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22 Jan. '17

This story might be disturbing to some


A story in two scenarios


I was driving up the road, radio on listening as I drive. If I receive a message or the phone rings, the music interrupts and I answer or look to see the email or text or whatever method of life interrupting item has redirected my brain. 

On this given event, it is a startling notice by way of text. First of all, I didn't expect to hear from my ex, Holly. It had been three years and we hadn't necessarily had a friendly split, although it wasn't a cat fight either. We had just decided to go our separate ways and I hadn't planned on hearing from her unless there was a very important and unexpected issue.  

The text said to call her if I get a chance, no emergency, but if I would, she had an issue that needed my attention. It was her daughter she wanted to talk about and she, I'll call her Shandy, was beginning to ask questions that were better answered by a man; her father. 

I had played the roll of father for about ten years. During the last year of our being together, I think Shandy was about fifteen, I took her out shopping and had a real heart to heart with her about boys. I had tried about a year or so sooner and all I got was giggles; obviously it wasn't time. Well, when she was fifteen, she was interested and I had her full attention. As a matter of fact, she was so intent on my conversation, she was glued to my every word. 

As the father figure for her, since her's had passed, and seeing her becoming a beautiful young lady, I knew it wouldn't be long and she would soon be in the position to make some very adult decisions. Looking as she did, and likely attracting the older boys, I knew she needed to be armed with some knowledge of the animals we men can be; yes me included. I laid it out first carefully and then began to give her the raw details of what sexuality really was and how men are well versed in the lying and I love you game just to get in her panties. In conversation, the mental images I was drawing for myself and looking into her pretty little face, made me feel like a pig just for the thoughts. Though not mine, I found myself loving this young lady and feeling very protective of her as I knew how we (men) worked. 

Back to the text; I responded back to her, " yes, I will call, it would be nice to talk with you; is everything really okay?"  Her reply was that all was well, just wanted to talk about Shandy. "Well, I'm driving home, want me to call you? After a considerable time, maybe 5 minutes, she returned a text, "no, I changed my mind, I want to meet with you and talk, how about dinner sometime next week?" I was excited by the proposition; it would be very nice to see her so I responded that next week was fine and I would let her know when tomorrow. 

Finished texting and the radio back blaring, now my whole focus has changed. I am amped up just to see her. Wow, this is weird, I didn't know I would feel so excited at the casual opportunity to see and speak with her. After all, she didn't want to meet and have raging sex, she wanted to talk about her daughter. Oh, well, you know how our mind works, transfixed, as a permanent priority, get some pussy, no we need to talk about Shandy, no, get some pussy... and on and on. 

I called her back and set up the dinner meeting for the following week and I was on my way to meet her. I was excited thinking of seeing her after three years. She had taken pretty good care of herself over the years and was still quite firm and pleasant to look at. Walking into the restaurant, our eyes met, she smiled her loveliest smile and I lit up at her presence. She was dressed in a skirt, heels, and a silk violet colored top drizzling down across her pretty breasts. She had on the tanzanite necklace I had given her years ago on an outing to her favorite place, Cambria. I reached out for her hand and lifted her from the seat and hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. She smelled marvelous. Her legs were awesome and covered in dark fishnets. I wanted to lick her neck and draw my hand up under her skirt right across her, quite likely, bare ass. She either had nothing or a thong on; either revealing her full ass. Of course, I wanted the evening to start off more respectful so my sick mental thoughts were kept to myself. 

Seated, we ordered wine and exchanged the normal conversation of past affections and caught up with the period of separation to fill in the gaps of unawareness. The catching up led to the reason for our real meeting and that was Shandy. 

Holly began by telling me she had a conversation with Shandy and she had mentioned to her mother that I had told her some things about boys and sex and what to watch out for. She said that she had also told her that at some point in her life, she would be at a point where she would want to have sex and it would be planned and well thought out, not the dangerous, spontaneous mistake that most of us make when we are young. She continued to tell me that Shandy had been seeing this boy for awhile and wanted to make sure she did things correctly so he didn't think she was weird or a virgin; you know, make all the stupid, fumbling mistakes of the first ridiculous endeavor. 

I asked her why she didn't just tell her what to do, how to handle things from the female perspective. Holly said, "oh no, you told her all this, you tell her what to do. She's eighteen and of course, he's going to think she is strange to be so unaware in this day and age." I laughed and considered the conversation; " he'll, Holly, what am I going to do, tell her how to suck a cock, how to ride him and sit on his face?" She laughed and snickered, "hey, keep it down, people can hear you. I don't know what you will say, but you started it and she needs you now so she is prepared for this. We have talked and she is old enough and has done well to get through school and save herself. I think she is acting quite mature to want to speak with you, especially since it has been three years and she still wants your guidance." 

