“Do You Like the Show?”

My wife will do some crazy shit to get me hard.

We try to out do each other sexually. She never ceases to surprise me.

She told me to go to this bar at 2pm and sit at this certain table. I got there at 1:45 pm, sat at the table she told me to sit at and I waited for her.

There were not many people at this bar. It was a pretty scuzzy bar. Dark, musty, a place where you wouldn’t be noticed even if you were sitting by yourself at 1:45 in the afternoon.

As I waited I got myself a double of Crown Royal and ice. I finished my drink so I had another.

My wife walks in with a guy. They sit in a booth very close to me. Close enough that I can hear and see everything they’re doing. I’m getting very jealous but I was also very curious.

The guy was pretty rough looking. Very muscular, tattoos all over his arms. But not bad looking. He looked like a biker.

My wife started flirting with him, throwing glances at me when he was not looking. I am getting very pissed but my cock is starting to get hard.

She kisses him deep. He starts to feel her breasts. She calms him down. “We are in a bar”, I hear her say. But this guy is fucking horny. I can see a bulge happening in his lap.

I started thinking while this was happening, how did she know I would be able to see everything from where I was sitting and how did she know that no one at this bar would notice anything or care. She had been here before, doing what she was doing now, I imagined.

I could hear her say, she wanted his cock, that she was soaking wet and that she was going to make him cum right where they were.

She put his hand down the front of her dress and he slid his fingers inside her. She lifted his hand up and told him to smell her. She asked if she smelled good?

He sniffed his hand long and deep and said she smelled fantastic. She said she was glad he liked her smell.

He told her he wanted to fuck her.

The waitress came by and asked for their drinks. He had a beer and she had a Martini. I didn’t think this place made Martini’s.

I could see him getting more aroused by the second. I was worried that she wouldn’t be able to handle the situation and that he would get out of hand.

She kept feeding his hunger for her. I am going to suck your cock until you blow your load in my mouth. Then I am going to swallow it all down.

She asked him if he would like that. My wife was fantastic at dirty talk, she could get anyone into a frenzy. He said he wanted it now.

She said, “Not so fast, you are going to have to earn it. I don’t just suck off anyone’s cock.”

I was hard as a rock. I thought I was going to come right there.

She started rubbing his cock under the table. I could see what she was doing. The waitress came back with the drinks. My wife kept rubbing his cock as she was putting the drinks on the table.

I don’t know if the waitress could see what she was doing but I could.

She said to her date, “I am going to pull your cock out and I am going to put you in my mouth. Would you like that?”

He could not speak, he just nodded.

If you’re a good boy, I am going to suck your cock until you explode in my mouth”, she said.

She pulled his cock out and started jerking it slowly. I was ready to cum and I hadn’t even touched myself.

“Does that feel good?”, she said.

He nodded. I could see his cock getting more erect. My cock was bigger. It made me feel a bit better.

She bent over and put the tip in her mouth and I could see her tongue licking the underside of the head. I saw him tilt back when she did that.

If I knew my wife this was going to be long and drawn out.

She came back up and said, “You have a dirty cock, it smells like cock. You’re lucky that turns me on.”

I think that was for my pleasure. I always tell her I want her to suck a dirty cock.

He couldn’t say a word, he was stunned at what was happening. She kept stroking his cock up and down, slowly, very slowly. She was going to torture this poor guy, but it would be worth it for him. He was going to explode better than he ever had.

The waitress came back and stood in front of me obstructing my view of my wife and her friend. I tried to look around her.

She said, “Can I get you another?”

She saw that I was trying to look around her and look in the same direction. She saw what was happening with my wife and gave me a smile.

“Do you like the show?”, She asked.

My wife winked at us, realizing she had someone else watching.

I stammered out, “Yes, very much and yes, I’ll have another double, Thanks.”

She finally got out of the way.

My wife was really pulling on his cock now. She went down on it again and licked the tip. I figured that he had come on the tip and she licked it up.

She then plunged down and deep throated him. Up and down, up and down. She was fantastic. No one gave blowjobs like my wife.

I could see now that he was close to coming. She must of felt it too because she grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed. He slowly started to lose the feeling of orgasm.

“Not so fast”, She said. “I told you, you had to earn it.”

He groaned.

She started to pick up the pace with her hand again. He was dying of frustration. I was loving every minute of it. She had done this to me so many times. It was nice to see what I had to go through on someone else.

He finally noticed that I was watching. He didn’t appear to care at all. All he wanted to do was cum in my wifes mouth.

My wife saw I was pretty horny by this point and decided it was time.

She went down on her friend’s lap and took his whole cock in her mouth. using her tongue to stimulate his sensitive area. He was starting to stare up. She started bobbing up and down faster. Her head bobbing faster and faster until I could see him grab my wife’s head and hold it down over his cock. She wasn’t going to stop him cumming this time.

I could see him tense up and then I could see my wife start to swallow his cum. Some came out the sides of her mouth but she swallowed most of it. I don’t know how he stayed so quiet while he came, I would have been yelling.

She lifted her head, looked at me and with her baby finger pushed the cum from the sides of her mouth into her mouth and then licked her fingers. I was fucking ready to cum.

“How was that”, she asked her friend?

He said “Fucking Amazing, you are incredible.”

She said, “I know”

Ask my husband over there. It looks like he enjoyed it more than you.

“What the fuck”, Said her friend, “That’s fucked up”

“Yes we are”, She said, “now I have to leave because I need to go suck and fuck my husband.”

She came over to me and grabbed my hand, then led me outside.

“How was that”, She asked?

“Fucking incredible, That was the hottest thing I have ever seen”, I said.

“No wait till you smell my breath as you fuck me, you will definitely smell his cock on my breath”, She said.

I couldn’t wait to get home.