Victoria, or how I learned to love night music

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13 Jan. '17

Chapter 1: What's A Nice Girl Like You...?

I saw her sitting at the bar. She had full lips, set in a pretty face. She had round cheeks, very brown eyes, and curly jet-black hair that came to her shoulders. There was something foreign and exotic about her face, and the way she was sitting made her all the more attractive. She was surrounded by men, obviously enjoying all of the attention. She put a cigarette in a holder, and six flames appeared. She selected one, but smiled at all the gentlemen, and basked in the attention again. I ordered my drink, looked at the spectacle fifteen or so feet away, and shook my head. Yeah, she was gorgeous, but all those guys?

I looked up from my drink, hoping to steal another look at the foreign beauty, but I picked the wrong time. She was looking in my direction at the time, and our eyes met. Or rather, locked. I couldn't turn my head away, and my feet suddenly grew roots. I was embarrassed. She stood up, smiled at the crowd of guys, and walked through the crowd of shocked, would-be suitors. Our eyes were still locked, and there was no doubt in anyone's mind whom she was headed for.

She stood in front of me and smiled. Her eyes danced, and she spoke in a musical, accented voice. "Hello, I am Victoria." She held out her hand.

The accent had left me unsure of what to do, so I kissed it. "I'm D- David..." I stammered.

"I am pleased to meet you, David. I am -- new in this country, and I am not familiar with American customs." She pouted a little. "Some of the men make fun of me when I smoke, but I see other women smoke too?"

"Well, cigarette holders went out of fashion in the 1920's. It's almost never seen these days."

"So I am -- how you say -- old fashion?" She said that smiling, with a lovely twinkle in her eyes. For the entire conversation, our eyes were locked. We talked the rest of the night, standing at the bar. Frequent interruptions were the rule, since many of the men she had left at the bar simply moved to where we were. As time passed, though, one by one they gave up, and left us alone.

Last call sounded, and Victoria gave me a questioning look. "What is this 'last call'?" she queried in the voice and accent I had fallen in love with.

"It means that the bar is closing soon, and if you want another drink, you have to order it now," I explained.

"Ah. I see. But I do not want another drink... of wine. May we leave?"

"Sure. Where's your car parked? I'll walk you to it."

"I..." She paused, searching for the word. "Rode in taxi here. I would like to... spend longer with you. You are... interesting to me."

So we left and headed to my place across the street. "Hey, GEEK!!!" came a loud shout. Victoria looked at me quizzically, but I said nothing, and we kept walking. Three guys ran up to us, and then blocked our way. I recognized them from the crowd around Victoria earlier. They were definitely drunk, and all _much_ bigger than I was. "Baby, you need a REAL man, not this geek-ass punk," one of them said. "Yeah, I can beat him up with one hand," another said, getting in my face. More accurately, putting his chest in my face. I was beginning to feel worried.

Victoria spoke. This time it wasn't the light, clipped, musical tones that I had been happily listening to all night. "Leave us alone. Go away." The voice was cold, commanding, stern. Much to my surprise, the men walked away quietly. I looked at her with a little bit of wonder in my eyes. She turned to me, and I looked into those deep brown eyes. I listened to the sweet, musical voice that greeted me, and promptly forgot any questions I might've had. "Shall we continue to your place, David?"

We arrived at my place, and she sat down with an amused expression on her exotic face. "So we have selected each other this evening." She regarded me with interest, while I could only look at her, dumbfounded by her pronouncement. "Kiss me," she requested, and I happily complied. She sighed as we broke our embrace. She walked into the bedroom and posed seductively on the bed. "Do you want me?" she asked unnecessarily. I sat next to her and kissed her passionately.

"Stand up," I gently urged.


"So I can undress you properly." I removed her clothes slowly, paying great attention to each new area of skin that was revealed. I kissed, tongued and nibbled Victoria, listening to her sigh and moan as my mouth worked on her neck, arms, shoulders, and back. She undressed me, kissing, tongue probing, searching for my tonsils. We fell on the bed, kissing hungrily.

I kissed my way down her body. "What are you do-unnhhh!" She moaned as I started to lap at the folds of her cunt. My tongue rolled along her outer lips, and Victoria's legs shook in delight. She grabbed at my head and pulled my face deeper into the soft, warm, wet place between her legs. "Oh... oh... ohhh... OHHHH!!!" Victoria's whole body shook with delight as I stuck two fingers in her, probing for her G-spot.

"Yes... yess... yesss... OHHHHHHHHHH! Oh -- OH -- OHHHHHHHHHHHH – HUUUUNNGGGHH!!!" she grunted. Victoria bucked wildly as my fingers found what they were looking for. Her cunt gripped madly at my fingers, and a rush of liquid hit me in the face. She moaned and her body convulsed as if she were being electrocuted. "Uhhh -- uhhhh -- uhhhhh -- OOOOOO..." I sucked on her clit; she stiffened, her body arched high off the bed, and she moaned loudly. She bucked furiously, jerking like a drunken puppeteer's marionette. I worked at leaving Victoria awash in pleasure until my neck and jaw got too sore to continue.

"Uh-HUUGH! HUNGH! NNNF! MMMMFF! UH-UH -- UNNNNHHHFFFFFF!" she continued. She was still moaning and bucking, even without my stimulation. I watched in fascination as Victoria's orgasm continued for at least five minutes without me touching her. Eventually, her frenzied moans became quiet whimpers, and she wiggled slowly instead of bucking madly. Her breathing became more normal. The sheets were damp with her fragrant juices.

