He was my Forbidden Fruit (Part 2)

Mason was my husband's best friend, And somehow he found his way into bed, and my heart. 

I had never in a million years thought of Mason in the romantic sense and had never thought that he would be interested in me. He had never shown any sort of interest in me before other than me being his 'Best Friend's' wife. We simply contented ourselves enjoying each other's company, sharing the same interests, and we both loved deep, meaningful conversations. We could talk for hours about anything and everything. These conversations were sometimes so intense and so full of emotion that we got to know each other on a much deeper level very quickly, and before we knew it, we were in so deep, we hadn't even realized we were digging our own graves and were about to fall right into it.

Mason came to stay over at our house for three months because of family issues and my husband RK could never say no to his best friend. Mason and I began to spend more time together and got closer. I would find myself dressing up a bit sexier around the house and wearing a little bit of makeup around Mason. As I said before in part 1, my husband RK had secretly become addicted to watching porn. I would try at night in bed to arouse RK so we could have sex. Initially, the idea of knowing that his best friend was sleeping right in the lounge kind of turned me on. The fact that he would probably be able to hear us in the bedroom. However, RK did not share my sentiment on that idea and would shoot me down, telling me that he feels uncomfortable knowing his best friend might hear us. So I gave up, and instead found myself dressing up a little sexier around Mason and wearing a little bit of makeup. It didn't seem to faze Mason but I noticed that when I was looking completely natural in nothing but sweats, I would catch Mason staring at me in a manner that would make me blush. 

I also began to look at Mason with desire because I would find myself staring at Mason as he talked to me and I would stare at his lips, getting lost in them and would lower my gaze to look at his chest, then his stomach, and finally down to his constant bulge beneath those cotton shorts. I would have vivid daydreams of my hands sliding inside his shorts, stroking him, imagining what his face would look like filled with raw lust for me…My pussy would start to throb, and get hot, making me squirm…I sometimes got so lost in him that he would ask a question and I wouldn't even blink, because my mind is on its own planet, silently conjuring up fantasies of having him.

On one such occasion, I was so lost in him that I didn't notice the sudden silence in the room. The sound of his laughter brought me flying back to the present. I immediately felt my cheeks grow hot and begin to blaze crimson pink. I had been caught in the act!

I looked up at him and we locked gazes.

“You are so beautiful Phoenix!”

He breathed.

“If only you knew how gorgeous and sexy you are.”

“You are perfect in every way, from your mesmerizing eyes, to that gorgeous smile, and those absolutely adorable dimples!”

“I get lost in you; Everything about you is perfect, and I find myself caught up in your spell!”

“I have no idea what to do, but at the same time I want to be under that spell for as long as possible because you make me feel things I never imagined possible, and I want this amazing feeling to last forever!”

“I see you wake up in the morning and you are absolutely beautiful, just like that, in nothing but your over sized T-shirt.”

I blushed and lowered my gaze shyly. I had never been described like that before, by anyone. He made me feel beautiful and confident, and I realized; I had needed this so badly because I was beginning to feel neglected and unwanted by RK. Mason with his magical desire, lust, and complete adoration of me was beginning to restore my self-esteem as well as my confidence.

He looked at me and said with so much of adoration:

“Your husband is really stupid, because if you were mine I would never neglect you, I would always show you how special and sexy you are.”

“I would dedicate my life to making sure you were treated exactly the way you deserve.”

“The fact that he could ignore you, even for a minute, is utterly bewildering!"

"You are perfect in every way and if you were mine, I wouldn't waste a single moment of it without making you see how amazing, special and gorgeous you are. 

He paused for a long moment, simply staring at me in a way that made me shiver with excitement, my pussy got that familiar hot tingle I loved. He looked at me like I was the most fascinating and the most desirable woman he had ever encountered. I blushed even more under his penetrating gaze till he smiled slyly and said teasingly:

“Is Phoenix actually getting shy?”

“Wow now that's a first!”

“Excuse me!”

I teased back.

“It's extremely hot today and I am simply flushed from the heat!”

He started laughing and I joined in, both of us enjoying this moment of closeness. Suddenly he stopped laughing and blurted out:

“I think I'm in love with you Phoenix!”

I whispered a response:

“Kiss me Mason, please kiss me right now because if you don't, I fear this perfect moment might become lost to us both forever!”

He walked over to me, pinning me against the wall. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he leaned forward, his lips inches away from mine, and he stared at them whispering softly:

“Those lips of yours, especially your top lip, the way it curves up slightly when you are horny, as if you automatically know that your sexy smirk seals this deal!”

“And?? Does it??”

I asked quietly.

He nodded.

