Rekindled Opportunities

Info Michaeljones
09 Jan. '17


                                                                                Rekindled Opportunities


 I had only spoken to her on a few occasions since we were divorced 12 years ago. I had helped her with a few things around her house and she had been married and divorced. But all that was quite a few years ago and I hadn't had much contact at all for maybe 5 years. I saw her when I went to where she worked because I had an appointment there. After my meeting, I stopped by at the reception desk and spoke with her again. She seemed very playful and interested in how I was doing. After some chat to catch up, I told her I would be out in her area in two weeks and I would like to take her out to dinner. She surprisingly said yes and I was excited at the opportunity to spend a little time with her again. She had a few enhancements done since we were together and she was taking pretty good care if herself so I was interested in seeing where her life was heading. 
The day was finally here and I had her number and address and I was on my way to meet with her.  I was a bit anxious and tense because we had divorced quite awhile ago, but it was mostly related to outside issues, not because we had grown apart or wanted somebody or something else. We still had feelings for each other but never pursued them because our lives were so much apart and distant at this point.  

          I arrived at her house with a little assistance from her, standing there waving her arms in the street. She looked so cute, out there waving like a little kid directing her father to the driveway.  I pulled in and glanced at her with that little smile and behind her, I could see her little abode. It was a little house but it was quite old and well kept. She led me inside and showed me around. As expected, it was very neat with everything clean and well placed. She was always such a clean and neat lady. We talked and kinda picked up where we had left off at her work from a couple weeks earlier. I asked what she was doing, if she was seeing anybody, how all the kids and grand kids were doing, and how she looked so damn good.  She answered and chuckled and stood in such a manner as to stick out her chest; which by the way, was much more ample than that which I had enjoyed from years ago. It was very good then, but with the enhancement, it was very attractive. She smiled that lovely smile and flashed those incredible eyes, which she knew worked my last nerve. I stared through her and smiled with a little chuckle of my own and waved toward the door to let her know we needed to get going. 

          We hopped in the car and headed off in a direction toward the freeway but had no other decided route or destination. We drove around and talked and were so into the conversation, we never really decided where we were going and we just talked and drove.  She was inquiring about my relationships since back when and then hit on the question that floored me; I had no idea she was going here. She asked if I would consider ever being together again? Wow, that's quite a loaded question, I'm not sure I can handle that one right now, so lets just drive and go eat somewhere.  She laughed and kinda grinned that little grin that she knew she had derailed the train for a minute.  

          We pulled into the restaurant and were seated quickly and until now, had enjoyed the newness and expectation of the evening together. We were seated no more than a few minutes when our first glass of wine arrived and though I am no big wine drinker, I noticed that we both had made short order of the glasses. I was thinking in the back of my mind that she may lose her inhibitions if she allows herself to drink a little. More wine and more conversation and we were having a good time. 

          She excused herself to the powder room and I scoped out the room just to keep busy until she returned.  The timing of my glance was just on cue as she approached from the corner. I noticed a rather accepting and curious smile cross her face as she walked toward the table but her eyes were peering in another direction. I traced her apparent direction of gaze and met with a booth, with a guy, sitting alone, who himself was wearing a rather large smile. Nobody was doing anything wrong, just a glimpse of satisfaction and acceptance.  

          Suddenly the thought hit me; hey I'm going to play with this and see where it goes.  Do you know him?, I asked. No, I don't, she said but he was looking so I just smiled back. So is this how young ladies pick up guys now in the new millennium?  Well, not that I know of, but he is a nice looking man, isn't he?  So I said, after letting the thought linger in her mind for a few seconds; my dear, have you ever been with two guys at one time since you and I have parted ways? She answered quite abruptly, of course not, that would be weird. Why not, I'm safe, you know that, and he is a nice looking guy; I'm sure he would never say no. Yeah right, just like that, I'm going to jump into bed with my ex and some guy whom I've never met and start fucking everybody. Well, slow down, first of all you're  right, you don't know him, that can easily be fixed. Secondly, it's a perfect scenario for you. It's different and safe because if something were amiss, I'm there to protect you. She gets a weird look on her face, kinda wrinkling her nose in a joking manner and says, okay, let's just drink our wine, no dinner, and get home and get to it. She was toying with me, and I knew it. Of course not, we should ask him to join us, have dinner and slowly play towards this end, you know, the outcome we are shooting for. If the conversation never goes in the right direction, we just let the thing pass. Let me think about it, she says, as she tilts the glass to her lips. As she does, she peers once again in his direction. And of course, as she does, his eyes are still glued to her. She smiles and twitches a little as I feel her leg flinch into mine beneath the table. 