I certainly would speak with her but I really had no plan. I would just start talking and see where things went. For now, I just wanted to enjoy the rest of the evening with Holly. So I told her okay and that was that. "Okay, so now tell me, why did we have to meet for this, it seems quite simple and would have been easily discussed over the phone, though I do understand it is a serious and important issue." "Well", she said, "I wanted to see you. I miss your face. I wanted to enjoy an evening with you and reminisce about the good days we had. Just talking with Shandy relit my candle and I was a bit excited to see you." I was flattered, as well as moved by her words. When I say moved, I mean I felt the sweet twinge of movement. 

"You know, I'm not sure I can remember what to tell her or exactly how to do it, I think I'm out of practice." I looked at her with a devilish smile and she played along, "I'm no psychologist but I think maybe a refresher might be in order; it may help you remember." She delayed and stared into my eyes, then a long delay; "well, you do have a partner, right?" I chuckled, I was a bit set back; shit I thought she was offering some sex. This was a reminder of the mind games she used to play on me. She knew she had the pussy, she knew she ran the show and she always played with that power. 

After a few more drinks and her toying with my head, the wrong one of course, she gathered her self and made preparation to move. I followed suit and we settled up with the house and exited the restaurant. We walked to her car. I held her hand as we walked and I remembered the good times and the feelings inside were somewhat hurtful and enjoyable at the same time. 

Once we reached her car, she turned to me and said thank you for meeting her and discussing Shandy. She reached up and pulled me to her. She hugged me tightly and didn't release me for a moment. I pulled her back and looked at her. She looked me in the eyes, and placed her hand behind my neck. She pulled me forward and placed her lips on my mouth. I followed her lead and opened my mouth to feel her quickly bury her tongue into me. I was excited and reluctant all at the same time. He'll, I didn't want to get all wrapped up in this just to have her say, "okay, goodbye, thanks." 

Well, surprise, surprise. She lowered her hand down and grabbed my ever stiffening hardness. She looked up at me, "I'll be your partner, let's go have a "remember fuck."  "Ever since we talked last week, I've been daydreaming about you. I want to feel you inside me." Shit, I was done for. She played me like a fiddle. I couldn't say no now even if I'd I wanted to.

"Follow me, I know a place", she said. I limped like a peg leg, with a boner down my leg back to my car and met her at the lot exit.  

Scenario #1

Following closely as I was excited, I wheeled in behind her and we parked in the lot. It was a very nice hotel. As she exited the car and I met her, once again, a surprise. I'm heading toward the office. "No, this way, I already have the key, we're going to 606." I didn't even respond. Son of a bitch, she knows me like her hand. I'm completely stirred by the possibility when we were having dinner, while she knows she already has it all planned. He'll, she knows she can do this, she knows I won't say no. On the other hand, I could never do this, he'll if she even thought I was planning on something like this, she would say no just to be in control. We men, what a bunch of weaklings; by this point, we can't say no, he'll we don't care if you're right by this point, we just want it.... Too bad you all know it too. 

Entering the room we close the door, check the view, of course, doesn't even fucking matter, but we want to know we've got a good view. Pull the curtains fully open and check the tv, yeah like it matters too. She has already exited to the restroom so I lay back on the bed and the feelings which were excited by the possibility now switch to trying to slow my heart rate and cool myself down to a mild roar. Now that I'm here I need to take it slow, enjoy the time and make it memorable. 

She returns and had obviously been prepared for this as she is wearing a sweet neglige with fishnets, spiked up the ass heels, and a very sexy smile. I stand at her presence and reach for her hand. Damn, she looks good. I pull her to me and hug her and breathe in deeply so she can hear that I am taking her complete in. I pull her out and greet her smiling face with a soft kiss on the lips. She releases and looks at me. "Okay, don't get all romantic, this isn't love, I want to fuck the shit out of you. I want your dick inside of me and I'm not going to play a kissy game. We've discussed the important business over dinner, now all I want is your hard dick." She pushed me back onto the bed and pulled at my shoes. I assisted and quickly removed my clothing. Of course, the pants were a bit of a challenge getting hung up on my very happy weapon. She dropped to her knees and leaned into the edge of the bed. She pulled at me to reposition myself at the edge for her to more easily perform her wanting task. As soon as she touched it, I just felt like exploding. The built up anticipation had me yearning so much for the feeling of her once again. Although she talked like a crazed slut, once she started, she didn't go he'll bent to get me off, she was slow, consistent, and continued her pace driving me senseless. 
I slid back onto the bed knowing she would have to come up on top to meet me. When she did, I raised up and pulled her to me. I lifted her gown out away from her backside so I could feel her back and lovely ass. As she had fishnets and a garter, I stroked across the material and envisioned my route from memory. It felt even better than I had remembered. Up the sides of her torso and around to the front. I caressed her mounds of lovely soft flesh and felt her rising nipples. They were hard and her moans matched my intentions to please her in every way. 

