He was my Forbidden Fruit (Part 3)

You know something is wrong, that you shouldn't even be thinking it, let alone be considering it. It is completely wrong and if you ever go down that road, nothing but destruction waits for you at the end. But you still choose to take that chance, why? You have absolutely no idea, yet your very essence is compelled down that path and so you turn around and begin to walk that path of destruction...
Sweet, manipulative, crazy, intense, insane, passionate...
Those words come to mind as you continue to trudge along, looking left, then right, then finally straight ahead...
A mirage awaits you...
You know this...
Yet you continue, driven by some unseen force, compelled to go forward, even though the mirage becomes clearer, your legs don't slow down, it keeps its steady pace, onward, forwards, straight ahead! Your veins fill with icy dread, chilling you to the bone, yet you continue, onward, forwards, straight ahead! You never once turn your head to look back...
Not even once!!

He's sitting directly in front of me, our knees so close together, but not yet touching. He's holding a lighter in his hand, I have a small pipe in mine. The bowl of the pipe has been filled with synthetic weed purchased from the local sex shop. It is said to increase sexual arousal and is completely legal. I do not smoke and have smoked weed once but didn't like it. This was my first time and I guess I was feeling sort of adventurous. He smiles as I lift the pipe to my lips and just hold it there. He lifts the lighter, puts it directly on top of the bowl of the pipe and lights it. We both watch as the grass in the pipe begins to burn and smoke begins to evaporate from the top of the bowl. Our eyes meet and we lock gazes, simply staring at each other over the top of the bowl...

Electric currents course through my veins. It's as if his eyes are sending these electric currents my way. I feel it in the air between us, the air itself is charged with this delicious electricity...

It consumes me, and my entire body reacts to it. The hair on my arms raises slightly, my breathing quickens, my heart beats faster and I've got goose bumps all over the surface of my skin!

I put the stem of the pipe between my lips and begin to inhale, still looking directly at him. When I've inhaled enough and my lungs can't take anymore, I move my lips away from the stem of the pipe, slowly lean back against the couch, close my eyes and exhale, all the smoke gushing out of my mouth creating a haze and completely covering his face for a second. 

The rush created by the weed envelopes me, travelling through my body and I don't move, simply paralyzed, savoring the feel of it. 

All of a sudden, I feel a hot, delicious tingle between my legs and I instinctively part them slightly. I'm wearing a gold mini-dress which emphasizes my 36C cup tits perfectly. I'm not wearing a bra or panties. The haze clears and I can see his face again. His eyes have moved down to stare at my legs...

He notices I'm not wearing any panties because I see a bulge beginning to form in his pants. I smile, and lean forward again, holding out the pipe to him and his eyes travel back up to look at me as he quietly takes the pipe from my hand and gives me the lighter in return. This time he lifts the stem to his lips and I place the lighter on top of the bowl of the pipe and light it. We lock gazes again but this time I give him a slow, sexy smile, and he shakes his head as if trying to shake something off. Finally he puts the pipe between his lips and begins to inhale the smoke the same way I had done only a moment ago. When he can't inhale anymore he moves the pipe away and motions for me to come closer with his index finger. I lean forward and his lips are only inches away from mine. I open my mouth and he blows all the smoke into it and I inhale it all. His lips slowly brush mine, as another rush coarses through my body and I move forward to deepen the kiss. Oh God, his lips are so soft; My tongue slowly pushes between them, parting them and sliding into his delicious warm mouth as I begin to tease and taste him. Fuck! I am already so horny and I want him like I've never wanted anything in my entire life!!

All of a sudden I hear footsteps in the passage and the two of us jerk apart as my husband walks into the lounge, sitting down and talking, oblivious to the charge in the air and what he has just walked in on. I smile again, lean back and part my legs slightly so Mason can see how horny I am for him. He gasps, and I take my finger, slowly rub it up and down my already moist clit, then putting it to my lips and sucking it! He shakes his head in complete frustration, and grabs the bulge in his pants, holding it hostage, as though he's desperately trying to prevent himself from exploding right here, right now!

My husband suddenly gets up, grabs his car keys saying that he will be back shortly. He has to go and see someone about some money that he was promised because he needs to buy more Crystal Meth for the three of us to use for the rest of the night. I smile and simply nod my head and turn back to look at his friend, giving him this sly, seductive smile. He looks back at me and blushes, his cheeks heating up and becoming flushed!

