pink of her areolas were capped off by her large dark nipples.

          Louisa let out a sigh of relief after being released, it was almost orgasmic in the way she reacted from being free of her bra. I stared up at her breasts, she was so close that I was almost looking straight up. It took me a moment to realise that I had subconsciously started rubbing my hands up the backs of her thighs. Though it wasn't a deliberate action, I didn't stop once I'd realised I'd started.

          As well as being stimulated by my touch, she massaged her own breasts, cupping them underneath and rubbing the skin. Our fingertips rubbed against each others as we both played with her breasts at the same time. I could see the patterns of where her bra had been and even ran my fingers along the grooves. She pushed my hands away a little and I dropped them to the pillow. My hands lay helpless beside my head as if I was her prisoner, all I could do was simply watch as she continued to caress them. I could feel myself hardening even more as I stared up at her in awe of someone so incredible being here with me. But this wasn't some dream or a video from the internet; she was really here, sitting on top of me.

          Slowly, she shuffled back down my body inch by inch. Her breasts swayed gently in front of me. Only the cloth of our underwear separated the most intimate parts of our bodies. Edging over me, she sat directly on top of my groin and pushed my hard cock against my body. It was so hot that it almost burned against the rest of my skin . There was something about her movements that drove me wild. Louisa used her body to nestle onto me, feeling me, and then she smiled.

          Gently, Louisa reached down to find my hands, which once again touched her smooth, soft thighs. She caressed my fingers and pulled them away from her body. Her hands were delicate and gentle, I let her manipulate them and lift them. She pressed her thumbs into my palms, working them like a baker kneading dough, the contact was so intimate and tender. After a moment she guided my outstretched hands to her breasts and I let her place them as she wanted. Her nipples took the place where her thumbs had been pressed, as if she had been softening up my palms.

          At first, my hands just sat there. She took hers away and placed them on my body and gently started stroking my skin. Her stimulation encouraged me to work my own fingers. I was gentle at first, but the more she purred with pleasure, the firmer I became. Her nipples hardened by the second. I had no idea that a woman's body could react so quickly. I swapped from rubbing an empty palm onto her breasts to squeezing their whole form with my fingers.

          'I haven't done this in so long,' she let out with a groan.

          'I haven't been with anyone either,' I replied.  'For a while,' I then added hurriedly.

          'I wasn't looking for anything like this,' she began, 'I don't know what's wrong with me.' Despite saying that something was wrong with her, her tone seemed less than concerned.

          'Sometimes you just connect,' I spoke. 'And things just happen.'

          'Not to me... not like this,' Louisa said softly.

          'You must get a lot of guys throwing themselves at you!?' The words just came out of me. Once I'd said it, I worried for a moment as to how she'd react to it.

          'Not the nice guys,' she replied.

          'How do you know I'm a 'nice guy'? I prodded.

          'It's obvious,' she said simply.

          ‘How do I know you're not just a nymphomaniac?' I said teasingly. 'Picking up random guys in hotels,' after I'd said those words I once again worried I'd pushed things too far. But her reaction quickly reassured me.

          'Don't make me blush,' she warned with a wry smile. 'Or I'll make you blush back. And you don't have enough blood to do both.' With a wiggle of her hips she nestled down onto the bulge of my cock again. Louisa pushed herself so deeply onto me that new sensations charged though my body.

          ‘The last time I had sex with a guy in his twenties, I was still in my twenties myself,' Louisa divulged

          I froze for a moment and considered what to say, but I couldn’t lie to her. That would make things way more complicated later on.

          ‘I’m twenty,’ I told her. There was an dangerously long pause between us, but I had to continue before she did, ‘in August,’ I then added.

          Louisa totally froze.

          I took my hands away from her breasts and placed them beside us on the bed. It seemed the right thing to do to disarm myself.

          ‘Oh My God, you're nineteen,’ she panted concernedly. ‘I can’t believe you’re nineteen. Holy shit.’

          'Closer to twenty,’ I reiterated, ‘but yeah.’

          ‘My God, why didn’t you say anything?’ she said.

          She made a move to get off of me, but I placed my hands gently on her thighs to keep her close to me. 

          ‘It didn’t seem important. You took the lead, and what has happening to us felt good. It felt right.’

          ‘But nineteen,’ she repeated still stunned

          Louisa covered herself up with her arms, but she didn’t move her body from atop mine.

