Unexpected Encounter, Part 3: The big goodbye

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The moment she heard the sound of the door locking Louisa's body sprung into action. Jack wouldn’t be long getting his things and coming back. This would be their last few hours together and she wanted to do something that neither of them would forget.

She hopped over to her bag and almost ripped the zip open. Standing there in her underwear she desperately dug for some of the clothes that she knew were in the bottom of the bag. Louisa lifted it out in piles and dumped it onto the top of the dresser until she found what she was looking for. She had already laid out items that she'd been intending to put on after showering. But the ones she’d been looking for weren’t just everyday underwear. They were more… delicate.

When she'd gone to her friend’s wedding Louisa had made sure she'd taken a couple of sets of better underwear. Although she'd gone to the wedding with every intention of looking good; it was never her intention for anyone to see her in the underwear and nothing else. Louisa felt they just looked much better under her good dresses and she always made sure she had a couple of sets of something a little bit more special. Even if she only needed one it was still better to keep her options open.

There was a full set of black and a full set of white staring her in the face. With the draw of a breath she decided to go for the black ones. The set was packed all together in a little zip top bag so when she'd found one part of it she had all of it. The cellophane packet crackled in Louisa's hand as she threw it like a Frisbee over to the bed.

After quickly packing the spilled clothes back into her bag she bounded back over to the bed and with a sense of desperation tore open the clear plastic bag. Louisa yanked out the suspender belt and unclipped the hooks. With lightning fast hands she wrapped it around the slimmest part of her waist and clipped the hooks back together again. She straightened it out before pushing it down onto her hips.

Delicate floral-like shape were sown into the sheer black material. It's patterns became as clear as day when struck by the perfect light. The deep waist cinchier came so high up on her belly so that her belly button merely peeked over the top of the beautifully embroidered trim. The belt was also made with a thick with material that was padded to make it more comfortable to wear. Skirting around it’s whole lower edge was a see-through lace trim. The delicate gossamer-like material it was silky and smooth.

Next she grabbed the packet with the brand new stockings in them. Feeling the needed to put some effort into it tearing open the bag Louisa braced herself. As she ripped into it the pack opened more easily than she expected and they accidentally slipped out onto the bed. Louisa unfurled both of them and delicately draped one over the bed as she prepared to put on the other one.

Taking the lacy tops in between the thumbs of both hands she used her fingers hank them up until she could clutch the gap for the heel. Putting her left foot onto the bed she put it her toes in first. She pulled it tight to her toes and hooked it over her heel like putting on a sock. Louisa then pulled it all the way up her soft clean legs with a back and forth motion until she felt the soft silicone rim against the inside of her thigh. When she got it to the top Louisa straightened it out before hooking on the front clip to hold it up.

She grabbed the other stocking and did the same thing with her other leg. When Louisa stood up clear of the bed she yanked up the backs of both stockings to straighten them before twisting her body from one side and then the another to hook on the rear straps. They stretched around the sides of her hips before cupping under bum.

Looking up she glared through the wall as if I had X-ray vision. Louisa could only imagine how well Jack was getting on with what little packing up he had to do. But she didn’t have time to worry. She had to get the rest of the outfit on before he came back.

Louisa grabbed the silky black panties and stepped into them before pulling them up. She made sure she didn’t get her fingers hooked in the delicate straps of the belt. The panties were smaller than the ones that what she normally wore but they was still substantial than some non-existent G-string.

Finally there was the bra. It had been ages since Louisa had worn it and she'd almost forgotten how much it lifted her breasts.

It took a few deep breaths for her to compose herself as she wondered what to do next. Louisa had to almost take a bow to look at herself in the mirror of the dressing table. She would have to redo her makeup after the shower before Jack got back and if she had enough time she'd find her shoes as well.


The first thing Jack had done was lay out clean clothes on the bed. Before getting fully dressed he'd begun to pack up every he had laying around. Jack had been living out of his cases so there wasn't much to tidy anyway. He hadn't seen the point of unpacking for just a two nights stay. As hurriedly as he could he stuffed everything back into his suitcases. Neither of them had been packed to the brim so it didn't matter that they were a mess because everything still fitted in.

It was only once he'd got everything packed away that he finally put on his favourite jeans and best black shirt. He left the top two buttons undone as his skin was still a little clammy after the shower. Perhaps the shirt was overkill; but he didn't want to put on the same kind of thing that he'd been wearing last night. Jack wanted to impress Louisa as much as he could in their last few hours together. He was trying to come up with some kind of a plan to see her again but nothing seemed realistic. He'd have to find a way. They'd find a way.