Her hands dropped into my crotch and she made efforts to pull at my shaft but the position didn't allow much movement. I didn't need her doing that right now, I wanted this to last. It was such a sweet surprise of which I didn't expect; now keeping the pace slow and steady was my desire. 

From my stroking of her breast and kissing her deeply, I pushed her back onto the bed and she lay there, lovely in the dim light and I lowered myself down onto her and allowed my position to work in between her legs as I kissed her. Legs apart, heels high in the air, I pulled at her gown to lift it clear of my intended target. I placed myself directly over her now wet biscuit and I drew myself backward and forward. My dick lay pressed against my stomach but I knew I was working her clit in this position. She moaned and wiggled with my movement I tried to lift me into  the necessary angle to ram it into herself. Oh no, I thought, this is way too soon. I did lift myself but not to allow what she had intended, but to draw myself down the bed toward the heat I wanted to smell and taste. The memory of eating her and watching her buck me was a fond one and I wanted to relive that, even if it was going to be only this one last time. 

I started by licking the inside of her thighs and held firmly onto her legs to affirm my work. I would gently work my way close to her clit and the head of her vagina, but never get in there and work it. She was burning for the thrust of my tongue into her moist pocket. I circled and blew into her desire and raised one hand up to caress her tits as I wanted to increase her wanting to be fucked. I pulled my hand back down and placed one on each side of her lips and spread them to assist in forcing her clit to protrude up and out. It stared at me begging to be licked. I very softly flicked at it with the tip of my tongue. She lifted her pelvis to meet my tongue and her aching pussy glistened in the shadowy light. Her begging impulse lifted her into my face and I removed my hands from her lips and drew them under her and pulled her up at my face. I gave her more tongue and allowed it to slip deeper into her rising hips. I squeezed her ass cheeks and lapped at her, now with more pressure and intensity. I brought my right hand up and  from the bottom, I entered her womb to assist my tongue work. Slowly into her until I hit full existent with my index and middle fingers. In and out, up and down, she was moaning feverishly now, I needed to give her a break. 

I lifted to my knees and moved to her side. I moved to the headboard next to her and grabbed her hair; not in a mean way, but with manly sexual desire and control and pulled her face over to meet my throbbing and now dripping cock helmet. I pushed it into her mouth and spoke to her, " Okay Holly, no romance, just a nice hard fuck; here suck my cock you fucking nasty bitch. I've been thinking about you as well since we talked and I have been thinking crazy shit about fucking you. Not sure if I'm going to let you drink my cum or shove it deep into that pretty little pussy, but right now you need to fucking suck me." I was trying to enforce an affect and not only on her but myself as well. I think I had her. She grabbed me by the ass and pulled me into her face. She was deep throating me to the nutsack. Hard thrusting by myself and her as she moaned and choked at my cock. 

I felt the rising desire and backed away. I bent down and through the saliva and mess of her face, I kissed her. I kissed her hard. I bit her lip and as I pulled away, I slapped her face. " you nasty cunt, you want some dick don't you, you want to be fucked until you cry don't you? Not yet you fucking prick teaser." I turned and flopped onto the bed next to her. I told her to get up and place that wet fucking pussy on my face, "I want to fucking bite your clit until you bleed."

She did as directed and rose over me. She plopped down onto my face hard. She forced her pussy into me and gyrated in circles. I felt her juices flowing into and around my mouth. She was a sloppy mess. Not a bad mess, a good mess. 