          To set the rest of the story in motion it would be best to stop right here and explain a few things; she is short, maybe 5'1" tall, rather large breasts now, a short very revealing top with plenty of cleavage in view. She has very nice legs for her age so she can easily, as she has done, wear a skirt with no nylons or pantyhose on. Not sure of the underwear, I only know that when we were together, she never went out commando. I don't know, maybe she did and I was just unaware. Anyway, her skirt is quite short and it is split on the side. She is looking very good and sexy but not trampy; just a well dressed, fine looking package. 

          Back to our conversation, she has had more wine now and her gaze in one of hunger, not for food but more of the physical desire. I knew when I saw her a few months ago, I wanted her again, but now that she was being more easily played and more assertive, I figured I could take the back seat and play a little more hard to get. 

          I felt her foot sliding up the side of my leg and back down again. The feeling excited me and I immediately felt it move. She smiled and looked at me with that whoops look on her face; oh, was that your leg? I'm sorry. I grinned and she rolled her eyes as well. I looked over at our friend and he had seen her move and was stirred by his widening of his legs. Once again she crawled slowly up my leg with her unshod foot and this time she didn't go back down; she continued up into my crotch. She rested her foot on the seat cushion and used her toe movements to massage my balls. Of course by now, she could feel my swollen cock straining within the boundaries of my slacks. I didn't jump this time, I just stared at her and smiled. She rolled her foot around and with her tongue, she circled her lips so as to send the message, she wanted to be down there with her foot. I once again looked toward him and this time, he had a hand slid down between his legs and he was rubbing his unattended jewels. I looked back at her and said, now look what you've done, look at him, he is all worked up and you are doing it. She looked and returned her eyes to me. Well, maybe we should invite him over for a drink, what do you say? I had a strange feeling come over me, I felt a little jealous, I had requested the opportunity but now that she was open to it, I felt in little discomfort. I tell you what, I'm going to the bathroom and I'll give you an answer when I return. Up and away I went. 

          As I was in the head, guess who comes in through the doors? Yep, it's him, Mr. charming has entered the room. With family parts in hand, we spoke briefly and then silence. Suddenly I decided to speak. Ok dude, I'm sure you saw us by your apparent gaze into our full view of playful messing around. Yes, I guess I did, and you guys had me ready to whip it out and jerk it right there at the table. Sorry, just that we are ex's and the wine had given us the brief time together to reminisce the past years together. She is so lovely, I can't believe I ever let her go. Yes, you're  right, she is lovely and if that's the way she likes to play, well, I wish I had one like that. Well, you know, we were just talking and the thought of a threesome came up. She of course, was dead set against it, but I think I cleaned that up a bit with the comfort that I was there for protection in case things didn't go too well. She was comforted by the thought. So who knows, maybe, maybe not. By the way what's your name? I'm Terry and your girl is hot. No offense, just that she is killing me over there. Tell you what, lets do something. I'm going to return and tell her your name and that we've talked and that you are afraid too because you have never done anything like this before. I'll tell her you were hoping she didn't see you with your dick in your hand but that it has been a long time for you since your girlfriend never returned from Afghanistan. It has been a year since you were with her and it has been very rough. I'll tell her this and she will feel so sorry for you, she will probably want to go home with you and leave me here. Ha, he laughed. Well, how do feel about sharing your girl? Well, like I said, we have been divorced for years and she is not really mine, just a shot in the dark to get to see her in this way.  

