Diana - Part 1

Info LavaGlacier
20 Jan. '17

He carried her across the door step. Placed her slender, tall body down as they reached the front foyer of the house. She looked at this man she had just married. He smiled at her and took her hand. Leading her down the main hall of the house to the sitting room.

It was a large home. A mansion of sorts. It had a sitting room, living room, library, solarium, formal dining room, breakfast room and kitchen with attached pantry on the first floor. On the second was four bedrooms, plus the master suite. Attached to the master suite was a sitting room, two baths, his and hers, laying between the two baths was a room with a hot tub and area for exercise equipment. An additional room, which she had never been in, for her new husband had always kept this room locked was just off the master suite sitting room.

Without a word he motioned for her to sit on the sofa. She did so. He then walked to the bar at the other end of the room, reached behind the counter and pulled out a bottle of champagne, which had already been placed in a chilling bucket. He wrapped the towel around the bottle then untwisted the wire and pulled the cork. The pop of the opening of the bottle filled the room. She glanced over at her new husband, Mark, watching him wrap the towel around the bottle closer to the top to catch the overflowing champagne. He then reached for two long stemmed crystal glasses and poured the drink into them. He walked over to Diana, his youthful and beautiful new bride, handed her a one of the glasses then sat beside her.

"We'll explore all areas of life together my love," Mark said to her softly. Then leaned toward her and kissed her gently on the cheek, then her full red lips.

She is a sleek, beautiful, young woman of twenty five. Her auburn hair, long, softly falling over her shoulders has high lights of red and golden strands running through it. Her eyes, sometimes a soft blue and other times, especially when sexually excited, turned to an almost steel gray with tiny blue specks dancing through the iris. Her complexion is soft and smooth, almost silky. Her legs, long and slim, and firm from the daily exercising she did. Her frame was small, almost petite, and yet she stood five feet seven inches tall.

Mark is an 'older man', as she told her friends before they were wed. He is thirty two. His physique was one of a former football player, more the type of a quarter back than a lineman. His dark brown hair, is medium length for a man, yet styled, has the wind blown look to it. His eyes are a dark blue, expressive and what some women term bedroom eyes. He stood six foot two inches and had a firm body from head to toe.

They drank their glasses empty. Mark then reached for Diana's hand and stood, pulling her gently up with him. He led her down the hall to the staircase to the second floor. They enter the master suite and Mark closed the door behind them. Without a word, Mark reached over to Diana's white wedding suite and removed the jacket, letting his fingers gently caress her bare shoulders. He then turned her around and lifted her hair off the back of her dress, found the zipper and slowly moved it down her curved body to its end track. He slid the dress off her shoulders and it fell in a soft heap at her feet. She wore no slip underneath, only a white laced bra, bikini panties and a garter belt that held the nylons up that clung to her long slender legs. Mark turned her towards him, surveyed her body, then reached his arms behind her and unclasped the bra. Her tender, firm breasts now exposed, wiggled a bit with excitement. The small, pink nipples, as if laying dormant, invited Mark's touch. He reached out and gently stroked each nipple with his fingers, then slowly, yet tenderly pinched each nipple between his thumb and forefinger. They reacted with a suddenness and stood at attention, hard under his fingers gentle pressure. Mark removed his fingers and slid his hands down Diana's sides to the top of her garter belt. Diana could feel the excitement building in her belly and down between her thighs. Mark unclasped the snaps holding the garter belt around her small thin waist, then in a quick fashion moved the garter belt and nylons over her legs. When he reached her feet, she stepped, one foot at a time out of the nylons and the dress crumpled there on the floor. He did not go back up to remove her panties. He instead took her hand and led her to the bed. She sat down. He removed his jacket and tie, then his shirt and trousers. He then sat down next to Diana and removed his shoes and socks. Diana glanced down at his manliness swelling up under his underwear.

