Our Story III: Transitioning to Awesome

Part three of our story. Fantasy becomes reality, and two lovers carve a new life with each other as they transition to awesome.

     After Labor Day and the Grand Canyon hike, we could not be apart for long. In early October, as her divorce was about to be finalized, my love came for another visit.
     “Is there anything special you want to do when I come out?” She asked.
     My hesitation told her there was something I was reluctant to share.
     “What is it Gorgeous? Something’s on your mind.”
     “There is, I’m just nervous to say anything. I’m afraid you’ll judge me or reject the idea.”
     “I can’t do that until I hear what it is, but I do not agree to anything blindly. So, you better tell me. I’m not promising a yes, but I won’t judge.”
     “Well,” I started, “it’s October, and I love Halloween. I’ve always wanted someone to wear a sexy costume for me and play in it. That’s a big turn on for me.”
     She smiled on the other end of the line, “What did you have in mind?”
     A thousand different images of sexy costumes raced through my mind trying to find the most appropriate one. One that wouldn’t make her run for the hills calling me a perv. “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe a sexy pirate outfit?”
     “Hmm… that could be fun. Would that make my hot boy happy?”
     “Oh my God, yes!” She sounded so damn sexy, and Horace instantly got rock hard picturing her in a pirate outfit. “I would raid the shit out of your booty!” Oh fuck, tell me I didn’t just say that.
     She burst out laughing, “I knew you were gonna say that!”
     “Sorry, I just can’t help myself,” I chuckled.
     “Well, I’ll see what I can do, and I’ll be seeing you real soon. Maybe you can write me a story about what you’d do with me in a pirate outfit.”
     “I’ll get right on it love. I love you, and thank you for being open to this.”
     She could tell that this fantasy meant something to me. “Of course, but why is this important to you?”
     I hated sharing intimate details from my marriage with her. Neither of us liked to think about each other with other people. “It has to do with my marriage. For the last couple of years, I have been asking my wife to get a costume on Halloween, something sexy. But, she always refused, saying she was too heavy, felt too self-conscious. It wouldn’t matter how much I told her otherwise, she wouldn’t budge. Finally, I gave up. I gave up on a lot of things in my marriage.”
     “I get it. I asked him once if we could have sex in the shower, and I got the same sort of rejection. I never brought it up again. I felt stupid and humiliated.”
     “Yeah, asking for a costume or a little role play, and her rejection made me feel immature. Like I was supposed to be beyond that stuff.” I was sorry our conversation had veered into these troubling waters, but it was honest. I felt vulnerable in those moments in a way I refused to be with anyone else.
     “I’ve never worn an outfit, not even lingerie. Hell, he wouldn’t even take my shirt off when he woke me up in the middle of the night or turn on a light.”
     “I’m sorry, Beautiful. I think you have an amazing body, and I’d love to see you in some sexy things if only to rip them off your body.”
     “Write me a story about it, and I might surprise you.”
     “You got it.”
     As soon as I got off the phone with her, I was searching “Sexy Pirate Costumes” on Google. I found one that looked really hot, and I knew she would look amazing in it. I wrote my next story about it and sent it to her that night. Her response was priceless.
     “Well if I wasn’t convinced before, I sure as Hell am now! That story is hot. Don’t text me back for a while, I’ve got needs to take care of.”
     “LOL… Enjoy, love.”
     Two weeks later I met her at the airport. She was wearing a tight black t-shirt and a nice pair of jeans. As soon I saw her, I lusted for her. I couldn’t believe I got to be with someone so incredibly beautiful. 5’-4”, skinny, but toned, long flowing brown hair down to her lower back, soft brown eyes, and an innocent face that screamed “Corrupt me!” It was going to be one Hell of a good week.