"I think I love you, David. I've never had a man do that to me," she quietly said. "I ask you again, if you want me?"

"Of course I do, Victoria," I whispered, kissing her ear. My cock had gotten hard from just listening and watching. The smell of Victoria's arousal didn't hurt.

"Then you shall have me, my love," she said, spreading her legs. I wasted no time in burying my cock in her, and she wrapped her arms and legs around me. Our eyes locked again as I pumped at her. Her pursed lips issued a stream of grunts with each stroke, and her pussy molded itself to my cock. I felt a very quick ejaculation coming on.

"Victoria... I'm... I'm..." I panted, ejaculation imminent. I remember seeing her open her mouth, but she didn't make any sound. I only remember the incredible orgasm that exploded through me. It felt like the greatest sex I had ever had! I almost couldn't stand the feeling, and I really wasn't even aware of Victoria, at least until the last drop had left my body. My cock immediately went soft, and I remember Victoria looking at me. She said, "And I shall have you." Then I passed out.

Chapter 2: Look, The Fog Is Rolling Innn...

I woke up the next morning feeling like shit. I was _massively_ hung over, and felt really weak. I stayed in bed most of the day, dozing on and off. I dreamed of an exotic woman who picked me up at a bar. I finally got up around five, showered, dressed, and fixed dinner. I felt a lot better after eating.

I wondered what I was going to do with the rest of the night; after all, it was Saturday. I quickly checked to see if any of my favorite bands were playing close to home. Unfortunately, nobody I wanted to hear was even remotely close. Oh, well, we can always go and drink... "Daviiid... open the window in your bedroom." I blinked at the voice. It sounded as if I should know whose voice it was, but I live alone.

"Pleeease ooopennn the winnndowww," the voice said again, seductively. I was sure that I was going crazy, and resolved to get out of the apartment and get some fresh air. "You must open your bedroom winndowww," were the next words I heard, and it sounded like a great idea. So what if it was 90 degrees outside and there wasn't a breeze to be found for 30 miles? I opened the window.

A light mist seemed to fill my room. It flowed through the screen and gathered in one spot. Victoria??? She smiled. "Hello, darling. I am very happy to see you. Kiss me?" I walked over to her, my mind a complete blank, and we kissed madly, wantonly, lustfully. Her face was blushed when we came up for air. "I missed you. I want you... I neeed you," she cajoled. Her musical voice and accent had started the blood rushing to my cock.

She lay on the bed waiting. "Come. Take my clothes off so that we may make love. I wish," she began, then paused. Her voice got throaty, and softer. "I wish for you to do what you did to me last night. Again, tonight. Now." I undressed Victoria in less than a minute, and was out of my clothes in fifteen seconds. I attacked the naked woman with my mouth.

We kissed briefly, then I moved to her breasts. I used my fingers, teeth, and tongue to play with them. Victoria gasped in surprise and joy. I played with the underside of her breasts while she stroked my hair, tenderly. I absolutely worshipped her tummy and belly button, eliciting squeals of delight from her.

My tongue slid around her knees and I nipped at her thighs lightly. Victoria wriggled in anticipation. She tried to bring my head to her pussy, but I wouldn't let her, and teased her mercilessly. After getting her good and hot, I ran my finger around her lower lips. "Oooohhh," she sighed, arching her back and trying to push her cunt against my finger. I traced lightly around her outer lips, and watched her eyelids flutter. The rise and fall of her chest was irregular now; she moaned softly as I explored her lightly.

Without warning, I plunged my finger into her. Victoria cried sharply, "Uhhhnnn!" and threw her head back. Her body stiffened at the sudden stimulation. I started to lick around her pussy while twisting and turning my finger inside her. Victoria's body bounced on the bed, and she yelped with each breath. I made slow circles around the outside of her cunt with my tongue. Victoria's hips rotated counter to my circles.

"Ohhhh, ye-e-esss, darllinnnggg! Doooooo iiiiiiiittttttt!" she moaned. I stopped briefly, getting a look of confusion and desire from her. Before she could speak, I flicked my tongue back and forth rapidly over her engorged clit. Victoria almost hit the ceiling, issuing a loud wail and some pussy juice. I strummed her clit with my tongue, and she sang like a 200-year old violin. Amplified to eleven. "UUUNNNGGGHH! AAAHHHH! OHHHHHH! HUNNFFF! MMMFFF!! AWW-OOHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Her last wail rose in pitch as her cunt clenched my finger rapidly.

I stopped to rest. I _knew_ the neighbors had heard this, and probably half the neighborhood, too. Victoria continued to writhe and moan after I stopped, as she had the night before. When she finally came back to earth, she looked at me with the oddest post-orgasmic expression I'd ever seen. There was a combination of joy, love, wonder, lust, and -- hunger (???) on her face. "Come here. I want to... fuck, yes? I want to fuck you," she said in a low, throaty voice. Hearing Victoria's accent with the word "fuck" was almost enough to make me come right then. I slammed into her a little – well, a _lot_ less tenderly than I would've liked.