I lifted her and rose from the bed, pulling her with me as I walked toward the window. At the edge of the window, I turned her to face me. I grabbed her gown and pulled it over her head revealingly her breasts and the garter and fishnet stockings. The garter nestled nicely around her ass while still revealing her nice trim bush. Her heels further emphasized her nasty look of a slut on the hunt. "Okay' my little night whore, give me this leg", I stated as I leaned to pull her right leg up into the window. Standing in the window in the light, it wasn't clear to us who may be getting a nice view from six floors below. I didn't really care if they did to didn't, the possibility was so exciting to me. "Yes, now watch me fucking ram this pussy from down there. Come on, lift this leg, I want it over your head, high in the window. She wasn't a yogi but she was quite flexible as she had her leg up high onto the window. Holding her high heeled leg up, the straps of her garter being stretched to hold onto the fishnets, I moved into her. She was so wet, I easily slid into her pussy. She whelped like a puppy running into the wall. Kind of a short spurt of sound followed by a long slow oooooooh. 

From the angle, her pussy was stretched high and tight. The feeling was incredible. I worked her in and out, assisted by my other hand on her tits. I wasn't fondling them, I was grinding them. She was moaning with a mix of pleasure and pain. I released her tits and reached around and spanked her ass. I twisted her enough to lay her elevated leg onto my shoulder. With two free hands now, I grabbed her ass and began to force fuck her as hard as I could. I pressed her into the corner of the window frame with my cock and pelvis and pulled her toward my thrusts with my arms and hands on her ass. 

I backed from her and spun her around. I forced her head away from me and bent her at the waist. I spread her cheeks and rammed her from behind. Perfect shot, directly into her snatch. As I pounded her, I spanked her ass again. Harder and harder, she was moaning again and thrusting back at me. "Fuck my cunt you fucker, spank my ass, I've been a very bad girl, make me cry, come on, fuck my pussy." I reached over her shoulders and grabbed a hand full of her hair. I pulled her hair hard, lifting her head back toward me with each thrust. The slapping sound of my pelvis meeting her with each forward motion. 

 I felt my rise to pleasure and slowed my pace. She continued to pull at me. She released and turned around. Facing me, she jumped into my chest with her arms thrust around my neck, her legs joined behind me. "Here, fuck me like this. I want to feel you deep inside me. I want you to give me your load. I want it deep in me." I held her out slightly to allow for the needed position and pulled her into me and she slid back into my stomach, full of dick. Holding her hips, I moved here in and out. She was right, it was deep, very deep. She loved the position and hugged my neck hard. She was going to have an orgasm, it was evident. I spoke, "is that good baby, you like it deep, you gonna cum for me baby? Come on, let me feel your pleasure, come on, scream for me, let me know you like it." She lifted her head back and rolled her eyes up. She let out a long groaning exorcistic sound and it stretched out for thirty, forty seconds. Her groaning turned to a deep ugh sound and she held me tight against her. 

I am so satisfied, I didnt care if I came now. I felt like the alpha silver back who just fucked like a king. His female pleasured to complete satisfaction. 

She drops to her feet and moves once again to the bed. She throws her heels into the air and leans back. The sight of her, well pleased, tired and sweaty, still ready to please me. I moved to her and leaned into her. She grabbed me and placed it into her vagina and rocked back. "Okay, cum for me now. I got mine, now fill my pussy with your happy ending. I want to feel you, I want to hear you scream, yeah, I remember, you like to fucking scream from the pleasure. Let me hear you once again. Fuck my pussy baby. I'm squeezing you, can you feel me. Isn't it nice and tight. Yeah baby, fuck that tight pussy." I'm ready to bust, she is tight, she is sexy, she is driving me over the edge. I'm excited and thinking of her play at dinner and her whole intention. She is so good, so controlling. 

 I'm done, " oh fuck, I feel it baby, here it comes, oh shit you feel so fucking good, oh fuck." She continues as I lose ability to speak, " yeah baby, you like fucking me don't you, I'm squeezing your dick, you feel that, isn't that good, come on, let me hear you, come on scream for me, let them hear you, fucking come on, scream for me." 

As requested, I'm fucking screaming and bucking and filling her with every bit of energy I can produce. Spent, shot, done. I allow my weight to fall upon her. She is fucked out, she is sweating, wet with sex, hers and mine. She glistens in the light. Her hair is a mess, her face wet with saliva. Her tits and chest are stuck to mine. I cradle her head in my hands. "Wow, I think that was better than we ever did when we were together." She replied, "yes, I believe it was, our heightened desire was intense. I desired you so much looking forward to tonight, I had a hard time not revealing myself." I chimed in, "you had me, I wanted you since the text, just seeing it was you, my thought.... Oh, I want to feel her again...... And now, thank you, that was awesome. Once again she spoke, "okay, now rest, fall asleep in my arms, sleep next to me and let me remember this feeling. When we wake, I wan t some more."  My final thought, "oh shit, what have I done?" I lift for a second and allow myself to take in the view of her; heels, fishnets, lovely glowing body, and certainly quite happily fucked;  "yeah, I can do this."