Before tying on his shoes he threaded his belt through the loops of his best jeans. The very last thing he'd done was pick up the can of deodorant he'd got last Christmas. Jack had kept it out because he couldn't decide whether to use it or not. In the end he didn't bother because he'd just shower anyway. Besides, the smell of the deodorant wasn't all that great. Jack simply packed it into the side pocket of his small bag.

He took one last look around the room. The bed was still perfect since he hadn't even slept in it last night. Everything was perfect as well. Untouched really. Jack wondered for a moment if he should mess up the bed to pretend it had been slept in; but decide not to.

Wasting no more time he grabbed both his suitcases. Letting the door lock behind him for the last time he crossed the corridor to Louisa's room. Jack knocked on the door and waited a moment.

She hadn't shouted out to acknowledge him and he was about to knock again when the door clicked. Jack pushed it open to see only the glimpse of her silhouette disappearing back into the room. Louisa still hadn't said a word. With a suitcase in either hand he carefully pushed the door open with his shoulder and placed his bags just inside.

As Jack walked into the room he began to speak, "Are you oka..." Upon seeing what she was wearing he stopped only a single letter away from finishing his question. enhanced

Jack could see the nervousness in her face. He could even see the slight tremble of her chest as she exhaled a shaky deep breath. Jack looked at the expressions on her face for a moment before fully examining what she was wearing. Despite having explored each other's bodies; what she was now wear accentuated every curve of her body to the Nth degree.

The black bra lifted her ample breasts so that they now stuck almost straight out while at the same time still looking natural. Louisa's breasts didn't hang down anyway but they now looked like they had cost her a million dollars and that her cleavage when down into infinity. Jack knew that her breasts were all her; and that she had been gifted with a body that would make people envious.

Looking further down her body he looked at the suspender belt which sat atop her voluptuous hips. Her soft pot belly poked over the top of it as if teasing him. His eyes followed down the laces that held up the sheer stockings. Their dark tops sat so cleanly against her shapely thighs that it was if they were airbrushed onto her skin.

Louisa angled her legs a little one way, and then another with the simple working of her hips to show off her legs. With a different pair of heels on than what she'd been wearing when they met, her legs now looked longer than ever. Like the rest of her outfit they were black, they had about a three inch heel and at least an inch and a half of platform under her soles. A strap almost as wide as he belt strapped them to her ankles and gave her a classy look  

"Holy shit," Jack's breath came.

Louisa gave him a little twirl then gave him a nervous smile. Her ankles gave a little wobble as she tried to keep her balance on the carpeted floor.

Jack's heart was now beating in such a way that it was making him feel sick. But he was sick with excitement and it made him feel good at the same time.

"Oh my god." Jack's words were still barely audible.

Louisa's smile became more natural again as she realised that she was in control of this situation. Jack's reaction was one that was one of total shock and this was what she had been trying to evoke. He was so captivated he was paralysed.

Jack looked up at her face again. With the exception of her lipstick which was a luscious rich pink; her style was similar to when they'd met. She'd redefined her eyes so that the dark lines almost made the blue of her eyes glow.

"Did you think that these only existed in magazines or from pictures on the internet." Her words weren't really phrased as a question as she wasn't expecting to get a reply.

"Where did you...?" Jack's words failed him.

"They were in my bag," she answered softly.


"Like I said," she began, "they're real. They're made to be worn. And taken off."

Louisa paraded towards him, flicking out her heels a little as she walked. Even with almost another 5 inches under her feet she was still shorter than Jack. But at least she could get closer to him to kiss him more easily. The kiss she gifted him with was of such tenderness it was somewhere in between the touch of a feather and a mere breath of wind. Louisa withdrew and moved to the other side to kiss the other side of his face. She had been so careful that their bodies didn't touch anywhere else but the kiss.

"Do you like this." Once again she didn't really inflect a question within here voice as she didn't expect an answer.

Jack swallowed. "This is...wow."  

Louisa took a step back and looked at him. His jeans clung tightly to his legs and she could see the beginnings of his cock firming. The shirt smartened up his appearance; perhaps making him look a little more mature.

She once again approached him and kissed his face. This time a little firmer and a little closer to his lips. Louisa detected a twitch from him as he almost moved to meet her lips with his. But she teased him and drew herself away again. He looked at her unsure as to what was happening... but her smile said everything.