Victoria didn't even grunt with surprise. "Yes! Ohhh, fuck me, my love!" she somehow managed to sigh. Her tongue flicked like a snake's in and around my mouth. I grunted with each thrust. Her pussy seemed to send little electric shocks through my whole body via my cock. I had never felt this way with any other woman. Victoria wrapped her arms and legs around me and squeezed, making me slow my frantic pace. My thrusts became circular, and Victoria responded to my new motion.

"OOOOOHHHH!!! O-O-Uh... Aaahhhhh! You are wonderful lover, David," she whispered as her hips circled with mine. "I l-o-o-ve you..." The emphasis on "love" made me want to kiss her, so I did. She was panting for breath when we stopped kissing. She looked into my eyes. "David, do you want me?" As I was still happily buried in her as far as I could go, I wondered briefly to myself why she asked, but I said, "More than you can know."

"I doubt that, my darling," was her response. I felt her nuzzle my neck, and something tickled my throat.

I saw stars as my cock exploded inside her without any of the normal warning signs. My brain was cooked to mush instantly. I was in complete heaven as wave after wave of ejaculatory spasm coursed through my very soul. I saw nothing but a blinding white light and my toes curled. Every other muscle in my body was taut, stiff as a board, and I could no longer feel Victoria's body beneath me, but I didn't care. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't speak. Ecstasy was so total that I was only faintly aware of a soft sucking noise somewhere...

Chapter 3: I've Heard of Shotgun Weddings Before...

The next morning I woke up dazed and alone. My mind seemed to be shrouded in fog. There was something important in the fog, too, but I couldn't find it. The only thing I knew for sure was that I had had sex with somebody the night before. The room reeked of pussy. I got up groggily and fixed myself some tea. I went out to get the Sunday morning paper, intending to read it as I drank my tea. After four cups of English Breakfast and half the comics, I gave up. I went back to bed.

I woke up with a start. It was almost dark outside, meaning I had been asleep for almost seven hours. I sure felt a lot better, but I was sure that getting back to sleep and getting up Monday morning was going to be a bitch. I brushed the fur off my teeth and fixed dinner. I ate a _lot_, even using the Thanksgiving definition of the word. After dinner, I read the abandoned paper, waiting for the after-meal "sleepies" to hit. With all the food I had eaten, I knew they'd hit me hard.

They did - sort of. Within three minutes of lying down, I was asleep. Instead of the heavy duty power nap I had anticipated, I slept lightly, fitfully, having a recurring dream of a beautiful dark-haired woman with brown eyes. I kept dreaming that she was everywhere I went. She called me by name, her arms were outstretched and she kept repeating the word "open..."

Suddenly, I woke up. Victoria was naked, straddling me. My bedroom window was open, but I didn't (still don't) remember having opened it. My questions went unasked, however, for Victoria settled onto my hard (don't know how THAT happened, either) cock with a happy sigh. She pumped at me slowly, eyes closed, moaning softly. Her cunt held me in its velvet vise, and I moaned with her.

She silently pleasured both of us. She acted as if she were testing the effects of various movements astride me. She'd bounce herself up and down for a while, then she rolled her hips forward and back. Victoria then rolled her hips from side to side, then changed to a circular motion. Her eyes were closed throughout. She finally settled on the sliding forward to back movement.

Abruptly, she leaned forward and looked deeply into my eyes. Her hands pinned my arms to the bed. I descended from nirvana long enough to realize she wanted something. "Of your own free will, David, do you want me?" she softly asked.

"Ohhh, goddd, yesss, Victoriiiiaaa!!!" I moaned. The sensations were intense now, and coherent thought was becoming more difficult.

She kept talking, however. "You can say no. Will you have me then, David?"

"As much a - a - as I - c - c - ca - cannnnn."

"Then I happily claim you as mine, also," Victoria gently said, and my ejaculation let loose. I shuddered with each spasm, arching my back way off the bed. I felt very light-headed. Victoria's tongue was flicking back and forth against my neck. Her hair and scent filled my nose, and I was oblivious to anything else. I came for as long as I sensed her tongue lapping at my neck. She finally sat up, with me still in her. There was a tender, loving expression on her face.

The blood around her mouth, bright red eyes, and sharp fangs contrasted greatly with her facial expression. "I love you, David." She leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. As my consciousness fled, and my vision went black, I thought I heard her say, "Happy wedding day, darling..."

I called in sick to work about an hour after I was supposed to be there on Monday morning. I remembered all of the last three days clearly, especially the sight of Victoria atop me, eyes shining blood red, my blood smeared all around her mouth. Her fangs were long and sharp. They were particularly vivid in my mind's snapshot of her. I kept the blinds closed, and worried the whole day. The trip of it was that I felt fine, no, perfect! Except that I hadn't eaten all day, and my stomach's complaints became more frequent as the day passed.

Great. I'm a fucking hypoglycemic vampire, I brooded. And it won't be dark for another three hours. Maybe I could call for pizza and have the delivery person... Nahhh. That wouldn't work. They'd know exactly where to look. I pulled out my copy of Bram Stoker's book, and began to read the only source of information that I had about my new life.

Half an hour later, I went to the john for the first time. Where I made a startling discovery. I wasn't invisible in the mirror! I checked my mouth - no fangs. Of course, there were a couple of holes in my neck, but that didn't stop me from heading for the kitchen to cook. Using garlic liberally, I made a wonderful meal and attacked it, polishing my plate. I sat back in the chair after brushing my teeth. My stomach was happy, I was happy, and I was almost ready to believe that it had all been a dream.