Mark then stood and with outstretched hand, took Diana's hand and pulled her to her feet once again. Her excitement was building now with the anticipation of the love making she knew was going to take place. Mark reached for the covers on the bed and pulled them back, leaving nothing on the bed but the bottom sheet. He laid her down on the bed and sat beside her. She reached for her panties in an attempt to remove them. Mark's hands stopped her, "I will do that my love, I will do everything." She rested her hands back on the bed, waiting for Mark to touch her body. When he did not do so right away, she moved her hand to his groin area, reaching her fingers out to touch him gently. He reached down and removed her hand. "Lay quietly my dear, all will be taken care of soon.", Mark said. Then he told her to close her eyes, for he had a surprise for her. She did so. She heard him stand and walk away from the bed, she was tempted to peek, but did not. She suddenly felt a soft, furry strap being placed around her wrist, first the left one, then the right. Her arms then were outstretched toward the head of the bed and secured so she could not move her arms at all. She wasn't sure she liked this, but he was her husband and she was willing to try anything he wished. Mark then placed straps on her ankles and spread her legs apart and attached the cords hanging from the straps to the end of the bed. He looked up at Diana as he sat on the foot of the bed, finishing off the tieing of the cords, her crotch now spread wide open, with her panties tight across her pussy. He could see the moisture of her juices making a wet spot on the crotch of the panties. She lay there helpless, unable to move, waiting for him to take control. He deliberately did not touch her, knowing the waiting would build the eagerness within her. Finally she felt him move towards the head of the bed. She felt his lips press down on her mouth and she parted her lips waiting for him to push his tongue inside. He did not, but instead he placed a blindfold over her eyes. Then he gently, and tenderly moved his tongue between her teeth and probed the inside of her mouth, flicking the end of his tongue quickly at the roof of her mouth. When she tried to respond by playing with his tongue with her own, he abruptly removed his tongue from her mouth and left the edge of the bed. She lay there waiting with hot desires and expectations of his next move.

Diana waited, for what seemed to be an eternity, when she once again could feel her lover near her. She then felt the light touch of something soft on her breasts. She could not identify what was touching her, but it made her tingle. Mark pulled the object down over her nipples, first the left one and then the right. Then slowly down her body to her flat stomach, leading down toward her shaved pubic box, beneath her panties. Yet he did not touched the top of the slit to her cunt, as if he could see through her panties were it began. He then moved the item down to her legs. Beginning at her ankles, he lightly teased her flesh with the soft item, slowly moving it up her legs to her thighs. He pulled it over her legs slowly, deliberately tantalizing her with the excitement of the play, yet he did not touch it to her inner thigh. He then began back at her nipples again and repeated the same action. By the time he had stopped she was moaning with the thrill of the feeling, becoming hotter than she thought she could. With the same suddenness of the touch beginning, it stopped. She could feel Mark rise and leave the bed again. When he returned she felt something cold and hard touch her outer hip area and slide under her panties. Suddenly the panties released themselves and lay open on that side. Mark had cut them open. He then reached over to her other hip and snipped the other side open, then reached down, being very careful not to touch her vagina region, grabbed the panties and pulled them quickly from her body. They slid, wading a bit in the crack of her buttocks, which sent a wave of warmth through her, before they released themselves from the pressure of her weight on the back of them. She then heard Mark lay the scissors down on the night table. He reached up to her breasts and gently, tenderly cupped them in his hands. He squeezed them each lightly. Then softly, almost too softly to even feel, began running his fingers over the nipples. Diana's soft pink nipples stood erect and hard. The more he played with the nipples the harder they became until they ached for a firmer touch. Diana could feel her inner thighs becoming wet now from her juices flowing from her pussy. The juices flowed back into her crack, touching her anus and covering her buttocks.

