Work With Me Part 2

Info Babette
13 Jan. '17



Over the next four weeks I fucked Miss Storm as often as I could. I fulfilled every one of my desires with my boss. I fucked her in the shower, on the kitchen floor, in the hot tub, and on the damn dinner table. I couldn’t get enough of that woman and her sweet body.

I knew we needed to figure things out.  I cared for her, and no one would stop me from being with her. To hell with people and their judgements. I knew Miss Storm was worried about what everyone would think of her dating the young servant in her house. I constantly tried to reassure her everything would be okay.

She’d headed out for a run this morning, so I threw on some sweatpants and sneakers hoping to catch up to her. It was hot so I took off my T-shirt to wipe the sweat from my forehead while I jogged down her normal route into the woods.

I hated when she jogged alone. It could be dangerous for a woman, and I had the urge to protect what’s mine. I’d talk to her about running alone in the future.

I headed down the path that led to a pond. I could see from several yards away she’d stopped to talk to someone. Rage built inside me as I realized she wasn’t just talking to anyone, she was talking to Tim Walsh. Walsh owned the car dealership in town, and he was a typical middle aged white collar worker. Walsh had his fair share of women, and I could see Miss Storm was enjoying his attention. That pissed me off, and I clenched my fists. She was mine, and Walsh needed to know it.

I walked up to the two of them and Miss Storm was caught by surprise at my sudden appearance. “Mark! What are you doing here?”  I gave her a dark look and told her she needed to go back to the house.

“Hey, sport, I’m just chatting with your boss here, trying to convince to have dinner with me later tonight.” Tim laughed. “She’ll call you when we’re done talking. Head home and wax some of her cars, young man.”

My jaw tightened, and I tried to control my temper. Miss Storm was looking at me wide-eyed, not certain what she should do. “Sorry, Mr. Walsh,” I said. “I really need her to come back to the house now.”

Mr. Walsh and I continued to stare each other down.   

“I’ll be home when I’m ready, Mark.” she said, bravely, lifting her chin at me. “I don’t answer to you.” 

Wrong thing to say.


Miss Storm

I couldn’t believe how dominating Mark was being. I could talk to whomever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I wasn’t owned by anyone. What future did I have with Mark since he was my young chauffeur? I could date whomever I wanted.

Tim looked at me, assuming my employee was trying to act grown up. He had no idea what had happened between Mark and I.  I could see Mark was enraged. But I was pissed too, at his cavemen attitude, so I decided to push him further.

I walked over to Tim, who put his arm around me. I pushed my breasts into his side and looked up at him flirtatiously. “I’d love to have dinner with you, Tim.” I smiled sweetly at him, then turned to watch Mark’s reaction.

Mark was furious. He looked at me with his cold, dark eyes, and I actually felt a little frightened. But I was enjoying his jealousy too.

Before I realized what happened, I was ripped from Tim’s side. Tim yelled, “Hey! What are you doing?”

Mark snarled at him. “There is an emergency at the house NOW!”  He all but dragged me down the path. Tim just stared at us, deciding it was better to just let me go, than have Mark try to fight with a thirty year old man.

Mark pulled me kicking and yelling into a clearing until we were completely alone. He turned to face me. “What the fuck, Miss Storm?  You looking for trouble with Walsh? Do you know how he is with women?” he shouted at me.

“No better than you, I’m sure! At least he didn’t want to just fuck me as he saw fit. He actually wanted to take me to dinner before he lifted my skirt and pounded me!” I shouted back at him.

A flash of hurt crossed Mark’s face. Then it was replaced with anger. “You don’t think I want to flaunt you all over town as my girl? You don’t think it hurts that I can’t take you to fancy dinners or kiss you under the stars on the boardwalk?” he asked me.

Mark dropped to his knees in front of me and bowed his head. “Damn, Miss Storm, I want to give you everything. But I don’t want you to be hurt by the people in this town. I feel helpless, but, God, Miss Storm, I love you more than my own life. “

My anger disappeared. I dropped to my knees and whispered, “I’m sorry.”  Mark grabbed my face and kissed my lips, searching for love and acceptance. I gave it to him.