Stepping well back from him she circled around to his back and when she moved in she pushed him towards the bed. His feet stumbled but his legs kept his balance. With the smallest of steps kept moving back till his legs hit the foot of the bed. Jack managed to stay on his feet; and for now that's what Louisa wanted.

Holding their bodies close, Louisa slipped a hand inside the open collar of his shirt. As she massaged the top of his chest and followed the hard lines of his collar bones. Louisa was careful not to rip the buttons of his shirt but as she withdrew her hand she accidentally popped one of the buttons that opened his shirt a little more.

Louisa was aware that he was now beginning to look at her body. She was so close to him that the only thing that he could do was look at the tops of her full breasts. She arched her back a little to lift them even more. When Jack's hand lifted then she once again stepped out of reach. Louisa was going to tease him again to savour the moment. The tease was not only for his benefit but it was making her feel wild inside. She had to keep command over her own passions so when the moment came for release it would be like the breaking of a dam.

Looking at him she could see the progression of his erection. It hardened and throbbed with the beating of his heart. She yearned to touch it again and to feel it inside of her. But it would have to grow much more before she was ready to release him. Louisa had met men who were ruled by their cock but Jack's heart was what drove him. It was his heart empowered his cock both figuratively and literally.

Standing back from him Louisa began to sway her body. The sway turned slowly into a wriggle and the wriggle turned into a writhe. Louisa considered herself an okay dancer but this wasn't exactly the dancing she was used to. She never considered herself to be old but being with Jack made her feel young again. She was doing things and feeling things that she thought she's gotten out of her system. It was almost as if she was his age again and that everything had the excitement of the first time. There was nothing that she was feeling that she wanted to get rid of.

Without speaking a word Jack slowly sat down onto the bed and watched as Louisa continued to dance for him. She played with her golden hair as she danced. Even though it was mostly loose there were some tiny bits that were still matted together after they'd shared their shower.

She teased Jack by coming closer to him and then stepping away when she was almost within grasp. She flicked out her heels playfully as she turned and her movements were becoming ever more exuberant. But then after having approached him again, one of her turns was a little too enthusiastic and she lost her balance. Louisa stumbled right into his arms just as she'd done last night.

After making sure she wasn't going to topple over, Jack wrapped his arms around her and held her close. Louisa didn't try to struggle away from him. There was no need to. She let him take control for a few moment.

Jack stared at her stomach as if examining it. He manipulated her body and twisted her from one side to another before stopping her when she was dead straight to him. Louisa could feel his hands on her skin and pressing against the clincher of the suspender belt. The belt was so firm that when his fingers padded against it that it sounded like the first raindrops of a shower hitting an umbrella. When his hands touched her skin it began stir feelings from inside of her.

Jack's hands were warm to the touch. Soft, smooth and fresh from their shower. He started on her soft belly and rubbed his hands all the way around to her back. Warm sensations ran up her spine as he ran his fingers up the small of her back until he met the hook of her bra. He almost pulled her off balance by accidents and made her fall towards him. But he was holding her so close that there was nowhere to fall.

His hands worked their way back around her till he grasped her hips again. Holding her in position he began to kiss her soft belly. Jack's fascination with that part of her body would never cease.

Louisa tried to pull away. Not out of discomfort but to be able to look at him again. She felt Jack's fingers hooking inside of the top of her belt and keeping her close. While he continued to kiss the mound of her pot belly she began to play with and fondle his hair. His short hair also had small matted clusters in it and she worked them loose with her delicate fingers.

Gradually his grip on Louisa relaxed and she could move again. But instead of stepping away she stood face on to him. Jack's eyes followed her hands as they moved towards his belt and began to pluck it from the buckle. She braced the belt with the palm of one hand and pulled the belt clear of the pin with the other. As soon as she'd loosened the belt she then undid the button and eased the zip downwards.

Louisa pushed him firmly onto the bed so he was laying on his back. She climbed on top of him and pushed her hands underneath his shirt. Jack hadn't expecting her to be so forceful as this was much more than mere confidence.

As her hands worked all the way up his body the shirt began to tighten with both her arms inside as well. Her hands clawed up his body and he could feel her sharp nails scratching against his skin. The feeling never got to the point that it caused pain but the feeling was exciting. She reached up as far as she could but the straining of Jack's shirt stopped her from getting all the way up to the top of his chest.

