Unexpected Encounter, Part 2: The Morning after

Firstly I'd like to thank 'IamRay23' who has been a massive help to me and my writing. Although the style may still not suit everyone's taste, he has helped me make great improvements to my writing style. I'd be so appreciative of comments on all my stories to help guide my writing in future. Thank you.


            Slowly I began to stir from my sleep. The crisp sheet made a scrunching sound as my body begun to move. My senses began to come back to me and I became aware of the uncomfortable shape in which my body was laying. I was positioned face down with my collar bone pressed again against the bulky pillows. This posture wasn't uncommon for me, but the thick pillows felt like they were almost wrapping themselves around face. My arms were packed tightly underneath the pillows, I slowly begun to tug on them until they emerged.

            I pushed my arms underneath my body to prop myself up, I felt the coldness of my forearms squeezing my breasts together. I took several breaths which got progressively deeper and deeper. My senses continued to return and as I dragged my legs up towards my body, it was only then that I became aware the warmth beside me. My foot brushed up against Jack's leg as he continued to sleep. His deep breaths caused a sound like a gentle snore, but the sound was more a comfort than an annoyance, like the purring of a sleeping cat.

            Cautiously I began to separate our bodies, being careful not to disturb him from his slumber. The soft light of the early morning crept through the windows and showed his outline, the thick sheets pulled so snugly over his shoulders so that only his hair poked above it.

             Working my body to the far edge of the king size bed, I looked back over my shoulder at Jack. I found it so calming just listening to him breathe in such a slow and steady rhythm. What we had done last night was only sinking in now. Despite having had to come to yet another one of these product shows; having been at my friend's wedding had put me in an emotionally good place. Over the course of the night, three different men, all of them strangers, had asked to dance. And even though the dance was as far as it went, it still made me feel good inside.

            It had been a few years since my divorce. Even though I had dated back and forth since then, it had felt like such a long time since I'd shared such intimacy. But before last night I never thought I could ever share that intimacy with a man less than half my age. And as I looked over to his form laying next to me, that's how I saw him... a man, not a boy.

            Though Jack was a handsome young man, it was his personality and confidence that had attracted me to him. His confidence allowed him to use his sense of humour to great effect, and at the same time his youth gave him a sense of innocence that excited me.  I was able tell as soon as I met him that he was a lot younger than me, but I wouldn't have guessed that he was only nineteen. Or as he reminded me last night, he was nearer twenty now than anything. His confidence in the way he spoke, and even the pitch of his voice added a few years to him. Although so youthful, the strength of his facial features did give the appearance of a man. He was in no way a rugged looking man, that's something he would never be even as he aged. Describing him as beautiful would be just as apt as calling him handsome.

            When I'd admitted that I was forty three, he'd barely reacted. Jack wasn't repulsed by it, but neither did he get off on the idea. If either had been the case then that would have been a deal breaker for me. But my age didn't matter to him either way, and perhaps that was the biggest turn on of all. When he looked at me, he wanted me. And when I looked back at him, I wanted the same. Age was a number, and numbers didn't matter.

            Jack was charming and warm and patient, the tone of his voice carried his confidence and a respect for others. I'd treated him with respect since we stuck up the conversation in the hotel reception, I don't feel like I'd ever unintentionally spoken to him as if he were a child. Whatever parts of me he liked, it was enough for us to be able to do what we did.

            We’d made love, on the spur of the moment, our instincts and desires led us to it and guided our every step. I was as responsible for last night as he was, perhaps more so. When I'd been married, it had eventually come to feel like a chore to make love, or something that we were expected to do out of routine. But this experience was made it feel like it was my first time again. My heart began to flutter inside my chest as I ran through it all in my head, and it felt so good.

            This wasn't just a dream. It was better than any dream could ever be.

            Jack's form began to move, he rolled towards the centre of the bed, towards me. My eyes were beginning to adjust to the dark, now that his face had emerged from beneath the sheets I could begin to distinguish some of the features on his face. I watched him for a few moments to see if he'd awake but he continued to slumber.

            Cautiously I slipped my legs over the side of the bed. I kept my eyes on Jack the whole time as I worked myself further over the edge, until my feet touched the carpet. The springs of the bed creaked as I transferred my weight from the bed to my feet. I had managed not to wake him; but then again I had no idea how heavy a sleeper he was.

            The sensation of the soft carpet under my feet felt so pleasant, it was almost warm to my bare soles. I took care of my feet anyway, but I’d given them particular attention before the wedding so I could show them off in my new shoes.

As delicately as I could, I tiptoed to the end of the bed to find the pile of clothes left over from last night. There still wasn't enough light to tell what I was grabbing so I had to discern my clothes from his by touch alone. My hands scrambled around softly, the feeling of the carpet on my fingertips sent tingling sensations all the way up to my shoulders.

            I could feel a slight tightness in my back as I had only begun to limber up. As my breasts hung down in front of me, my arms pushed them back and forth with a gentle sway as I continued to grovel for my clothes. When I came across something that I thought didn't belong to me I just tossed it a hands distance to the side, just in case something of mine was buried underneath.