His lips moved down my neck and over my shoulder. It was broad daylight, but I didn’t care. I could feel the heat of the sun, the soft grass on the ground, and the hard pressure of his lips against my skin. I yanked his sweatpants down so I could feel his skin against mine. He pulled the straps of my jogging bra down and released my breasts from the confines of the tight fabric. It felt heavenly, my nipples in his mouth, and my face turned to the sky.

Before I knew it I was on my back and completely naked. Mark’s hands and mouth were everywhere, and it was an exquisite torture. The wind cooled the areas where his mouth had been. Mark shoved my legs open and stared at me like I was a piece of art. He rubbed his fingers over my clitoris in a circular motion. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter as he pushed two fingers inside my pussy and began to pump.

I raised my hips toward Mark, who is staring at my pussy while he continues his finger fucking.  As I move my head to the side, I saw Tim watching us from behind a tree. He looked shocked—but turned on as well, I could see the bulge in his pants. Mark was too distracted by my pussy to notice Tim.

I knew I should’ve stopped it and covered myself. I should’ve alerted Mark to Tim’s presence. But I couldn’t do any of those things. I was too betrayed by my body, which wantonly wanted Mark to continue his lavishing. Also, I enjoyed Tim’s shock, anger, and his open lust. I saw Tim start to rub the outside of his jeans, and another gush of wetness poured out of me, running down my inner thighs.

After Mark finished pleasuring me with his fingers, he latched his mouth onto my hard, swollen clit and started to suck. He looked so sexy and dangerous, and I could feel the stubble of his dark beard against my softness, adding to the intensity of his sucking.

I grabbed onto his thick, black hair. “That’s right, baby. Suck me, Mark, suck me hard!” I moaned and grab my tits. I opened my legs wider to give him more access. He licked me from my ass to my clit, then back again.

“Miss Storm, you taste so good. I love you so much,” he gasped out between licking and sucking. It was so wrong but erotic to be exposed and out in the open. I turned to look back at Tim, who was pumping his hard dick with fervor while staring at me with his blue, angry eyes.

As I looked at Tim I started to come. I pushed my soaking cunt further into Mark’s mouth and I came hard and fast. Just as my final orgasmic shudder passed, I watched Tim come all over the ground as he watched me being pleasured by my chaueffer.

Mark slowly licked my orgasm from my thighs, and Tim zipped up pants, mouthing, “Fuck you,” at me. I smiled like a sultry devil because I knew that despite his anger he wanted me. I felt a sense of power I’d never had before. I had two men at my mercy, and it turned me on more than I ever realized. I liked being watched.

Before Tim could walk away, I pushed Mark onto his back and climbed on top of him. I put my pussy right over his face so I could suck on his cock while Tim watched me. I saw Tim move closer to get a better view. I smiled sweetly at him then gave my servant’s cock a long, wet lick.

Mark moaned and tightened his grip on my ass. “Don’t stop, Miss Storm,” he begged. Looking right at Tim, I pushed Mark’s cock deep into my mouth. I moaned as I sucked on his dick, loving the jealous desire that showed on Tim’s face.  I sucked the tip of Mark’s head while my hand pumped its length, up and down, harder and faster. Mark was moaning my name over and over.

 Before he came, I straddled him cowgirl style. With this position my fat breasts were on display. Marks hands were on my waist, and my legs were open, giving Tim a view of Mark’s dick moving in and out of my pussy, my clit swollen and standing at attention.

The entire position felt so amazing, and I couldn’t stop shuddering over every pleasurable wave.

“Fuck me, baby. Fill my pussy with your hard cock,” I screamed as I rocked my hips and massaged my breasts. Lost in the feeling, I didn’t realize that Tim had removed his clothes and was standing over me with his dick hard again.

“What the fuck?” Mark said. He was about to get up and throw Tim to the ground.