          After breaking eye contact and looking away with her face, she turned back to me.‘How old did you think I am?’ she then asked directly.

          I was taken aback and didn’t know how I should reply at first. Whatever number I seemed to pick in my head seemed to risk being a wrong answer. Too high or too low, both seemed to be as bad as each other.

          ‘Thirties,’ I said.

          She looked at me

          ‘Late thirties’ I added honestly, sombrely.

          ‘I’m forty three,' she said solemnly.

          Now my heart started beating with an odd rhythm.

          Perhaps we were only now realising that we were both out of our depth.

          ‘Jesus,’ she ran her fingers up through her hair. ‘Oh my God,’ she added almost under her breath.

          I looked up at her; then something struck me. A question that I felt needed to be answered.

          ‘How old did you think I was?' I asked. ‘When we came up here,' I then added

          She looked at me.

          ‘Twenties,’ I reminded her if her own assumption, ‘but twenties where?’ I tried to prod her in the same way she'd prodded me, but I didn't want to make it seem like I was angry at her, because I wasn't.

          When I look in the mirror every morning, I see a nineteen year old, and couldn’t conceive being seen at as anything else but that.

          Louisa became flustered, perhaps even more flustered than before. I reached for to her nervous hands, being careful not to pull her arms away from her body as she was still covering herself up. She looked at me and found my eyes staring straight back at hers. This was a huge and unexpected thing for both of us, but all I could think about was her feelings... and I didn’t want her to feel like this.

‘God this is wrong,’ she said aloud.

Something told me that I had to challenge her on her own feelings, maybe making her answer would help her sort things in her own head.

'Twenty five, twenty seven, twenty one?' I suggested. 'There a big scope in twenties!'

'Early twenties,' she finally admitted with a soft breath.

I licked my dry lips before speaking,

‘Why is it wrong?’ I asked.

'It felt right when we were making each other laugh on the way up here. It felt right when you kissed me the first time. And it felt right a few minutes ago. '

The way she looked at me changed, the sense of shame released it's grip on her. Although there was still a little sadness in her eyes, her heart seemed a little lighter than a few moments ago.   

‘You’re a great guy but…’

‘Louisa, if you don’t want to do this I understand, but I like you. Age never came into it for me, I could have pulled away... but I didn’t. Because... I like you. You’re open, you're funny, you’re fun, you’re happy. Age won’t change any of those things, it’s just you. I know it’s unlikely that we’ll meet like this again. Be at the same place, at the same time. Whatever happens tonight, I won’t have any regrets in meeting you.'

Louisa was surprised at the tenderness of my words, most likely because they were coming from someone who  by her own admission was so young.

‘I like you too,’ she said, ‘and you’re not like most guys your age. Actually, you’re not like guys of any age. But…’

She couldn’t say what she was trying to say.

‘It’s okay,’ I spoke softly, ‘I understand.’

Seeing that my eyes were averted she delicately climbed off of me, tugging the sheets to her front cover her modesty. She drew herself up to the top of the bed and leaned against the headboard, sitting with her knees raised awkwardly to her body in a sort of foetal position. I pulled myself up the bed a little to half sit up beside her. I tried to look away from her out of respect, knowing that she was still half naked. But I also didn't want her to feel as if I was shunning her. I angled one of my thighs and placed out a hand to try cover my own modesty, not wanting to use the other end of the sheet and make her think I was trying to pull it away from her. We sat together in silence.

Although I could have moved, or perhaps should have moved. I stayed where I was, still giving her space by keeping my eyes averted. She lay still in her awkward pose, she looked to be deep in thought.

As I prepared to get off the bed, still protecting my modesty, more for her benefit than mine. The moment I actually moved I felt her hand touch to my arm. My eyes turned to her and we looked at each other for a moment. Before I could gather my thoughts, Louisa made a dive across the bed and kissed me clumsily on the mouth. Almost like our very first kiss.

Tonight had more twists and turns than the whole of any relationship I had ever had. But around her, even a bad twists didn’t seem to be all that bad.

‘I can’t believe I’m about to do this!’ she said aloud.

‘Do what?’ I don’t think I managed to actually say those two words aloud, only to think them.

‘You’re right,’ she began, ‘I do like you, and that should be the only thing that matters. I want it to be like that. And you’re right about that we might not meet again. I might have regrets about what we’re about to do, but I know I’ll have more regrets if we don’t.’