I was shaking with nervousness, my mouth was dry, my body tingled in anticipation and my pussy felt deliciously hot and tingly. I was so turned on by this moment, with this man, that I was already lost in him. All I could think about was how badly I needed him. I had to have him now no matter what because this need has taken over my entire being. I suddenly felt compelled to bridge the gap and kiss him before he changed his mind.

I leaned forward and touched my lips to his. His lips were so warm and soft. I began kissing him slowly, forcing my tongue between his lips, playing with his tongue, gently, teasingly. He made a sort of groan and crushed his body against mine. I ran my hands through his hair, pulling him closer, and automatically began to grind my hips against him. He groaned louder and I could feel his hardness against my stomach. God! He was turning me on like crazy! I slid my hands down his back, hooking his belt as I began to move harder against him, pulling him even closer. I moaned softly against his mouth, closing my eyes and losing myself to this moment, to this delicious feeling of pleasure, hornyness and a hunger so deep, so deliciously mouth watering that my only reason for existing was to know the satiated feeling at the end. My entire body shuddered with electric shock waves, my pussy getting hotter with sheer pleasure and I could feel myself getting wet. Fuck! This felt fucking amazing!

We continued to kiss each other hungrily, needily, licking and sucking, exploring each other's lips and mouths. His body felt so good against mine. He was slightly taller than me and had a lean body that fit perfectly against me. I wantonly grinded my hips against him, trying to get as close to him as possible so that not even a slither of space existed between us.

My hands left his belt and moved down to grab his ass which was taut and perfectly rounded. I pushed right up against him and caressed his ass. 
Fuck! He had such a sexy ass. 
His hands caressed my waist, moving slowly up my sides to my tits and he cupped them, massaging them slowly, taking his fingers and softly pinching my nipples through my T-shirt, and I moaned with dizzy pleasure. My nipples immediately became taut and started rubbing against the fabric, clearly visible. Fuck! I couldn't take this any longer, I needed him right now!

I grabbed him suddenly by the hand and without a word marched him straight to my bedroom, and simply lifted my over-sized T-Shirt over my head and stood completely naked in front of him.

He stared, mesmerized.

“Your turn!”

I whispered, suddenly getting shy again.

He reacted as if on cue, slipping his top over his head, undoing his belt and buttons and sliding his shorts and boxer's off, all in one fluid motion. I got hot with desire. He had a gorgeous cock and it was already starting to drip with pre-cum!

“Oh, my fuck!”

I said between gritted teeth.

“I love a man who gets pre-cum; It is such a fucking turn on!”

He walked across to me, pushing me back gently against the bed and came to lie down next to me as he began to kiss me again, caressing my body with his hands as he did. He circled and cupped one breast, sucking and licking it slowly then taking my nipple between his teeth, biting and sucking lightly, and so slowly. I moaned with complete ecstasy and cried out incoherent words of pleasure, arching my back upwards, inviting him in, allowing him easier access to my tits. He proceeded to assault the other breast just as thoroughly as the first. I looked down at him, and the sight of my tits in his mouth, drove me absolutely wild with desire and I gasped!

“Oh, my God!”

“You look so fucking hot right now!”

He looked up at me as he continued to suck and caress my tits, slowly, gently, until I begged for him to stop torturing me; Because if he continued to suck me like this, I was going to orgasm from the sheer pleasure of having his mouth and hands on my tits like that!

He smiled, and ran his hands over my stomach, down to my triangle. I lifted my hips upward towards him, begging him to touch me!


I begged between moans of sheer pleasure!

He ran his finger slowly up and down my already swollen clit and sucked in his breath:

“Fuck baby, you are already so wet!”

I simply nodded, already lost in the ecstasy of my pussy being touched by him and I grinded my hips shamelessly against his hand, losing focus, reality dissolving away! All that I could feel was that delicious feeling of him all over my sopping wet pussy!

He spread my legs and then settled his head between my thighs, hungrily drinking in the sight of my wet pussy, whispering softly how fucking gorgeous it was. Then slowly, gently, he began to lick my clit up and down…so gently; I finally lost control, mumbling his name over and over again, almost sobbing now from the sheer deliciousness of his mouth on my pussy! fuck! For someone who was new to this, he definitely excelled in the department!

Oh God! I was sobbing uncontrollably now, begging, pleading with him not to stop; The sight of his head between my thighs driving me absolutely insane. He was so hot and sexy like this, I loved watching him sucking and licking gently on my clit and then blowing softly against my wet entrance making my whole body shudder and then I bucked under him and automatically arched my pussy hard against his hot mouth. He cupped my ass, holding me in place and all of a sudden, his tongue probed between my pussy lips and he began to tongue fuck my pussy, I grabbed his head with both hands and rose to meet each tongue thrust with a rhythm of my own!! As he tongue fucked my pussy, he took his index finger n slid it deep into my soaking entrance just as he pulled his tongue out! His tongue continued to lick my clit up and down as he fucked my pussy with his one finger, then stopping for just a second to add a second finger to my delicious torture!!