     We raced home, and as soon as we were in the house I grabbed her long brown hair and kissed her hard. My hands were all over her thin frame, squeezing her ass, pulling her close, and cupping her breasts. Clothes began to fly off our bodies, and it became very clear that we were not going to make it to a bedroom. My cock was rock hard, and she was so very wet with excitement. I spun her naked body around, bent her over the couch, and worked my throbbing cock into her love. Her little ass demanded to be spanked, and once I was gliding in and out of her easily, the living room echoed as my hand smacked her ass with a loud, slap! She nearly jumped and let out a loud moan. Then I grabbed her long brown hair and pulled it back hard, making her back arch and her hips slide further down my cock taking it into the hilt. Now my hips began slamming into her ass, and as I pulled out my hand crashed down. Slap! “Oh Fuck! Baby.” She screamed, and I felt her getting closer to her edge. It drove me crazy, and my hips thrust harder, pumping her, spanking her hard. I felt her release. She screamed and all of her muscles, inside and out, seized. She clamped tight around my throbbing cock, and I let go completely. I grabbed her hips and ravaged her clenching cunt with my engorged cock. This was not love. This was good hard fucking! And, with a final thrust, I released my hot cum deep inside of her. She felt me swell and then nail that spot of hers as my hot liquid filled her, and this sent her into fits all over again. I bent over nearly collapsing onto her back. My skin had been turned inside out.
     We both panted, out of breath, and sweaty. “I’ve never been fucked like that before,” she said.
     I was worried. “I’m sorry baby. Are you ok?”
     “Ok? Are you kidding? That was hot!” She smiled standing on shaky legs. “That was incredible!”
     I wrapped her in my arms and breathed a huge sigh of relief. I had never let go like that before. Being with her brought out something very primal in me, and the idea that it gave her pleasure was mind blowing. We put dinner on hold, and I took her into the bathroom. I started a hot steamy shower, and the two of us went in. Her body was perfect, slender, toned, and tattooed. I took the puffy loofah, mesh ball and squeezed some body wash onto it. Then I began to wash her entire body. First her delicate shoulders, under one arm and down to her fingers, then the other arm. I scrubbed in circles down her strong back. Turning her to face me, I delicately washed her pert little breasts covering them with soap and a tender touch, before working the sponge over her flat belly. I slid the sponge between her legs, preparing her Honey Pot for later tasting. My long arms washed her thighs, then lifted each leg to finish the job.
     “You are so sexy and cute washing me,” she purred. Our eyes were locked.
     “You have an incredible body,” I said. “I love touching you, washing you, and pleasing you.”
     Another wave of passion began to wash over us with the water, and the shower somehow got even hotter. Then she washed me, and Horace began to rise. “Mmmmm…he looks tasty,” she grinned. When I turned around after rinsing, she was on her knees waiting for Horace. Waiting to give me pleasure. She stroked him with her hand from head to shaft. Giving me a final grin, she licked him from the base of his shaft to very tip of his head. She took her time and made her tongue work him slowly, up and up. Then again, driving me crazy. I felt her warm breath on my balls as her tongue went to work a third time. My veins bulged, engorged with pleasure. This time, her tiny mouth slid open at the tip of his head, and she took him in swirling her tongue around the rim. Her hand began to work up and down my shaft, sometimes pausing at the base, to trail over my balls and add to my pleasure. Slowly she took in his full length and girth sucking tight and letting her tongue massage my throbbing cock. I grabbed the top of the glass in the shower to brace myself. My hips began to move back and forth, and her head began to bob up and down the length of me. Her tongue and her hand worked my shaft, feeling every swollen vein and contour of rock hard flesh. I watched her sexy little mouth stretched wide taking me in and giving me such pleasure. As she began sucking me in earnest, I felt that familiar building deep in my groin. Her hand, lips, tongue, and the sight of her sucking me, sent me into an absolute frenzy. I grabbed her hair, holding her head in place with my cock deep in her throat, and she sucked me with such pleasure. Then I passed the point of no return as I felt muscles spasm in a rush of release, flooding her throat with my hot salty cum. It was as if my cock would never stop pumping my lust into her, and my hips made little thrusts of pleasure into her mouth. When I finally stopped, she slid her mouth slowly up my shaft, squeezing every drop she could get out of me. Her eyes looked up at me when the tip cleared her lips. A drop of my dew lingered, and her tongue flicked out to taste the very last drop sending my muscles into one last spasm of over stimulation.
     She stood up rubbing her sexy body against mine. “You are so incredibly tasty,” she whispered in my ear.
     “And you, are so good at that! Thank you, Beautiful.”