The firmer touch came surprisingly to Diana, for suddenly Mark's soft, gentle touch turned to a pinching of the hard nipples. The pinches start out not being too hard, but as she moaned more, he increased the tightness of his fingers on her nipples. The pain she felt was now soaring through her being, she screamed, a truncated scream, but nonetheless a scream. He did not respond by releasing his firm hold, but instead increased the pressure to the nipples. When she screamed again, he pulled the nipples out, extending her small breasts and still holding the tight pinch to the tip of the nipple. She tossed her head back and forth, but felt the warmth and excitement of the pain she endured rush through her body and find its way to her pussy and she responded with an orgasm. He released his grip and bent down and lightly, almost gingerly kissed her nipples, first one then the other. Moving his head back and forth from one nipple to the other, his tongue flicked the tip of each tit until they were both moist. He then blew lightly on the nipple and again, in spite of what they had just been put through, they responded by becoming hard again. He then reached up and undid her hands, warning her not to move, or he would do everything. She was so excited, and wanting more, she obeyed his words and lay perfectly still. When he finished undoing the straps from her legs, he then reached over to her shoulders, and told her to turn over, face down. She rolled, with his hands guiding her, until she was face down on the bed. He then placed the straps back on her ankles and then her wrists. She lay there, with her head turned to the side, blindfold still in place, and she was now spread eagle on her stomach.

Mark rose and walked away from the bed. When he returned Diana again felt the soft, gentle touch of the item she had felt before on her breasts, stomach and legs. Mark whispered to her, "Have you figured out what this is yet?" "No," she answered softly. "A feather my dear, a simple feather." She did not respond, for she did not have time to say anything, when she felt the feather floating down her back to the top of her buttocks. Mark reached for something off the night stand and she felt him wipe off her buttocks with a towel, removing the juices she had released from his earlier teasing. Then the feather was drawn over her buttocks, lightly, gently, slowly tickling her with excitement. Mark then reached down and released the cords that tied her legs to the bed, then after giving a little slack to the cords, retied them. He then reached to the side, and from the floor took a pillow and ordered Diana to raise her hips a bit. She did so, as he pressed the pillow under her stomach and top of her hips, thus raising her buttocks up and opening her crack to expose her dark pink anus. Mark then pulled the towel, slowly through her crack moving it up and down until the area was dry. He then took the feather and tickled her anus and buttocks, slowly, with deliberateness. Diana tingled inside from the stimulation given her anus. Suddenly it all stopped. She lay there in anxiety for what he would do next. She did not have long to wait.

Suddenly she felt a soft, moist liquid on her buttocks. Then Mark's hands gently massaged the liquid into her buttocks, down between her fleshy mounds and into her anus. She could tell from the smell that filled the room that he was rubbing her with baby oil. Her body fluttering inside and out with the touch of his hands. He withdrew his fingers and wiped his hands on a towel. She heard him reach to the night stand again, and slide open the drawer, withdrawing something and then closing the drawer. She waited for the next adventure. She had never been made love to in this manner, teasing, tantalizing, causing pain, then teasing again, causing her excitement to flow as it had never flowed before. Suddenly she felt a sharp stinging on her buttocks. Again, and again. Mark held firmly in his hand a flat leather paddle. He raised the paddle above Diana's ass and slapped it down hard once again, Diana screamed from the pain. He stopped, reached over to the nightstand again, pulled out a scarf and then placed it in Diana's mouth to muffle her screams. The punishment, she realized, would continue. She felt angry at first, but after the next two spanks with the paddle, she realized the excitement she felt. Mark's hand, holding the paddle, continued to hit Diana's now sore, pink, tender ass, his other hand made its way between her legs and his fingers found her opening. He slowly moved his fingers over the outer lips of her box, but never inside. The teasing was beginning to drive her wild. She suddenly realized she was raising her buttocks up to meet the blows of the paddle. Mark ordered her to remain still, and not move at all. She could not believe her ears. Not move, when she was hot, on fire with the excitement of what was happening to her, ready to cum at any moment. She moved her buttocks up again, waiting for the next smack of the paddle, but it did not come. Mark withdrew his hand from her crotch and sat waiting for her to remain quiet. When she realized that nothing would continue until she stopped moving, she tried with all her might to stay still. The spanking resumed, lightly at first, teasing her seething buttocks. Then Mark's other hand moved down between her legs again and began teasing the lips of her vagina again. She tried as hard as she could not to move, but every once an awhile she wrenched with expectation to the next blow of the paddle and Mark's rubbing fingers. When Mark felt her rising to the point of climax, he increased the power of blows on her buttocks, smacking them harder and harder. She was about to explode. He suddenly stopped.