Louisa slowly withdrew her arms; dragging all of her nails all the way down his firm body. When she reached the bottom she made eye contact with him before beginning to unbutton his shirt from the bottom.

After staring at her luscious blue eyes for those precious moments that she'd been looking back; Jack once again became captivated by her breasts. Though the bra had already lifted them, the tops of her arms pushed her breasts even closer together. As she popped open each of his buttons her breasts gave a small jiggle. Because of how close they were to his face the tiny motions were exaggerated and became hypnotic. Jack wanted to reach out and touch them but he felt that Louisa would only push his hands away.

When she release the final two buttons Louisa flapped open the shirt to expose his body. She looked at the trails made on his skin by her fingernails as she pulled the shirt down over his shoulders. With the shirt underneath him it pinned his arms to his sides the more she pulled on it.

Louisa flicked as much of her hair behind her head before diving down onto Jack's restricted body and began to cover him with kisses. Starting high on his chest she began to work down over him. Jack could still feel her nails scratching at his stomach again as she continued to kiss his chest. She began to work ever closer to his nipples. Kissing his neat areolas before then latching onto his nipple with her lips.

Her kisses were gentle at first but soon she began to suck on them as well. These sensations were new to Jack and he began to wriggle around. Louisa continued to work on his hardening nipples but was careful not to push the sensations too much further. She moved to the other nipple and did the same.

Jack's shoulders relaxed a little again as he became more comfortable with the sensations. Even though they were still sensitive; for most men nipples weren't really erogenous in the same way they were for women. Jack then began to wriggle his hips again. Louisa knew from his motions that it was his cock that was now becoming uncomfortable and not her attention to his nipples.

He was grateful for her unzipping his jeans but that space wasn't enough for his cock now. Growing by the second it was almost completely hard. His foreskin sticking to the tip of his cock in a slightly uncomfortable position and his boxers complicating things even further.

Louisa then began to slide her body down his. Her satin smooth bra felt cool against Jack's skin as it hadn't had time to warm up to the same temperature as the rest of her skin. At the foot of the bed she went down on her knees and began to untie his laces. Within a few moments his shoes and socks were both off.  

With his shirt around his shoulders, Jack was trying to remove his jeans and boxer with limited success. When Louisa reached up to his hips he felt her hands so close to his groin. The feeling sent surges of electricity though his body. This didn't go unnoticed by Louisa and she smiled mischievously.

Taking a firm hold of both his jeans and boxers she began to pull down on them. Jack arched his back to take the weight off his hips and give her the space to do it. His cock had got caught in the waistband of his boxers and as she continued to pull on them his cock eventually escaped and flicked back with a bounce. By now the moist tip of his cock was flush with blood and was roasting hot. It slapped against his belly and stuck to it.

After pulling off his jeans and boxers she climbed back between his thighs. Jack sat up on the edge of the bed again only for Louisa to pull him as close to the edge as he could. His cock stood upright and pointed almost directly towards her. She rubbed her hands against his thighs to stimulate him yet further. One of her hands worked towards his cock and he could feel her hand stroking up every inch of his thigh.

When she gently grasped it she couldn't believe how hot it was. Her grip on his member was so gentle that Louisa could feel the pulsing of all the veins that interlaced around the skin of his cock. She tightened her grip on it a little and gave a couple of deep strokes that made Jack's body tense up.

Keeping a firm grip on him, Louisa arched her body up and little and pressed up against him. With her other hand she lifted the strap of her bra and slipped his cock up between her breasts.

Jack hadn't been expecting it and his head bolted upright to look at her. The pair maintained eye contact as Louisa settled into position.

She then spoke softly. "This is one last chance for us," she began. "One last chance to be wild."

Jack propped himself up on his elbows. He swallowed deeply.

"Let this moment take over both of us," she said to him. "Nothing to be afraid of. Nothing to regret."

With his neck almost rigid he nodded as best he could.

Although what she was doing was in no way something to be frightened of; it was clearly a new experience. Both of them had their fantasies... but like most people some of those fantasies were realistic while others would be things that they never believed they could do for real.

Louisa settled her breast down onto his cock until the bra met the stem and could go no further. She then raised herself up and swallowed his cock deep between her cleavage while trying not to let it slip out. Doing this a few times she could gauge how far she could go while still keeping it where it should be.