            After finding everything that I thought belonged to me, I stood up and gave one more glance to Jack before walking towards the bathroom door. I dropped my clothes gently to the floor outside the door; being deft enough to snag my panties in between my fingers. Finding the difference in the material by touch alone I made sure they were the right way out and the right way round before trying to put them on.

            As I stepped into them I stumbled a little and in trying to keep my balance landed my foot with a surprisingly heavy 'thud.' Luckily the carpet helped mask my jarring footstep. Pulling my panties up my legs till they met my body, I peered around the edge of the wall again to check on Jack. I adjusted the waistband by running my thumbs around my body, trying not to let the elastic snap back against my skin and make any more unnecessary sound. Knowing that he was okay, I picked up the rest of my clothes and cautiously opened the bathroom door, it made the slightest of noises but not nearly as much as I feared.

            In stark contrast to the carpet, the tiles on the bathroom floor were cold to the touch, the chill went all the way from my feet and right up to my spine. My body felt like giving a shiver as it excited my body, even the coldness of the tiles was stimulating. The small surge of adrenaline counteracted the cold, in an instant it soothed the tightness in my back and helped me relax. I placed my clothes down next to the sink before using both hands to close the door as gently as I'd opened it. I didn't fully close it as to spare the sound of the lock clicking into place.

            I waved my hand in front of the sensor that was supposed to turn on the lights... nothing happened. With a second wave of my hand the lights began to flicker on. The large mirror was the width of almost the whole bathroom worktop.

            The first thing I did was look at my makeup, angling my face one way and then another. My makeup hadn't been heavily applied so the smudging was very minimal, I still felt I would still pass as human. I took a small step backwards, almost pushing myself away from the sink with my hands, I brushed the skin just below my shoulder to rub away the tingling sensation. For an unusually long moment I looked at the reflection of my body in the mirror. I touched my skin and rubbed my hands over it as if to check that it was my own. Finally I felt the need to cup my breasts and even give them both a little squeeze.

            As I looked at my body again, something felt different. I'd never felt old because I had always been active. But as I saw my reflection, I felt myself standing straighter, taller. Even my breasts seemed lifted somehow. Although I knew I couldn't actually be different... I felt different. It was as if last night I'd been bathed in the fountain of youth.

            After a moment I snapped myself out of the feeling of mild euphoria and reached out for my bra, untangling it from the rest of my clothes. With a motion that was by now as instinctive as breathing, I lassoed the bra around my body, catching it in exactly the right place. I linked the hooked together and straightened it out a little before spinning it around my body, pulling a little more than one eighty then tugging it back just a touch. Even such a small movement made it sit better on my skin, it was only in moment like this where my sense of self was so enhanced that I even thought about it. I snapped myself back out of my momentary daze and back to the task at hand. Swiftly I threaded my arms through the loops and lifted the cups to fit over my breasts. Finally pulling and lifting my breasts into the right shape to make them comfortable.

            I briefly looked at myself in the mirror again before turning on the tap, I ran it for a few moments to cool it. It was just enough time to grab the small drinking glass from it's holder. With a quick flick of my wrist, I splashed some water into the glass and took a small sip to wash out my mouth. After spitting it delicately down the plughole, I rinsed and spit for a second time before turning off the tap with it's characteristic 'squeak.'

            When I turned my head I found Jack standing there in the doorway. He'd managed to open it in complete silence, or maybe in the moment of my distraction. Jack leaned his torso around the edge of the door, he kept his groin out of sight. Somehow I wasn't shocked or startled by his sudden appearance, there was a familiarity with him that put me at such ease. It was as if we had known each other for a lifetime.

            As I looked at his firm young body, it looked even better than it had last night, more defined, more confident, and stronger. But I knew that could only be inside my own head, like the feelings I was having about my own body. I smiled at him, and he smiled back with a hint of nervousness.

            ‘Was last night real...?’ Jack asked rhetorically.

            ‘I asked myself the same thing when I woke up,’ I replied.

            ‘Any regrets?’ he then asked softly after a pause.

            I shook my head. ‘No,’ my voice replied just as softly. I looked at him for a moment, trying to see if he would give his own answer without having to be prompted.

            ‘My only regret is having to leave,’ Jack told her. The side of this mouth tweaked to the side as if trying to make a wry smile, one that wasn't coming naturally.

            I got from the tone of his voice that he meant ‘leaving’ as him meaning that we both had to go home later on today. This wasn't sneaking out of a shameful one night stand.

            ‘You were right,' I told him.

            ‘About what?’ he asked in a curiously tone after another small pause.

            I swallowed, ‘that the bigger regret would have been to walk away from this, what we’ve experienced... with each other.’

            Jack smiled, as if he’d forgotten that he was one who had given me the courage to do something that that so many people would frown on us for. But people didn't know what either of us felt inside for one another.

            I couldn’t help but walk over to him, I touched his face where only the merest hint of stubble had appeared through the night. His eyes had dropped to the floor and his chin became closer to his chest. There was a sadness in him, but it was not any form of shame or regret. The sadness he was experiencing made his whole posture drop six inches. But it allowed me to cup his face and with a tiny stretch onto my toes, I kissed him so softly on his cheek.

