The Landscape of Lust

I gaze with hunger at your hills and dells

Your body is a landscape for my lust 

And as you're lying there I savor smells 

Just like an elephant in rutting must.


My eyes will travel over paths of flesh

To map into my mind your beauty pure

And soon I hope to feel our bodies mesh

And you will be enraptured, to be sure.


Your nakedness is like unto a world

That I may move about in eager quest

And chart the many wonders you've unfurled 

With loveliness so fine I can attest.


With eagerness I shed constraining garb

Displaying rampant manhood to your sight

And you reach out and touch my luscious barb

In hopes that soon he'll fill you with delight.


Caressing hair of gold I touch your nape

And draw your sunny face toward my shaft

As you extend your tongue with eyes agape

You lick my sword and gently stroke the haft.


I look into those orbs and see the soul

That you have offered up to our new love

Accepting passion as a loving role

I cram into your mouth and smile above.


Your body trembles as the earth may quake

As still you fondle both my testes firm 

My semen bursts and I begin to shake

With pleasure you enjoy each drop of sperm.


You rise and kiss me with true fervor now

Returning moisture to my lips to taste

This tenderness is what we both allow

Exploring vales and mounds, no undue haste.


I lay you out as if you were a chart

With geographic teachings I may read 

That gave directions to your nether part

Where I might find the haven that I need.


Your tender valley moist with honeyed dew

Will succor me whilst drinking up its gift

With forceful tongue I split your slit anew

And lick the swollen lips around your rift.


Again your body quivers as you soar

With ardor that is high as mountain peaks

And now that I have found the deepest core

My member needs to find what it still seeks.


Upon your knees a vista does spread out

Before my eyes the view that I desire

And kneeling there your canyon has no doubt

My cannon will be hot as raging fire.


My throbbing pillar of desired dreams

Is placed at heaven's gate to feel the burn

While you're still leaking drips of tasty creams

I ram your glen of hopes and start to churn.


With every ounce of force I jam it in 

And start to grind it deeper with each thrust

Like plowing in a field I hump again

You take it all and beg for more with trust.


At last I feel the urge to spill my seed

And thus it squirts to fill your jelly roll

So now that we have filled our loving need

Your lovely panorama is my goal.