She had still kept one of her hands on the bottom of her bra to keep control of it but found she could now ease it away. Louisa continued to rhythmically stroke his cock between her breasts till the strap stopped at it's base. At first she placed her hands on his belly and her nails scratched gently against his skin. But then she wanted to squeeze him tighter so she placed her hands on either side of her breasts and pushed them together.

Louisa's voluptuous breasts swallowed him entirely. His bulbous head no longer poked out the top when she was at the depth of her stroke. As Jack began to get used to the sensation he reached out to her. He stroke his hands against her face before moving them down to her breasts.

Jack gently eased his hands underneath hers to push them out of the way. Louisa resisted him for a few moments before letting him take over. His fingers became tangled in the straps of her bra for a few moments until he worked them clear.

Louisa kept working her body up and down while Jack put on as much or as little pressure as he wanted. The touch of his hands helped them establish a rhythm that felt comfortable for both of them. Louisa reached up to his body with her hands but instead of scratching gently with her nails she just massaged with her soft hands.

By now she had perfected the rhythm for Jack. She almost counted inside her head as she went as if she were giving him first aid. One...two...three...four...five. And then after the fifth downwards stroke she pulled slowly upward with his cock deep between her tits. She pulled up as slowly as she could before beginning again. Louisa made sure that on the upwards stroke she kept a firm grasp at the base of his cock so that she kept his foreskin taut and his head exposed. The skin between her breasts pulled against the crown of his helmet and sent hot surges all the way up his body.

The soft warmth of her breasts was both smothering and comforting. Jack could feel his foreskin rubbing back and forth over the rim of his helmet. He couldn't see it but he could feel how swollen it was. There was just enough moisture around his tip to stop it from sticking to the skin of her cleavage.

Louisa began to deepen the stroke of her breasts and was now almost jumping down on top of Jack's cock. The strap of her bra was really beginning to dig into the base of his shaft. He tried to cup underneath her breasts to ease her off a little but she just took over and continued to pound down on him.

This was really becoming a little too hard and uncomfortable. Jack didn't want to tell her to stop; the only thing he could think to do was to slide his bum out over the edge of the bed so that he slipped right off. When he finally tipped himself too far his cock slipped out of her grasp as he dropped to the floor.

He managed to fall onto a squatting position while Louisa gently rolled backwards onto her back on the floor with her knees tucked up in front of her. There was nothing defensive about it. It was just how she'd fallen.

Jack took a couple of breaths to compose himself before pushing himself forward onto his hands and knees. Placing his hands on her knees he parted her legs then crawled on top of her.

Louisa eagerly reached out to him and clasped him tight as his head fell high on her chest. Jack could feel her thighs squeezing against his hips.

"I'm sorry." Her word her difficult as she was still a little out of breath.

"It's okay," he replied with a whisper.

Louisa held onto him tightly. She could feel Jack's hot cock squeezed in between their bodies as they lay on the floor. She tried to concentrate on the sensation so she could enjoy it. With a gentle grinding of her hips she stimulated him even more. For Jack this was soothing once again; her body was soft and the suspender belt was almost as smooth as her sweet skin.

Jack regained his breath before putting his arms around her as best he could as they lay on the floor. As he tried to lift her up to properly grasp her; Louisa wrapped her arms around his neck and held on tight. Though not a total weakling, he simply didn't have enough strength to pull Louisa up from the floor when she wasn't helping. Jack strained for a short while before her grip on him relaxed and he could escape from her.

 When he stood up he felt a little woozy having risen up too fast. Jack had to steady himself as Louisa stared up at him. She watched his cock as it bounced and bobbed in the air. After he composed himself again Jack looked down to find Louisa's eyes. There was a mischievous glint that began to set thought's going in his own head. She reached up with her hands and swiftly he reach down to her to help her back onto her feet. She was still having to work at keeping her balance on her platform stiletto heels.

Jack's brain was still running round in circles and managing to tie itself in knots. He was getting the ever increasing sensation that Louisa just wanted to let loose and do things that neither of would even dream of doing normally. All Jack was concerned with in this moment was keeping her happy. And perhaps to do that he'd have to explore and push their boundaries. Maybe she wanted him to be more assertive. The best thing to do was to listen to his instincts but be careful at how he acted on them.

Taking a step towards Louisa he pressed their bodies tightly together. Jack ran his hands delicately down over her back and when he got to her round bum he grabbed her firmly. Now the she was standing up he had no problem lifting her off her feet. Louisa made a small noise that was neither a scream nor a wince. Just one of surprise.