Scenario #2

Following closely behind as I was very excited, we entered the parking lot of the hotel. I parked and exited and walked over to her car. She was on the phone, not sure if she had been called or whether she initiated the call. She turned and spoke, "here, 606, I'll be up in a minute." I was shocked, she knew we were coming here all along. Here I was trying to work it and she was going to fuck me on her terms. It was her plan. I took the room card, "okay, see you inside," I said as I ambled off toward the room, still pissed at my efforts when it wasn't even necessary. 

Up the elevator to floor six and down the hall to the right, looking for 606 slowing my breathing and excitement. I entered the room and allowed the door to collapse into the latch as I walked in. As I pass the restroom and move into the sleeping area, my surprise reaches full measure. "Hi, how are you daddy? I wanted to see you so much, thank you for coming." Okay, now in my mind, I just got fucked out of a good fuck. "Hi, my dear Shandy, so nice to see you and oh my god, how you have grown into a beautiful young woman.  She says thank you and hugs me very tightly. 

"I'm so surprised, I thought your mother and I were going to talk a little about you tonight, but look here, you are here. Does this mean we are going to have a family conversation?" I was very happy to see her, but fuck, not here, I wanted momma tonight. I was going to get blue balls now. She had me all worked up with such expectation. Shandy, looked at me with a peculiar smile, "daddy, mom isn't coming up tonight. It's just me and you. We talked a couple years ago about boys remember? Well, I told momma I wanted you. I wanted you to fill me in on a little more and I don't think she needs to be here." Is that okay daddy? I missed you so much and I need your fatherly advice." I felt happy, disappointed, and a lot of things right at this moment, but mostly my limp dick reminded me that I was going to handle this conversation tonight with my daughter while I was thinking about her mother's ass. 

I looked out the window and opened the curtains as is my typical operation when setting up my one night palace. I don't like the closed up feeling you get from a small hotel room. Though it wasn't particularly small, the space yearned for openness. Out the window, I looked down toward the lot and noticed her car had left; as Shandy had told me her mother never intended to enter the room. 

"Okay my daughter, where do we start? I'm not sure what you'd want to know or how would be the best way for me to relate this subject. Yes, we talked and I know I was quite frank with my explanations of things. I guess maybe the best way to start is to ask you what you have done, how far have you gone, are you still a virgin, do you want to give me a little information so I know where to star?" 

"Daddy, I'm not a virgin any longer, though it was painful and brief, I was scared, had no clue, didn't follow your direction for myself, and basically it was a mess and I need to handle this much better. Now I have met a really great guy and I don't want to screw it up. I want him to think I know what I am doing. And with your guidance, maybe I will know what I am doing. I've seen a penis, though it was brief. I didn't touch it, I just froze and he poked me. I laid there scared, he moved my panties and he pushed it into me and about 5 seconds later, he jumped up and made a mess of my clothes. It was awful." "Daddy, I want you to tell me how it should be, what I should do, what I should expect and want from him and maybe I will handle this better next time." " I turned 18 this year daddy, I'm a woman now, I want to be like one."

So I started to explain some things to her and more about boys, emphasizing the term "boys" because at her age they were testosterone driven little boys with no idea of women and their needs, wants, and desires. It was all about the previously stated, "5 seconds."

"Shandy, you want to go slow, a young boy wants to go fast, don't let him control the pace, you control it. After you have made the decision that you are willing to go all the way, and only after you have made this decision, allow yourself to be very open and available to him. But keep it slow, don't let him just dive into your panties. You should  take the first step while kissing him, to reach down and slowly rub across his pants. You will for sure, feel his cock, dick, penis, he'll Shandy, what shall I call it, this is so weird for me, what do you want me to call it?" "Well, daddy, let's call it a cock, it sounds kinda nasty and I like that." "Okay, dear, start rubbing his cock. He will love it. Unzip his.....", "daddy, it will be hard for me to remember all this from memory, will you show me? I'll do as you say and follow your lead." Holeeeee fuck, what do I say to this I ask myself, she's my daughter, she's lovely, I haven't laid eyes on her in three years, and fuck I'm still fired up because of her mother. "Shandy, I don't think..." She moves over and kisses me square on the mouth and begins to rub across my crotch. I can't handle it, I'm hard in 10 seconds. She backs away and looks up at me. "Daddy, I will remember, I will go slow, just guide me." "Well you're  off to a pretty good start Hun, look at daddy's cock, you see what you females do to us?" She laughed and kissed me again. "Daddy, can I make you cum tonight? Momma and I talked, she told me you have a lovely dick and that I would be able to learn well from you." Okay, now the thought hits, me, if she said that, then Holly knows this is more than a conversation tonight. "Shandy, does your mother know what kind of training session this is going to be tonight? Did she leave you here knowing you wanted to be physical with me?" I know I'm not your biological father, but to me I love you as my daughter. This is........" Shandy dropped to her knees in front of me and unzipped my pants. She reached in and released the uncomfortable tightness and made me feel more comfortable while still feeling more than a bit uncomfortable with my hard cock now staring into my dear baby's face. 

