Unexpected Encounter, Part 4: One last chance

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"Ready to go again?" She then asked him. Louisa hadn't clocked his reaction and was already moving further down the bed. She grabbed his hands and began to pull him with her. Once again her petite frame had no hope of  actually dragging him. She could only coax him.

Because she was still straddling his legs he had to wriggle down the bed. As Louisa stepped onto the floor Jack's lower legs dropped off the end of the bed and his own feet touched the soft carpet. Unexpectedly, Louisa dropped to her knees in front of him and she pushed his knees apart so that she could crawl in between them.

Jack stared down the length of his own body and looked directly into her eyes.

"It's a long while since I've done this too," she said softly.

Jack stayed silent.

"If it's you want me to stop then just tell me," her voice softened even more.

Jack's head was already at a steep tilt and managed to nod his head with a giggle. He felt her hands sliding up his thighs until she grasped his cock between the fingertips of both hands. It was still semi-erect and carefully she began to stimulate him again.

She rubbed around the head if his cock with the tip of her finger. His cock was so moist that it was difficult to keep hold of him. Louisa teased him by carefully slipping on of her nails between the foreskin and his scarlet head. Gently she scratched it with movements that could only be measured in millimetres.

Through his trust in her was total, he still worried that she might cut him by accident in the most sensitive part of his body. As long as he didn't move then he felt he'd be safe.

She could feel the tiniest of twitched as the blood began to flow in the right direction again. The stiffer he became the easier it was for her to hold onto him. Louisa extracted her nail from his foreskin but started to scratch at the very tip of the urethra. She swapped back and forth from using her hard nail to using her soft fingers to excite him.

With each moment he firmed and she soon wrapped a hand around his cock but didn't squeeze. With her other hand now free she began to massaged his balls which were filling up all the time with his seed. The skin on his scrotum was tight and held a symmetrical shape like a ripe peach. His balls glistened with her moisture and his cock shone like a beacon.

Traces of her opaque white cream were still clinging to his young cock. Although she had experienced this she'd never looked at things in this way before. It looked so much like a man's cum that it felt strange.

By now his cock was almost hard and there was enough length to give the shaft a few small strokes. As it neared it's full length she could feel his girth swelling in her grasp and the veins filling out. Jack's cock was so moist that as she wanked it, it made a little bit of a 'squelching' sound. It was pretty much at it's full potential and Louisa raised herself up so that she was looking down at the tip of his cock.

As she continued to masturbate for him she began to build up a little speed. Her sticky fingers worked as she tried to get a grip that was comfortable for the both of them. Louisa even tried swapping to her other hand but in the end her right hand was her dominant one and she used it far with much more deftness.

Since their lovemaking last night and this morning in the shower she had handled his cock plenty. But for her to actually masturbate for him was wild.

He'd done it for himself plenty of times; but he wasn't in control of the rhythm and the tightness of her grip. He didn't know when she was going to stop or how she was going to start again. She even tried clasping his cock with in between both hands but in the end one handed was best for her and it felt good for him too.

During one of her momentary pauses Louisa stood up and leaned right over him with his cock still in her hand. He looked up along the small of her back to her bottom that was sticking up in the air. Jack was then totally unprepared for what happened next.

Without warning she plunged her mouth down on top of him till her lips almost reached the base of his shaft. He felt the soft tissue at the back of her throat encompass his swollen head. Jack's whole body jerked as if he'd been shot by a Taser. Louisa removed her mouth from his cock and looked up at him concernedly.

"I'm sorry," she said, "I thought you knew I was going to do that."

"I suspected," Jack admitted. "But I don't think I was really prepared for it," he told her a small white lie..

"Maybe I shouldn't have done it," she frowned a little with her eyes.

"No it's okay," he reassured her. "It's just kind of a new things for me."

"We don't have to..."

"Louisa I want this too. It's just my first time for it," he tried to talk between his short and nervous breaths.

"Okay," she said after a moment. "But if you want me to stop then..."

"I won't. But just be gentle," he requested.

She answered with a gentle nod.