As their bodies were still in an embrace, Jack carried her a few feet until they bumped firmly into the wall. He pinned her to the wall without hurting her and managed to get his hips underneath her to carry most of her weight. Once he got her where he wanted her Jack began to kiss her firmly. He was trying to take command but she was kissing him back with such intensity that he wasn't sure.

Jack continued to try and kiss her and eventually his persistence paid off. Louisa allowed herself to enjoy the sensations as Jack kissed her all over her neck. She was beginning to slip a little and for a few moments Jack struggled to keep her high up enough on his hips to support her. Grabbing his firm shoulders she help support her own weight before raising her knees enough to clamp on to him with her thighs.

He could feel the silkiness of the stockings rubbing against his skin and felt it very erotic. Sensations surged through his loins.

When he got her high enough, Jack then thrust his hips deep underneath her. He inadvertently slammed her against the wall harder than he meant to but the subtleties of her reaction showed that she kind of enjoyed it.

Jack then move back to kissing her mouth. Louisa's lips were voluptuous and soft and he enjoyed feeling them as he worked his tongue against hers. Saliva mixed in their mouths that were still fresh from their individual toothpastes. They continued to kiss until they desired a deeper sensation than just their lips.

Moving one hand around to her back; Jack moved them both away from the wall. Louisa kept her knees raised as Jack carried her over to the foot of the bed. For a moment Jack considered throwing her onto the bed. It was soft enough to do it without the fear of hurting her but he decided to lay her down softly instead. After he placed her down she relaxed and lay on her back. Louisa looked up at him with her soft blue eyes.

Deciding to keep being assertive Jack reached down to her underwear and hooked his fingers around the band. Louisa put her hands down to help him take her panties off but Jack pulled her hands away and made eye contact with her. She settled back down and let him do things his own away.

He wrapped his fingers around the waistband of her panties and began to pull slowly. Louisa lifted her hips to allow him to peel them off her curvy bum. As he pulled them away they turned themselves inside out. But that didn't matter.

Jack kept pulling them down her legs until they got to her ankles. Not knowing if it was intentional or not Jack drew in a deep breath and sensed the lightest musk from the panties. They had only been on enough time to count the minutes on one hand. But Louisa's wetness was already soaking into them.

Louisa wriggled her body up the bed until her head almost rested against the pillows. Maintaining eye contact, Jack began to crawl on all fours up the bed until he was leaning on top of her. Pausing for a moment they looked at each other. Jack could see that Louisa was smiling intensely. He watched her chest moving rapidly up and down as she breathed briskly. She was excited by what was happening and Jack was somehow staying calm.

Without hesitation he guided his cock and plunged deep inside her. She hadn't expected him to enter so quickly or firmly; but the scream she let out was one of pure pleasure. Reaching out with her hands she grabbed hold of the bed sheets and reigned them in towards her. Despite the fact that they'd not only made love in the bed last night but both slept in it too; it had still remained kind of neat. But in the space of two seconds the bed had gone from tidy to a total mess.

 Louisa clasped onto the material and pulled on it as Jack thrust inside of her. His thrusts were deep from the first penetration; but he began to slow so she could feel every inch. He ground his hips down on top of her so that the top of his cock could push against her clit. At first she relaxed the muscles inside her moist pussy; but with each thrust she tightened them just a little so she could feel every vein.

After several deep thrusts Louisa reached up with her hands and braced them hands against his chest. She wasn't trying to hold him off but rather just wanted to touch his skin and perhaps feel his heart beating within his chest. Only able to use one of his hands at a time, he took her hands away and pinned her to the bed by her wrists. Once again he gauged her reaction and she seemed to like it.

Jack could feel his cock coming to it's full firmness as he continued to thrust. Louisa struggled against him but couldn't escape his grasp. All her pulling and pushing was just for play. He kept pushing deep inside her and she was getting wetter all the time. Jack then took several more deep strokes before slipping out.

As he collapsed onto her, Jack began to half heartedly bite in between her cleavage. Jack kissed and licked; and then went back to biting. He was so careful not to pinch her skin too much with his teeth. Pain wasn't supposed to be part of this.

Louisa managed to shift one of her legs just so she could feel his cock resting against her thigh. Jack nuzzled into her breasts so deeply that was finding it difficult to draw a full breath, When he breathed in through his nose he could smell her sweet skin. They tried to run their hands up and down each other's bodies but their arms and elbows just kept getting in the way.