     After a last quick rinse, we turned the water off, and I got out first. I wanted to repay the favor from the shower and then some. I led her wrapped in a towel to the living room, and I turned on our old favorite album, Nine Inch Nails, Downward Spiral. In front of the couch was a large black leather ottoman. I removed her towel and sat her down on the ottoman as I knelt before her. I started kissing her neck and letting my hands explore her sweet little body, pinching her nipples until they were hard. My tongue then circled each nipple further arousing them. Slowly, I laid her down and kissed her all the way to her sweet wet love. Using my tongue to drive her crazy, I licked her, up one side of her Honey Pot, and down the other carefully avoiding her clit. Then I spread her toned legs wide apart, and worked my tongue in and out of her just at the base of her honey-drenched lips, and with each penetration of my tongue, I felt her excitement building. With one long stroke, my tongue went inside of her and moved up to the top pressing her clit under my moving tongue. She started to get wildly worked up as I worked her clit with long, broad strokes. I’d wait until she came before plunging my tongue back inside of her, tasting her flood of passion. For now, I kept working her clit, over and over, rhythmically bringing her closer to the climax she craved.
     My hands crawled over her body, finding her hard buds and pinching each one with every stroke of my tongue. As her excitement grew, Horace began to come alive again and stiffen with desire. Soon her back arched and then all of her muscles fired in delight and release, and as she screamed, I sank my tongue deep into her dripping love. My tongue massaged her from the inside, prolonging her release and pleasure. But, as I felt her begin to subside, my cock became rock hard. Her pleasure, I found, drove me crazy and turned me on in intense ways.
     I grabbed her hips bringing them into position just over the edge of the ottoman, and my cock slid right into her. Her gasp was music to my ears. My hips began to ravage her, driving my cock harder and deeper into her. She began to lose control again, and I kept ravaging her. She looked so incredibly hot with her back arched, hips down, and body spread all over the ottoman. Every few strokes, I’d leave Horace in deep and move my hips in circles, working her spot over and letting my shaft press against her clit. I wanted to feel her cum in every position I put her in. I loved getting her off.
     When she exploded again with another climactic release, I surprised her by pulling out and sinking my tongue back between her legs. At first, I was gentle, massaging her clit and softly licking her up and down. I let her calm down just a little, but I wanted to keep her close. I knew how to read her body as if it were my own. And once I felt her ready for it, my tongue went to work with all of the passion I had. Deep long licks from the base of her opening, pressing hard against her roof, and the long wide strokes pouring over her clit. Again and again, each time with more force and passion. I pinned her legs back, and used my hands to rock her hips up and down until her orgasm was released, and I could taste her juices.
     This time, there would be no pause. I was possessed with wanton desire and lust. In one fierce move, I flipped her over, saw her cute little ass, and slammed my throbbing cock deep inside of her. She was sprawled all over the ottoman, and my cock raged inside of her. I thrust my hips into her, harder and harder, and as she moaned and screamed, my hand spanked her hot little ass. First one swat, and then another. My cock slammed into her, driving her into more of an erotic frenzy. I reached out grabbing her ponytail and wrapping her hair around my hand, pulling hard I kept thrusting my hips faster and harder. My cock was swelling and driving me crazy. I was going to fuck her until I burst, and I felt the release building. With a few more hard pumps, I was on the absolute edge of losing control. I grabbed her hips and lost all control. I drove my bursting cock as deep into her and as hard as I could filling her hot cunt with my salty lust. We both collapsed in a heap on the ottoman, neither of us could speak for a while. When she finally managed a few words, she said, “I think this is my new favorite piece of furniture.”
     We had barely been together for three hours, and already we had played three times. We were ravenous, thoroughly spent, and stupidly happy. Just outside the community was a funky little restaurant that served great sandwiches in a really casual atmosphere, Willies. We needed French fries, a fried catfish Po Boy, and a milkshake. We also needed time to recover. We spent an easy hour and a half talking, catching up, and smiling until our faces hurt. We were both glowing, and in those moments, I realized just how easy it was to spend time with her. Our conversations meandered like a slow river through a flat country on a warm summer day. There was no rush or anxiousness, just a calm, relaxed flowing that put me at ease. I also realized just how alone I had been for so many years, and how lonely I had become. In those moments together I felt as if someone had lit a candle in a dark cave. I didn’t even realize how dark things had become in my previous life, and I had forgotten the beauty of really being with someone.