          I returned first and sat in the booth across from her. She had ordered us more wine and was very loose and peaceful looking. I began to tell her what had happened and that his name was Terry. As he returned, she smiled and said to me, watch, you see the little piece of paper in front of the wine glass? It's a note from us, I invited him over to have a glass with us. He looked up and without hesitation, grabbed his glass. He approached and introduced himself. She told Terry she had heard about his young lady and was very sorry for him but was glad he chose to sit with us. I invited him to sit next to her and he placed himself on the cushion next to her. I'm not sure of the choice but I thought it best since we would both be sitting next to each other if I hadn't directed him to do so. Oh well, maybe from where he was seated, he couldn't see her tits so well, like I said, I was a little jealous.  How stupid, I had set it up. I guess sometimes fantasies are best left in the head. Oh well, here we are.  

          As we sat and conversed, we began to learn a little more about Terry and he about us. I was very proud of some of the things she said about us, how we loved each other so much and how we fucked up because we were so good together. How we should have made it work, she liked sleeping with me more than anybody she had ever been with. Not sure why she said that, maybe she felt my uneasiness with Terry now that he was with us at the table. 

          As the evening continued, I noticed he was keeping quite close to her. I slipped off my shoe and ran my foot up her inner thigh, as I did, it became apparent her legs were apart, very apart. I felt her hand grab my foot and looked her in the eye, she winked, and smiled. She pulled my foot to her warmest parts and as she did I could feel another hand in the midst. She released my foot but allowed me to wallow around with it and feel for the visual. I could feel her hand on his as she drew it up and down the front of her. I removed my foot and smiled my approval. The whole time, he was looking at me and wandering how I might react to her attempts to place his hand into her quim. I guess the reaction was of acceptance because they both looked at one another and smiled and continued the fondling. I slipped a fork from the table with purpose and leaned to retrieve it. Wow, what a view, she had no panties on, her legs were gapped and he was rubbing and working her clit. She had removed her hand from him as he now knew it was okay to continue. She now slid comfortably over to his crotch and was stroking his member through the tightness. She leaned to his ear and whispered something which I couldn't hear but was quite apparent the request was for exposure of nether parts. She obviously was twisted because this wasn't the lady I had known, she was fully into this.  

          Though we were in our 50's, Terry was about 35. He was handsome, clean looking and very well mannered. He was a bit smaller than I and had dark hair. As my ex was older but very well preserved, I think he viewed her as being very vigorous and sexy. And I can attest, she can respond and operate as a very young woman. Terry was well spoken but not aggressive and fit in well with our conversation and playfulness. 

          As she pulled from relaying the message to him, I could tell he removed his outstretched arm from her crotch and assisted his other hand in making room for junior. As he made it available, he once again returned to center and I felt her legs spread and her eyes roll up briefly. So here I sit, my ex stroking Terry, and he has his hands buried in her quim, I'm staring and drinking as they both make attempts to keep in the conversation as though nothing else is actually happening. Thankfully, the side of the table cloth is lengthy and there was no easily accessible view of their work. At least there wasn't after the cloth had been slipped extremely over the side. Lucky for Terry, this cloth was shorter earlier or this situation would likely not be happening. 

          As I talked and simply viewed her pleasure, I felt a certain satisfaction knowing I was allowing her to enjoy this guy as I watched. She also was enjoying his member because you could see the motion of her arm as she worked him. She moved with pleasure and once she opened her eyes, I caught her attention. I made a face at her with my tongue forcing against my cheek such as a dick in the mouth may appear if forced to one side. I opened my mouth and continued the movement. She smiled and reached for her glass. She tilted it back and took a big swallow. As she did, and replaced the glass to the table, she looked over at Terry and said, well, I guess it's been awhile since you've had one of these. And with that, she slid under the table. I looked under and she placed him into her mouth and began to work his cock. She was good and I knew it, just never saw her do this to another guy. 

          I was turned on by the sight and quickly unzipped and yanked out my member. I grabbed her arm and led her hand to my throbber. As she choked down his length, she began pulling mine as well. I looked at Terry and he was in heaven. He had a look as though he couldn't believe he was having this done and the very lady doing it, had her man sitting right across from him. He gasped and lifted as though to strain her ability to continue. He sat up and reached for his glass to appear as all was well. She turned to me and engulfed my rod. I reached under and grabbed her hair, assisting in my thrusts toward her face.  She started making noises as though she wanted to eat that fucker right there and now. I continued to pump her face and felt the rise and surprise. She squeezed and yanked as she mouth hummed. Suddenly, I was over the edge and leaned back and put my hands to my face. I exploded and she sucked and yanked and never missed a beat. 