Jack began to slip down her body kissing every inch as he did. When he got to her sexy pot belly he couldn't help but smother it with kisses. No matter how much time he spent touching it he found that part of her body totally intoxicating. It was so soft and so warm it was like nothing he could describe. Her belly almost had it's own heartbeat as the muscled twitched gently beneath. Jack could feel her hands cupping his head; holding him onto her stomach.

He slipped his hands up her body to just below her armpits. Louisa wriggled as he was kind of tickling her. Jack dragged his hands gently back down her body. He could feel the edges of her silky bra before he got back to her even smoother skin. He worked his way slowly down to her hips to find the even smoother material of the suspender belt. There was a tiny ripple of skin that was squished against the rim of the belt. When he touched the ripple her jump a little. The subtle change of her smile told him that it was too uncomfortable for him to tease her with it.

Jack moved his hands to the belt itself. It held her curves but its shape was almost as hard as bone. There was something about the material that tickled the tips of his fingers when he brushed them lightly against it.

Louisa could feel his touch; even through the material. It was almost felt like vibrations to her. She brushed her fingers briefly through his hair before she began touching her own body. The more she concentrated on what Jack was doing the more pleasurable it became.

He continued to move yet further down. He kissed her belly again and even kissed down over the material of her belt and it was smoother than any material he'd felt before. The lingerie had felt cold at first but now it was warm like her.

Jack kept on kissing down her body. The top of her landing strip was covered by the belt. He blessed the trimmed patch of hair with a few kisses before running his fingers underneath the belt feel the rest of the hair.

Making circles with his hand he stroked the hair; brushing it to one side and then the other. She snuggled herself deeper into the softness of the bed then raised her knees and spread her legs apart. Jack then began to comb his fingers up through her hair and as Louisa arched her back she raise hers hips. Using that moment to assert himself again, Jack pushed her hips firmly back onto the bed. He looked up to meet her blue eyes, for the moment she was still enjoying his dominance.

Jack rubbed his hands around the inside of her thighs and around the tops of her stockings before beginning to kiss either side of her pubic hair. That area of her body was the focal point where her legs met her hips and stomach. So many curves that collided in perfect grace. As she lay there with her legs splayed apart there was not a single fold in her skin. Just smooth and soft perfection.

As he breathed in Jack could smell the scent from her pussy. The musky and unique smell made his brain buzz. After several more deep breaths his body almost began to shake. Jack looked as her moist pussy lips and her pink swollen clit. He swallowed deeply as he stared at it.

He considered what it might taste like. It was something that people did but he wasn't sure if he could do it himself. The smell was driving him insane; but the thought of tasting her pussy was still too much.

Jack began to kiss back up the length of curvy her body. Working his lips and his tongue up over her hips. He brushed his cheek against the material of her soft suspender belt before keeping kissing up her body. As he worked his way up her body he pushed himself against her with his chest brushing up against her stockings. His nipples were hard and pushed into her skin. It felt good to repay the favour.

When he got all they way up he began to kiss her firmly. Louisa grasped the back of his head and held their faces close. Their lips were so tightly pressed together that they weren't so much kissing but merely pushing their lips together. It was so firm that they began to loose sensation in their lips. Jack had to move back down to kissing her neck again. With gentle pecks he covered her whole throat.

After a few moments Louisa worked her body down the bed underneath him so that she could now kiss his neck in reply. She could feel the hotness of his skin; the actual burning sensation was coming from him shaving a short time ago. For Jack it was no more sensual than any other kisses, but the was her expressing her own desires. Although he didn't find what she was doing erotic. Jack did find it to be somewhat soothing.

He wasn't fully sure at first what she was trying to do but it became apparent that she was trying to turn him over. Louisa couldn't move him with strength alone so she had to encourage him to turn over. The bed was easily big enough that he could safely roll onto his back without fear of falling off the edge.

With the arm nearest her, Jack helped guide her as she climbed on top of him and nestled on top of his hips. As she shook her hair loose her breasts swayed back and forth. The moment had been such an image of perfection that he wanted to keep it forever.

Louisa raised herself up a little and guided his cock inside of her. She settled slowly onto it savouring every inch of his stiff young cock until she buried it deep inside her. Jack's whole body tensed as her pussy muscled tightened around him.