     “Where did you go just now?” She asked with curiosity in her eyes.
     “I was just thinking about the way things were, and the way things are now. It’s overwhelming sometimes.”
     Her features softened from curiosity to caring. “It’s unbelievable sometimes, and unbelievably difficult at times. What were you thinking about?”
     “I was thinking about how easy it is to be with you, how natural and right it feels, and I realized how lonely I have been these past few years. I think I lived almost entirely in my head, hiding from others, and putting on a show for them. I feel like reconnecting with you woke me up, reminded me of something special, something I had given up on a long time ago.”
     She smiled, “When we met all those years ago, I knew there was true love. I just knew we were meant to be together forever. And then, when everything fell apart, I just couldn’t believe it. Eventually, I just gave in to the idea that true love wasn’t real, that I was just a stupid teenage girl.”
     “I think we both did what we had to do to survive our circumstances. I couldn’t keep living in the pain of losing you. It was driving me crazy, and the ache in my heart never stopped.”
     “Yeah, but I could never entirely give up on us. I could never just put you in a box and throw it away. Part of me always hoped, always loved. I just hate that other people are getting hurt by our love. I don’t understand that part of our story. How can such a beautiful thing cause so much pain?”
     I let her words sink in. I had thought about this too. “I don’t have an answer for that. But I do have faith, and hope. I have faith that this was meant to be, that we were meant to be. And, my hope is that the pain we have caused our children is small in comparison to the good we will do for them by being together. When I knew my marriage was over, I had to really think if it was better to stay and be miserable, or break up the family and really hurt everyone. In the end, I didn’t want my children to see an ugly marriage with the fighting and contempt. I didn’t want them to think that's what marriage was all about.”
     “I think my hope is that my boys see a different way to treat a woman and that my daughter learns how she should expect to be treated. I don’t think my kids have any idea who I really am. But, it kills me to see their pain, to have them in the middle of this.”
     “I’ve had other opportunities to leave my marriage, and I could have left at any time on my own. But, whenever it was a choice between my happiness and theirs, I chose theirs. I figured I could take the pain. I could endure, and I couldn’t be that selfish. But something happened when I saw you again, when we talked, and I can’t explain why, but I know that somehow all this pain we have caused is worth it. It sucks, and it’s hell to watch, but somehow it’s right.”
     “I hope so,” her voice trailed off, and in her eyes, I saw all of her vulnerability. “If this doesn’t work out with all of the wreckage we have caused and losing you again, I just don’t think I could survive it.”
     I could never betray the trust she had in me, or abuse the sincerity of her openness. “I don’t know if you really realize it or not, but my heart is entirely in your hands. No one can love me as you do, and no one can hurt me like you could. I have just as much to lose as you do. I am just as vulnerable to you because I knew when this all started that it would take everything I had, and I would have to give you everything I am. There is no plan B for me, and I doubt I would want to live if we fell apart again.”
     “I love you so much, Gorgeous.”
     “I love you too, Beautiful.”
     We both sat in silence for a couple of minutes, lost in our own thoughts. Reflecting. But it was in these moments that I really saw her. I saw her pain, her love, and just how authentic she really was. Our conversations more than anything else made me fall more in love with her every day. I realized how sincerely she loved me. I saw her constant thought of others. And I also saw her resolve and determination, a quiet, humble strength of spirit that would never quit, never stop, and could never be broken. It was at this moment that I realized our love, our story was truly ours to write. To live.
     So many people had so many opinions on what we were doing. Her ex said she never gave him a chance, and that I was an awful person. That she was being selfish and stupid like a child. My ex was furious and said I was mentally unstable. That I was leaving her because she wouldn’t go camping or hiking. That I was shallow, and that I didn’t even try to work things out. My sister told me that my timing was wrong even if she did hate the way my ex-wife treated me. Her best friend told her it would never work that I would never move out to Arizona. One of my friends said that our chances were one in a million. My mother wept for the children and tried to stay neutral. Her family was glad she was leaving her ex but didn’t really know about us, about me. Some people heaped harsh judgments on us, some could understand it, and others just worried. And then there were the voices of self-doubt, of guilt, that raged within each of us at different times.