Louisa took a few deep breaths and let him do the same. She then gripped his cock with her fingertips so that she could guide it into her waiting mouth. There was also a mental component to the trepidation he felt; but Louisa now seemed to understand that.

This time she went very slowly and he could feel every inch of his cock sliding past her soft lips until his head once again nestled into the back of her throat. The inside of her mouth felt as silky and as moist as the inside of her pussy. He then felt her tongue swirling around his shaft and rubbing against every swollen vein.

Oral sex was something that he'd thought about and wondered about but never brought into the realms of reality. He concentrated on the feeling so that he could savour every moment. As her warm mouth slipped down over his shaft he could feel her sucking in small breaths before breathing out through her nose. She made small gagging sounds as her moist throat wrapped around his head.

Despite the term being 'blow job' the only sensation he could feel was the gentlest of sucking. He kept looking down at her wondering if she would look up to him but all she could do was concentrate on his cock. Louisa manipulated his cock with the tips of her fingers and guided him into the side of her mouth. She placed in one cheek and then rolled it into the other. When it bulged in her cheek and she looked so depraved. The head of his cock felt like it was being bent a little as she pushed it deep into her cheek.

Louisa then stood up and flicked her hair back over her shoulders. She took a deep breath and steadied herself from standing up a little too fast. Jack stared up at her as she walked around the bed. She was so close to his shoulder level that he could reach out and touch her thigh before sliding his hand up her stockings to her curvy bum. Louisa gave him a smile.

"I didn't know you could be so..." he search for the right word.

"Slutty," she said with a smile. The word was meant to provoke him and poke fun at him at the same time.

"I was going to say dirty," he replied cautiously.

"You didn't do anything like this last night," he said to her.

"I thought I'd go easy on you." Her mischievous smile was infectious.

"This is insane," he said as a  grin spread across his own face.

"Oh I'm not finished yet."

Grasping her hair into a bunch behind her neck she dived back down onto the bed slipping his cock right into her mouth again. Once she had her lips safely wrapped around him she climbed on top of the bed in sixty nine position. After burying her mouth deep onto his cock she settled her body down on top of him.

His first sensation was feeling her satin smooth bra pushing against the tops of his hips and against his belly. Now that she was facing the other direction she could get his angle his cock down her throat and wrap her lips right around the base of his cock.

Jack couldn't have known that Louisa was capable of behaving like this but it was exciting beyond his comprehension. Last night they had made love in such a natural and normal way. The shower they has shared was more sensual than simply lovemaking and it stimulated feelings from deep within them. But this was their last chance to be together and Louisa wanted to make it good for him. He also wanted to try for her too and make the most of this experience because he'd never find anyone like her again.

She worked her lips down over him to swallow every millimetre. Because she was now laying on top of him the other way, the feeling his cock hitting the back of her throat was a little different than before. Her tongue was also now more free to explore his cock and he could feel it wrapping around him.

Jack continued to enjoy the sensations she was giving him. It was as he sat there breathing that he became aware of the same smell that had captivated him last night. He stared at her pink pussy that was mere inches from her face and instantly recognised where it was coming from.

As the scent penetrated him his whole body started buzzing in a way that he couldn't control. The only way to describe the smell was concentrated sex. He couldn't quantify it in any other way.

Her pussy was still so wet and with her legs spread either side of him it was open for him. To keep his mind distracted he reached out to any part of her body that he could. He ran his touch from her silky skin to her smooth stockings and ran his fingers around the edges.

Jack couldn't help but stare at her moist pussy. As she continued to work around his cock he lay there and once again wondered what it would be liked to taste her. From some of the porn he'd looked at it was a fairly normal thing to do; at least as normal as what she was doing for him. Thinking about it or even fantasizing about it was one thing. But to actually do it felt like it was on a totally different level.

The smell of sex was so pungent and it was coming from her. It was driving him insane. He didn't know what to expect when he tasted her. Their bodies were both clean from the shower only half an hour ago. And even though he'd been inside her then all the that there could be was her own juices.

