The Good Neighbour - Part Eight or Lost for Words

Of course, I don`t have a chance to explore further my newly-found interest, as we both jump, listening to the sound of Mike`s key in the lock. I automatically reach for my clothes, suddenly feeling vulnerable and exposed. Having sex with Hayley while Mike is there is a completely different thing from what we have been doing for the past half an hour. In effect, both of us have been cheating on him. I don`t even dare to think about the other implications of this.

For a moment I hope that it isn`t too obvious, but my heart sinks quickly. Yeah, right, I`m sure he will think that we are just trying on each other`s clothes. Especially since Hayley is still wearing the huge strap-on. Looking at it makes me blush, but she doesn`t seem to be too concerned. Neither by our nudity, nor by the fact that her husband is about to enter the room.

“Honey, I`m home.”

Only one sentence. One sentence that breaks my heart, and I don`t even know why. Honey… I shake my head, painfully aware that I have no right to feel jealous. They are married for god`s sake. But then who am I to them? Or rather what am I? It`s as if the fog was beginning to lift off my brain, I feel ashamed of myself. I guess there is one thing left: sneak out, preferably without causing a scene. Hayley shouts back at him, making all the color drain from my face:

“Come on in, I have a surprise for you.”

Oh, shit. I`m not sure I want to do this anymore. In fact, I don`t. Not if it doesn`t mean anything to them. Somehow, right now, all of this feels so wrong. Because of that goddamn honey. Gosh, I don`t even know who I`m jealous of. How is this possible? Could I be falling in love with both of them? I let out a tiny whimper, feeling utterly uncomfortable in my own skin. Not that I have ever felt too good, to be honest. Well, that`s not entirely true. Whenever I`m with them, I feel alive and complete.

“What`s wrong honey?”

Honey!? Why does she have to call me that? To hurt my feelings? I look up, just to be welcomed by two pairs of worrying eyes. I have no idea why, but I lose my temper, surprising us all:

“As if you cared.”

With that I grab my stuff and try to storm out, except Mike stands in my way. He places a soothing hand on my arm, but instead of calming me down, he has the opposite effect.

“Let me go, now.”

But he stands still, and I give way to my frustration and tears, leaning on his chest, heaving heavily. I`m angry at him, at her, but mostly at myself. How could I have been so stupid? He starts caressing my hair, whispering into my ears softly:

“Hush now, everything`s going to be okay.”

I want to scream at him, tell him that nothing will be okay, but I keep quiet this time. Because I don`t want them to know. Sensing that my tears have eased into sobs, Mike reaches down and grabs my chin, lifting it up to kiss me. Familiar feelings stir up deep inside me, and I`m doing my best to push them aside. I push Mike away, and he lets out a small sigh.

“You are confused, and that`s understandable. This whole situation is new to you. We…”

He looks at Hayley, and she must nod, because he continues in a calm, almost nurturing tone:

“We have done this before. And although we haven`t really talked about this, we want you to enjoy it as much as we do.”

Both of them are looking at me expectantly, and I know that I should say something, but I can`t. For me, this isn`t about pure satisfaction anymore. Not sure it ever was. Mike`s words echo in my mind. I have no idea what I expected. Liar, you expected real feelings. I sound stupid, even to myself. Feelings, yeah, right. As if that could ever happen. I realize that they are still waiting for an answer, so I blurt out, before I could change my mind:

“What you are saying makes sense. Except for one thing.”

Hayley`s voice is barely a whisper when she asks:

“Which would be?”

I take a deep breath, then look away.

“I`m not confused. I know exactly what I want. I want…”

I look back into their eyes, and can`t see pity there. Just curiosity and something I`m unable to grasp. Could it be hope? Maybe I`m going crazy, or I just want to be humiliated a bit more. Perhaps I think that if I say it out lout it will make less sense, and I can get it out of my system. Maybe all of these reasons lead me to my confession. Here goes nothing.

“I want both of you. I think… No, I`m sure that I`m falling in love with you.”

There, I said it. But the heaviness hasn`t disappeared from my heart and mind. Okay, so the feeling remained, so what? I will just go home, eat some ice cream, watch a few rom-coms, cry my eyes out and it will be over. Just like any other time.

Mike clears his throat, sending shivers along my spine. Okay, I might have to move somewhere else. To another country maybe, so then I won`t have to face them every day. Because here everything will remind me of what I can`t have.

“Sarah, we have to tell you something.”

Please, do I have to listen? Can`t I just go and forget this ever happened? Mike glances over at Hayley, and she smiles at him encouragingly. He takes a deep breath, turns back to me and says:

“We love you too.”