As soon as I hear the car pull out of the driveway, I get up and walk over to him, lifting my dress up my thighs and getting on top of him. Without a word, I begin to kiss him, slowly parting his lips with my tongue, probing deeper into his mouth, I need to taste him, tease him, absorb him! I absolutely love kissing this man, his taste, his intoxicating smell, his soft lips, his smooth tongue, the inside of his warm mouth. All of it gets me so lost sometimes, that when kissing him, I become oblivious to everything else, even the moment itself ceases to matter, the place, the time, the circumstance! All of that dissolves when his mouth is on mine...All that matters to me at that moment is the deliciousness of him, the taste of him; I drown in his very essence, as if he is the sole reason for my existence and without his essence, I would cease to exist...

I need him like life support, he keeps me alive and if I get disconnected, I would surely die!!

I'm starting to moan against his mouth, my nipples getting so hard, they keep rubbing against the fabric of my dress, becoming more sensitive. My pussy is hot, and so moist...

I lower myself right on top of him and start to grind my hips against his jeans. I can feel his hardness against me and that makes me even hornier. He runs his hands down my back and grips my waist, guiding my hips against his hardness.
"Yes Baby, Oh God, You feel so good!"

I lean back and he looks at me as I continue grinding against him. He takes his hands and slides them underneath my dress, lifting it up and gently cups both my breasts. He takes a nipple between his thumb and index finger and plays with it, making it even harder! I'm breathing hard now, grinding shamelessly against him, loving the feel of his hardness on my exposed pussy, my juices staining his jeans, yet not caring that it is! He exposes one of my tits and pulls me forward so he can suck and lick me! I watch as his mouth covers my nipple, sucking it slowly, taking his tongue and lightly flicking it over the already sensitive, hardened peak. I gasp from the sheer pleasure of his mouth on my tits! He looks up at me while sucking and I go crazy! He looks so fucking sexy with my breasts between his lips like that! God I need this man so bad, I am literally losing it! 

I abruptly stop grinding and get off him. I undo his belt, open his button, pull down his zip and command him to take his jeans off! He smiles and does as he's told. I go down onto my knees in between his legs on the floor and slowly start stroking his already rock, hard cock! He has pre-cum and I lower my head to lick it off his tip!
"Fuck baby!!"

"I love the way your mouth feels on my cock!"

"God you suck me so good!"

I lick off all his pre-cum, Fuck, I love the fact that he gets pre-cum. It's such a turn on! I swirl my tongue all around his tip, making sure to suck him dry, then slowly put my mouth over the head of his gorgeous cock and suck it slowly, taking my hand and stroking the rest of his shaft. Cupping his balls, I begin to massage them as I continue to suck only the tip of him! I moan softly as I do this...

He's going crazy, whimpering, groaning, telling me how good it feels, how he never wants me to stop and that he's going to cum so hard in my mouth...

I look up at him when he says this, smile, and then lower my head, taking his entire cock into my mouth, all the way down till I feel his tip hit the back of my throat. I make a gagging sound keeping my mouth in place, and he gasps with sheer pleasure. He takes his hands, moves my fringe away from my face so he can watch me suck him. I begin to move my mouth up and down his cock and he continues to watch me...I look up at him with raw lust and tell him to please fuck my mouth!

He grabs my ponytail as I take his cock into my mouth once again and he holds my head in place as he begins to fuck my mouth!

Oh God yes, I love sucking his cock!! He begins to shake and just manages to croak between groans of pleasure that if I don't stop, he's going to cum in my mouth...

I continue to suck him harder, he begs me to stop, and between gritted teeth he groans!

He's practically pleading with me to stop but by now I simply don't care! I need to taste his cum, I want him to explode in my mouth so bad, that the thought alone is causing my pussy to drip!! 

All of a sudden, his body convulses and he freezes, holding my head down on his cock and groans loudly!

"Fuck baby, I'm coming! God I'm fucking coming!"

He spurts hot cum deep into my mouth, down my throat, and I swallow, continuing to suck him, milking that cock for every last drop of his cum. He tastes slightly salty and my pussy is so fucking wet because of it. I love the taste of his cum. I swallow every last drop like a hungry girl...

He collapses back against the couch, exhausted. I look up at him and smile, noticing that he's dripping with sweat...

I get back on top of him and begin to kiss him slowly, softly, enjoying this moment of intimacy and allowing him to taste his cum on my lips...

He kisses me back, his hand gliding up my thigh, to my pussy and he gasps, complete, heated lust darkening his chocolate brown eyes when he touches me and feels how wet I am! I moan against his mouth as he continues to slide his two fingers slowly up and down my soaking wet clit...

I'm rubbing myself shamelessly against his hand. God, it feels delicious!