     But there were two voices that triumphed over all others, and those were the purity of our hearts and souls. They did not shout or judge. They simply knew, and those voices could not be ignored. Those voices saw past all the judgments, the guilt, and the pain. Our hearts sang when we saw each other, and they loved without barriers or walls. Our souls yearned to be intertwined again, to be one with each other, and they touched when we made love. These were the voices that carried us in hope through our darkest hours with a steady grace. And these were the voices that rejoiced the most when we were together, for it was during these times that the voices filled with joy, just as the sky fills with light when dawn breaks.
     It was in this joy that we made our way home, lit some candles in our room, and made love. Sweet, soft, slow, tender love. The kind of love that brings tears to your eyes as it washes your body in purity and pleasure leaving you almost speechless and in awe of its power. Afterwards, we laid there holding each other, and I remembered something.
     “Do you remember when we were kids, and what we wanted most was to wake up next to each other?”
     She smiled softly, “Yeah. I remember how hard that was. We never quite managed to pull it off. I always thought that was so romantical of you to want that.”
     “I was just remembering that and thinking, ‘I get to wake up next to you tomorrow.’”
     “Awww… I love you, Gorgeous.”
     “I think that’s what I look forward to the most when I think about our future together that I always get to wake up next to you. That as long as you or I am in this world, we never have to be alone.”
     A fresh tear ran down her cheek just as a tear ran down mine. We felt it, the unity of souls. We held each other a little bit tighter. Words were no longer needed, and both of us slipped quietly off to sleep.
     The next morning we woke up early, grabbed quick showers to wake up, and made two cups of coffee to go. We were headed up to Fredericksburg for a day hike at Enchanted Rock. We passed the two-hour drive talking easily about our dreams, life, and each of our next steps. When she returned after this trip, her divorce would be finalized, and she could move out. She had a place lined up and friends helping her find furnishings. I had an appointment with my lawyer to finalize my divorce and submit it to the court. With any luck, I’d be divorced by Christmas.
     We arrived at Enchanted Rock and began hiking up the huge chunk of granite so oddly placed in the Hill Country of Texas. It was a cool day with hardly any clouds. We worked up a pretty good sweat on the hike up, but the little breeze at the top helped us cool off pretty quickly. The view of the rolling hills from the top is absolutely gorgeous. It’s not spectacular or awe-inspiring, but it’s peaceful, calming. I had taken my children here a few times to climb and wander, and that’s how we spent the morning. Just wandering, poking around, and enjoying our time together. These trips to see each other were our respites and both of us knew that soon enough we would have to return to maelstroms of drama and bitterness that characterized our divorces. For now, though, we held each other close in the eye of the storm grateful we had come this far. We found our way to a far off corner of rock with a beautiful view of the countryside, and there we found a rock made for two. We sat there for almost an hour, snacking, talking, and relishing the moment. I remember thinking, “I’m the luckiest man alive.” I could feel my heart swelling with her love, and when I looked into her eyes, I saw a deep peace and happiness wash over her. Before we began walking back to the car, we stood and hugged, holding each other as if we would never let each other go.
     We casually made our way back to the car and drove into the town of Fredericksburg. We stopped for a cup of coffee and to wander around the shops. The town was charming, friendly, and it was made to wander around. We were both in such a good place together, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. But, there was a familiar hunger starting to stir in us. She saw it when she caught me looking her up and down with lustful wickedness.
     She smiled coyly, “I know that look.”
     “Then you know we need to go home.”
     “Oh yeah?” She said as her eyes lit up. “What are you going to do once we get there?”
     I pulled her in close, and whispered in her ear, “I’m going to taste you until you beg me to stop, and then I’m going to ravage you with my throbbing cock.”
     Her eyes widened, and a smile flashed as she began to blush. “I can’t believe the things you say to me. You just gave me goosebumps, and got me wet.”