Louisa began to use her teeth to gently put pressure on his cock. This time Jack stayed calm at the touch of her teeth and continued to rub his hands around her skin. She pulled down at the base of his cock to pull the foreskin as far back as it could go. Louisa then began to swirl her tongue around his helmet. Her tongue worked slowly and precisely covering every inch of the rim of his head.

She then locked her lips around his shaft and drew her head up it's whole length till she came to his bulbous head. Louisa sucked a little harder than before as she worked her moist mouth up to the top. The feeling for Jack was still pleasant but it also made him freeze in his tracks for a moment.

When she got to the end she used her lips to sooth his head with warm and gentle kisses. But she soon went right back to using her teeth to threaten him with both pleasure and pain.

By now Jack's sense of smell and his even stronger sense of curiosity was killing him and as he looked at her sweet pussy he moved his mouth towards it. At the last moment he stopped just short of touching her moistness and with a sharp draw of breath he could not only smell sex; but taste it. Having been so close he now realised he truly wanted this.

Grasping her hips he pulled his mouth closer to her one more time. He pressed his lips into her yielding pussy and flicked his tongue out and finally tasted her. At the same time the senses of smell and taste combined and he was overcome with the aroma strong honey that kicked him in the back of the throat like molasses.

Jack had to pull his mouth back from her pussy so that he could catch his breath back again from the first taste. It was more the taste in the back of his throat that was hampering him from breathing. He struggled at first because as soon as he drew the scent into his lungs they rejected it and forced him to breath it out again. With a few forced breaths he Jack regained his composure.

Louisa was still giving special attention to his head and hadn't heard him struggling to catch his breath. But Jack wasn't deterred by his initial reaction and he wanted to taste her again. This time leading with his tongue he pushed a little deeper inside. With his second taste it was the sweetness on his tongue dominated his senses. The overpowering scent of molasses was more tolerable and as it settled into the back of his throat is began to taste more like the a yeasty bread.

With every lick into her velvety pussy Jack pushed his tongue deeper and deeper. With a few sways of her hip she settled down onto his mouth as he lapped at her. As the sensations of his tongue explored inside her she found it harder to concentrate on his cock.

Her juices began to fuel his energy and increased his hunger. He began to explore the fleshy folds of the inside of her pussy with this lips as well as his tongue. Jack rolled them between his lips and pulled at them. As he worked his way around the folds he was guided to her clit. From his position underneath her he struggled to manipulate her clit.

Reaching up to her bum again he grabbed the straps of her suspender belt to try and get some purchase on her. He could feel the lump underneath the soft hood. Jack then managed to get one of his arms in between them and began to work his hand down from her belly.

He worked his hand along until he glided it over the satin smooth material of the suspender belt. The top on her landing strip was hidden by the belt so the soft pubic hair just suddenly began from underneath it. With his fingers splayed open he brushed down her delicate hair. It tickled his palm as he inched towards her pussy from the other direction.

The first sense that he was nearing her pussy was the silky wetness that almost felt like oil. He began to feel her skin shaping around her pussy before reaching her swollen soft clit. When he came to it with his fingers it was so warm to the touch. Even though it was so close to his tongue it still felt like a surprise. 

He gently touched it with his finger tips and cautiously tired to pull it back. It was so hard to keep his fingers on it being so wet but he kept working them until he could get even the slightest purchase. Jack managed to get his fingers hooked around the hood just enough to stretch it back a little further. He still didn't know how far he could full it but managed to expose her roasting hot clit.

Jack grasped it between his fingers and stared at it. The tip of her clit was the size and shape of the tip of a thumb. It was flush red with colour and that was why it seemed unnaturally hot. He touched it with his tongue and felt it's heat. Jack wasn't sure what to expect but it was still surprising to feel that it was firm but spongy. It almost had the same feeling as the tip of his own cock. Science lessons, as embarrassing as it sex education was, had taught him that the two parts of the body were essentially the same thing. But he didn't want to think about that.