He finally slides the two fingers deep inside my pussy and begins to fuck me slow...Deliciously slow!!

Fuck, I grind my hips against his hand, holding him tightly by his shoulders, allowing him to finger fuck my pussy faster and deeper...

"Yesss baby!"

"Oh God! Fuck this pussy!"

"Fuck this pussy!"

"Mason! Just like that baby!"
"Oh my God!"

"Make me cum!"
"Make me explode all over you baby!!"

He continues to look at me, his fingers playing deliciously with my pussy. He moans softly and whispers to me, telling me how hot I look; Our eyes locking and our souls feeding off each other the very same way that our physical bodies need to! 

He is so part of me right now that I cannot see where I begin and where he ends. I'm so consumed in him and so close to orgasm, but I hold out for as long as I can, my eyes never leaving his! Fuck! This moment is truly earth shattering and I love every fucking second of how I'm feeling...

All of a sudden, without warning, my pussy lips begins to tighten around his fingers, my legs begin to shake and my pussy vibrates hard as my orgasm takes hold of me...

I'm saying his name over and over again, basking in the gloriousness of this insane pleasure! My cum literally gushes from my entrance onto his hand and arm! His eyes widen, and then suddenly darkens with pure, raw, harsh lust as he feels how much I'm coming onto his hand and arm!! 

He manages between gritted teeth;

"Fuck! I'm so fucking hard again!"

"Damn woman!! You are going to be the end of me!! 

"Look at how fucking hard I am for you again! Hell Phoenix, I can't get enough of you!"

"Your sweet nectar consumes my senses!!"

"Fuck!! I love the way you smell, and taste and feel!"

"God, I need to fill you with my cum so bad right now!!" 

"I'm going to fill that cunt of yours and let you walk around with my cum dripping down your thighs!!"
He lifts me up by my hips and lowers me down onto the couch, getting on top of me, spreading my legs and settling himself between them.

I'm still shaky and weak from my first orgasm, but I look up at him with wonder, adoration, and total desire and he groans;

"God woman! Do you know how fucking sexy you look right now!"

"I could cum just by the way you look at me!"

"You are one gorgeous woman and I fucking love you!"

I smile, cupping his face with my palms, pulling his head down and allowing his lips to meet mine in a slow, luxurious kiss. I can feel his hard cock at my entrance and I lift my hips upwards, inviting him in. He slowly applies pressure and slides into me, filling me entirely!

He stays deep inside of me for a moment, not moving, simply savoring the feel of our bodies joined together.

He looks deep into my eyes and I know he can see into my soul. He knows without a doubt that I am his, regardless of the situation we both are in. I wrap my legs around his waist, pulling him in deeper, and I moan softly, still looking at him...

He begins to slide slowly in and out of me, and without realizing it, I'm lifting my hips in time to meet his slow, steady thrusts! This is truly what heaven feels like. Tingles coarse through my entire body, heating me up even more! He continues to build a steady rhythm, my thrusts meeting his, until we are one rhythm...

His thrusts get deeper, harder, faster, and my hips are moving in sync, meeting every deep, steady thrust with a movement of my own! I wrap my legs tighter around his waist, taking him in as deep as I can! Suddenly, his steady rhythm changes and becomes a deep pounding, hitting my g-spot again and again, deliciously steady, creating a harder, faster momentum which is building! Oh God, it's building deep within me, a raging, fever-pitched,  nonstop ecstasy filled crescendo!!

The pleasure is too much!! It's becoming so intense that I'm literally losing all sense of self! Self control does not mean a thing to me right now and I have completely given in to this moment; Allowing this man, to have ultimate power over my mind, my body and most importantly, my conceited, conniving, unforgiving and irreparable heart!!

His eyes never leave mine and the faster and harder he pounds me, the more intense his look becomes. He bites his bottom lip and makes a fierce growl of pure passion, and begins to fuck me harder, faster, deeper! The look on his  face is absolutely mesmerizing and I'm transfixed, engulfed in his spell, enraptured by his pure lust for me! I'm so passionately awed by the look on his face! A mix of raw lust and a deep animalistic need that glows deep within the pools of his chocolate eyes! It's as if all sense of self has dissolved! In this moment, the only thing that completely consumes us is our pure instinctive need to mate! The raw, primal, hunger deep within both of us begging to be fed, this instinctive drive to find release with one another, so natural, that we no longer think, we just act, we just do!!

Mason is pounding me so hard and deep! I simply scream his name, my voice hoarse,

"Mason, Baby,"
"You are fucking me so good right now!"
"Oh my God baby!"

