My Last Client (Part 2)

Info StillSexySadie
10 Jan. '17

Oh my God! What just happened?

As I drove home, my panties still soaking wet from my dirty encounter, I wondered if my husband could tell as soon as I walked through the door that I’d just been fucked by a stranger? The thought was actually making me wetter.

I know we had talked about it, and that my husband always said he would be OK with me having an affair, as long as I told him about it, but I felt so guilty and turned on at the same time! How was this possible?

As I walked into the kitchen, my husband was just finishing the dishes.

“Another late night, honey?”, He said.

“Yeah, you know how it is”, I said

He kissed me hello.

“Your lips are so soft, he said

“Yes I’m using a new lipstick”, I said. Quick thinking, I thought.

I noticed he had that horny look on his face.

He asked, “Are you too tired for sex?”

I didn't know what to say. I was aching from the fucking I took.

"For you honey," I said, "Never"

With a sheepish grin he said, "the kids are out."

"Let's go", I said

We rushed upstairs and before I knew it his tongue was fucking my hole. He was moaning and sucking back all the juices my cunt was offering him.

Did he smell another man's cock on me? Was this what was making him ravish my clit like he never had before? The fact that he was hungrily licking up another man's cum inside me made my cunt drip even more.

He looked up at me as his face glistened with mine and my lovers juice and told me, "No lube needed tonight."

I was anything but dry.

"I've got a surprise for you", he said.

I was thinking he already ate my surprise.

He pulled out the dildo from under the bed.

"Say hello to my little friend", he laughed.

“My cunts a little sore baby", I cried.

“Don’t worry honey, it’s not for your cunt”, he said.

I immediately started squirting out more of my juice, although I protest when he's asked to fuck me in the ass, It always made me incredibly horny.  

I was game!

Could my fantasy one day become true? Fucking my husband while another man fucks my ass!

Tomasso maybe?

I begged him to put it in.

He was gentle with the dildo but I remembered that burning sensation, the same sensation as when his cock had entered my hole all those years ago. The pain put me over the top. I noticed he was also enjoying himself because his cock was growing with every thrust of the dildo.

He begged me to let him put his cock inside my ass. I reminded him of our rule, “no fucking up the ass”. But after today I thought, all rules were broken. After my afternoon fuck the least I could do was allow my husband to fuck my tight ass.

I told him, “Okay” and before I knew it he was in.

I enjoyed having him fuck me as I fantasized that it was Tomassos big cock fucking my asshole.

He started moaning very loudly. I knew it wasn’t going to be long before he was going to explode inside me. He grabbed my ass, I could feel his cock tense up, then he started pounding my ass until I could feel him ejaculate inside me. I was very turned on. He pulled his cock out, rolled over and smiled.  

His cum was dripping down my ass and legs.  

Two different loads of cum inside me in less than 4 hours. I was such a whore and I fucking loved it!

“Honey, I don’t know what it is about tonight, but this was the best cum ever. Don’t stop whatever it is you're doing”, he said.

I sheepishly replied, “Okay, Deal!”