As she began to raise and lower herself along the length of his shaft she kept the head of his cock anchored safely inside her. Jack reached up with his hands and within a heartbeat she reached out to him so they could interlock their fingers. Louisa leaned forward until the backs of Jack's hands rested on the headboard. She managed to hold them there without pressing hard enough to cause him any discomfort.

Jack became captivated by the movement of her breasts as she bounced up and down on him. His body wasn't in a position to thrust inside of her so he had to let her do all the work. But this seemed to be what she wanted.

Louisa was in control again and Jack was comfortable with that. She would let him know in her own way when she wanted him to be more commanding again.

Jack could feel her getting wetter by the moment as she began plunging herself deeper onto him. Jack watched as the bouncing of her breasts got wilder and wilder until the jumping of her body made her breasts begin to swing in rhythm. As she settled into the rapid tempo her breasts began to swing in a circular motion.

Her pounding eventually became a little too hard and her swinging breasts broke their rhythm. As she began bounce wildly Louisa unlocked her fingers from his and moved her hands to her breasts to take control of them. Jack's hands moved immediately to Louisa's broad hips to help keep her balanced on top of him.

Jack looked up at her hands as they cupped her breasts. But instead of just cupping them she began squeezing them firmly. Her long fingers began working her soft breasts and as Jack watched her, he saw that she was squeezing her breasts harder and harder. It go so intense that he became concerned that she would hurt herself. Her pussy was pounding so deep onto him that he was verging on the point of pain himself.

Louisa then began to let out several orgasmic groans. The sound came from deep within her and he could barely believe her soft voice could get so low. Jack's hands then slammed to the bed so that he could grip the sheets tightly in his hands. He'd grabbed the bed so hard that he almost thought he had hold of the mattress as well.

Jack then became aware of how loud she was getting and was worried about next door hearing them. But as he thought about it for a moment it added an air of excitement to the situation that people could hear them but would never know who they were.

Louisa was now almost in a trance as she kept pounding on his cock and squeezing her breasts hard. Her head arched back and she closed her eyes as she continued to moan. Louisa's breathing was getting almost as loud as her moaning and her skin began to glisten with beginnings of sweat.

She kept bouncing up and down on him as he tried to bare the discomfort. Louisa then suddenly let out a scream that half the hotel had to have heard. Her muscles tightened around his cock and held him for a few moments before suddenly relaxing. The soft warmth comforted him as the blood returned to his member.

Jack began to settle down again and he released the grip on the bed sheets. His hands had turned white and in releasing them blood was flowing back to them as well.

Keeping his cock inside of her, Louisa then collapsed on top of him as she exhaled a deep breath. Jack was worried for a second that something was wrong but he managed jerk his head to the side enough to see the smile on her face. He wrapped his arms around her to hold her close as she tried to regain her breath. Carefully he combed her wild hair away from his face and to the other side of her neck.

Jack concentrated on the feeling of her warm body and her hard nipples pressing against his chest. As he tried to calm his own breath he became aware of another sensation around his cock that was still inside her. There was a new heat that was more sticky than wet and it moved slowly down his shaft. The only thing he could think it felt like was cum; but he hadn't ejaculated yet.

His mind then began to piece together a theory where all the pieces made sense but he didn't have enough experience to know it for sure. If she had come to orgasm then why had it happened so soon when it hadn't happened last night when they made love. Last night had been wild in itself... but this was so primal. Perhaps the component that had been missing last night was the emotional one. He just didn't know enough about women to be sure, or more specifically how Louisa's body worked.

Jack then found her lips kissing by his ear. But all he could do was lay then and let what had happened sink in. The pair laid there just breathing together until their breaths fell into sync.

"I wasn't expecting that," said told him. "Not so soon anyway."

"Are you okay?" he asked her.

She almost coughed out a laugh. "Better than okay. It's a long time since that's happened to me. A long time."

Jack swallowed. "It's a first for me." He was still having trouble accepting the most obvious explanation and he felt like he had to carefully consider every word as not to give the game away.

"It doesn't happen to every woman," she reassured him.

Louisa gradually began to lift herself off of his chest back into a sitting position. His partially erect cock slipped out of her and he could feel the sticky cum still clinging to his cock. He soon felt the sensation of a small amount dribbling down between his thighs.

"I didn't know that would happen," he said.

"I didn't either," she replied openly.

Jack could tell from the ease of her words that she was being honest and wasn't simply trying to comfort his inexperience with a lie.

"Okay. I think I'm ready," she then told him.

Jack's eye's popped open a little.

"Ready to go again?"