            Leaning back to observe his reaction, the smile that had helped me fall for him began to return, and he regained those six inches in height. Inadvertently in placing myself close to him our bodies had begun to touch once again, even the tips of our toes brushed against each other’s.

            My own act of tenderness provoked a response in him, he reached out with his hand and softly took mine before pulling it a little closer to his body. It was such a small gesture, one that so few people seemed to appreciate in modern relationships. For both of us however, it had such a deep emotional meaning.

            With my hand being so close to him, when he released his gentle grasp, I only had to reach a little further behind his back to pull myself closer to him. This time our bodies pressed fully against each other, I placed my head against his chest. Jack’s lifted one of his strong arms around my shoulder and grasped me a little closer still. Gentle and strong at the same time, it was not always an easy balance to strike. I had never felt so wanted as I did right now. Not even when I'd been married and still thought of myself as happy.

            As if in a ballroom dance we moved as one. Together we glided with such ease back into the bedroom to give ourselves more space. With our arms around each other we stood at the end of the bed and swayed together, we took comfort in feeling our bodies pressing skin to skin.

            ‘So when do you have to leave?’ my voice was slightly muffled with my head still pressed against his chest.

            ‘Later tonight,’ Jack answered solemnly.

            ‘This afternoon,’ I told him my own unfortunate plans.

            We stood in an almost silent moment. The only thing we could hear was the gentle hum of the traffic from the streets outside.

            ‘I’d really like your number,’ he said softly, ‘I really want to…talk to you again.’

            I smiled, ‘You already have my number,’ I joked.

            ‘I didn’t mean…oh,’ his brain was taking a moment to fully waken up.

            I placed a hand on his chest and padded it to reassure him after making fun of him. As innocent as it was I didn't want him to misunderstand my jest.

            ‘What should we do now?’ he asked.

            ‘What do you want to do?’ I asked back.

            ‘I just want to stay here. With you.’

            My arms squeezed him closer to me.

            Jack pressed his mouth to the top of my head, even though I could feel his lips on my scalp, he didn't purse them into a kiss. His slightly moist lips to my skin was enough for now. It was just another way of showing that he wanted to be close to me.

            ‘We still have most of the morning to spend together,’ I reminded him.

            ‘I want that,' he replied.

            It felt right to kiss him softly on his firm shoulder, he kissed me back on my temple. I always considered lips to lips to be passion, and lips to skin to be compassion. Both were important.

            ‘Maybe I should shower first,' Jack's voice still spoke softly.

            'It's all yours,' I smiled.

            Just before he moved away he leaned his head down to me and offered a briefest kiss. Our lips met silently... then parted again.

            As he walked away, my hand brushed against his toned stomach, he had to feel my nails dragging against him. They made a gentle scratching sound as they scraped across his skin. It made him smile, like being tickled. Jack walked back to the bathroom, his feet 'thumping' softly to the carpet. I watched his naked body walking away, his bottom was just as toned as the rest of him, neither muscular nor plump. Just normal, with a plus.

            I began to look around the room to find where my bags were, I stepped over to the small dresser stand and turned on the desk lamp. Along with the with every increasing light sneaking through the window and now the lamp as well, I could now see enough to get by. Reaching down to my bag I remembered that the rest of the clothes I'd been wearing last night were still in the bathroom next to the sink.

            'Wait,' I said before hurriedly walking around to the bathroom. I only realised after I'd spoken that my voice had been so soft that Jack couldn't possibly have heard me. But when I turned the corner and reached the bathroom door I found Jack already standing there presenting my clothes to me with an outstretched hand.

            I stopped suddenly when I realised I was moving too fast, I looked up at him and smiled, my eyes gave a slow blink to acknowledge that he'd known I'd come back for them. When I'd looked at him I noticed he'd been staring at my breasts that had bounced as I'd jogged the few steps, his eyes soon came up to meet mine. I didn't mind that I'd caught him looking at my body, but with the look of my eyes I made it clear that I'd seen him doing it.

            As I took my clothes back I gave yet another small kiss. Surreptitiously I  pushed my body closer to him, I felt his cock press against the top of my hip. Just as I'd wanted.

            The skin of his cock stuck to me, it was the warmest part of his body. His cock felt burning hot, and a little sweaty. Not that that mattered though, the sensation of it felt so erotic. When he smiled back at me, he showed me that he knew what I'd been up to and I blushed a little. We teased each other with these small moments, but that was what made things so fun.

            When he had smiled back he hadn't blushed, I put this down to confidence rather than anything else. He wasn't distancing himself from what was happening between us, he had been just as receptive of what was going on. And to his credit it had been his words which had stopped me from making what would have felt like the biggest mistake of my life. To simply have walked away from what we had shared would have been something that I'd have ended up regretting.

            Softly, he closed the door between us, being careful not to trap my toes in the door. The door 'clicked' as it shut properly, but there was no second 'click,' from the lock. He didn't feel the need to use it.

            I smiled as I walked away, feeling for a few moments that I could even see him through the wall, my eyes locked onto the space I thought he'd be. With delicate footsteps I walked back around to the dresser, tucking my hair behind my ears I bent down and picked up my holdall and placed it onto the chair. I had to tuck my hair back a second time once I stood up again.

