Lorna's First Time

   I’d just gotten divorced a few months before and had been in a real funk. I’d buried myself in work and had thrown myself wholeheartedly into jogging, swimming and yoga, three physical activities I could do alone in my quest for isolation.

   My friend Samantha had been after me for weeks, arguing that going to work every day, running and going to the pool in my building alone did not qualify as ‘getting out of the house’.

   – You need to get back in the game, girl, she said.

   – That’s the last thing I need, I replied. I’m sick of playing games. That’s the whole reason I divorced Grant in the first place. I thought he was good for me, I thought I needed stability and permanence, but Grant proved to me that that’s all bullshit.

   – Okay, so Grant’s an asshole. Didn’t I tell you that five years ago?

   – Not helping.

   – You need to get out and see people.

   – I see people, I replied. I see people at work, I see people in my building, I see people on the street…

   – You know what I mean. Come play badminton with me this afternoon and then, we’ll go out for drinks. Happy Hour at the Other Team. On me.

   – A lesbian bar, Sam? Are we going out for me or for you?

   – Are you saying you’re looking for a date?

   She had a point. Maybe a lesbian bar was the perfect place for me. I wasn’t looking for a date or a hook-up and going out for drinks with a lesbian friend might be perfect since I could always say to any girl that would hit on me, “Sorry. I’m on the other other team,” right? No macho idiots wearing too much cheap cologne hitting on me. In general, girls – even lesbians – are not as aggressive and get the message quicker than guys. At least in my limited experience.

   – Okay. You’re on.

   There was a brief silence on the phone.

   – What?  You’re going to play hooky from work and come play badminton with me this afternoon?

   I laughed. I knew I was acting completely out of character, but wasn’t that the whole point? Wasn’t that what Sam was hoping for? Get me out of my funk and back to the land of the living?

   I told my business partner I had some personal stuff to attend to in the afternoon and met Samantha at the YWCA a few blocks from my office. She always had a set of badminton rackets in the trunk of her Audi for when she played doubles so we had everything we needed. It felt really good running around the court, sweating, smashing that birdie like it was Grant’s face and just laughing it up with Samantha who really is a cutup.

   When we hit the showers, it was as if all the tension and hatred I’d built up inside in the last few months just evaporated with the steaming water. I felt cleansed for the first time in months, even with all the exercise and yoga I’d been getting.

   Sitting on the wooden bench in the locker room, wrapped in a towel, I suddenly felt really comfortable in that state of semi-nakedness and just wanted to sit there, savoring the moment, relaxing, almost as if I was sitting in a steam bath or a sauna.

   I looked over at Samantha, standing next to me, naked, drying her hair with her towel. I’d seen her nude a few times since we’d changed in locker rooms together before, but for the first time in my life, I was taken aback by the feelings her nude body and its proximity were provoking within me. I felt my pulse start to race and butterflies start swirling around in my stomach like when I was about to start speaking in front of a group of real estate agents at one of our annual conventions.

   Sam was oblivious to the fact that I was looking at her. When she bent over in front of me, offering me an incredible view of her ass and her hairy pussy from behind, I swallowed hard, almost choking. She spread her legs to dry them with her towel, from foot to crotch and down again. Her beautiful buttocks opened a bit, giving me a view of her puckered anus. I swallowed again, my heart racing and a strange tingling building in my pussy.

  Like I was in some sort of a trance, I reached over and slowly caressed her soft hip. She quickly turned her hear toward me and I looked up at her like a child who had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She smiled and closed her eyes, and I interpreted the goosebumps on her thighs and butt as permission to explore her body with my fingers.

   When I brought my hand to her right butt cheek and felt the goosebumps with my fingers, I suddenly felt my own skin become aroused, my nipples hardening and my pussy become wet. What was happening to me? I’d never been attracted to a woman before. I’d never felt the urge to caress a female body before. But here I was kneading Samantha’s butt cheeks and feeling excited as I saw her puckered hole winking at me and her pussy lips parting and closing slightly, releasing an intoxicating scent that I suddenly wanted to taste.

   Without any more advance notice or thought, I slipped to the floor, getting on my knees between her legs behind her and gave her wet pussy a few licks, getting my first taste of another female’s lubrication juice. Sam moaned and fell forward a bid, slamming her hands on the floor, giving me better access to her quivering pussy lips. I had no idea what I was doing, but I suddenly wanted this so my desire seemed to satisfy my friend. I managed to reach her clit with my tongue and could feel it was already alert and ready for some oral stimulation. I poked at it repeatedly with my tongue, clearly giving Samantha some serious pleasure. Before I knew it, she was bucking back against my face, helping herself to a roaring orgasm.

   She was clearly stimulated and excited about this experience and I wondered if she’d fantasized about having me give her cunnilingus when she’d been with other girls or masturbating alone at home.

   I kept going at her slit with my tongue and lips, almost drowning in her pussy juice. She seemed to be multiplying the orgasms until she suddenly pulled away from my mouth and turned around, her eyes diving into mine.

   – Where did that come from? she asked in a whisper, panting.

   – I don’t know, I replied. You were just there and so… I don’t know. I just wanted to taste you.

   Softly, she pulled me up and kissed me. Her lips felt so nice on mine and an electric current raced through my whole body, giving me goosebumps all over and making my nipples perk up even more.

   Sam pulled away after a few seconds and noticed my hard nipples through my towel. She slowly un-wrapped me and revealed my heaving breasts.

   – I want to taste you, too, she whispered.

   She cupped my breasts in her hands and slowly brought her mouth down to my left nipple, licking, sucking and nibbling on it, making me moan as I caressed her hair.

   Before I knew it, I was lying on my back, on the hard wooden bench, oblivious to the fact that another woman could walk in at any moment. Suddenly, I just didn’t care anymore. I just wanted to retake control of my body, offer it to my friend Samantha so a real human could once again give me pleasure.

   When I felt her tongue jolt against my clit, I moaned again and wanted to grab her head so I could push it hard against my pussy, but I held back. I felt it might be better to let her control the situation. She flicked her tongue repeatedly, making my pussy wet and my clit hard. I moaned again and again, appreciating her expert mouth on my shaved mound.

   She opened my pussy with her fingers and slipped one inside, caressing me inside, sending amazing sensations through my whole body. I oscillated my hips to match her touch and started pinching my nipples lightly, quickly building into an amazing orgasm, much better than the ones I’d been giving myself in the last few months with my different dildos and vibrating toys.

   – Mmmmm… oh, Sam, that feels so good.

   She licked my pussy and shook her mouth around my clit and pussy lips while fingering me hard. I was rocked to my core when this massive orgasm overtook me, my pussy riding her hand, finger and expert mouth.

   When she came up for air, her face covered in my pussy juice, she waited, not knowing if I would want to kiss her. I took her face into my hands, sitting up, straddling the bench, and kissed her on the mouth, tasting the result of my orgasm.

   – So is this what you meant by getting back in the game? I asked.

   – Sort of, she replied, seemingly bewildered. I just wasn’t expecting it to be with a girl – let along myself – and certainly not before we hit the dyke bar!

   We burst out laughing and, when we did hit The Other Team for Happy Hour, I looked at the place in a whole new perspective. And I knew that Samantha and I would probably be exploring even more of each other when we went back to my place.