I was delirious with pleasure, my eyes rolling backwards, my face going numb and my vision completely blurring out the sight of his mouth and hands devouring my pussy!

Suddenly I cried out in sheer ecstasy and almost passed out as my body froze in place and my hands holding his head still as I exploded, my entire body tensing up, and my pussy vibrating as I gushed hot, thick cum in his mouth and coating his fingers…He didn't take his fingers out of me, instead he slid it in as deep as he could get it and left it there as he hungrily lapped up my cum!

I was on such a high, that I doubted any other form of drug could ever come close to achieving this feeling of pure perfection!

I knew then, in that moment, that I belonged to this man completely! He has officially possessed me, and I am undeniably his!! My mind, body, and soul belong to him, and I am his forever, regardless of the outcome of this story.

He finally looked up at me in awe and whispered:

“Wow baby!”

“You taste amazing, I could eat this pussy all day!”

“And fuck me!”

“I made you cum!”

“I can't believe I actually made you cum so hard!”

“Your pussy tastes so good! I can't get enough!”

I was still coming down from my glorious orgasm and all I could do was pull him up towards me. My lips were still numb and so speaking wasn't an option. The pins and needles were slowly disappearing from my face and I smiled, tears rolling slowly down my cheeks.
Tears?? Where the hell had that come from???

He kissed them away lovingly, and then positioned his rock, hard cock at my entrance, his tip so wet with pre-cum; It dripped onto my pussy and was hot and wet that I was slowly losing it again! Mason gives me so much pleasure that I sometimes feel like it's too much to handle all at once. I was still coming down from the first orgasm, And yet, I could feel a second one already building up deep inside of me!!

Mason looked deep into my eyes and whispered huskily;

“Guide me in baby.”

I took his cock in my hand and slowly inserted his tip into my hot, wet entrance, letting go and lifting my hips upwards, allowing him to go in deeper. I sucked in my breath as he slowly thrust all the way into me and he lay still for a moment, staring deep into my soul.

“You are so beautiful…”

He mumbled huskily.

And he began to thrust in and out of me, slowly at first, then a little bit faster, deeper and harder. His cock filled my pussy completely and it felt so full. I adored the feeling of him so deep inside of me. He fit me perfectly.

I wrapped my legs around his waist trying to keep him as deep inside of me as possible. It was as if he were made to fit me. His body felt so good on top of me and was exactly the right kind of weight that by being fully on top, he wasn't heavy at all. My body felt snug beneath him, and I was completely enveloped by him.

The slick sweat from his forehead dripped onto me, making my hair wet, and I loved this feeling of our soaking wet bodies, melding together, making us one whole being, moving in time to each other's rhythm; My hips meeting his every thrust, until he was fucking me so hard, so deep, so fast, that I lost myself completely to the sensation, his cock knocking hard against the walls of my pussy, sending shock waves right onto my g-spot.

My god! His cock was such a perfect fit, that he hit my g-spot without any effort, and for the first time in my entire life, I was about to have a deep orgasm, and not just the usual clit orgasms that I had only ever experienced before. I always struggled to reach orgasm simply by penetration alone and needed clit stimulation as well.

But here was this amazing man, who was fucking me so good, that I lost my ability to speak words that made any sense.
I screamed his name as my orgasm took over, forcing my nails to dig deep into his back as my pussy contracted around his cock!

This made him thrust faster and harder, my back arched upwards, my toes curled, and I exploded hard all over his gorgeous cock!

My pussy contracted violently around his rock, hard cock, imprisoning him deep inside me and I started vibrating around him, shock waves travelling from deep inside my pussy all the way to the tips of my toes, to the top of my head! My eyes rolled back, I screamed out with raw passion and complete ecstasy, most of my voice drowned out by Mason's sudden, loud groan, as he cried out my name in complete abandon, and I felt his hot, hard cock vibrating deep inside me. My orgasm had been his undoing! He exploded inside me, completely filling me with his hot, gorgeous cum! He then thrusted hard and deep one last time, closed his eyes and collapsed on top of me…

We were both breathing hard and dripping wet, our bodies soaked and still hot from the intensity of our orgasms. I wrapped my legs tighter around his waist, keeping him inside me, and held him tightly, stroking his hair, whispering how much I loved him and begging him never to leave me. I didn't care that I sounded desperate or pathetic. I was desperate, desperate never to lose this person! This person who completed me! This person who took me to places I had only ever dreamed of and read about in novels. We lay this way for a long time, him still inside me.

He was part of me now and I was lost in him, lost in him so completely that I knew without a doubt, I would never be whole like this again, not with any other man!!!

He kissed me softly, looking deep into my eyes and claimed me as his! I simply nodded in return...