The bag's edges sagged over the chair a little as I unzipped it to find a clean set of underwear. I had to dig through it a little as all my clean stuff was at the bottom of the bag. There had to be something better than my old holdalls, but normally I wasn’t carrying this much. I’d had the double whammy of my friend’s wedding then coming straight to this product exhibition before being able to go home again.

I carefully found and pulled out a set of underwear, it didn't matter what kind of a pair they were, as long as they were clean. I place them on the dresser until I could get a shower as well. Although I didn't feel particularly dirty, what I had on was what I'd been wearing all day yesterday.

My head looked up as I heard Jack give a cough. Although separated by a wall, I was probably less than six feet from him, I even heard him let out a little groan. Most people did the same kind of thing as they woke themselves up. I know I did.

I looked around the room, the only thing that seemed out of place was the mess of the bed, we'd barely got into the room before we... connected like we did. Even though I already felt happy, I became consciously aware that a wide smile had actively broken across my face. I couldn't control it, or fully explain it, and it made my face hurt in a good way. It wasn't simply a single thought that was making me so happy, it was just everything in the here and now.

As I walked over to the window, I pushed back one of the curtains with the back of my hand and looked down at the streets below. It felt like another world, or maybe it was just that for the moment that whatever was happening down there didn't matter. Even though I didn't think anyone could see me, I was still cautious about exposing myself, I kept my body back and just leaned my head forward to look out.

Letting the weighty curtain drop back into place, I turned and walked back into the room. I soon realised I had to rescue my bag that, within just a few seconds, it was now was barely managing to sit on the chair. It was beginning to sag to one end and if it fell then everything inside would be a total mess. Lifting the handle to rescue it I scooped up the bag before putting it back down on the floor. When I stood up again I was aware that the room was silent. Well, almost.

I couldn't hear Jack, but I could hear the running of the water. Just imagining the hot water sent a warm tingle up my spine. As I paced around a little, I began to remember that this was my room, and that I should be the one in the shower right now. Another smile then lifted my face, but this time it was a spur of the moment thought that made me smile with a sense of mischief.

My feet took a few steps, then I stopped. I got the feeling that I shouldn't do what I was thinking about doing. But while I still had the chance to be with him I wanted to do it. We'd explored each other's bodies last night, and our souls seemed to be old bedfellows. Even so, this felt like another level of intimacy. My pulse began to race again, I could feel the skin on my throat begin to dance and tremble as blood began to course through my veins.

I closed my eyes and drew in a deep breath, trying to calm my heart. But I realised that I couldn’t miss this chance. Softly, I walked to the bathroom door, my eyes pursed shut as I drew one more breath before reaching out for the door knob. After turning the knob as silently as a teenager sneaking back home after midnight, the door quietly opened with as gentle push. It was even more silent than it had been before.

Looking up, I found Jack facing into the corner of the shower. His body was lean but there was no sign of his ribcage, slim but not thin, toned but not unnaturally muscular. He didn’t appear to have heard me, or if he had he’d ignored my presence. I softly closed the door again, but not all the way.

The shower was a walk in one, there was only a tiny lip to guide the water back down the drain. Jack had only half closed the shower curtain, so as I tiptoed, I could walk all the way up to him without needing to push it to the side. I checked my feet so I didn’t trip, or stub my toe one something. The water was running over every ripple of his body, snaking down his body all the way down his legs.

Jack still hadn’t reacted to me, he still had his face to the spray from the shower. Checking my feet one last time, I stepped behind him and reached around him, placing my hands on his abdomen to announce my presence. His reaction was subtle, he looked over his shoulder already knowing it was me. Jack turned around to face me, his eyes blinked to keep the water from stinging in his eyes.

His body had never left my grasp as he turned to face me, he pressed his body up against mine and I pressed back. My hands slipped silkily over his body with the remnants of the soap he was using. We swayed together a little as the hot water sprayed all over us. I could feel my head getting heavier and heavier as the water soaked into my hair.

I'd gotten so wrapped up the moment it had barely registered in my brain that I was still wearing my underwear. As we continued to press our bodies together Jack reached up and brushed my wet hair away from my face, he was so delicate in the way he did it. Following the lines of my neck, Jack guided his hands from my hair down to peel the straps of my wet bra down over my shoulders. He kissed where they had already begun to make small indentations in my milky skin. His own skin had a natural depth to it, there were no tan lines and he didn't seem like the kind of person to use the fake stuff.

My breath began to tremble as he began to put his hands over me. I could even feel the gentle twitching of his cock pressing against my body, I felt it begin to harden with every heartbeat. As I lay my head against his chest, I could feel the thumping of his heart. Jack ran his fingertips up the small of my back until he reached the hook of my bra, he undid it with such instinctive ease.

When it popped loose, he gently pulled it down between us, once again exposing my breasts to him. The way he looked at me made me feel so good about my body. Dropping my arms to let it fall, he threaded the soaking wet bra between our bodies. One of the straps hooked around his cock, which by now was standing upright. It was me who reached down and carefully took the damp strap which was clinging to his scrotum. He reacted with a sense of pleasure as I cupped his warm balls in my hand, I worked fingers gently and my nails teased his skin.