At least until I heard the key in the lock, and the front door opened. Victoria walked in, a gigantic smile on her face. "How wonderful to see you, darling! I was out in the sun all day, I could not resist!" The musical voice and accent were exactly as I had dreamt. This was not a good sign. Before I could ask any questions, Victoria kissed me deeply and passionately. I couldn't help responding. Her eyes, brown once again, sparkled. "Honey, I'm home -- is that not how you say it?" she joyfully asked. She sat down and looked around the apartment. "You have so little furniture -- but it will make moving easier," she said brightly.

I sat in the chair next to hers'. Moving? I wasn't planning on… Victoria faced me, obviously expecting me to say something. I figured that asking the earliest question on my mind might be a good place to start. Any new ones could wait. "Excuse me, but I know your name is Victoria, and we've had really great sex the past three nights, but exactly _who_ the fuck _are_you?"

Her eyes got a faraway look when I said "great sex." Victoria nodded, smiling, and half to herself said, "Yes... _wonderful_ sex." My cock stiffened. NOT NOW, I forced myself to think. She came back from her reverie a few seconds later, and in an "I'm-surprised-that-you-would-ask" tone of voice, replied, "I am your wife. You said you wanted me, and that you would have me."

I took a deep breath. "R-i-i-ight." This wasn't going anywhere. "OK, so suppose that we are married according to some native custom of your home country. That doesn't work in this country, so, we're not really married. Don't you see?"

"We _are_ married, my love," she insisted gently. I groaned inwardly. The marriage question wasn't getting answered to my satisfaction. Maybe I'd better try a different one.

"OK, we're married. That's all fine and good. Putting that aside, I have puncture wounds on my neck, and I very clearly remember you sitting on me, with _my_ blood all over _your_ face. So would you _please_ tell me just what the fuck I've married, and why I'm here talking to a figment of my imagination!!!" Whew. That was a lot for one breath.

Victoria smiled sweetly. She narrowed her eyes, and said in a husky voice, "If I tell you, will you -- eat my pussy?" There was hope written all over her lovely face. I almost laughed out loud despite my near-hysterical mood at the way she said "pussy." It came out sounding like "poo-see" in her accented English. OK, she was cute, but I still didn't have any answers. Victoria waited, but got no reaction from me, so she started her story.

"I am Victoria, Countess of Carpathia, daughter of Vlad and Mina, wife to David. I am half -- no, _quarter_ now, vampire. By desiring, and accepting me, you have freed me from the bounds of the night. It was wonderful to walk in sun again." My head spun, and I was having trouble grasping the implications of what she had just said. My wife was about three times older than I was, for one.

"Uhh... er, ummmm... About this wife business," I tentatively began.

"It would be very bad to disclaim each other now, after exchange of vows and blood. We would both turn into full vampires." I gave her a blank look. "Like my father, in book," she finished. Crushed hope and realization hit me like a ton of bricks. Victoria shifted in her chair. "Do not worry. I am not bad wife. I have much money, and I will always be pretty. I came back to America to find mate, break night curse. I do not like Carpathian men, they are... uncivilized. Besides, they are all afraid of me, walk around smelling like garlic." She made a face.

"So divorce is out of the question?" I weakly asked.

"Unless you want to sleep in coffin, never eat food or drink anything but blood, yes."

"Victoria," I began, trying to reason (with a vampire, shows how clearly I was thinking at the moment), "I... I... You... You just don't realize how difficult this is for me. I just can't go around telling people I'm married all of a sudden. I mean, my family and friends won't believe this happened so quickly. What about my day job? I like garlic bread. This apartment is really too small for two people..." My concerns flowed freely in no particular order.

Victoria listened to me calmly. "Is custom for engagement in America, yes?" I nodded, my complaints interrupted by her voice. "Then we must – date -- for while. Then we can marry in church and live together." I nodded dumbly again. She pouted. "Then I will be alone in house I bought today."

"You did WHAT???" I gaped at her.

She sniffled, a tear trickling out of an eye. "We need a place to live together. You said this was too small just now. I saw a nice house today, so I buy it. It would make a nice home. But it will not be home until you move in." The disappointment in her voice that covered the last sentence made me feel funny.

"Victoria, I'd make a lousy vampire. I'm not a night person," I pleaded.

She shook her head. "There is no way to break vows. You are wonderful man, I choose you in bar right away, you accept me. I love you." Her face brightened. "I will teach you how to be vampire. I will teach you how to get pretty girls with fangs." She got my attention with that one.

I gave her a funny look. "Sex with only me for next 500 years will get boring, I think. I will -- find other men for myself, too. We will always return to each other, for we are bound by our vows." She kissed me on the neck, and I shivered involuntarily. "Don't be afraid," she whispered. Victoria leaned on me and nibbled on my ear. "Bite _me_. On my neck. Think about fangs and biting."

I did, and my mouth felt funny, like I had too many teeth. I tentatively fixed my teeth on her neck and bit, gently at first, then harder as her skin resisted. A warm, salty fluid filled my mouth, and Victoria sighed, "Ohhhh!" I felt her sag against me, and as her blood flowed, it felt as if she were a part of me. I felt her mouth against my neck, and Victoria bit me. My body and soul sizzled as we drank each other's blood. The feeling made me suck harder, and it grew more intense in return.