"Okay daddy, I'll start and you tell me how I'm doing." "Wait dear, let me tell you. You see this, this is the helmet of a cock, this edge is very sensitive, rub it, stroke over it, lick around it with your tongue. Use your hand to assist your mouth, don't stop and talk unless it's words like, "god, I love to suck your cock, I want this inside of me." "Never stop to have a general conversation or talk about anything else, he doesn't care, he wants you to keep sucking his cock. Do not stop, do not stop. A man loves a focused woman when she is on his cock. Generally, women that don't like sucking dick find reason to stop and fuck around and talk. The man gets frustrated and says, "fuck it." "He jumps on her and just fucks her. She will not get the enjoyment she wants from this either. Believe me, when you find out how good great lovemaking is, you will want him to take care of you as well. Remember, learn to suck cock like you love it, and you will find out that you really do. Women can have an orgasm sucking cock. Do it well, and remember, don't ever fucking stop." 

While I spoke, she unbuckled and removed my pants and pulled off my shoes to get everything out of the way. I pulled my shirt over my head an while doing so, I noticed she was removing her clothes as well. Completely undressed, I sat back on the bed and watched as she removed her skirt, top, and shoes. Now she sat before me in only her bra and panties. My god she was so beautiful I wanted to eat her up, I wanted to set her on the dresser so I could just stare at her beauty, but also I wanted to feel what she had started, and that was to have her replace those beautiful lips onto my cock. 

She moved to the bed and leaned over to kiss me. It felt weird and lovely at the same time. She definitely knew how to kiss. I felt her hand as it contacted my standing at full attention cock. She rubbed my nutsack and moved up to the helmet as directed and with the tips of her thumb and index fingers, she slid back and forth softly across it, back and forth. "Like that daddy," she said as she released the kiss long enough to speak.  "Yes dear, you are doing fine, that feels incredible, now move down there and learn to work it soft and steady, don't get excited, just soft and steady. Use you mouth and hands, maybe slide the other hand under my ass and if the position allows, rub the area very softly between my balls and my asshole." I felt her explore as I directed and I moaned briefly with her gentle pleasureful touch. "Yes, like that Shandy, just like that, oh fuck that feels great, just keep doing that."

She had been given direction and was performing now without direction so I decided to start on her. I reached around and deftly removed the clasp hiding her still unseen breasts. Once released, I had to lift from my inclined position to take a look at the beauty of them they were so new, so fresh, so untouched by the world. I wanted to leave them as near to virgin as they were but my manly desire had me reach to caress them. They were very dark and very hard at the nipples. They were quite a contrast against her Irish, milky white skin. I remember years ago feeling titties that were so tight, smooth, and fresh. 

"Shandy, I'm going to turn a little so I can make you feel good too. You keep doing what you are doing. If you like what you feel, you may stop long enough to tell me, but remember, don't stop long. If I'm close to something that feels good, or you want me to touch you differently, just tell me. Good sex requires that we tell the other person exactly what we want and how it feels the best. She stops briefly and says okay. Apparently, she likes what she is doing because she is doing it well and not stopping. 

Once, repositioned, I take her fresh breasts and cup them and kneed them like dough. I pull her closer to me and place one into my mouth. It feels warm and her hard nipple feels like a Hershey's Kiss sitting on top of her mound of soft warm flesh. I encircle the circumference of it and suck it as I use my hand to assist in completing the task of servicing both mounds. I switch to taste the erect nipple of her left side. It too is wonderful and as I stroke and lick at her, she moans and I feel the shivered squirms of her body's reaction to my touch. 