As he kissed it with his lips and licked it with his tongue he was strangely more bothered by the sensation of licking his own fingers. Louisa was so distracted by the attention to her clit that she'd stopped working on his head. She grasped her hand around his cock and held onto it tightly as if using it to support herself. The tighter she grasped it the harder it was to ignore and eventually it cut off the blood flow. When his firmness couldn't fight against her grasp it became uncomfortable.

He tried to continue using his tongue to play with her pussy and she resorted to wanking his cock a few strokes at a time. But something wasn't working. In unison they released each other and she crawled back up the bed and fell onto his shoulder. Their mouths collided and she began to kiss him uncontrollably.

It was a strange thought to be kissing her mouth when she'd been attending his cock only moments ago. He couldn't get that out of this head and found it difficult to ignore. But soon the kissing stopped and she collapsed beside him into the bed.

Louisa was breathing heavily and Jack was much the same. They looked at each other wondering who would speak first.

“I’ve thought about things like that,” he began. “But I never thought I’d do some of them.”

“The day’s not over,” she smiled.

“I don’t want it ever to be over,” Jack told her.

Louisa put a hand on his face, “we’ll figure something out.” She had just as much emotionally invested as he did.

            Her words comforted him because they weren’t just some lie to tell in the moment. She actually meant them.

            “Don’t worry about tomorrow. It’ll take care of itself. We still have today.”

            He looked deeply into her blue eyes.

            “I have something I want to try. Something I’ve never tried before,” she explained. Her words came out almost one by one.

            “You’ve never tried it before!” Jack was more worried by the way she said it rather than simply what she said.

            The smile on her face was one of mischief and excitement. Louisa then rolled away from him and jumped off the bed. Jack watched her as she went over to her handbag and began to riffle though it. She had to go right to the bottom of it but soon came out with something in her hand.

            When she turned to him at first he thought the small bottle was deodorant. He couldn't figure it out at first but soon he realised that it was lubricant and the small silvery blue wrapper was a condom. Louisa then got back onto the bed and crawled towards him on all fours.

            "You carry condoms in your bag!" he said.

            "Sure," she smiled.

            He said everything with a look in his face.

            "I always carry them," Louisa smiled as she propped herself up on his abs.

            "Don't you!?" she said curiously.

            "Not all the time. I didn't expect to be with someone I'd just met," he explained cautiously.

            "Most of the time they end up in the bin," she explained. "But I still always carry them."

            "Point taken."

            She looked deep into his eyes as she slowly tore the wrapper off with her teeth.    

            "It's in date right...?" he asked.

            With his cheeky comment she raised her eyebrows at him then slipped the greasy condom from the wrapper.

            "But why now?" He asked curiously.

            Louisa didn't even look at him when she spoke. She heard everything from his voice and knew that he hadn't figured it out. She gave his cock a few slow wanks to get him fully hard again before placing it on the head of his cock. It felt slightly cold from coming from her bag but her warm hands more than made up for it as she began to roll it down over between her forefinger and thumb.

            "It's non-latex," she informed him.           

            Although he had used them before he hadn't had enough experience with them to fully get used to them. After fully rolling it onto his shaft she deftly lifted the tiny bottle and flicked the lid open with her thumb. Louisa drizzled a little onto the tip of the condom. Before she could flick the lid closed Jack felt a single drop of the gel drip onto his thigh. Louisa carefully spread it over the length before it made any more of a mess.

            She tossed the tiny bottle up against the pillow and then without hesitation began to climb off the bed again. Holding onto Jack's hand, she coaxed him off as well. Jack still couldn't figure out what was going on.

            She looked back over her shoulder and led him nearer to the window. The curtains were still drawn so nobody could see them.

            "Are you ready?" Louisa asked rhetorically.

            All Jack in reply could do was swallow.

            She turned away from him and bent over a chair so that her shoulders were braced against the upright of the back.

            It was only now he realised what she wanted and why she'd put a condom on him.

            When nothing seemed to be happening she looked up over her shoulder to see what was happening. This was also something that Jack had thought of but couldn't get his head around doing.

            "Okay," he said just before exhaling a nervous breath.

            She kept looking at him.