Before I could reply she kissed me again, this time more passionately. Her tongue reached in to touch mine, but it was her lips that did most of the work. Just as quickly as she kissed me, she pushed her body off me and rolled onto the side of the bed. It took me a couple of heartbeats to realise she was removing her final piece of clothing.

Another couple of heartbeats later I realised I would have to do the same. Flicking my own body back down the bed so that I could remove my boxers. My body had turned away and for a moment I lost sight of her. I didn’t even feel the bed move behind my back, but when I turned back, she was already laying on the bed beside me. I'd half expected this to be some sort weird dream, and that when I’d look across I’d see nothing but an empty bed. But Louisa was there.

She was unashamed of her figure and rightly so. I looked all the way down her body to see a stripe of hair that was a little darker than her sandy blond. It was neither short stubble nor a bush. Either side of her landing strip was perfectly shaven, or waxed, or something. It was just as immaculate as the rest of her milky skin. Louisa's eyes looked down my body. She found me to be trimmed and it seemed to please her. But maybe it wasn’t the hair that mattered to her.

She touched my body, rubbing her hands over my hips and down my thighs. The gentle stimulation aroused me once again. As she explored my body, I allowed myself to touch hers as well. The caressing of each other’s skin was just as arousing as the touching of our intimate parts would be.

Touching her breasts, I could almost feel the beating of her heart, and as her hand worked up my cock she could tell the rhythm of my pulse. The slow stroke of her hand drew the skin down towards my balls and then all the way back up to my tip. She knew how to manipulate me to make me harder still.

Tingles began to run through my body, and with those vibrations came a desire. Gently leaning my body to push her onto the bed I slid myself downwards, I began to give my attention to her ample breasts. I kissed them ever so gently, planting my lips on the body of her breasts, working my way in towards her areolas covered with numerous tiny bumps.

With my tongue I explored them. Using the rough of my tongue to rasp them before flicking the tip of my tongue to sooth them with its soft underside. I had never paid this much attention to the breasts of anyone else I had been with, but Louisa’s were so big compared to any of them and they actually responded to my stimulation. When it came to her nipples, I kissed them so gently, and gave a tiniest suck that was little more than what a peck on the cheek would be.

…At first.

As I sucked on her nipples, they hardened and lengthened. My cock was undergoing a similar experience as she continued to work. As if daring each other, the more I sucked on her, the harder she tugged on my member, and the more I sucked again.

Our bodies continued in this way until we spoke to each other with our eyes. Once again, it was her who to took the lead. Letting go of my cock, she supported herself by placing her hands on my chest. With the gentlest of contact, she guided my position so I was laying totally on my back in the middle of the king size bed. My head slipped in between the two pillows and almost locked me in place as I looked up at her.

Once again she climbed up on top of me, but this time there was no clothing to come between us. Without using her hands, she expertly positioned her body and prodded her warm pussy onto my cock. Normally this would have seemed clumsy, but she knew what she was doing. Teasing me as she worked ever closer to my cock. I could feel her warmth getting ever closer to me until finally her moistness found me and with a slow push she slid herself down onto me as far as she could go.

The slow, deep push, let me feel every inch of her softness as she pushed me inside. Before she withdrew the first time, her muscles worked around my shaft, exploring it. This was another feeling that was new to me. There was so much more to making love than what I’d experienced before and Louisa was the perfect teacher, as patient as she was amazing.

Although our bodies twisted and writhed in a slow, rhythmic flow, we never separated our bodies until after the moment of my eruption. It pumped deep into, after the first explosion the rest of me then emptied into her with the same beating of my heart, slow and strong. I could feel it’s hotness and by her reaction she could feel it as well.

Once the pumping had stopped she used the muscles of her pussy to milk the rest from my cock. Her head and body arched back before letting out a couple of deep breaths, she let out a soft groan as her body collapsed onto me. Louisa's head half rested on the pillow and her face touched against mine, her lips awkwardly pursed kisses towards. Even though our faces were sort of in the wrong positions she continued to try. When she finally stopped I could hear and almost feel her breaths exit her in shallow panting. The exhaustion on both sides was as much emotional as physical.

After the moment of our climax had passed and our bodies finally separated, I didn’t want to move away from her, I just wanted to stay.