It was much more intimate, much more fun and fulfilling than normal sex could _EVER_ be. Yep, I'd found something exponentially better than coming. I reluctantly stopped, because the ecstasy was making the room start to spin. Victoria sat on my lap, kissing me lightly on the face and gently kneading my shoulders. I could definitely get used to this, I decided. "Married? Can you have kids?"


Chapter 4: Sex And The Married Vampire

Victoria looked at me blankly. "I do not know. My mother had me, but she was fully human, so I do not know." She paused in thought. "Maybe we find out?" she said with a smile, heading for the bedroom. I followed, my cock rock hard. She said, "I like when you lie down first. Will you -- ?"

I was naked and on my back in seconds, and Victoria wasted no time in mounting me. "Ye-e-esss, da-a-a-arrrlllinnngg," she sighed, settling onto me. She stroked my chest lightly as her hips began to move. "Mmmmmm..." was my satisfied response. She purred as my cock moved inside her.

Her eyes were half-closed, a dreamy expression in them. Her lips were slightly parted, and a flush blossomed around her neck. Victoria's hips slid forward and back, moving my cock in her buttery, soft, warm pussy. It wasn't as good as biting each other, but I certainly didn't want to stop. "Ohhh… ohh.... Oooohhh... Soooo niiiiiice.... Huuh-Ohhhh?!!??!!" Victoria jerked, and her cunt grabbed insistently at my cock. She stopped moving and pressed her hands into my chest. Her eyes were closed. Her body quivered like a tuning fork, muscles gone taut.

She relaxed with a long sigh, opening her eyes slowly. They were sparkling, deep brown pools. Victoria smiled, and I realized that spending 500 years with her might not be a bad thing at all. She resumed her slow, gentle hip movements. "Sssooooo wonn-derrr-fullll, Daaaviiid. It has been s-s-soooo loooonnng," she moaned. Victoria leaned forward, rocking smoothly, easily. We kissed like human beings.

"Bite me?" I whispered hopefully.

"Nooooo. I wannt to beee... morrrtalllll..." she purred, her breathing becoming irregular again. The flush was really developing in her face. Victoria pumped more excitedly as another orgasm approached. The increased stimulation pulled my orgasm to center stage. I quickly forgot about vampires. White light flashed behind my eyes, and my hips bucked. I groaned in release.

Her reaction to my ejaculation was a surprised-sounding, "Ohhh!" followed by a frenzied kiss (no fangs). Then, her body went stiff, she threw her head back and gasped loudly. Victoria squeaked each time she tried to breathe. I felt her juices release and mix with mine. We were suspended in time, pleasuring each other for an eternal moment. I don't know how long it was, or what we did, but the next thing I remember is Victoria's body lying on top of mine. We were sweating and panting. She grabbed my head and kissed me. "Is sooo much better now. The last time... was long ago," Victoria throatily said.

"The last time you came with a mortal was?" I questioned, curious about vampire mating habits.

"Before you, was in 1920's." She paused, a smile flickering across her gorgeous, exotic face. "I was flapper girl doing Charleston. But my – intended husband -- he always was on top. Not like you. So much better than he." I felt that little swell of male ego as Victoria continued, "I – came? -- for all years in between when you suck my pussy first time. Was wonderrfulll..." She reminisced and her eyes got that distracted look. They fluttered, signalling that we'd talked enough.

"Ohhhh, I lo-o-o-ove youuu..." Victoria sighed as I licked around her thighs. Her pussy lips were swollen again, begging for more. "S-s-suck my pussy, my darllinnng," she cooed in the accented English that never failed to please me. Moaning loudly, she pushed her hips forward at me, bringing my mouth in contact with her pussy. I eagerly made oral love to my new wife.

Victoria continued moaning when I stuck my tongue in her cunt, running it all around her inner lips. She tossed her head from side to side, legs wiggling. "Dooooo iiiiiitttt, Da-ohhh!" Victoria twitched. I smiled because I'd just found one of her "sweet spots". My tongue went to work in earnest, and my wife was ready. "OHHHH! -- YESSS! -- THAT'S SOOOO gooooo-oood!" she yelped, her voice getting softer when her back arched off the bed.

She reached for my head, but her hands wouldn't work right. I put fingers in her cunt. Victoria bucked, softly crying "Uhh-uhhh!" My lips fastened on her clit, and I sucked slowly. My wife hissed, then loudly sucked in air. Her body rippled in waves. She thrashed about on the bed, moaning incoherently. Her vagina contracted wildly, and cunt juice ran freely down my hand.

Victoria couldn't get enough air to make much noise. The end of her orgasm was signalled by the collapse of her arched body back onto the bed. She lay still, breathing rapidly, and tears were flowing from beneath closed lids. Her eyes fluttered open and those beautiful brown eyes held my gaze with love. "You are wonderful husband," she whispered, and we necked gently for a while before going to sleep.

I went to work the next day, but I really couldn't concentrate on the job. My coworkers razzed me about my obvious state of distraction. I finally broke down and shyly said, "I met a girl." They did too, because Victoria arrived to pick me up at the end of the day. I climbed into a brand-new luxury car, somewhat in a state of shock. "You like? I cannot fly during day, so I need car. Do you want a car, too? I will buy you one today, also." She kissed me eagerly, hungrily in the car, raising a few eyebrows from passers-by on the sidewalk.