            "This is your first time doing this too. Right!?" he sort of asked her. Even though she'd said it was he almost doubted her for a moment.

            With her neck still twisted around she nodded awkwardly.

            Jack placed his hands on the back of her hips. He then looked at her again, "If you want me to stop, just say."

            She awkwardly nodded again this time looking more pensive. Louisa even bit down on her lip a little.

            Shuffling his feet Jack took a step towards her and prepared to guide himself inside. He gently took his cock between his fingers and aimed his cock towards her anus. A few fine hairs surrounded the sphincter. Jack placed his head against the soft orifice and it sprung back against him as if resisting his advances.

            He took a one more step that was a little to the side to straighten himself up before pushing against her. Jack could feel her muscles tightening as he tried to push the head of his cock inside.

            Louisa tried to relax but her body was reacting in it's own way. She managed to relax enough for him to push the tip of his cock inside. As thin and delicate as it was, the feeling of the condom was different than skin.

            Jack's cock bent a little as he gave another little push to get the tip of his cock right inside. With the new sensation Louisa's mouth opened but no sound came out. But as Jack pushed himself fully insider her she let out a little scream.

            "Are you okay?" Jack asked as he pushed his full length inside her.

            "I'm fine," Louisa said out of breath. "Oh my god," she then gulped a breath.

            After knowing that she was okay he braced his hands on her hips and prepared to draw himself out a little. He could still feel her tightening her muscles around him like tiny contractions. The feeling around his cock was warm but it felt different. Jack wasn't sure if it was the feeling of the condom or the feeing of her anus that was different than the warmth of her pussy.

            As he drew himself out for the first time he was glad to have what little lubrication Louisa had used. She must have felt the same. When he pushed himself back in she let out another little yelp.

            Being careful not to completely pull himself out he began to build up a slow rhythm. Eventually as he got deeper and deeper he and his hips began to slap into her rounded bottom. The feeling of being inside her bum was so different from her pussy but now that she began to relax the tightness was more pleasant.

            As he held onto her hips he realised became more aware of a clamminess on her skin as she began to sweat. A moment later he realised that he was beginning to sweat too. It was only when he rubbed his forehead with that he realised how wet he was.

            Simply holding onto her hips wasn't enough to get the purchase he needed so he grabbed onto her suspender belt. The slapping began to get louder and the sounds she made when she moaned got louder too.

            The more Louisa relaxed the deeper Jack could thrust inside. He went from just using his hips to clenching inwards at the moment too. Louisa's screams got progressively louder. The people next door must be able to hear them but neither of the cared.

            "That it," she said to herself. "That's it," she repeated.

            He then leaned forward so his chest was now almost pressing against her back. Jack wrapped his arms underneath her and grasped onto her shoulders. Jack felt her nails scratching against his thighs as she tried to reach out to him; but she couldn't reach far enough to actually grab onto him. He pumped deeper inside her and harder too.

            With the sweat now pouring off both of them he began to lose his grip on her shoulders. His hand kept slipping little by little with each thrust till his hands hand slipped right down to her bra. Grasping onto it tightly he once again had purchase while trying his best not to rip it.

            Louisa could feel the bra beginning to slip down her breasts. She tried to grab hold of them to stop them from falling out but there was this sudden release of pressure. Jack had unclipped her bra and within moments she felt his hands on her breasts. Without needing to think about it, Louisa dropped her arms and let the bra fall to the floor. When she took her hands up to her chest she found herself totally at Jack's will.

            He began to squeeze her breasts firmly as if he was kneading bread. Jack had witness how hard she had worked them herself and didn't feel the needed to hold back. It almost got to the point of pain; but Jack didn't cross the line.

            Eventually she prized his hands away from her breasts so that she could stimulate them herself. Jack's hand instantly slipped down her body until they go to her pussy which by now was dripping wet.

            At first he reached inside her to wet his fingers and then decided to play with her clit again; now that he could truly feel what he was doing. He rubbed his finger back and forth tightly against her clit. As she reacted to his touch her screams got more brief and more shrill. Almost as an experiment he began to violently shake his fingers to make it like a vibration and now Louisa could barely breath.