Noticing the pleasure that he'd felt, I carefully put the strap back around his balls and drew the straps through my hand like a tightening up a tie. The straps became like the reigns of a horse and even though it wasn't tight enough to hurt him he was powerless within my grasp.

I looked down at his cock and watched it twitching, I could feel the movement through the straps that were in my hand. This purple head of his pink cock peaked out from his foreskin, though his cock was fully erect there was still scope for him to grow and fully expose his head. With a firm grip of the strap I pulled his hips gently toward me, making him bend his knees a little. After bringing him down to as near my height as I could chance, I leaned my mouth into him and kissed him.

Jack's trust in me was total, he released himself into the moment. His eyes were closed and he drew shallow breaths that were coming as quickly as his heartbeat. At first he barely reacted when my lips had pressed against his, but I worked them softly until his lips began to work with mine. When I pushed my tongue in there was a moment's delay before his met mine. They rubbed softly together, sliding past and around each other.

In all of last nights adventure there had been so little kissing. We had shared a deep intimacy, and had done so much more than that. But still, a kiss was so important, it was something beyond the animalistic desires, and as pleasurable as anything which we'd experienced together. Our kiss continued, our lips and tongues worked together, I had to close my eyes as the water now sprayed over both our faces.

Eventually, my grip on the bra strap relaxed, and he raised his hand to meet mine. Our mouths finally began to part again and we managed to open our eyes only have to squint at each other through the water droplets. He lifted the bra strap away from his cock, we were both holding onto the bra as we dropped it into the far corner of the shower, it made a ‘splat’ sound as it hit the floor.

Jack then wrapped his arms around me again and pulled me close, my nipples digging into his skin, they were so sensitive that they were almost hurting me too. He gently brushed his hands past my face to push my hair clear of my eyes before he wrapped his arms comfortingly around me. I began to plant kisses over his chest, following the line of one of the collar bones before moving down his body. My kisses were so tender, just giving the lightest of touches with my lips.

He let me continue till I was almost at his belly button. What little hair was on his body was so delicate that it didn't bother me. With his hands on my back he pulled me towards him, his clasp made my body stand up straight against him, out bodies almost entwined. We look at each other for a moment, in trying to decide what to do next, but rather just sharing what we felt for each other. Jack began to sink downwards, his body trying to find a way to posture and snake himself comfortably around me, be began to kiss me as he did so.

With a tender peck, his lips graced the side of my temple as he'd done before. As he lowered his body he kissed down my cheek, teasing my lips with a kiss just to the side. Working his way down the side of my neck I could feel his hands pressing down on my hips as if he was grounding me to the floor. I could feel a warmth inside my pussy begin to want to get out, even with the water flowing over us I could feel the moisture begin to come from within me.

I let out an audible moan and mouthed the word 'god,' but didn't actually sound the word.

Jack looked at me, reacting to the sound I’d just made, he gave me a mischievous smile before continuing to kiss down my body. He kissed down from my shoulder to where the soft tissue of my breasts bulged out from my breastbone. I had never felt so sexually liberated or so confident in my own body than when I was with him.

            As he had to drop fully down to his knees in a single movement he had to skip over kissing my breasts, it was as if fate was conspiring against us. I could feel each kiss of his lips against my skin. He found the soft mound of my belly intoxicating, he kissed all the way around it till he’d made a full circle. Even though so many of my friends were slimmer than me, I was proud of my little belly, it made me feel like a woman.

            I pulled him into my belly and he rested his head on it like a pillow, he even began to nuzzle softly against it. His touch was so affectionate, so intimate. Jack moved his hands down the backs of my legs and began to stroke them gently. My whole body began to tingle as he rubbed them, my pussy began to get uncomfortably hot. I wanted some kind of release, and Jack was about to give it to me.

            Reaching up, he grabbed band of my panties and began to pull downwards. With them being so wet they were clinging to my body. I took my hands away from the back of his head and touched down to his strong hands. But he wouldn’t’ let me take over. He began to pull on them more firmly until they began to release from my hips. I had to grasp the shower rail just to keep myself from loosing my balance. All I could do was work my hips till my panties came away from my skin and I was finally released from them. Once he got them so far and could get them down over my bum, Jack could pull them down relatively easy as long as I kept working my hips and my legs.

            When he got them down to my ankles I put my hands on his shoulders to support myself as I stepped out of them. Jack threw them into the corner with my bra, they too made a distinctive ‘splat’ . When I'd stepped out of them I'd found my legs had spread themselves apart.

            Jack leaned a little lower still and kissed around my pubic hair, he worked his thumbs around it and then finally through it. Before he’d done so, the water running down my body and simply run around the edge of the hair. The actions of his hands made the water penetrate my hair, making it feel all sticky now. I reached down and lifted his head up, I bent my knees a little till my body rested up against him. Jack wrapped his lean arms around my legs, I slipped a little further until my bum rested on his arms and I could go no further. My breasts were now the perfect height for his face.

            I twisted my body a little to push one of my large breasts towards him, the nipple dragged against his cheek. The tiny amount of stubble had appeared on his face overnight was enough to stimulate my nipples which were so sensitive right now. Though only nearing twenty, his face gave the impression that he would never grow the hair that some men did. Not that it was a bad thing, the ‘Desperate Dan’ appearance wasn't something that appealed to me.