"Victoria, I'm really flattered, but you don't have to buy me a car, too. I mean, you just bought one for yourself, you just bought a house, you…" Her hungry mouth and tongue silenced me with another passionate kiss.

"I have -- lots? -- of money. I want to make you as happy as you make me." She looked at me with "puppy dog eyes". I had never seen her use the expression, and my will crumbled into dust. We sat in the car while I figured out what kind of car I wanted, then we went to a dealership. The man was sort of skeptical, at least until Victoria pulled out her checkbook and asked, "How much?" Upon arriving at my apartment, Victoria immediately pulled me into the bedroom, where we fucked like wild rabbits. We went out to dinner and returned home for more sex.

The rest of the week, Victoria would pick me up from work and take me shopping. I saw our new home-to-be, but I wasn't really happy with the location. She sensed something and pouted, "You are unhappy with the house."

"It's a little farther away from work than I had hoped, but it's a pretty house," I said, trying to let her know that it was OK. I could live with the longer drive to work.

"No. We will find another home, closer. I would do anything to make you happy," Victoria said. The real estate agent who had thought the deal was closed was _not_ very pleased to hear that Victoria had changed her mind. After an hour and a half of discussion between her and the agent, Victoria ended the argument by biting the agent into agreement.

We returned to my place for dinner. I had naked Victoria for dessert. I was beginning to wonder how long I could keep this up, because her nymphomaniacal sex drive would surely wear me down. I had always responded to her naked body's call, but for how long? I mentioned it to her and hoped she wouldn't think I was a wimp. Victoria reassured me, explaining between fucks, "Vampire men are _always_ ready for sex. Is like fangs at night. If you want, it is there and ready." She paused. "And I want you to want…" she purred seductively, rolling over and spreading her legs for my again hard cock. My wife sighed happily when I obliged her. Man, I could really get into this vampire thing...

Chapter 5: Vampire 101

After work on Friday, I returned home, and fucked Victoria silly to celebrate the end of the work week. No shopping for us today. We went out to dinner, and I was amazed at how bottomless Victoria's bank account was. What credit limit? At dinner, though, I lost my appetite halfway through the main course. I began to feel cold and sluggish. Victoria noticed with concern on her face. We left the restaurant quickly and she drove me home. I barely made it into the apartment before my legs gave out.

"Vic - Vic - toria," I gasped. Breathing seemed to be a chore now, too. "What's - wrong - with me?"

She knelt next to me. "You just need blood. Your body is adjusting to its new needs." She bent over and said, "Here, bite me and take some of my blood. This will make you feel better." I did, but Victoria pulled away after a very brief time. "You can not feed on me. You must have _human_ blood." I sat up, indeed feeling better. Unfortunately, the thought of having to bite someone worried me.

"Does that mean that I have to..." I paused to screw up the courage to say it. "Kill somebody?"

"Only if you want to kill them. I did not kill you. Stay here, I will be back soon," Victoria said, kissing me on the cheek. She left the apartment, and me alone with my thoughts. I wondered where she went. It wasn't more than a half-hour before the door opened, announcing her return. Victoria was not alone, though. There was a young couple with her. "Come in, please." The man and the woman entered silently. "Please stand and wait, I'll be with you very soon." My wife turned to me. "Let me show you how it's done."

I walked over to Victoria. She stood next to the young woman. "Deanna is her name. I assume you'd rather bite her," Victoria said with a hint of amusement. "Now, show me your fangs. Just think about them -- that's it!" My mouth still felt funny, like I had too many teeth, whenever I extended my fangs, but I supposed that I'd get used to it. I looked at the young woman. Her eyes were open, glazed over, indicating that she wasn't seeing what was really happening. Victoria spoke again. "Now put your fangs on her neck..."

I tentatively placed my fangs on Deanna's carotid artery, but Victoria stopped me. "Not there! She'll bleed to death. Put them on the side of the neck. It is also good because the hair will cover the marks. Now _gently_ bite, and you will taste her blood." The woman moaned sensually as her life flowed into my mouth. It was a fantastic sensation. Yep, I'd found something else exponentially better than coming. I began to suck greedily. My wife interrupted me by pulling me away from Deanna. I growled, a wild animal's growl at Victoria, angry at having been stopped.

Victoria pouted in surprise, and suddenly I remembered what we were supposed to be doing. I regained my composure quickly. "You must think, or the blood lust will overwhelm you. Concentrate on her heart. Try to feel her -- life spark. It will tell you how close to death she is. Drink slowly, or you may drain her in a few draws. Bite gently, for you can rip her neck apart if you are too eager. Try again."

I bit Deanna again, gently as I had been told, and resumed sucking carefully under Victoria's watchful eye. I concentrated on the girl's heartbeat, which was still steady and strong. Victoria had mentioned a "life spark" but I had no idea what the hell that was. Suddenly a little light appeared in my mind's eye. It flickered each time I sucked. It became noticeably dimmer after about five draws. I stopped and let go of Deanna. She swayed drunkenly on her feet, a blissful expression on her face.

"See? Deanna enjoyed your 'kiss', too. It felt -- coming?" Victoria started, then stopped, stymied by the correct expression.