     We didn’t have to say much more. It was time to go, and we both started heading back to the car. We flew home through the back roads, both of us flirting all the way. And as soon as we got home, clothes began to fly off as we raced for the shower. This was going to be fun. Quickly I got the water going, and as it heated up, we grabbed each other and let our tongues play until the water was as hot as we were. When we slipped into the shower, I grabbed her tight little ass and pulled her close to me. The water drenched our hair and bodies as we kissed passionately. I bent my knees, and my hands slid down the back of her thighs, and in one powerful move, I lifted her hips onto my rock hard cock. Her arms wrapped tightly around my neck, as I positioned my tip on the edge of her lower lips.
     “Remember that night in the rain?” I said.
     “Of course,” she said in anticipation. “How could I forget?”
     I smiled wickedly, “Here we go again!” And just at that moment, I sank my long, hard, fully engorged cock deep into her wet and wanting folds.
     “Oh fuck!” She moaned, and her fingernails dug into my back as she squeezed me with everything she had. The water poured over us as I began stroking her Honey Pot with long, deep, hard thrusts. Our bodies began slapping into each other in unrestrained desire and passion. I moved my arms underneath her knees and positioned her in a way that I could fuck her hard in unrelenting lust. She was my fantasy, and every inch of me wanted to please her, to make her scream in ecstasy. Over and over, my hips thrust forward driving my rock hard cock into her, smashing into her spot. And in unrestrained carnal lust, she screamed, clawing me, riding my cock to the heights of her climax. I felt her wet and wanting muscles undulate, spasm, and release with a flood of pleasure and heat.  Her body stilled in the pleasure, and I know her skin was abuzz with tingling sensations, any touch would be electric when she was in this state. So, I held her close and let the hot water wash over her. After a couple of minutes, she let her legs go to the shower’s floor, and she looked at me with her big brown eyes shining, “That was incredible.”
     “It’s not over, Beautiful.”
     “Now it’s my turn,” I said. And she saw the raw desire in my eyes just before my hands seized her, turning her around in a flurry. “Hands up on the wall,” I commanded. Her hands shot up to the wall, causing her little ass to lift up and push out. My hand flew back and crashed into her sweet ass with loud “Slap!” Her whole body snapped to attention, and my other hand grabbed her hair pulling it hard. Suddenly my throbbing cock slammed into her wet cunt. “You are going to remember this fucking for a long time.” And my hand spanked her ass again, as I began thrusting myself into her, harder and harder. “Keep those hands up.” I said roughly.
     “Oh my God,” she screamed in raw desire. “Fuck me!”
     That’s all I needed to hear to send me completely over the edge. My hand spanked her again and again as my hips pumped my nearly exploding cock into her. I couldn’t fuck her hard enough. It was as if every ounce of desire, passion, and longing were released all at once. She looked incredible pinned against the shower wall, her hands up, and her little round ass out. My hips slammed into her again and again, and with every moan and scream, she let out, my desire for her was amplified into a near frenzy of primal, carnal lust. With one final slap both my hands grabbed her hips, and I began pulling her back as I thrust my bursting cock into her again and again. She screamed in hot ecstasy as her sex exploded in orgasm, causing every muscle in my body to become electrified, surge, and in a final, wild fit, pump all of my passion into her. At that moment, I thought I was going to die or spontaneously combust. I had never felt so crazy powerful. I had never felt such raw, unrestrained passion. And, I had never known that sex could take two people to such heights.
     Both of us were left speechless, and for several minutes we let the water wash over us, trying to catch our breath, trying to catch our thoughts, trying to comprehend what had just happened. But, our bodies only wanted revel in the pleasure. When the height of the intensity began to subside, she turned around, and we stood there holding each other.
     She was able to speak first, “That was incredible.”
     “I don’t know what came over me, or what just happened,” I whispered.
     “Whatever it was, it was amazing. I’ve never had such an intense orgasm before. You fucked me stupid!”
     All I could do was smile, hold her, and kiss her. There was no way this day could be real. After the shower, we both fell asleep, and I thought for sure when I woke up, I would find out that this whole day had been a dream. It scared me how much I loved her, wanted her, and needed her.