            As he latched onto my nipple it felt such of a surprise, my train of thought had lapsed for a moment. His teeth scraped gently over my areolas before pinching down on my nipple, it made me draw in a sharp breath. I was worried that he’d bite too hard. But he didn’t, he wouldn’t. It was as if he knew my body as well as I did, what would make me feel pleasure, and what would be a step too far and turn it into pain. In that moment I knew he’d never cross that threshold. He'd trusted me with his cock when I had his balls in my bra strap like a hangman's noose. When the tables were turned, I trusted him as much as he had trusted me. Trust soothed the soul, but didn't dampen the passion.

            With Jack supporting my weight and my balance, it freed my arms to fondle through his luscious dark hair. My hands moved down between us, not to separate us, but so that the tops of my arms plumped my breasts together even more for him. After having concentrated on one breast, Jack moved to the other. But for me, in that moment the feelings weren't enough and I couldn't resist the temptation and added to the sensations by touching my hands to my pussy lips.

            The touch of my fingers felt like electricity, the water making my body warm from the outside, and the passion heating me from the within. I gently began to stimulate my lips, putting the tips of my index fingers inside. Despite being in the warm shower my nails still felt slightly cold when they touched my intimacy, but that only made the sensations more intense.

            Although not having been my intention, when I'd touched the lips of my pussy the palm of my hand began to rub my clit. It was now was more swollen than I could remember it being for so long. Still being in Jack's grasp it was slightly awkward, but I managed to pull the hood of my clit fully back and expose it. I worked it between my fingers, rubbing it, and pinching it softly. In the same moment we struggled a little in an effort to try and keep hold of each other, somehow my clit got pushed firmly up against him. It didn't need to be the warmth of his cock or the delicate touch of his hands that touched it, the mere feeling of skin that I knew wasn't my own was enough to make me go limp. I felt like I was going to pass out for a moment, and it was as much the emotional stimulation as the physical.

            Jack caught the extra weight which I'd placed on him, he even managed to support me with one arm. With his free hand reached down to one of my knees and rubbed his hand all the way up the inside of that thigh. Any remnants of soap now long washed away, our skin gripped to one another’s, even for the tiniest of movements. Each moment we spent together created another level of sensation. We were like two old souls who’d been reunited after so long apart. The more he rubbed the inside of my thigh, the hotter the blood coursing through my veins became.

            In an instinctive move I grasped the back of his head and pulled him close to my breasts again, wanting that sensation to continue. I’d pulled him so tightly that he could barely breathe. Both our bodies halted, as if a picture had been taken of this very moment, we held each other in that pose. It felt as though we were two Greek statues intertwined and inseparable,

            When the moment ended, I pulled on his body. Jack complied and stood slowly to his feet along with me, he looked at me wondering what I was about to do. I then guided him to turn around a little by moving like a dancer guiding a partner, I kept him facing me. When I had him where I wanted him to be, I then kneeled down in front of him, the water spraying between us. Before I could brush my hair away from my face so that I could see, Jack reached down and did it for me. I barely felt his fingers touch me as he did it. It was so hard believe how tactile he was with me for having spent such a short time together.

            Kneeling just in front of him I took his cock in my hand, it was now as firm as it could be, it pulsed within my grasp as I gently started to manipulate it. Jack’s hands dropped to his sides, but within moments he felt like he had to do something with his hands and he began to work them through my hair. He didn't try and guide my head towards him, he let me do things at my own pace. Gently I worked his cock, pulling his tight foreskin back little by little. The water that was spraying over us sparked occasionally in my eyes, I was acting as much by feel as by actual sight.

            Jack let out a groan as I eased his foreskin all the way over the crown of his head. I made a cup out of my hands and the spray that landed in my palms bounced back and began to wash the tip of his cock. It was clean already, this was clearly something that he did himself, but I wanted the experience of exploring every inch of his body. And I wanted him to enjoy that experience as much as I was.

            As I looked up at him I noticed his eyes were closed, his head was tilted back and it was even jiggling a little. This was an experience he’d never had before and was either unusual or overwhelming... or possibly both. Gently, with the tips of my fingers, I cleaned around the tip of his head, I could feel his body tense up when I brushed around it. I was careful not to accidentally cut him with the edges of my nails, only using the softest tips of my fingers.

            I brushed around it several times, I even rubbed my fingers up the tight string of skin that fixed his foreskin the head of his cock. Being ever so careful, I scraped the underside of one of my nails down the length of the string. After gauging his reaction to it I scratched it a half dozen or so times, it spurred another reaction from him, he trembled again with yet another new experience.

            Eventually my hand worked around so that I gripped his cock in my hand, I chanced giving it a little squeeze. I worked my thumb over the end of his cock touching the mere tip of it, brushing it in the tiniest of circles.

Despite the warm water being soothing, at some point the sensations became uncomfortable, he reached out and touched my hand. With only the slightest of touch from him, I understood... and stopped.