“No, Mark, please. I want this. Don’t make him leave,” I begged Mark as I ground my hips harder onto him. Mark’s dick was so hard and deep inside me, I knew he couldn’t stop.

“I don’t share,” he growled.

“Man, just let me taste her this one time, and I swear I won’t let anyone know you two are fucking,” Tim said.

While I continued to ride Mark, Tim kneeled in front of me and started sucking on my nipples.

I rotated my hips in a circular motion while I threaded my fingers into Tim’s hair. I moved his head from one nipple to the other. “That’s a good boy,” I said while he moaned into my breasts. I was drunk on pleasure and power.




With Miss Storm’s tight pussy milking my dick I couldn’t think straight. She wanted Tim to join us. I initially hated the idea, but she was so turned on and crazed with pleasure I couldn’t say no. I knew Tim was just a toy for her pleasure, and she has no feelings for him.

I watch him suck on her nipples, and her pussy clenched around me. I positioned her on her knees so she could suck his cock while I pumped her from behind. It was an incredible sight watching her suck his cock while I fucked her pussy, my hand of the arch of her back.

I grabbed her long, blonde hair in my fist and slammed into her. Her heavy breasts swaying with each hard thrust. Tim’s cock went deeper down her throat. She loved it. I pulled out of her and shot my release all over her ass and lower back. I was marking her; she was mine no matter who else she fucked.

Tim was watching us, his cock still hard for my boss. “Tell me what you want,” I said to her.

Mia’s eyes were heavy with desire. “I want you to watch Tim fuck me.” I loved that woman so much I would give her anything—even if it meant sharing her.

I stood up and ordered Tim over to my boss. She was breathing hard, her legs spread open with want. “Taste her,” I told him. As I watched him dip his head between her smooth legs, my dick started to harden again. Miss Storm was moaning and moving her head back and forth.

He licked and sucked her pussy as if it was his last. “Oh, man, she tastes so good,” he groaned into her cunt.

She wrapped her legs around his head and ground her orgasm into his face. “Please,” she said. “Fuck me now.” 

I put Miss Storm’s head in my lap and held her hands so she couldn’t touch him, “Do it!” I growled at him, and he buried his dick in her sweet bush while I watched.

Miss Storm screamed with pleasure and tried to grab him. But I held her hands tightly and warned her not to move. Holding her wrists together with one hand, I grabbed her knee and pulled it up with the other. I spread her legs apart to give her what she wanted. “Fuck her faster.” I told Tim. His dick moved in and out of her. Wet with her juices he continued to thrust. Miss Storm begged for more.

“What a little slut you are,” I growled into her ear. They both orgasmed, screaming their release in unison.

Tim looked dazed as I told him to grab his shit and go before I fucking killed him. He didn’t say a word and ran off, not looking back.

Miss Storm was lying on the ground with her legs still open, her perfect skin flushed and marked by two men.

I realized then I would do anything for that woman. Except share her. “Miss Storm,” I said to her, “Please do not make me do that again.”

She looked at me with love in her eyes, “I won’t.”

I tried to believe her.


Miss Storm

Our relationship continues, but it’s no longer a secret. Our friends and family are shocked but haven’t tried to stop us.

Mark and I plan to move to California where he’s received a high paying job offer.

We haven’t seen Tim since that day in the woods, and I haven’t mentioned any more fantasies to Mark.

I know he loves me and will give me the world if I let him. When the time is right I’ll share my other desires with him. I just need to take it slowly. He’s very possessive and protective of me. He watches everything I do with his intense, dark eyes. He’s always just a step away from me. When he fucks me, it’s as if each time is the last, taking me with a fierce desire to own me.

As for everyday life, we’re taking it day by day. We struggle with the realities of our relationship. It’s not everyone’s normal, but it’s ours. I love him more than I thought possible and my body continues to ache for his touch. We’ll face the future and whatever comes our way together.  He no longer calls me Miss Storm. He now calls me Mia. 

The End