          Once complete, she rose from beneath the table and sat up straight. She had her mouth clinched and never swallowed. She looked at Terry and pulled him to her face. She placed her mouth on his and opened and began kissing him. He pulled back at first but then eased his restraint and placed his hand behind her head. He placed a hand below the table once again and slowly stroked her vagina and the smell of sex filled the area. She made some soft comforting noises and bucked her legs from his touches. After a moment, she pulled from him and reached for her glass. He too, reached and washed and sloshed his mouth clean of my load which she had shared with him. She replaced the glass and looked at him and said, well at least if he going to share me, it's only fair that I share him as well don't you think? He had a look of acceptance and disapproval all at the same time. He placed a napkin to his face and stated, well, that was certainly unexpected, but one in, all in. What's next? 

          She looked me and then at him and raised her glass. Well, I'm not really very hungry now, and I think we should move this party to another location. She was so different now, was it the wine? Was it the years and all the various opportunities she has been involved in since we were last together?  I didn't know, but what I did know, I wanted her more now than ever before. 

          We settled up with the diner and headed out the door. The next dilemma, where, what cars, or car? She announced that she thought the best place would be her house, it was fairly close and I think she thought she would be more comfortable there. She said, why don't you follow us, you know where I live and I will assist Terry so he doesn't get lost. I agreed reluctantly and headed for the car. I was basically fine with it as I had just blasted a load and was satisfied for now. Terry, on the other hand, was left with blue balls, though it was more his choosing than anybody else's. 

          Once in the cars and rolling, I think Terry was on his own following me because she was nowhere to be seen. I could see the top of her head as she buffeted his largeness. He was having fun I could tell as he weaved his way down the road with his head half full of blood and his cock swollen to the max. He couldn't think straight, hell I knew that, she had just unbolted my load and I know how I felt. I expect she had this idea because she knew she had just done me and with him being younger, would be able to recover easily from her efforts. Therefore, he would recover and be ready for more, once we reached the house. She rose up briefly and I could see in the rear view mirror, she had removed her top and revealed those beautiful tits. She sat back against the seat and I could tell she was removing her skirt. She raised up and lifted one leg across him. She sat square on him and made him steer around her as she rode his cock. She was in twilight zone and didn't give a fuck who was looking, she wanted some dick and she wanted it now. 

          She bounced and rode him with no consideration of passing cars or me trailing them. After only a short period of time, it was apparent she was about to bust as she stopped her motion and hugged his neck. She lifted herself and moved to one side. Once removed from his still throbbing member, she stuck her firm and lovely ass in the window and bent forward to take him completely down her throat. As before, I could see only the back of her head as she stroked up and down. He slowed and weaves wildly and it was evident he was loading my darling's little mouth with a gob of wad. She rose up and looked through the rear into the glass between her and I.  I could tell she had a mouthful, as she strained to hold it all in.  Once she had presented it to me for a momentary inspection, she gulped the massive wad and with one hand, she wiped across her lower lip and scooped the final drizzle of Terry into her mouth. Now, with the first scene completed, we traveled down the road to our destination.   
          We arrive and she slips out the door and straightens her skirt and top. She is glowing with delight but not necessarily appearing to be inebriated. She places the key in the door and we slip inside. Heading to the kitchen, she removes a bottle of wine from the rack and pulls glasses from the shelf. Shall we continue the evening and toast to the time we shall enjoy together? Once glasses were handed all around, we toast to her words and I meet eyes with Terry who is in awe of this whole night. Remembering we have been recently serviced, she knows we will need a little time to recover and she slips from view to the bedroom. Terry and I move to the front room and I turn on the music, smooth jazz, the music of slow, soft, and stress free sex. We sit and chat for a bit, waiting for her return. To squelch the silence, I asked Terry if he was enjoying himself so far and asked what he thought of my ex. Wow, she is awesome, great head, great bouncing sex in the car, I can't wait to have my hands free and return some of the received joy. Oh, don't worry, Terry, she will get hers. 