     Instead of waking as if from a dream, I awoke to her cuddled into my chest. Her soft exhales warming my chest as she slept tenderly. I gently eased out of bed, dressed, and went into the kitchen, to start a pot of coffee. I put Mumford and Sons on Pandora and let their soul filled folk wake me fully from the nap. I heard my love stirring and fixed her a hot cup of coffee. Even just waking up, hair disheveled, with sleepy eyes I could see her glowing. She was so impossibly pure in her happiness.
     “Here’s your coffee, love.”
     “Mmmm…  you’re the bestest, Gorgeous.”
     “I love you.”
     “I love-ah you too. Lover.” She was playful and being very cute.
     “Sleep well?”
     “Uh-huh. I am a very satisfied girl. What are you up to?”
     “I just woke up, made some coffee, and was going to start dinner.”
     “Whatch ya making?”
     “I’m making you sushi with pink rice.”
     “What are you going to do?”
     “Clean up a bit and come watch my hot boy. Will my chef be topless?”
     “Of course, Beautiful.” I couldn’t help but smile being with her.
     Before getting dinner started in earnest, I went out back to smoke a cigarette. Mumford and Sons greeted me with “The Cave” upon my return. I had made the rice for the sushi the day before, and I quickly began slicing the Yellowfin Tuna and Salmon. I was in the middle of my dinner preparation when I heard a distinct clicking on the floor. I didn’t register the sound as being heels right away, but then I heard her shy voice behind me. “Is this what you had in mind for a pirate?”
     I am very rarely surprised, but this was shocking. She wore shiny black, come-fuck-me heels, black fishnet thigh highs with a garter belt, and no panties as I would soon find out. A black and red striped short dress with a corset-like midsection that was solid black except for the red skull and cross bones fit her perfectly. She even had on a black choker with a small skull and crossbones emblem, and a pirate’s hat, black and red-rimmed with a giant red feather. My jaw dropped. I was completely flabbergasted. She remembered. I was overwhelmed, shocked, and turned on.
     “Oh my God, you did it!? You remembered! You look so fucking hot. I can’t believe you did this for me.” The words all came out in a shotgun blast.
     “So, you like it?” She was obviously nervous.
     “Are you kidding? I love it! You look incredible.” I said as I rushed over to hug her. And as soon as I put my arms around her, I wanted her. I wanted to play. “You are so my fantasy.”
     “Yay, because I am very nervous. I have never done anything like this before.”
     “What do you mean?”
     “I mean never. Asshole, he never bought me lingerie or outfits, never even asked for them. He’d say, ‘Oh, what’s the point anyway? It’s just going to be taken off.’ So, all this, dinner dates, outfits, doing stuff together, all this romanticalness you have going on. It’s all new to me again because you were the only one who ever saw me as anything other than cute.”
     “Well, you are not cute. You are smoking hot, sexy as hell in that outfit. And Asshole, he’s fucking idiot. Clearly he has no idea what he’s talking about because there is no way I’m letting you out of that outfit until you have been fucked thusly.”
     “Really? And what does it look like when one is ‘fucked thusly?’”
     “I’m so glad you asked.”
     With the flick of my hand, her hat flew off, surprising her. Then in one quick step, she was in my arms, and I spun her around so that her back was to the kitchen. I kissed her hard as passion began to overwhelm me. I needed to find a place where I could ravage her. I took two steps forward pushing her into the kitchen, and that’s when I saw that the granite island was empty. She was mine for the taking, mine to pleasure, and my fantasy to be enjoyed. Her back bumped against the island, and she saw the wild desire in my eyes. I lifted her tiny little frame onto the island and laid her down on the cold granite. Moving quickly to the longer end, I pulled her down into position. She looked incredible. So hot and sexy. My cock sprang to life as I ran my hands up her legs, and that’s when I discovered that under the dress, she wore a garter belt with no panties. In an instant, my head dove between her legs, to taste her sweet, hot, wet honey. My mouth began devouring her in hard licks of pleasure. She began moaning and arching her back. The more I tasted her, the more I throbbed for her. I began to undo my belt and slipped out of my pants while pleasing her. I could feel her getting close to the edge, and that only made me ravage her more intensely with my tongue. That outfit was not hitting the floor anytime soon. She screamed in wild delight as she came, curling up slightly, and then falling back down.