With the same prompt I’d given him, he made me rise to my feet with the most delicate of motioning. We stared into each other's eyes. Our eyes wandered down each others bodies that were glistening with the water. Jack reached out and touched my breasts, his touch was tender, he stroked the skin with his thumb. We then embraced in the same moment, my soft body pressed against his firm one, we swayed together like we were in a gentle waltz.

There was a moment not only of silence, but of serenity too. I reached out for the bar of soap and began to soap my hands so that I could clean his body. When I went to place the soap back on the rack he took it from me and began to soap his own hands.

Something made me speak as we began to cleanse each other's bodies.

‘Have you ever had those kind of feelings before, about someone older than you?’ I asked softly.

‘I told you last night, age isn’t a think for me. And I don’t think when it came down to it, it wasn’t for you either,’ Jack replied.

‘I didn’t mean it like that,’ I placed a hand on his chest to reassure him. I smiled softly too.

Jack had tensed up for a moment, the feeling of my hand settled him again.

‘There are actresses, and singers that I find kind of beautiful,’ he began.

‘I didn’t mean that,’ I tried to keep my tone gentle. ‘I mean in real life,’ I then clarified.

Jack fell silent. Maybe I’d struck a nerve.

With a small sense of shame my smile abated, I looked away from him and moved my hand from his pec to the centre of his chest. I gently padded it twice as a way of saying sorry.

‘Well…’ he began, ‘there was one…’

He didn’t seem to know how to word things... but I gave him time.

‘When my aunt got married, there was one woman.’

As he began to speak I could see him smile, the memory was pleasant to him, but it had taken a little push to get him to admit it.

‘My aunt lived in America for years, Kristal was someone who my aunt knew from there.’

‘Was she American?’ I felt curious.

‘Yes,’ Jack then replied with a nod.

I almost made a comment about her name, Kristal sounded like such a porn star name. Instead I stayed quiet nuzzled my whole body closer to him.

‘She was about your age, well same as my aunt. During the night I danced with her a couple of times.

‘Did you put the moves on her,’ I smiled.

‘I’m not a great dancer, I was kind of pressured into it.’

He hadn't grasped the meaning of my jest but I made no comment. ‘What was she like?’ I asked.

‘She had these intense eyes, they were emerald green. Some people might say they have green eyes, but to me they always just look like another shade of blue, but hers were green. And she had just this... mane.... of flame red hair…’ Jack gestured with his hands.

‘She was ginger,’ I said.

‘No,’ Jack shook his head, his eyes becoming for a moment so intense. It was as if he was defending the memory of her, and he had the right to. ‘She was a redhead,’ he emphasised.

‘What’s the difference!?’ I poked.

‘I can’t take credit for this one, but the difference between someone who’s a redhead and someone who’s ginger is… good skin. Her hair was dark red. When it was dark, it almost looked brown, but when she was in the light it was like it had been set on fire.’

I looked up at him, and listened intently as he was about to continue.

‘When she had her heels on she was taller than me, I was probably about four or five inches shorter than what I am right now. At the end of the night she gave me a kiss on the cheek... and that’s all. It was the first time, and only time up until last night, that someone older than me made my heart actually skip a beat.’

I kept smiling up at him. I didn’t think it was right to push him any further.

‘What about you?’ Jack then asked.

Even though I had been going to tell him my story anyway, I found his confidence in asking endearing.

‘Like you,’ I said, ‘Just the once. It was probably about ten years ago. Jesus… that is making me feel old.’

Jack smiled at my momentary embarrassment. My eyes drifted away for a moment, but when I looked back his were still there waiting for me with a smile.

‘Anyway,’ I seemed to say with a twist to break myself out of my mind wandering from me, ‘he wasn’t with us that long, he was just with us for a Saturday job. I almost don’t feel right in saying this but he was a hell of a lot younger than you are. I mean I didn’t fantasise about him or anything, I just had a bit of a soft spot for him. He had these long kind of sandy light brown locks, like the fourth member of Hanson or something.’

‘Hanson?’ Jack said curiously.

‘An American pop one hit wonder, look them up and you’ll get the picture. Anyway, he was kind of cute in his own way, some of the girls joked that a night with a real woman would bring him out of his shell. I just thought he was sweet, a little shy and a little lonely. He was nice to talk to when you got to know him and very intelligent, I gave him a lift to the bus a handful of times. I think he had a puppy dog crush on me, I tried to make sure nobody teased him about it. If it was even true. That was kind of it.’

Jack smiled in silence for a moment.

‘I knew you were a cougar,’ he joked at me.

I slapped him on the chest for teasing me, but I knew it was just an innocent tease. It was then me who held him close again, he put an arm over my shoulder as we shared the moment.

In the most inopportune of moments, something then happened to the water pressure. I leaned back a little and looked up at him to see if he knew what was going on. The water had gone from roasting hot to barely warm, then a mere two seconds later it was ice cold.

I let out a scream and Jack swore.

‘Shit!’ he exclaimed.

 He managed to get himself between me and the freezing cold water and quickly guided me out of the shower. Jack got me all the way out before jumping back and turning off the water. His instincts were to help me first rather than simply help himself. When I'd jumped out of the shower, all I was worried about was myself.   