          Through the door she springs, she has on a long, loose, summery dress; the stretchy, clingy type that shows all the curves and wonderful design beneath a woman's clothing. She obviously has no bra on and I expect no panties, as no lines or thong were visible. She tipped the wineglass to her lips and in removing it, she said, well how shall we start scene two? I looked at Terry and he looked at me, and without me saying a word, he began; well, I'd like to return some of what I have received if you are in the mood for allowing me the pleasure of feeling every part of your body and the delight of seeing it without my trying to drive as well as enjoying you. Well, Mr. Terry, I'm all yours, take me. With that, I felt myself as the voyuer, and sat back to watch him walk to her and take the glass from her hand and place it on the table. He reached for her and in somewhat of a dancing motion, he reached for her arms and placed them around him as he returned his to her body and starting from her sides, he drug his hands softly up her sides, to the front, just circling her breasts enough to reach her chest just below the neck. 

          Once there, he reached fully around her neck from both sides, and in her complete trust, she showed no fear of his hands in this position. He softly rubbed her neck and pulled her face to him. He moved his mouth onto her lips and darted inside her with his tongue. She let out a moan and clamped onto him and followed his lead. As he continued to kiss her deeply, he reached down and pulled up at the length of her dress to reveal her naked legs. He stroked and rubbed them as he continued at the depth of her mouth. 

          She lifted her leg and placed it against his side and rubbed it up and down in acceptance of his attempts to feel her. She reached down between them and could feel he was coming to life once more as his size began to press against her. Now he moaned at her massaging of his member and the two were in full stride, with no consideration of cognitive shyness at my presence. 

          He reached behind and lifted once again to reveal to his hands and my eyes that she indeed had nothing on under the garment. The motion of his hands was obviously pleasing although the hanging garment revealed only the movement underneath but not the continued visual I yearned for. Sitting in silence and placing my hand on my length, I could feel that I, too, was enjoying and preparing for the opportunity. 

          After a few minutes of stoking and kissing, he allowed her dress to return to its full length as he reached for the straps that were supporting the whole cotton framework from our view and he slipped them to her sides and gently pulled down. He did so only enough to reveal her lovely, supple and large breasts. For her age, they were awesome. They looked like she was twenty or so. Her very dark aureolas were lovely and stiff. They protruded outward like plants reaching for sunlight. 

          Terry removed his tonguing attention from her mouth and placed his lips square on her nipples. He sucked at them and placed his teeth gently on them as he pulled at them to lengthen them even further. He mouthed one as he hand stroked the other and in turn he went back and forth to keep them both involved. She was feeling the wine, feeling his touches, and getting very hot and ready for something more. He felt it as well, but was doing a good job of keeping the tempo slowed and keeping her in want. She moaned and reached for him and he moved slightly to reposition himself so she couldn't have what she wanted. 

          I was watching all this and about to go crazy, I wanted her in the worst way and seeing him touch her and her reaction was more than I could stand. I raised up and moved behind her. I lifted her dress enough to get my head up underneath. I licked at her ass and had my hands up and down her legs. He knew I was now involved at her gasps and added movement. I placed my mouth square on her ass and attempted to bury my tongue into her but the angle being what it was, didn't allow for the necessary depth. I could taste her and smell her and she was delicious in every way. I reached under and stroked across the front of her quim. She was very wet and moaned in acceptance. She moved one leg out to allow for penetration if I were to attempt it, but I didn't. I was just playing and getting myself involved but I didn't want to take her from Terry. I bit her softly on the ass and removed myself from under her dress. I backed away and she reached down and pulled up at the bottom of the dress, up and over her head as she revealed for the first time, her completeness to Terry.