I once again pull her down a little further to make visual contact with her sweet and nearly untouched quim. It is as lovely as her breasts and smells of the female musk. It is glistening from her response to all the sexual gratification. I want to do this slowly as this is the ultimate pleasure zone. "Shandy, please stop, your going to make me cum and I want this to last. I want you to lay back and feel me, you don't have to do anything, just feel me on you. I am going to touch you and try to be slow and careful. If you like it, tell me. It doesn't have to be words, I can tell by your movements and reaction. Just let yourself go. I will not do anything to hurt you but if I make you feel uncomfortable, just let me know." 

She leaned back onto the pillow at the head of the bed and onto her back. From the foot of the bed, I approached from my knees and leaned into her warm nest of nectar. I licked one side of her vagina along the inner thigh, never even getting close to her target. I worked the other side. While doing this, I had one hand on her tits, and used only fingertips to stroke across her nipples; very hard nipples. They stretched out to reach into the air further. They looked like thimbles sitting on an ice cream cone. Lovely. She had only slightly trimmed her nest, likely as she had seen her mother's, quite similar in shape and design. But still long enough to get a hold of. I brought my hand down from her firm little mountains and with each hand, grabbed a handful of muff. Lightly of course, I pulled each side outward to reveal the lovely pinkish flesh that protected her vulva. At the upper end, her clit hood stood erect at the assistance of my pulling at the outer margins of her vagina. I blew into her quim softly and watched the reaction of her clit. I could tell she was squeezing her Kegel muscles as the hood rose from my breath. Again, I blew and moved into her and ever so lightly, just barely brushed the tip of her swollen clit. She moaned and tensed. Again, I brushed her hood. She grabbed the sheets and stayed tense as I continued to tease her love bud. 

Even though I was not being sucked, I felt my raging hardon and reached down to feel the hardness. Fuck, I was hard. She felt so good, she was so fresh and so special. I lifted away from her bud and as I held her quim open, I could see her tensing and releasing as the lower portion of her vagina would relax and fall slightly open and as she tensed, it would tighten once again. I lowered into her and with my tongue as hard and stiff as I could make it, I probed at the lower portion of her vagina. Once, buried slightly, I licked up her twat and felt for the firm restriction of her clit hood fighting back against my upward thrust. Then back down across the hood and continuing down into her moist slit. 

Now she was moving up into me and I could tell she wanted something deeper. I wasn't about to give her anything. I reached back and grabbed her near the ankles and lifted her legs up and pushed them over her head toward her shoulders. Holding them in this position, her sweet ass and cunt were in full display. Starting below her ass, toward her back, I laid my tongue into her skin and slowly licked her from there toward her navel. I licked slowly across her asshole, which I felt twitch and pull closed at my touch, into her quim and as I pushed in and lifted, traced up into the hood once again. Once there, I stopped. I flicked at her clit hood from side to side very quickly. Now I was getting a fucking reaction. She couldn't stand it. She wiggled in my hands as I held her legs high. She bucked up at me and tried to get more pressure onto her clit hood. 

I backed off and lowered her to the lying position. She looked at me and cooed like a little baby. I leaned into her face and kissed her deeply. I held the back of her head and while I probed her throat with my tongue, I supported her to show my consideration of her allowing me to have the pleasure of her. I released her and laid her back down. 

Still on her back, I moved along side her and as I had done before, placed my cock into her face, only this time I held her hair and pushed into her as I supported her position. I had complete control and she allowed it fully. She didn't fight the depth at all. She handled it well and I forced a little deeper to see how she could handle it. No noise still. I pressed into her and could tell she was opening her throat to swallow the helmet. "I'm impressed Shandy, most women wont take that much. Are you okay?" "Yes daddy, god I love the feeling of you in my throat. Please let me do it some more." "Yes baby, I'll give you all of it, you take what you can." She grabbed my ass and pulled me into her face and I felt my ball sack hitting her chin. The feeling was incredible. She reached under and stroked the area I had directed her to earlier. It was obvious this young lady was going to be a prize catch when it came to sex. She loved head and she was goos at it. "Alright Shandy, enough, I'm going to bust, I'm not ready to finish yet." "Right daddy, I don't want you to finish yet either, I want to try everything okay?"

I slid her over and laid next to her. I directed her to raise up and place herself over my face with her facing the headboard. She did so and looked down for more direction. I reached up to her and pulled her to my face. Before being facially buried, I directed her, "okay baby girl, lower onto me and move on my face. I will assist you but you can direct the action. Lift up, press down hard, rock your pussy on my face, whatever you want, just make it good for yourself. I want to taste you. I want you to work it good so you can cum on my face. I want to bury my tongue inside your sweet pocket." She looked up and moaned, I think her eyes rolled up but my view was only brief. She held my hair and pulled my face into her wet and steamy cunt hole. It was so small and tight and new. She rocked and wiggled and I hummed and buried my face into her. I felt my nose fully into her split and I had to turn from time to time to catch some air. She pressed back to front and forced herself down onto me and she was moaning deeper and much quicker now. "Daddy, oh my god, what is this, oh shit it feels so fucking good, oh daddy tongue my pussy, ooooh daddy, ooooooh."