"You are fucking this pussy soooooo good!!"

"I love how you pound this pussy Mason!"


"Oh my God!"

"I'm going to cum so fucking hard..."

"Yeessss, yes, yessss!!"



"Fuck! I'm cuummiiinngg!!"

My entire body shudders and my pussy lips contract tightly around his cock, imprisoning him deep inside me! I lose focus, my vision blurs! My lips become numb! I can feel pins and needles all over my face, my scalp, my neck! I literally zone out for a few seconds! I'm not here, I'm soaring, pleasure engulfing every atom of my being and I'm in complete ecstacy! I never knew pleasure like this could even exist!!

Mason buries his face in my neck and bites my neck, shaking and groaning, his deliciously hot, rock hard cock beginning to vibrate so hard and deep inside my pussy! I can feel his hot cum spurting from his tip and filling me! Fuck, I can actually feel it! and it feels fucking fantastic! He empties every last drop of his scorching hot cum deep inside me! I'm filled with so much cum that I can feel it leaking out around his now semi hard gorgeous cock!

I hold him in, wrapping my legs even tighter around his waist. He's breathing hard against me, sweat covering his face and neck, my breathing also just as ragged and hard beneath him, my hair damp, my face shining with tiny droplets of sweat. His hot breath tickles my neck and sends shivers through me. 

My vision is slowly beginning to clear and the pins and needles are disappearing, but what is left in its wake is complete satisfaction, and contentment!!

"God Phoenix, you take me to places I never knew existed!"

He whispers softly, his breath tickling my neck. 

He continues whispering against my neck:

"I have never, ever fucked anyone the way I just fucked you and you simply blow me away!"

"I am completely, totally and utterly all fucked out, but at the same time I've never felt so complete and content in my entire life!!"

I giggle and simply nod, not yet trusting myself to speak!!

Suddenly, I have this vivid vision of RK walking in on us at exactly this precise moment and I jerk roughly underneath Mason, just as the sound of a car door slams! 

Mason practically jumps off me and I get up off the couch, just managing to slide my minidress back down over my thighs, clamping them tightly together and smoothening my damp hair back into place as best as I can! 

Mason curses under his breath, hissing at me:


"I need to put on my fucking jeans!" 

The front door opens and I straighten up against the edge of the couch, smiling sweetly at RK as he walks into the lounge. My legs are tightly closed together because I can feel Mason's cum dripping out of my entrance and its starting to leak down the top of my thigh! I freeze, not daring to make another move.

Mason has collapsed behind the sofa, half his ass on the seat and the other half on the floor. The couch faces away from the front door so RK can't see Mason from the chest down and he pauses, standing directly infront of me. 

I close my legs even tighter together as my pussy drips even more...Why the Fuck hadn't I worn any panties. Mason is shuffling behind me trying desperately to get his jeans back on without being noticed.

"What's wrong with you two??"

RK asks distractedly as he continues to do whatever it is that he's doing on his phone. 

"Nothing's wrong!"

I say a bit too quickly, my discomfort becoming almost unbearable! 

I need to get to a bathroom like now!! I am smelling of sex. It's a miracle RK has not picked it up yet, the air is thick with its scent and so am I!

Mason finally gives up trying to get his jeans on and has left them halfway up his legs, settling himself on the floor instead and folding his legs under himself, as if he's attempting to meditate! 

"What the Fuck are you doing Mason??"

RK raises an eyebrow and spots Mason finally, behind me on the floor. 

"What do you mean??"

"I'm deep in thought, and apparently this is the best way to get in touch with yourself and your surroundings."

"I was showing Phoenix how to do Yoga meditation!"

I cannot keep a straight face any longer and I start laughing so hard, but as soon as I do this, my pussy lets out more cum!

Fuck! I practically shove RK out of the way as I make a beeline for the bathroom, before I have Mason's cum dripping all the way down my legs!!

I can hear RK telling Mason that the two of us are definitely a strange bunch and that sometimes the two of us can be so weird!! I begin to giggle uncontrollably as I hear Mason mumble a reply...

"You don't know the half of it RK!"

"And I prefer it that way!"

RK answers as he makes his way to the kitchen to fix himself a snack.

I sigh with relief. Wow, this was too close!! Too close indeed, and for the first time since I began doing this, I get a cold, icy chill up my spine and I feel a surge of guilt as I think of my husband standing right in front of me and being completely oblivious to the fact that another man's cum was dripping down my thighs!! Fuck! What am I doing?? 

The silence in the bathroom is my only answer...And I shiver...