Up & Adam II: My Hot Encounter in the Men's Room

Info Tristan LeMay
24 Dec. '15

   After my encounter with Nick in the subway car, I was still half in a daze, walking out of the subway station and in the direction of my office building. Part of me felt happy that my feet knew where to take me because it was as though my brain wasn’t there anymore. Not to mention the fact that cum was dripping down the insides of my legs.

   I kept thinking of Nick and how much I was looking forward to repeating the experience we had just had in the subway. I kept thinking that, the next morning, I would find a way to pass my cell phone number on to him. I kept thinking how I really wanted to see this guy again.

   My cock was hard again and the cum leaking down my legs was starting to get cold or dry or both. When I got to the front of the office building where I work, my feet just passed it and walked on.

   Notwithstanding the haze that seemed to envelop my brain, it did know that I had to stop at the store on the corner of the street to at least buy an extra pair of boxers or briefs. I wasn’t going to spend the whole day sitting in my cum which had now started to cake inside my thighs.

   When I finally got to the office, I discretely slipped into the men’s room and took out the face cloth and hand towel I had bought at the same time as the underwear. Good thinking, right? I wet the washcloth with hot water and soaped it up before slipping into one of the two stalls to clean myself up, pulling down my trousers and boxers and starting out by washing the inside of my thighs, my groin, and my pubic area before finishing with my cock.

   I kept thinking of Nick and that incredible encounter we had just had. Rubbing my joint with the soapy, wet face cloth, I started getting hard again. Then, I thought, “Idiot! What are you going to do to get the soap off?” For a moment, I decided I didn’t care. I started playing with myself, making my cock harder and harder, and building up to fucking my fist full of wet, soapy washcloth. I grabbed on to the coat hanger with the looped hand towel to steady myself while my hard cock slipped in and out of the soaking flannel fabric in my other hand.

   The memories of my chance meeting with Nick were flooding my brain and soon, I shot another load which popped out of the other side of the face cloth, hitting the floor next to the toilet. “What the hell is getting into me?” I thought, panting. “Man that was hot!”

   But I still had to take all this lathered soap off my cock, balls, pubes… I held my breath for a second, checking to see if I was still alone in the men’s room. Coast looked clear. I decided to make a move and head to one of the sinks to rinse out my soap-and-cum-filled face cloth. I pulled my trousers up over my butt without fastening them and shimmied out of the stall, over to the sink.

   I quickly rinsed the face cloth and filled it with clear water, lifting up the corners of my dress shirt and dousing my genitals and inner thighs with water. I did it twice before wringing the face cloth and wiping the excess water off myself.

   As I was rinsing and cleaning the piece of fabric, the door opened and in walked Gabriel Verdù, the sexiest guy in the whole office. Startled, I looked up in the mirror and saw this gorgeous Mexican divinity standing there, his eyes meeting mine over my shoulder, me knowing what I had just been doing and him, apparently surprised that he was not alone in the men’s room.

– Oh, sorry, man, he said, as if he knew he was interrupting something.

   There was an odd silence. I was just standing there with the water still running on the washcloth that had just been washed away of my semen. He was standing there like he didn’t know why he had come in in the first place. I saw him knit his thick Latino brow in the mirror.

   – It’s nothing, I said. Just, uh… dropped some food in my lap.

   I wrung the face cloth one more time and turned the tap.

   – Just had to clean myself up.

   I had forgotten I had not fastened my trousers and was barely holding them up thanks to the side of the counter but I realized water had splattered around the sink and was wetting the front of my pants. I stayed there for a few more seconds, weighing my options, while Gabriel moved over to the urinal next to the sink.

   – Don’t mind if I…

   His deep, sexy voice and his intoxicating Spanish accent almost made me hard again. Actually, I realized that my still half-hard cock was now pressed against the wet surface of the front of the counter.

   – Of course not, go right ahead.

   I wrung the hell out of the face cloth one last time and grabbed some brown hand paper to wipe up a little of the water mess I had made. Without thinking, I glanced over at Gabriel and our eyes met as he was pulling down his fly to take out his cock in front of the urinal. I am sure I turned beet red. My head started twitching like I didn’t know in which direction to look. I spun around, finally thinking I had something to do – had to throw the wet paper in the trash – and my pants fell to the floor while I was facing in Gabriel’s direction. The metal fastener of my belt crashed on the ceramic tile floor and the sound echoed off the walls. Gabriel turned midstream, but luckily didn’t pee on the floor. He caught himself just in time.

   Then, everything happened so fast. I remember thanking my lucky stars my cock had lost a bit of its swelling and had slipped back under the flaps of my shirt or else it would have been sticking straight out at Gabriel through the curtains of my dress shirt.

   Gabriel chuckled and – I swear to God – blushed. I know, right? A dark-skinned Mexican who visibly blushes? I almost lost it, he was so irresistible.

   But I caught myself quickly, squatted down to pick up my pants and as I pulled the waist band back over my hips, I felt my cold zipper pushing up my balls which, like a domino effect, pushed the base of my cock up and out from between the flaps of my shirt, offering itself to Gabriel’s view.

   I don’t know what came over me, but instead of tucking my junk back in my pants quickly, I looked up at Gabriel and realized he was looking straight at my crotch and not hiding his own from my view.

   – Ow! was all that came out of my mouth when I realized my zipper had lightly grazed my ball sac.

   – Zipper? asked Gabriel, looking up into my eyes while nonchalantly pulling the foreskin off his lean, flaccid dick, pushing the last few drops of pee out of it.

   – Yeah, I answered, my eyes now fixed on his cock and my right hand adjusting my balls to assess the damage, a move rendered okay by Gabriel’s acknowledgement of the accident.