           As he stared at her beauty, he too, removed his clothing. As he did, he fumbled with his pants to get them past his very excited and interested cock. I was now seeing it as well for the first time. I knew she had seen it, hell, she was sucking on it more than once by now, at the restaurant under the table as well as tooling down the interstate. It was a nice looking cock, larger than mine of course and a girth I would not be able to call my own. I wanted to see her working on it but I wanted her on mine as well. She looked at me briefly and smiled. Thank you honey, I am really enjoying this. You guys are awesome and I want to share and have you both. She moved to Terry and he kissed her once again and walked her backwards toward the couch where he laid her back. He knelt in front of her and leaned into her with his hands caressing her breasts. He placed his mouth once more on her lips. He used this as a starting point and slowly brought his hands lower and his mouth as well worked its way down her chest. He was leaving snail tracks down her chest as he worked down to her happy, waiting quim. He didn't dive in, but rather slowly, he lifted her legs apart and tongued along her inner thighs. He lifted one leg higher and reached down with his tongue to get a quick and slight taste of her asshole. She moaned at his work and with both hands, she stroked the back of his head. As he worked her, I could see the precum as it began to appear at the tip of his cock. He reached down and used a finger to wipe at the dripping tip and brought it back to her mouth. She licked it and he then buried two fingers into her mouth. She received them willingly and sucked at them. Once they were fully wet, he returned them to her already very moist vagina and rubbed at the surface. She was so ready she fell open at his touch. He moved from her thighs with his mouth and placed it squarely onto her twat. He lapped at it like a dog eating peanut butter. She stretched her legs even further wanting all she could get. He reached up and stroked her nipples as he continued to bury his face into her. 

          She loved it but I knew this wasn't her favorite position. She pushed him back and asked him to let her move. Lets do this, she said, follow me. Up they went and me trailing behind, off to the bedroom. I knew exactly where she was going. She laid him on the bed on his back. She climbed on him and as she had done with me a thousand times, headed for the headboard. She mounted him twat on face and leaned into the headboard. She began moving violently and pushed down onto his face. She loved this position of control and she could make it feel like she wanted. She rode back and forth on his face. I could see every few seconds, he would have to turn his head to breath. When she gets worked up like this, she wants to push her twat right through your face; you literally can't breathe. 

          After a short time, he is getting the hang of this and breathes in concert with her movements. She gets louder and louder and it is obvious she is about to bust. But she knows this as well and slows and lifts herself. She backs down his chest and reveals his very wet and gooey face. He is half drowned but smiling just the same. She reaches his pelvis area and lifts herself. She lifts herself slightly and in looking back, she can see beneath her, the very ready and waiting, large cock of Terry. She deftly grabs ahold of it like a butcher grabbing a chicken by the neck. She lowers herself onto him and as she slides down onto him, she moans with pleasure at the length and feeling of him well within her nether regions. 

          He places his hands on her hips and steadies her as she begins to move. She, still in the controlling position is very happy. She moves back and forth stressing the skin on his hips as she grinds at him. He lifts her slightly and releases her again down onto him, she squirms and throws her head back. Again she moves forward, this time with more pace and forces his cock deep into herself. She moves from back to front pushing his cock from 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock. She is not working up and down, she is yanking at him and changing quickly, the angle of entrance into her hot vagina. This is what feels good to her, his shaft rubbing the whole inside of her vagina. She will come in no time at all doing this. Again, she is aware, and quiets the motion. She now moves very slow and leans into him and kisses his face. I love to fuck your cock Terry, I'm so glad you came home with us. He was right, I am glad we did this.

          She lifts herself off of Terry and lies next to him on the bed. I rise from the chair I was sitting in and watching my lady getting her fill of Terry. I move to the side of the bed and lean into her and begin to kiss her face and move to her mouth and kiss her softly and deeply. She has her arms up over her head as she lies on her back and I give full attention to her face. I feel her movement and open my eyes briefly to see Terry mounting her from the top. He pulled her legs apart and guided himself into her. As he did, she moaned with pleasure and continued to kiss me. He stayed back on his knees and pulled her legs up and out as he plunged her depths. He placed one leg on her shoulder and used his now free hand to caress her breasts. I felt it was time to take a more interesting part and lifted from her and moved forward onto the bed. From my position, I placed my knee next to her head and leaned into her. She saw my hardness hanging next to her cheek and opened wide for my insertion Into her face. I moved slowly to match each thrust Terry made, only he was plunging pussy, I was plunging face. She raised her arms to my hips and guided my pace, which she quickened. She pulled me hard to her and took it down her throat, what a visual pleasure, seeing your dick well into the throat of a lady. She moaned and began to thrust back at Terry and wanted more action than his slow insertions. 