What?! It takes a few seconds for his words to sink in, and even then, my shock is palpable. Could he be serious? Could they really feel what I feel? But that would mean… Hayley`s words bring me back to reality:

“Yes, we do. Mike and I have talked about this many times. Personally, I think that you are very cute and innocent. He didn`t want to bring you into all of this, but then I saw how unhappy you were. It did start as pure fun, but then we both began to develop feelings for you.”

I huff in disbelief, and Mike takes over:

“This is new to us, too. We have never felt like this towards our… Well, they used to be playthings really. But with you, it`s different. I don`t know why, but it is. And I`m really sorry if we ever made you feel like you were anything less.”

I shake my head, unable to find the words to describe how I feel. I don`t even know how I feel exactly. I force a smile, noticing the worry in Mike`s eyes.

“Both of you made me feel wonderful, and that`s why this is so hard for me. You see, nobody has ever made me feel this way. I have no idea where this is going, but I know that I don`t want this to end.”

Hayley smiles at me, stepping closer. She takes my hand in hers, and says tentatively:

“Oh honey, there is nothing we want more, than to be with you. So, what do you say? Shall we take this one day at a time?”

I think for a moment, weighing my options. If they haven`t told me how they feel, then probably this request would have sent me packing straight away. But I have to realize that nothing is guaranteed in life, not even my own feelings. Hells, today is a great example of that. So I guess, this is the wisest thing we can do. This won`t end today, and I`m not sure when it will. I`m only sure of one thing: until it does, we will have plenty of fun and adventures.

“I`m in.”

That`s all I can say. But words are just words anyway, and I know by now that acts speak way louder, so I pull Hayley to me, kissing her passionately. She lets out a small shriek, obviously surprised by my sudden boldness. By the time I let her go, Mike is next to me, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Mind if I join you?”

Hayley winks at me, and we both say in unison:

“Not at all.”

He leans in, massaging Hayley`s breast with one hand, and reaching for my nipples with the other. Except I don`t let him, suddenly pulling away and dropping on my knees in front of him. His eyebrows shoot up in obvious shock and surprise. I let out a small chuckle, and take his impressive member into my right hand, starting to stroke him gently.

“This is my turn, after all.”

And with that I start nibbling on his sensitive shaft, swirling my tongue around the tip. He tastes sweet, which takes me by surprise. This isn`t what I`m used to, but it`s a very pleasant experience. Judging by his moans, he is enjoying it, too. Soon enough Hayley drops to her knees, too, and adrenaline rushes through my entire body. I continue sucking and pumping, but move to the side, so she can join me. I watch intently as her tongue flicks out, tasting Mike`s cock, as if it was a cone of the most exquisite ice cream. His balls tighten, and I know that he is close. I can only imagine how intense the feeling could be, two women sucking his cock simultaneously. I bet we have just granted one of his secret wishes. His dick twitches under our expert touch, and I look at Hayley, suddenly aware of how sexy she looks like this. I wonder whether she finds me hot, too, sucking on her husband`s cock.

As if reading my mind, she pulls me off him, kissing me with so much force my knees start to buckle. And before I know it, I`m being carried to the bed, and dropped down on it gently. I want to object, but I`m lost for words once more, as Mike starts nibbling at my left nipple, his hands kneading my right breast. Hayley spreads my knees wide, burying her face between my legs. I finally find my strength, and although it`s killing me, I try to stop them, but Mike holds me firmly in place.

“But… Oh… it was going to be my turn…”

I manage to say, but Mike doesn`t let me finish, sealing my lips with a kiss. In the meantime, Hayley`s tongue starts exploring my clit, and she pushes two of her fingers inside my dripping-wet pussy. When I get a chance to breath again Mike leans close to my ear, whispering gently:

“Honey, there will be plenty of time for that later. Or are you going somewhere?”

He bites down on my ear, while Hayley`s fingers increase their pace. As if on cue, she bites down on my clit, too, sending me over the edge. Mike kisses me again, not waiting for an answer. I`m still shivering when Hayley climbs up the bed, a heavenly smile on her lips. The three of us snuggle close to each other, and I now know that I belong here. My pleasure is as important for them as their own. And for some reason, what just happened proves to me just how much they care about me. With a glowing smile on my face I reply, knowing that what I`m saying is true:

“No, I`m not going anywhere. I`m finally home.”

Mike kisses my forehead, and Hayley puts her arm over my breasts. Something stirs in me once more, but I brush the feeling aside this time. I`m truly spent now, and judging by their deep breaths, all three of us could do with a little rest. I look at their smiling faces once more before I drift off to sleep, wondering what adventures wait for me tomorrow.

But I guess that`s another story…