My body spun around like a whirlwind as Jack went past my back, I didn’t realise until I’d gotten all the way round that he was reaching for the towels in the rack. When he pulled it out we found it to be a single huge towel and not two smaller ones. He quickly wrapped it around both of us and we shared what little heat was left in our skin.

After the moment of shock had passed, we both began to giggle uncontrollably, we reached around each other's backs and began to rub each other for warmth. Not caring that our feet were wet and there was still water running down our bodies we stepped out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom. The thick carpet was so much warmer than the cold tile floor.

Still in each other's arms we began to tenderly use the towel to dry each other, and experience each other's bodies once again. Despite last night, and despite the shower, their was no end to the fascination with each other. I wanted to explore the subtleties of his slender, toned frame. And he wanted to explore every one of my curves, every soft part of my body.

After quickly rubbing the largest of the drops from our bodies so that all was left was the rawness on our skin, we took turns with the towel to dry each other off. Every touch, every stroke of the towel was one of such tenderness. It was like we were sculpting one another from clay, or it was like being painter manipulating a canvass with a fine brush.

With every draw of the towel I followed the subtle line of his abdominal muscles and to where his stomach met his hips. As I dried his arms and his legs by pressing the towel onto them with my hands, I found the muscles that sat beneath the skin. When padding his face dry, his head angled and poised, and at times even chased the promise of my touch.

Finally I moved to his short hair, as I ran the towel over his head it was the only moment where my touch had unintentionally got too rough. But it felt as if he wanted to experience that type of touch too. It was as if we were testing our boundaries, needing to fight against me when every other touch has been a so sought after.

When I’d finally finished drying him, it was his chance to dry me. We maintained eye contact, never needing to speak a word.

His touch was gentle, always gentle.

Jack stroked down my throat to my chest, then followed the curve of my breasts, one first, then stroking across my belly before moving back up to the other breast. As he had touched my belly I could feel myself getting warm on the inside, not my pussy, not like before. It was something deeper inside me.

After drying the front of my body, he rubbed around my nipples, stroking them and tweaking them with the driest edge of the towel he could find. I almost let out an audible moan, but I held it back.

My nipples stood so erect now, the towel which had felt so soft only a moment before, now felt like course sandpaper. After fully drying the front of my body he pushed his body up against mine, the slight coolness of his body soothing my burning nipples. This time I did make, a sound.

I closed my eyes, I could feel his cock pressing against my body. It wasn't as fully erect as it had been before, but it wasn't devoid of stimulation either. Jack dried my back, it was the touch of his arms rubbing against me that I my mind concentrated on, as if the towel was merely along for the ride. He let me feel his presence, his strong arms caressing me, his fingertips constantly teased my skin with such fleeting touches.

Suddenly I felt nothing... no touch, not even the sense of his presence. I opened my eyes, terrified for a moment that it was all a dream. A heartbeat passed before I realised that Jack was on his knees in front of me. After having dried both of us, the towel was soaking wet, he struggled to find an even partially dry part of it to dry my legs.

At first he started with my hips, drying off the tops of them, he pressed gently on the edge of my hipbone, the only hard part of me that was near the skin. Maybe he wanted to make me feel something that went right to my core.

He went back to drying off my legs again, he moved back and forth about a dozen times, drying them both off and the same time, top to bottom. When he got to my feet he rubbed the tops of them delicately, as if tickling them. I had to shift them a few inches to shake off the strange sensations I was feeling.

Jack stopped. He knew that teasing me in that way would spoil the moment, but he didn’t stand up right away. Leaning into my body he kissed the tops of my hips, where he had pressed upon my hipbones. He was careful enough to spend an equal amount of time on both, he never graced them with more than two kisses before moving to the other.

I could feel my pulse racing again. Adrenaline getting into my bloodstream and seeping out from my veins to every sinew of my body, from my toes to my fingertips. Jack’s kisses moved to a certain part of my belly and stayed there, kissing it in perfect rhythm like he was counting from a metronome.

He had found the tattoo I used to have, one that I’d had removed. It was merely visible now and almost no scar, it was barely even a ghost of it’s former self. Jack had seen it and said nothing. I cupped his head gently, holding his kisses closer to me.

‘A rose,’ I said softly with a smile.

He looked up at me, I twisted my body around a little so that I could look him in the eye between my breasts.

‘My middle name,’ I admitted with a slow blink of my eyes.

Jack kissed the faded flower several more times before standing up and finishing what he’d started. When he got to my hair, for the first time since we'd been together he was all fingers and thumbs about it. He padded it as best he could, perhaps he just didn’t want to pull on it and hurt me, or make a mess of it.

We stood naked in front of each other and shared a moment that now felt somehow familiar, so normal.

‘I should go,’ he said with such sorrow.

He noticed the sadness in my eyes as my heart dropped an inch.

‘I’m going to get my clothes, pack my things, then I’m coming straight back here,’ he clasped my hands gently and pulled them closer to his body.

Even though this was not our final moment, it felt like a step towards it, and that weighed heavy on my heart.

He looked me in the eye, making sure I was okay. After putting on only his outer clothes, Jack began to back out of the room. Even though my feet never moved, we never lost eye contact until the moment he got to the door. It was only with the sound of the door that knew he’d gone.


‘to be continued’