She was wet with her flowing juices, yet aching inside, waiting to cum and yet not doing so. Mark then took a dildo vibrator and inserted it into her anus. At first it hurt, for she had never had anything in her anus before except fingers. He then twisted it gently, moving it deeper into her, then turned it on so the vibration began. He then pushed it deeper into her anus so that the end of it was resting just below the surface of her cheeks. He rubbed more baby oil onto her buttocks, rubbing the now very tender, burning ass of Diana. She lay there waiting, begging for Mark to spank her and take her, she did so without saying anything, but thinking it only. Mark then placed the flat of his hand across her sore buttocks and began to slap. With his other hand he probed her clit. He spanked her again and again. With the vibrator inside her ass, the spanking on her tender buttocks, his finger probing and teasing her clit she was ready to explode with excitement. He administered four more very hard smacks to her bottom then stopped, withdrew his fingers from her clit. He reached down and released her feet from the straps that held them, then her hands, making sure she understood not to move until he told her to do so. He then rolled her over on her back, with the vibrator still pushed inside her ass, he pulled her legs up so her knees were touching her breasts. He reached down and turned the vibrator to high and then pinched her sore buttocks hard between his finger tips, she went wild. He withdrew the vibrator and told her to lay still. She wanted him to come inside her. She was dying to feel him inside her. Mark took the straps and secured them around her wrists again and then around her ankles. He took the cords to the straps around her ankles and untied them, and forcing her knees to her chest again, he retied them to the head of the bed with her legs spread wide, exposing the entire area of her vagina. Mark then moved to her vagina area and lightly, slowly, licked her clit with his tongue. Then increasing the motion of his tongue teased her vagina area. She was dying to cum, and Mark knew this, so he withdrew again. She flipped her head back and forth pleading with him, through her gagged mouth to take her. He stood, removed his underwear and his cock stood out erect. His cock was almost ready to explode, but he held it back from doing so. He then mounted Diana and slowly slid his cock into her opened clit and pushed slowly. She responded by trying to move her hips toward him, he thwarted her movement by placing his hands on her hips and holding her down. The message was clear to her. He then removed his hands from her hips and slid them under her elevated buttocks. As he increased the speed of his thrust he began spanking her buttocks again. Harder and harder as his thrusts increased, until both collapsed from the climax they had experienced. He lay there with his head between her breasts for only a moment. Then he reached up to Diana's gagged mouth and removed the scarf.

"Oh Mark, that was fantastic. Better than anything I've ever felt." Mark placed his hand over her mouth and said, "My love, it is not over yet. There is more to come." He removed the blindfold, untied her hands and legs and let her sit on the edge of the bed resting and regaining her strength. Her bottom burning as she sat on it, a reminder of the excitement and pain she had just experienced.

Mark got up and walked into his bath room, then into the hot tub room adjoining the two baths and turned the hot tub on.

Diana was surprised at herself. She never dreamed she would enjoy being submissive, or spanked. She became excited just thinking about it. She squeezed her buttocks together, causing the pain to soar again, as a reminder of the thrill she had felt. She felt herself becoming hot again, and her cunt getting excited. She wanted Mark to do it again, but was too timid to ask.

Mark returned to the bedroom, walked over to Diana and took her hand. He led her into the hot tub room and helped her into the tub. "Did you enjoy that then?", he finally asked.

"Oh yes Mark," Diana cooed. "I enjoyed it very much. Did you?"

"Oh yes, I enjoyed it very much. Then you like being dominated?"

"Yes Mark, I liked it more than anything I can ever remember."

"Well, my dear, sweet love, there will be more after our hot tub, and good night's rest." Diana did not say anything, but looked at Mark's eyes, thrilled with the anticipation of what lay ahead. She relaxed in Mark's arms and enjoyed the bubbling water. One jet fingering her sore buttocks, relieving the pain they held. They stayed there for nearly an hour, then went into the bedroom and slept.