          She pulled her legs higher and removed my dick from her mouth just long enough to expel her request. Fuck me faster, faster, I want to cum while he is in my mouth, give me that hard dick or I'm changing places. Terry worked her for another minute or so and was about to bust. I saw him, pushed him back and told him to switch. In the process, she pushed me back down on the bed and as she had done before, she mounted me and buried my face in a sopping wet pussy. She pressed hard on me and was crying the sounds of delight. Terry rose from the bed and stood next to the headboard and guided himself to her face. She felt him and opened her eyes just long enough to see and grab his gob shooter. As her motion remained steady, she swallowed him and used her hand to assist in the motion in and out of her verbal cum hole. I shifted her higher onto my face so that I could allow for my tongue to reach her bunger. I reached around to keep her pussy happy and made every effort to stiffen my tongue enough to invade her ass sphincter. As I held against her with steady pressure, I could feel her relax, at which point I gained entry into her. I removed my tongue and replaced it with a finger which had more capability to delve deeply within her cavern. With one hand on her clit and another finger up her ass, Terry was pounding away at her face. She moved one hand from the wall above the headboard and assisted her mouth in working Terry's hard cock. And she continued to rock on my face. 

          Needing to breathe, I lifted her slightly and moved her toward my chin and downward from there. As she steadied her hold of Terry, she slid down to my waiting cock and I held her hips just enough to guide myself into her.  I lifted her from there so I could impose the work from the bottom and I pounded up at her with all my force and speed. She moaned as well as she could through her loaded lips and I kept the pace for about one minute before I was spent. With my relaxed motion, she began to rock on me and work both of us. The feeling was incredible and I think Terry was loving it as well. His frequent moans and pulling at her hair appeared to indicate his pleasure. 

          I lifted her and slid from beneath her and she moved smoothly so as to keep him well within her tonsil grasp. I moved myself behind her and quickly poked her wetness from the new position. As I slid myself in and out of her, I reached down and rubbed my wetted fingers across her pretty asshole. She whimpered and controlled her still loaded mouth on his happy shaft. I grabbed her hips and began to work her hard. She held his stiffness in her hand just long enough to scream at me to fuck her hard, pound my fucking pussy hard. I want you both to cum. Fill my mouth and my fucking pussy. I want you now. 

          She put him back into her mouth and pulled hard in assistance to jerk him hard and fast. As she did, he grabbed the back of her head and began to talk to her. Come on baby, suck my cum out of that cock. Drink my juice you nasty little girl. Take that dick up your wet pussy. Come on baby, jerk and pound away. We want to load you up. I started yelling at her, come on baby, squeeze that dick, I want to cum all over you, I feel it cumming, oh fuck, oh fuck, come on Terry, let her have it, let her taste your seeds. We all started making all kinds of sounds and convulsing. She removed him from her mouth after a couple shots and began to direct his load to her face and eyes. I was watching this and still cumming and even more excited by both of them. I slapped her ass and pounded more, come on baby, oh fuck, I want to give it all to you, oh fuck. I was spent and fell onto her back. She collapsed under my weight and fell flat, while he fell back against the headboard, sweating and breathing hard. We laid there, motionless for a period of time and finally she spoke;  that was great, I never would have done that without a little coaxing honey, but two cocks at once is incredible. Thank you for this. Terry shook his head and said, wow, what a night, I thought I would be alone, have dinner, and go home as always. Thank you both for sharing. I won't forget this night for the rest of my life. And you, young lady, you are fucking hot. I would love to have you again and soon. Easy Terry, this was for fun. I want her for me but from time to time, we will call and have an evening of fun and sharing. We'll let you know. 

          With that, she turns to Terry and with a grin of pleasure, she says, oh don't worry, Terry, I'll be wanting more of that dick real soon. Remember, he's my ex.  I'll be calling to munch that cock real soon and real often. She looked at me, and grinned; I knew what she was doing, remember, she said she wanted to get back together. She wanted to make sure I knew she had other options, and with, young, hard, and fat cocks. She was good and so was he; I knew I'd better make my move soon. I'd lost it once before and I felt now that I wanted her back. She was awesome, not only with me, but the threesome was very enjoyable to watch as well. I loved watching her enjoy another cock. It made me very hot and horny; he'll, maybe next time I would just video her with him. We could watch it later and have great sex. She is awesome.