   – Are you okay?

   This conversation was getting surreal.

   – Sure. I’ll be fine.

   My breath was choppy now and my heart was racing.

   – You want me to check it out?

   I almost fainted right then and there. Gabriel was walking toward me in what seemed like slow motion, gently tugging at his growing cock, making mine twitch and wake up as well.

   When Gabriel got but a few inches from my face, he reached over my shoulder with his left hand and twisted the lock on the door.

   – Oh. Right.

   Why the heck was I talking like a retarded person? “Shut up, Adam. Silence worked really well for you with Nick.”

   Then, Gabriel’s hand came back from the lock and settled on the back of my neck, pulling me softly into the most amazing kiss. My mouth met his soft, supple lips and when the tip of his tongue touched mine, bolts of electricity shot straight to each and every nerve ending in my body. When he softly bit my lower lip, the only thing I could think was how much I would love to devour his whole being.

   “This is amazing, but wasn’t he supposed to just come over to make sure my balls weren’t nicked too badly by my zipper?” I asked myself. “Idiot! Live in the moment!”

   We let our drawers fall to the floor and didn’t interrupt the kiss while we patiently undid every button of each other’s dress shirt. I had seen Gabriel’s amazing chest and abs at the gym on the ground floor of the building, but now my fingers were actually tasting them, playing xylophone on his taut, tight belly.

   Still kissing me softly but passionately, Gabriel started running his fingernails up and down my back, and the only thing I could think of was: “How can he KNOW that this is my favorite thing in the whole fucking world?!?”

   I did not want the soft scratching to stop, but I wanted to taste that cock I had made rock hard in my hand at the end of my journey to Gabriel’s catapult. To make sure I got the best of both worlds, I leaned in like a crane and, just before swallowing it whole – which I had not been able to do with Nick’s in the subway –, I pulled down the foreskin in one good stroke. When Gabriel’s swollen cock head hit the back of my throat, I thought his legs would buckle under him and I felt his nails dig deeper into the skin of my back.

   But I didn’t care.

   I had Gabriel Verdù’s steaming hot piece of Mexican meat in my mouth and I was going to make the most of every minute, every second. I went down on him furiously, sucking, licking, swabbing, pressing and nibbling his manhood, pleasuring him until he couldn’t take it anymore and started trying to pull my face off his cock, whispering in a panicked state, with that irresistible accent:

   – I am going to cum… Stop… I am going to cum in…

   I was holding tight, bobbing up and down hard on his bulging piston, wanting that load to flood the back of mouth and cascade down my throat. The moaning sounds I made to egg him on were just the vibrations his pole needed to put him over the edge.

   – … your… mouth!

   He did. He erupted violently in my mouth, spasms rocking his whole body as I milked his burning cock with every muscle I had in my face.

   He continued moving his hips forward and backward so his cock would slip on my tongue, back and forth until, suddenly, he grabbed the back of my head by the hair and slowly pulled me up into a kiss.

   – Why did you do that? he whispered into my mouth.

   – Because I wanted to, I answered firmly, without any other explanation being necessary.

   – Yes, but I wanted you to cum, too.

   – That can be arranged.

   We smiled at each other and he twisted me around, my face to the door. I put my hands on the wall and the door, as though he was about to frisk me. He hugged me from behind, caressing my torso and narrowing his exploration down to my crotch where his right hand found my bulging cock. He started jacking my shank while his pelvis gyrated against my butt cheeks. I could feel the side of his face, his rugged beard rub against my shoulder blades and I thought: “Wow! This guy is so fucking unbelievable!”

   – Oh, man, Gabriel, yeah!

   I started fucking his hand, feeling the cum build up in my bulging balls and just as I was about to explode, I felt somebody push on the door and heard the thud of the bolt lock move and snap back, not allowing the intruder entrance.

   That’s when I shot my first stream of cum, watching it fly through the air and hit the door.

   – What the f…?

And then another shot.

   – Who is in there?

And a third.

   – Yeah, cover that door in cream, baby! whispered Gabriel in my ear, in between nibbles on it.

   – What’s going on?

I had to snap out of it and answer:

   – Oh you don’t want to come in here. There’s been a mess!

I looked down at my semen dripping on the door.

   – What kind of mess?

   – Oh, you don’t want to know. Just give us a few minutes to clean it up.

   – “Us”? Asked the voice on the other side of the door.

– Yeah, “us”… added Gabriel, to indicate that there really were two voices inside the men’s room.

   I heard a groan from outside and the guy walked away.

   Gabriel twisted me around and kissed me again. I remember thinking: “You do not want to forget this moment. Make sure every second, every detail, every feeling is recorded for future reference.”

   I cleaned myself up with my washcloth, dried myself with the hand towel, cleaned the mess on the door with some brown paper and water, and sprayed a little air freshener to make it look like there had been another type of body fluid that had been an issue.

   Gabriel and I were now dressed – I had, of course, made sure to slip on my new underwear and put the dirty ones in my plastic bag, wrapped in the hand towel – and ready to get out of there. When I put my hand on the lock to open it, Gabriel put his hand on mine and came in for another kiss.

   – You don’t do this kind of thing every day, do you? he asked.

   – No! I answered. But this is my second time today though.

Gabriel looked at me and laughed. He was right. It did sound like a really good joke.

*   *   *  *   *

   Since then, every time Gabriel and I cross paths near the photocopy machine or the water cooler… or when we meet in the restroom, we exchange the most smoldering and unequivocal glances, but we have yet to touch each other again at all. I have a feeling it will happen, but I just don’t know when or how or where. One thing’s for sure: That was definitely my most memorable men’s room encounter. Ever.