As she slowed, I moved her to the side and allowed her to catch her breath. She raised up close to my face and whispered, "oh my god daddy, that was so good, I've never felt like that before, if that's an orgasm, I want some of that every day. Okay, now you daddy, I want to see you cum. I want to feel you in me." "Shandy, are you sure you aren't a virgin? Have you busted your package? I will not be the one to do that, I can't." Daddy, he hurt me like I told you, momma told me it was because it was my first time. Please fuck me daddy, I want you to show me how it should be done. Don't you want to feel me?" "Oh god, Shandy, I do want you,I want you badly, I just need to know that I am not......" She sat up. "Daddy, am I going to get on top of you or are you going to do me from the top, or whatever?" 

I laid her on her back and while the feeling and the excitement was so intense, I positioned myself over her and sat back. From where I sat I could look at her and see her glowing face. I moved toward her and slowly rubbed the head of my cock across her outer lips. They rolled with it and she pulled her legs out further to allow room for me to get up close to her. I continued to rub my helmet across her. God, I was hard. I aimed it into her and without any force at all, I leaned forward and penetrated the very beginning of her little quim. It was tight, very tight. It was wet, but still young and tight. I worked slowly back and forth each time just slightly giving myself a little more pleasure from her socket. She moaned at my short motions and then pleaded for me to quit playing and give her my cock. "Daddy, please don't, you're teasing my pussy, give me more, I want all of it." I was so heightened by the moment, I just wanted it to last and last. Finally she thrust up toward me and pulled me into her. I stopped. I wanted to feel the depth and warmth all around my hard cock. It was so intense. She bucked at me and pulled harder. I laid myself fully over her and placed my hands behind her head and held my weight with my elbows and supported her head as well while I started to move in and out, moving deeply now. 

"Oh, god, Shandy, you are so tight and you feel so good, I'm not going to last baby." That's good daddy, give it to me, come on, fuck me hard now. I like it hard. Pound my little pussy, cum in me daddy, cum in me." I rocked and felt the inevitable pressing onward, the rising pressure building. "Okay, Shandy, I'm going to cum, daddy's little girl has been trained tonight, I'm going to finish, are you ready, oh fuck, squeeze daddy's cock baby, squeeze me, I want to give you daddy's surprise, ooooh, fuck, ooooh fuck, I'm cummin, I'm cummin, ooooh shit squeeze it baby.

I released my weight down onto her now and gasped for air. I was completely fucked out but also completely satisfied. "Honey, are you okay?" "Yes daddy, I feel happy and wet, and exhausted. Oh daddy you are just like momma said it would be. She said you would be careful and fuck me nicely. She said you had a lovely cock and you knew how to use it. Daddy, I feel that I can handle this now, thank you." "Well, honey, don't expect that kind of sex for a few years, young boys can last about one minute, that's why I told you that you need to control the action. They will cum in your mouth in no time, but if you handle it right, you will teach them to eat your cookie and you can teach them right. If you want pussy sex, you need to control them, but remember, select, erect, and protect before you connect. Damn, for a newby, you did very well."  "Daddy, I had a good teacher. Now I need to clean up, I need to call momma to come get me. All part of the plan daddy."

She rose from the bed and as she walked away, her lovely white skin, her flowing jet black hair, riding on that 5' 10" frame; all so naked, so soft, so perfect, so......" Honey, wake up, it's time to get up, clean up, and go eat. I opened my eyes....."Holly, we fell asleep, it's morning, you were here all night?" "Holly sat next to me, "yes dear, you fucked my brains out last night, remember, and I wanted more this morning, looks like I need to go get you some energy, I couldn't even wake you, you were out." 

Well, I knew why; she had fucked my brains out last night and then the dream. Oh my god the dream, my step daughter, my darling little innocent baby. Thank god it was a dream it was so real, so full of pleasure, but, man was I glad it was a dream. I wanted to remember her but not this way. "Holly, do I really need to speak with Shandy about all this sex stuff? "Yes dear, you do, she isn't a virgin ,just recently lost that, but I've had a few talks with her. I think she may want more than a verbal understanding.....". "Oh shit"