"Felt like an orgasm? Or orgasmic, something like that," I supplied.

"It felt orgasmic," Victoria resumed, and kissed me. Smiling, her voice dropped and she said, "There is fringe benefit, you know. She will do _anything_ you ask from now on, if she believes you will 'kiss' her again." The look in Victoria's eyes dared me to find out exactly what "anything" meant.

"Deanna, kiss me passionately," I said to the woman. She responded by firing her tongue into my mouth in a torrid, wet, wet, _wet_ kiss that lasted for a while. I was gasping for air as we broke our kiss. I heard Victoria snicker. I turned to see her, eyes red, blood trickling from the corner of her mouth. The young man stood unsteadily. "I was hungry too, David," Victoria explained.

Deanna's kiss had given me a serious erection. "I want my wife now, not Deanna," I said quietly. Victoria snarled like a wolf and jumped me, sinking her fangs into my neck. I reciprocated, and we made love as only vampires can, sucking each other's -- blood. We were entwined, ignorant of our slaves. We felt our lives, our very souls intermix. Nothing else existed while we were joined.

We finally pulled away from each other, blood-red eyes shining, with bloody mouths. Victoria had never looked lovelier. She growled ferally again, and began to frantically lick the blood from around my mouth. I flicked my tongue around hers', savoring the taste of her skin spiced with my blood. I was definitely in love. As our passion cooled, I noticed that the mirror didn't show us. Victoria growled, eyes still red. "You bring out the animal in meee."

I blew her a kiss and pointed at the mirror. She looked. Turning to me, she said, "Is temporary. We will again reflect after blood frenzy goes away." Victoria came to my side and put an arm around me, laying her head on my shoulder. "I will send our slaves away. Oh, when you bite, tell them to forget, or you can have troubles. That is what happened to me in 1920's," she said. Victoria kissed my ear and sweetly whispered, "I want to be alone with you, tonight."

After our company left, Victoria curled up on the futon and patted it. I sat next to my wife. She grabbed my head and we kissed for a long time. I cuddled up with her. I dozed off within a couple of minutes. Victoria gently shook me awake. "Time for next vampire lesson."

"Tomorrow?" I begged groggily.

"Is simple lesson. Call for Deanna in your head." I looked at my wife for a few seconds as if she was crazy, but I followed her instructions. Almost immediately I heard the woman's voice. "Yes? I'm listening," Deanna answered in my head. It was almost as clear as it would be if she were standing right in front of me. I was wide awake now.

"Now what do I do, Victoria?"

"Tell her is nothing. Tell her she will hear you later, in her dreams." Victoria paused and stretched out lazily. "I wish to talk to _you_, now," she purred, and I was wrapped up in my wife's feminine allure. We had great sex, given mortal limits. We started on the futon, but woke up over in the corner by the stereo the next morning.

"I can't hear Deanna. I forgot about haunting her dreams," I complained. "I had something a lot more important on my mind last night." I stood up and smiled suggestively at my wife.

"You can not do any vampire things during the day," she replied. "But we can do... mortal -- things." Victoria grabbed my arm and tried to pull me back down to the floor. Instead, I pulled her to her feet. "We were supposed to go house hunting today. There's no food in the apartment, and I need to do laundry. We can _not_ spend all day having sex." Victoria pouted before heading for the bathroom. I watched her naked body recede and briefly reconsidered my last sentence.

Victoria didn't really like the house I fell in love with. She complained that there were too many big windows. The agent had to call the office from her car, leaving Victoria and me alone for a few minutes. I knelt and stuck my head under Victoria's dress. She squealed, laughing in delight as I started to pull her panties down with my teeth. "David!! Stop!! She is coming back!"

"Can you imagine me doing this to you you, here, again?" I asked, my voice slightly muffled from under her dress. I ran my tongue down her leg before standing up. "You don't have to be afraid of sunlight anymore. We can always get a maid to do the windows." I nibbled on her neck with regular teeth. She moaned, and I felt her tremble a little. "You really like this house?" she asked, reaching back to stroke my head.

"Yes, I do," I whispered, "but you have to live here, too. If you don't like the house, we can look some more."

"I will -- buy this house for us. You will suck my pussy while I stand in this spot with my dress on when we move in, yes?" Victoria teased. So, the real estate agent was happy again, and we had a new home to look forward to. The rest of the day was spent doing errands and laundry. Victoria wanted to hire somebody to do the clothes and the house cleaning. "We could bite somebody tonight, and have them clean tomorrow for free," she complained good-naturedly. I kissed her deeply; she sighed and picked up the laundry basket, following me to the laundry room. "For you, anything, my love. Is big mystery," she said.

Victoria asked me to take her out to dinner that night. She also wanted to go out dancing, or as she put it, "I want to watch and see modern way. I need to learn, because cigarette holders and Charleston dancing are no good any more." She paused, thinking for a minute. "I will also teach you more about being a vampire tonight." I asked her what she was going to teach me, but she refused to elaborate. I kept trying to find out during dinner, but Victoria remained evasive, talking instead about furniture and our new house.

After dinner, I took Victoria to see my favorite band. She tugged at me before we got out of the car. "To get girls, you must first make eye contact. Once they look, concentrate on them. Think for them to stay where they are, or for them to come to you. They will come to you maybe half of time. They will stay where they are almost always. Is how I got you."