     Before she even knew what was happening, I stood up, grabbed her hips and sank my cock deep inside of her. “Oh my God,” she screamed feeling the full force of a hard, deep thrust, penetrating her. My hips started going, fucking her hard, but I wanted more. The island was for her pleasure. The ottoman would be for mine. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and I slid my arms under her legs picking her up. My cock still throbbed inside of her as I walked out of the kitchen toward the couch. We kissed and laughed in delight. When I got to the couch, I bent over laying her on the ottoman. I knelt beside it, her legs spreading wide, and began to go to work on her. First I slid her hips nearly off the ottoman so that she could feel my full length and girth. Then I grabbed her ankles and held them up against my chest. There she was before me, laid out, legs up, with my cock deep inside of her. She was beautiful, and I loved watching my cock slide in and out of her lust-swollen Honey Pot. She moaned as I began to find my stroke. It wasn’t a constant, rhythmic fucking, but a relentless slam, pause, pull back, pause, and then slam. I watched how this drove her crazy. Each stroke was like the first penetrating thrust. Her head began to shake back and forth as I felt her inner muscles tighten around me. She was getting close, and her pleasure always pulls me to the edge of release. I nearly came when she did, but I had something else in mind for her.
     As soon as I felt her climax again, I flipped her over and began pounding her again. “I’m going to give you dessert first.” And I wrapped my hand in her ponytail pulling it hard. She looked so hot in that outfit. It only took a couple more good thrusts before I knew I had reached the point of no return. I pulled my honey-covered cock out of her, and she spun around with her mouth wide open and ready to go. As soon as the tip of my cock felt her wet tongue, it exploded in her mouth filling her with my hot salty cum. She swallowed me down and kept sucking for a minute or two to get every last drop. I finally collapsed onto the couch, and she snuggled up next to me. I was out of breath, spent, and blown away. I completely forgot about making the sushi, and it would take a little while before my brain could comprehend such things. Right now, I just needed to hold her, to thank her, to let her know that she had just made one of my biggest fantasies a reality, and it was better than I could have ever imagined it to be.
     When finally I was able to clear my head, I finished making the sushi, and we ate. Having dinner with a pirate was new to me, but it was infinitely fun. I never imagined that one woman could so completely capture my heart, challenge my thinking, and meet the levels of passion that burned within me. But there she was, right in front of me. I had dreamed about her for thirteen long years, and the reality of her surpassed any fantasy I had ever had.
     In the coming months, my ex-wife would lie to the Attorney General and steal over $20K. Her ex-husband would get so out of control that we both had to get restraining orders, which he would violate. He was arrested once and has never calmed down. I lost my children and then got my son back. My children suffered a lot in the year they spent with their mother. When I moved from Texas to Arizona, I took a 50% pay cut, and we struggle to make ends meet. The worst news came just before Memorial Day in 2014 when my love’s mother took her own life. Those were dark days, but we somehow made it through them together.
     Perhaps our greatest triumph was September 21st, 2014. In a small ceremony just outside of Las Vegas at the Valley of Fire we were married. Her dad gave her away, and my mom gave me away. We were surrounded by our closest friends and family who knew our whole story. She wore a simple but elegant wedding dress that hugged her tiny frame, her mother’s pearls, and her friends did her hair and makeup. She looked exquisite and radiated happiness. I wore black dress pants, a matching vest, a greyish-silver dress shirt, and gray paisley tie. When we were going through some of our hardest times, when things looked darkest, her sister told us, “You guys are just transitioning to awesome.” It was a long transition, but we made it. We proved, at least, to ourselves, that we could have our happy ending, that together we could not be stopped, and that together we would love each other through eternity.
     As I write, we are just a few days away from Christmas Eve. The woman who made that day my favorite day of the year is now my wife. Our life together is not easy, nor is it perfect. But it is our life, now. All of the lost dreams, the sorrow, and the regret have been replaced by our love, our passion, and our commitment to each other. We have grown even closer in the time we have spent together, and our love for one another deepens every day. I have never been so perfectly loved in all of my life, and you will not meet a man more in love with his wife than I am with mine. She is my person, my soulmate, and my best friend. On Christmas Eve, after everyone goes to bed, we will hold each other, celebrating the moment when we first fell in love, and then with pure and gentle passion, our souls will touch.