            To try and catch her breath back Louisa stood up forcing him to stand up too. Keeping one hand locked on her pussy he wrapped his arm around her soft belly and held her close. With a wave of her arm she knocked over the chair by accident.

            The feelings deep within her stirred again and she knew what was about to happed. She tried to speak but still couldn't make a sound. Jack continued to pump into her and she reached out to his hands. As she gripped him tightly began to dig into her nails but it was too late.

            Louisa's whole body began to spasm and luckily Jack recognised that she was having an another orgasm and his fingers stopped.

            He had to support almost all of her weight as she fell weak. With one hand still wrapped around her waist he raised the other one to her upper body. It wasn't to play with her breasts again but rather offer the support she needed in that moment.

            Waves of energy passed through her and she could sense the warm of the fluid deep inside her to he pussy. It managed to work it's way out till she could feel the hot fluid dripping down her thigh. She hadn't expected to cum so soon again. Anal sex was new to both of them and she didn't know whether to regret never having done it before or to feel herself lucky that her first time as with Jack.

            As they breathed deeply together Jack could feel the energy pulsing at the base of his cock and he too was so close to cumming. If he tried drive inside her again then it might be uncomfortable for her right now. Carrying her weight in his arms he took her a few steps over to the bed.

            Being careful as he slipped his cock out of her. Jack guided to her so that she sat down on the edge of the bed. To her own amazement she managed to stay up in a sitting position. She looked up at him for a moment before delicately pulling off the still empty condom and dropped it casually to the floor.

            She ran her fingers back through her hair three or four times to keep it out of her face.

            "Are you close?" She gently took his cock in her hand.

            Jack nodded.

            "Give me a moment," she made her request.

            He stood there in front of her as she gave him a few soft strokes to keep him hard.

            Jack's mouth suddenly felt a little dry as he came up with his own request.

            "Feel like trying something else new?" he asked softly.

            Her eyes made a slight frown. "How energetic to I have to be?" she panted. The smile on her face told him she was still willing.

            Stepping close to her again he placed his hands on her shoulders and guided her onto her back. Jack climbed onto the bed with his knees being careful not to kneel on her by accident. He worked his way up to her chest and slipped his cock in between her full breasts. Without having to do it himself Louisa pushed her mounds together to smother his firm cock.

            Jack couldn't help but give her nipples a small flick with his fingers. By now her nipples were sticking up so erect. He settled into a comfortable position before beginning to push his cock right in between them.

            As soon as he began to rub himself back and forth he could feel the electricity surging from the base of his cock again. He was so close by now that he had to halter for split seconds to stop the sensation becoming uncomfortable.

            The feeling built up inside him until it got closer and close and closer and then...

            His lungs locked the air inside and he could feel the tightening sensation of his groin and abdominal muscles. Jack could feel the heat around the head of his cock. After three powerful surges, several more smaller ones followed as he emptied his seed. When the tensing stopped in Jack's body Louisa opened up her breasts to reveal the pearlescent fluid sticking to her cleavage.

            Jack wasn't sure if he'd done the right thing until she spoke.

            "So that's what you meant," she said with a smile.

            He lowered himself onto the bed beside her.

            "Kind of the icing on the cake so to speak," she quipped.

            Jack was almost in a trance and stayed silent.

            Louisa wasn't expecting a reply so it didn't bother her when he didn't.

            "That's a first for me too," she told him.

            This time Jack replied. "And me."

            "Kind of naughty. I like it," she approved.

            As he lay there with his eyes closed she looked at the white cum on her skin. Checking that his eyes were still close she lifted some of it with her fingers and surreptitiously transferred it to her mouth. The salty taste had a hint of sugar in it.

            When Jack turned his head to her she stopped dead in her tracks holding the salty liquid in her mouth to savour it.

            "I don't want this to end," he began.

            "It won't she reassured him.

            "It's more than just sex with us."

            "Of course it is." Louisa grabbed his hand.

            "I don't know what we'll do."

            "We'll find a way. Trust me."