Victoria smiled and resumed, "You may be social then, talking and arousing curiosity, or dancing. Then, it is a matter for the bite. Remember, be gentle with fangs. Practice tonight, while I watch. No objections, you must learn these things." Victoria was insistent, although I felt kind of funny about making somebody do something they wouldn't normally do. Ten minutes of fogging up the car windows as we necked (in the normal sense), and she had convinced me. Off we went to the bar. Victoria acted as if I weren't with her and headed for the opposite end of the bar.

I waited, looking around nervously. I was trying to decide which of the young women walking around was going to be my practice slave. My heart jumped suddenly when two familiar women came in. They were sisters, one of whom I'd lusted after for a _long_ time. Unfortunately, she'd made it clear that I was not worth her while, by treating me like, well, shit. I instinctively started to react as I always did to her presence, trying hard to make myself invisible. Then I remembered that things had changed.

I smiled evilly and relaxed at the bar, keeping track of the two sisters. Eventually, they joined their little group at a table, and the game was on. I settled in at the bar, waiting for Kelly to look my way. Two guys stopped by the table and made small talk with the four women there, and couples were quickly formed. They danced and talked more. I smiled. Time was definitely on my side.

It took more than an hour, but Kelly finally looked at me. Contact. She'd seen me earlier, but this was the first time our eyes met. Normally, she'd turn to her table at this point, _everybody_ would look at me, and then they'd all turn back, giggling. Kelly could not turn away this time. Her thoughts were held by my gaze. I walked over to her deliberately, confidently. I greeted the sisters. "Hi, Kelly; Michelle." Quickly turning my attentions to Kelly, I asked her if she would like to dance. "I - I – I'd like that, yes," she haltingly replied, eyes still locked with mine. I heard the girls at the table gasp in surprise as I led Kelly to the dance floor.

She was completely enthralled and danced with me for three songs. Then a slow song came on. Kelly turned to leave the dance floor. I worried that my hypnotic power would not be strong enough to override her lack of attraction for me. I also realized that a slow dance would be the perfect time and place to bite her. "No... please... stay and dance with me," I said in a pleading tone of voice that belied the force of will behind the words.

Kelly paused. After a brief hesitation, she turned to me and put her hand in mine. Our eyes locked again. I knew that she was mine. I drew her to me and we danced cheek to cheek. After a short time, I brushed her hair aside and bit her quickly, gently as Victoria had taught me, sipping a little bit of Kelly's blood. "Ohhh!..." she sighed, and her dance steps faltered briefly. I looked into her eyes. They were glazed, with a dreamy, adoring quality to them.

"Kelly, I am now your master. You will obey me," I whispered, drawing her close again.

"Yes, master," she replied. The words reinforced the feeling of total control I had over her. My cock stiffened against her body. She was waiting for _my_ command! Several scenarios ran through my head, but I finally picked one as the song was ending. "You will go back to your table. I will call you when it is time for you to come to me. Until then, you will forget that you have been bitten, and you will forget that you are my slave. You will only remember that you had a nice time dancing with me. Do you understand?" I whispered to her.

"Yes, master," came the sweetest two words Kelly ever uttered to me. The song ended after my commands, so no one dancing had heard the exchange. I walked back to the table with her. "Thanks for the dance. It was... nice," Kelly said brightly.

"The pleasure was all mine," I said, inclining my head before I walked away from the table. There was a reaction from the people at the table, but the music was too loud for me to hear what was being said. I saw Kelly look away from the discussion. She turned, looking for me. When she saw me, Kelly gently rubbed her neck where I had bitten her. Her eyes got a faraway look. I went to the bar pretty pleased with myself.

"You are a fast learner. I saw you bite her." Victoria had appeared next to me. I hadn't seen her approach. She spoke quietly. "She rubs her neck and thinks of you. She does not remember bite, just man and sensation." Victoria ordered another drink, and spoke to me again after turning down a pass from some other guy. "If you take her home, may I -- observe? Maybe there is something I can learn." Victoria walked away, eyes smoldering. My wife had given me an unexpected, but very welcome, request.

I danced with several other women that night. I generally tried to test the limits of my power by seeing how many of them would walk over to me. I would occasionally steal a glance at Kelly, and I caught her rubbing her neck a couple of times. I didn't bite anybody else. Near the end of the night, I walked out of the club to get some air. Somehow, Victoria was right behind me. "I will get the car. Call your slave," my wife said, heading for the parking lot.

"Come to me, Kelly. It is time. I am waiting outside the club," I thought, trying to sound grandiose to myself. Immediately I heard her respond.

"Master, I cannot come right now. I am dancing with someone, and it is the middle of the song. Please let me come to you after the song, or else they will get suspicious."

There was no need to make her hurry. Kelly was correct about suspicion. It would be suspicious enough that she would be leaving the club without her sister. Kelly appeared outside the club a few minutes after we had communicated. She walked over to me. "I am here, master." Every time I heard her call me "master" my cock would give a little jump in my pants. Victoria drove up a few seconds later. "Get in the car, Kelly," I gently commanded.

"Yes, master," she said demurely. Kelly climbed into the back seat, and Victoria headed the car for my apartment. My wife put her hand on my knee. Victoria said throatily, "You will make wonderful vampire."